Word Alive, The - Belong Lyrics

I just want to belong
I just want to belong
I just want to belong!

I've been searching for far too long
When I feel I've reached my destination
I can't control these feelings
I just wanna stop reaching

Illuminate the path before me
So I can finally find my way
I've been dying to stop wandering
I just want to know my place

Don't we all just want to belong?
I don't know if I'm strong enough
We'll find a better way
I just want to belong
Don't we all just want to belong?
I don't know if I'm strong enough

Everyday I begin to hate this more
Clinging on to a world so worn
I know this feeling is feeling to familiar
Cary on

Do you know when you've seen it all
The world around you doesn't make sense at all?
You got lost in your progress

Illuminate the path before me
So I can finally find my way
I've been dying to stop wandering
I just want to know my place

Don't we all just want to belong?
I don't know if I'm strong enough
We'll find a better way
I just want to belong
Don't we all just want to belong?
I don't know if I'm strong enough

Here we go here we go, let's take this life
And lets start living
Here we go here we go, let's take this life
And lets start living
Here we go
Let's take this life, let's start living
start living
Let's take this life, let's start living
start living

Don't we all just want to belong?
I don't know if I'm strong enough
We'll find a better way
I just want to belong
Don't we all just want to belong?
I don't know if I'm strong enough
We'll find a better way
I just want to belong
I've searched for far too long
I can't control these feelings
I found my destination
I need to stop reaching
Don't we all just want to belong?
I don't know if I'm strong enough

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Word Alive, The Belong Comments
  1. ChaosUcs

    2019 and still not over 100k:(

  2. Demonic Angelboy_04

    Here we goooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  3. •JakeTWA •

    one of my favorites

  4. saltandpeppers

    Besides the fact that this song really hits home, this album is truly my favorite of TWA.


    The entirety of Deceiver is 100x better than anything else TWA have ever released.


    I understand. Deceiver's sound is nice, that is true, but the lyrics of Life Cycles I think is more relatable.

  5. Kyle S. Smith

    Crash bandicoot

    Billy Bobber

    metal breakdown BANDicoot.

  6. Neto Costa

    Como essa banda era boa, pena que mudou o estilo.

    DC A Q U I L L Y S


  7. Junior Cardoso

    Crash bandicoot

  8. hugo henrique

    Telle Best Vocals


    I can't find a live performance of this song anywhere :( i would go ham playing 2:20 - 3:11 live

  10. Josh Figueroa

    why are u wanting twa to redo a song by ifaf ? i kw telle did the orginal cleans in that song but no just no

  11. Marco BlkWht

    2:20 Stabbing the Drama

  12. Darko Bakula

    2:30 epic breakdown coming on?

  13. 7792thereaper

    I did also get better at highs by practicing, just the only problem I have is the tone, a lot of the time it doesn't sound good

  14. 7792thereaper

    Thank you, I never even saw this because YouTube didn't tell me you answered haha, I just happened to see it now scrolling through the comments

  15. Saint Mafia

    Kid, you don't know the potential of Tell.

  16. blankxeros

    Watch their older studio videos telle is an incredible screamer.

  17. Christian Saona

    There is no autotune for screaming lol thats stupid. This sounds cool.

  18. MrNawr

    ^ This is why I have so much respect for this band aside from how great they perform

  19. digitalfreak123


  20. Fedehk

    Hey i got one question, twa think to do a tour in south america? im from argentina, and i hope that u will go to my country. pd: I LOVE TWA <3

  21. Fedehk

    Telle is jesus, can u just shut the fuck up? :)

  22. Alexander Silva

    That's just telle being a boss!


    Dude, by the way, Taste of Regret, dude please remake that song with TWA, PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!! I would love to see how you guys could like reinvent the song, and your vocals have changed a good bit, especially your screams, I would love to hear your vocals on that track now. Plus that song is like my most favorite song ever man, those lyrics relate to my life sooooooooooo much.


    Dude you are one of the greatest vocalist of our time! And one of my personal favorites man! Anyone who is a fan of yours and has followed you since you started singing in IFAF can see how much effort you put into being a vocalist, everything from your vocals to your lyrics have gotten so much better, not that they were bad before though. You and all of TWA is amazing!

  25. telletwa

    Just keep trying honestly, change the shape of your mouth and placement of your tongue and try new things. It also helps to get pissed off ;)

  26. 7792thereaper

    Any advice for a developing screamer? You're probably not willing to share your technique but I would appreciate advice or hints. I'm struggling with my highs

  27. Matt Jones

    I've never really heard of a good band that does inhales generally... o_o

  28. telletwa

    lol of course

  29. jake_extreme

    Agree'd! All killer and NO filler

  30. OzzyAustin

    Normally i listen to alot of bands albums and i like half of the album.
    The Word Alive I LOVE THE WHOLE ALBUM!!!!! you guys are amazing

  31. gothsteeze


  32. jakewhyland

    @TheImpaler1958 that's the only thing i'm going to think about when i listen to this song now. fuck

  33. jakewhyland

    @telletwa damn straight.

  34. Bringmehairstraighnr

    You stupid gimp, a lot of artists use auto tune i bet half of the music you listen has had work like that done to it.

  35. 7792thereaper

    I made this observation upon listening to you perform live. Good job man. Your screams are exhales right?

  36. telletwa

    We didn't use auto-tune on this record.

  37. 7792thereaper

    Yeah after I posted my comment I went and watched a live performance of Entirety and I was impressed

  38. JoeConklin Edig

    Telle can scream and sing better live

  39. 7792thereaper

    They sound good but can Telle really scream that well? The screams and the singing as well sound auto tuned.

  40. Chris Kimnel

    This band is awesome

  41. metalboy27

    Dude the second verse synth is the shit.

  42. Alvin Yang

    what an amazing song, what a shame that it was ruined by your retarded comment

  43. joemcbobinite

    Music video to this and Bar Fight please,

  44. joemcbobinite

    Huh? No its not man, its the 2nd album from them: Deciever & Life Cycles, the Empire EP, and Craig Mabbit demo's, thats it.

  45. Adarezz

    This is the 4rth album asshole!

  46. ImFriendsWithTheBand

    lets kill this blasphemous fuck.

  47. Kingwadesky

    hey there sexy c;

  48. Isaac Chaney

    Why am I not surprised to find you here my friend >:)

  49. littlegothbot


  50. Jack Nichols

    my favourite TWA song, don't we all just want to belong <3

  51. SadPlants

    Anyone else ever stops to think that this is only their second album...? Imagine what they're gonna sound like next. They only get better.

  52. Bheadthertaitor

    says the guy who listens to asking alexandria

  53. Mr18etplus

    Definitly buying the album!! :) Thank you FearlessRecords for promoting on Youtube like a BOSS!! :D

  54. FearlessX7

    hahaha all of them

  55. Derek Chandler

    False, Telle stepped on a lego

  56. ace5456

    search Generation:Hate by memphis may fire and watch the lyric video they wrote a song about you

  57. Igor Lima

    The Fucking Word Alive!

  58. Nozorin

    His Bic

  59. joemcbobinite

    All the while going Super Saiyin 3 broooo !!! haha

  60. Andyka Mulya

    I could barely hear all the bass in Deceiver, but in this album, this song, dayum!


    Dude I can not get enough of that synth. I'm not even that big of a fan of synths. Also the chorus is really good, I love the melody of this song. This album is much better than Deceiver and Deceiver was a good album, but this is a step above.

  62. Aaron S

    this time Telle recorded all the vocals on the album

  63. FeelTheFury

    his name is zack


    Dude the synth in this song is sooooooooo awesome.

  65. Andrew Gonzalez

    Yeah so we've come to an agreement civilly, lol. Wonder why it's so hard for everybody else on youtube. xD

  66. PillowsInHD

    Well yeah I agree with you because if you search up Metal, you could get The Word Alive or Avenged Sevenfold, etc. But I get what you're saying.

  67. Andrew Gonzalez

    Not all bands do that, but sure a lot of them do. Because a lot of people get extremely knit picky with sub genre's and start arguments over it. They just want the Metal community to "come together." If the community did, they wouldn't care about subgenres. I'm just saying, if I wanted to hear more bands like Upon A Burning Body(Deathcore), having that sub genre makes the search for bands that sound like that easier. Just saying "Metal" would make me give up on looking.

  68. PillowsInHD

    Go on the bands Facebook and see what they classify them selves as.

  69. Andrew Gonzalez

    Also at the end of the day sure it's all Metal, and if somebody asks me I'll tell them Metal. But when I'm trying to figure out a certain type of music, the subgenres help a lot.

  70. Andrew Gonzalez

    Okay, good for you. But that has nothing to do with what we're talking about. The dude didn't ask your for your personal preferance when it comes to Metal.

  71. PillowsInHD

    You can't give any bands a specific genre well over the Internet. No matter who I'm listening to Avenged Sevenfold, The Word Alive, August Burn Red, etc. Whoever it is I just classify it as Metal.

  72. Andrew Gonzalez

    What would be the right answer to you then? Killswitch Engage and All That Remains?

  73. PillowsInHD

    Not even close d

  74. FearlessX7

    1:33 epic!

  75. Tristan Molina

    I get to see TWA on my BD can't wait :). Ever song from this album is truly AMAZING!

  76. mitomen2000


  77. kia carter


  78. Bethanie McDaniel

    So good. Seriously.
    I think it's impossible to express just how much I love them.

  79. Jacob Miller

    ehh their guitar tone could be better it gets muddy at times. but besides that yes!

  80. Dogerito Burrito

    Same here. Reflections came from scratch. And they did it to one of my fav bands ever. Seriously, their sound is PERFECT, I can't describe it in words. And ...and found is an absolutely killer amazing song. <3

  81. Andrew Gonzalez

    Same goes for me and "An Artifact". That band is fucking beast. :o

  82. Jacob Miller

    i listen to "...and found" at least 10 times a day lmao

  83. Andrew Gonzalez

    I like calling it djent though. Nice to know other people know about Reflections, that band is sick.

  84. RhynoHorne

    Exactly, if only more people thought of music that way the music industry wouldn't be so shallow.

  85. amp7296

    Judge a band based on their music, not how many likes they have on Facebook. As long as The Word Alive, and all the other bands I love, keep making good music I will always support them. I don't care if they have 1,000 likes on FB, or 8 million likes.

  86. Jacob Miller

    true enough my friend

  87. Andrew Gonzalez

    But for all the people who don't consider djent a genre, and want to be technical it's progressive metalcore.

  88. Jacob Miller

    reflections is djent bro lol

  89. Morgan White

    I don't no/care what y'all are saying I'm just here because I love The Word Alive and my pre-order hasn't come in the mail yet so I have to suffer the YouTube curse.

  90. RhynoHorne

    Why does the fame of a band always have to factor into if people like them or not, people who are more into underground music because they think "mainstream" sucks would almost definitely say their favorite band sucks if it became popular. It just isn't a good way to view bands.

  91. Andrew Gonzalez

    It depends on whether you're the type of person who just likes underground bands or not. Some people would say bands like The Word Alive or The Devil Wears Prada. While others would say bands like Breakdown of Sanity, or Reflections.

  92. Eli McQuillan

    This band, if I had to answer.

  93. MonoPrime

    What is "proper metalcore"? Give me a few examples.

  94. Bonehead8725

    Proper metalcore?

  95. MonoPrime

    Ok, go listen to your Sleeping With Sirens. I will bring up your warm milk in a few minutes.

  96. c0bw3bs

    This is one of the best albums of 2012.