Woon, Jamie - Spirits Lyrics

While we have oceans
Rivers that still bring us life
Reasons to live in the moment
Hold onto your time

Let your heart go where the wind takes it
Pure like the raindrops of time
Follow the path where it takes you
Straight down the line

Ladies and gentlemen
Surely we're here in mind
Watching our spirits dance on the
On the backs of our lives

How can one sit back and dream it
I'd have no peace in my life
Climbing these walls in an hourglass
Prized in our strife

And I have seen worlds filled with wonder
Lost on my own lonely mile
Lessons I wish that I had mirrored
Time after time

Ladies and gentlemen
Surely we're here in mind
Watching our spirits dance on the
On the backs of our lives

While we have oceans
While we have oceans
While we have oceans
Rivers that still bring us life
Reasons to dance in the moment
Hold onto your time

Come fill up your souls with our blessings
Hold up your hands to the sky
Let the whole world know you're out there
High in our highs

Ladies and gentlemen
Surely we're here in mind
Watching our spirits dance on the
On the backs of our lives

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Woon, Jamie Spirits Comments
  1. Tomek Bidzinski

    Bullshit beyond reasonable doubt

  2. Ian Brown

    This has got soul...obviously 🤙

  3. Serban Turiceanu


  4. karen Japa

    Wow 11 years later I’m still here.


    its a gooden

  5. Rainwater Gibson

    Enter the woon!!! Experience

  6. The Nexus

    Is he not doing music anymore?

    George Hayes

    I can confirm that he is still doing music. but thats all the info i can give i'm afraid

  7. Juky Jackson

    10 years ago since i felt That Song . Now it feels great again.

  8. Your True Name

    Masterpiece 🌞

  9. bluebird

    Still an absolute masterpiece! Timeless! 💕

  10. Надя Соколова

    Pure gold!

  11. Sahar Bali

    Amazing! Just incredibel Artist 🍀 Lyric 💚

  12. Rainwater Gibson

    Yes the woo bringing out all of the spirits of the rainwater.®

  13. Zyn

    So this is where ed sheeran found his way of doing gigs! People- how do you know that!? Me- because ed liked it.

  14. Mariama Bojang

    This is real music straight from the hart 🌼Thank J

  15. Diana Aqra

    I know. I just discovered this guy. So special.

  16. Magdalena Z

    2019..jamie come back... The World needs you....

  17. Ntombikaise Jiyane

    Thank you Jamie. You have no idea how you have touched my life and how you have put things into perspective through your music.

    Tomek Bidzinski

    Thinking on your own was too difficult?

  18. Elena Shuli

    I cant believe i hear this song in 2019 like i first heard it in 2008..with tremble in my soul! I mean....wow.

    kassie mundee

    This is what you you timeless soulfood

  19. Jas Nirk

    I'm going true Some real shit right now,and this song brougt me 2 my sences😥

  20. David-Özay Kurnaz

    I like it.:-)

  21. Jas Nirk

    Underrated in Every way😧

  22. mr 1000faces

    One of the most impressive songs I have ever heard. He is a genius

  23. Henry Hammond

    amazing, AND he's my second cousin so v proud :)

  24. Noor Lifestyle

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  25. Jan S.

    still love this SO MUCH in 2018. And will never stop. Thank you

  26. D.V.

    Loop Station like Ed Sheeran

  27. Sergio Del Sol

    I saw you in live in Barcelona, I don't remember the year but was an amazing experiencie!

  28. Peter Darmis

    Jamie your tunes "tune up" minds... ;)

  29. CNder77

    So incredible, very well put together! It's quite amazing how you did this. I really enjoyed, thanks for sharing :)

  30. Csenge Béé

    Who can dislike this beauty ??😳i mean this guy forever my crush , so talented and that voice omg😳😍❤️👌🏼💯🔥

  31. Nick

    Ed Sheeran brought me here 😯

  32. Valon Nivokazi

    2018 and my emotions brought me back to this spirit.

  33. VirAmicusSpaceTime

    This song still stands the test of time. I have been following you and your music since the days of Myspace and thoroughly enjoy the work you have been creating since day one and seeing the expansion of your artistry. Thank you for sharing this wondrous gift of creativity of time and space ...the voice and the soul(fulness) of you! Keep shining!

  34. MetilOrange8

    10 years!

  35. Katya Medvezhonok

    is it me, or is this where ed sheeran got his inspiration?

  36. TECHer

    amazing musician

  37. Natalia Ciurkot


  38. Lavinia Benedic

    We miss your music, man :)

  39. Ke9 2Tina


  40. Jas Nirk

    Somebody Give me this M💋N

  41. xCharlotte21xx

    Feb 2018

  42. Anna Garcia

    Wonderful song 💋🎼🎼🎼😍‼️

  43. Mária Náchlik

    Ahhhhh!! Best!

  44. Alyson Anderson


  45. Higher Higher


  46. Sabina Scarlett

    jeśli anioly potrafia śpiewać,to brzmia właśnie tak jak Jamie Woon😊💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    Tomek Bidzinski

    Za dużo czasu z księdzem spędzasz

  47. aeduk707

    A breath of fresh air,a natural musical talent.the world is yours to teach how it's done good luck in all you strive for

  48. Mrs. Bucket

    Looove it soooo much. I really do love that man. And his music. Jamie? Where r U now?

  49. Silvia

    I love this man

  50. précieux précieux

    He is a blessing to this world

  51. aeduk707

    A truly talented musician

  52. karen j

    Love this Dude!!!!!



  54. Mark Delacroix

    Great voice and great performance...

  55. kirstydoll123

    Beautiful and uplifting

  56. milkbunnies

    The fact that this only has 4+ mill views and 16K likes shows us that this world is in a fucked up place...

  57. Joe Varley

    how has this video got 327 dislikes

  58. Picture Palette Productions

    Just simply amazing.
    One of a kind genius for what he does :)

  59. Elena B

    Please do something like that again! This is perfekt!!!!

  60. Maimoona Asghar

    Unbelievably talented

  61. Grotto Deals

    Where could I find this version? I have Mirrorwriting but that version is quite different from this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated (the audio link above does not seem to work). Thank you.

    Mienisha Alexander

    Grotto Deals I've been looking for it too. I live this version better, honestly.

  62. Ivana Krsteska

    shut,close your eyes and relaxed....

  63. DariaRock

    inspired by you ....

  64. Eva

    I am utterly amazed. I can't believe I only just heard of this guy. Easily my favorite artist and instrument... Literally. His voice is a beautiful instrument.

  65. Alexander Bertallo

    Ty for your song ty for your spirit, greets from switzerland

  66. Kristinarayart

    Wow creative!

  67. SunKissNicole

    this song is on now in the comfort inn bathroom LMAO

  68. Tiziana Ahyoka

    love this kind of music

  69. Amen Yahweh

    What a track!!!!

  70. Claudia Rika

    magic❤ there is some hope for true talent after Michael jackson


    Yes! Love this comment right here

  71. Duct Tape Engineer

    Got this on repeat for dayyyys. It's so good.

  72. Leslie Alan

    What a lovely song <3

  73. Milena Braga Tavares

    Jamie Woon, I love your musical spirit......thank you for sharing.....

  74. Roxane Baluch

    My life can never be without music but it's been so long since I've heard something I can relate to.

    Thank you.

    Elena Ginoh

    That's true. His music it's so beautiful.

  75. Xiomara Bernard

    Replaying <3 No matter how many times, always feel so good ~+~ *dancing*

  76. Atanas Atanasov

    Jamie, i'm impressed. Wish you all the best, from Bulgaria. :)

  77. Dias Romero Vanusa

    Pedro casanova

  78. Maya Freeman

    I adore you man - you're my idol ;)

  79. Mienisha Alexander

    this <3

  80. Rodolfo Bressan


  81. Jenny M


  82. afro symphony

    am sampling the shit outta this

  83. Evelyn Balschun

    GROSSARTIG !!!!!!!

  84. Carriena A.S

    My soul is awestrucked with your entrancing music, angelic voice and charming embrace 😍

  85. Greg Santos

    he needs to be known everywhere!


    Greg Santos agreed. this is my jam

    Tomek Bidzinski

    Except he shouldn't

  86. Dando D

    I like this video !! The best song ever

  87. chrischris180

    One of my few favorite male voices for sure! He doesn't sing to impress. His voice just IS that good!

  88. MissAwesome2

    This track is sooooooooooooo good.

  89. Grace Purnamasari

    Thank you for your hard work 🙏🏼 your music has touched me.

  90. Seve the Ballroom Maestro


  91. Nektarios Sukeotis

    gamw thn panagha sas!!

  92. Alina

    Poetry and great music in the same tune.

  93. Eloy Romero-Muñoz

    HIs name should be Jamie WOW!

    Tomek Bidzinski

    Or Bullshit. Either or

  94. mary swift

    such wow much talent

  95. Rick Blauw

    Everyone is asking where he is now. Currently he is doing an European tour but when he's not on tour he preforms in a lot of shows in Abu Dhabi.

    Sahar Bali

    I live in Hamburg/ Germany! Today i heard him the first Time..... what a amazing Artist!

  96. Amen BreakCartel

    just B A D

  97. Nomad Jim

    Stunning, absolutely beautiful; may Jamie's soul create and express forever more x