Woon, Jamie - Shoulda Lyrics

walked when i shoulda run
ran when i shoulda walked
and don't i know it
and don't i know it

walked when i shoulda run
and i ran when i shoulda walked
and don't i know it
and don't i know it

you get inside me
even when you went beside me
and i go into hiding
and i know i never leave it alone

'nother round of if onlys
of all the ways you can know me
how i take time going slowly
all the time that i did on my own

still i walked when i shoulda run
and i ran when i shoulda walked
and don't i know it
and don't i know it

well i walked when i shoulda run
and i ran when i shoulda walked
and don't i know it
and don't i know it

and your head's in the ocean
too deep to know where you're going
hoping time can be frozen
and you'll end up where you really belong

but the days keep on rolling
we live in different moments
and our hurt is unfolding
everyday that we do and we don't

still i walked when i shoulda run
and i ran when i shoulda walked
and don't i know it
and don't i know it
well i walked when i shoulda run
and i ran when i shoulda walked
and don't i know it
and don't i, don't i, don't i, know it
no no no no no

sign for what's been
sign for what never
the line under what's been
the line for what never

and the years are collected
i pray that we are regretless
you and i - the connected
you and i and the blood and the bone

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Woon, Jamie Shoulda Comments
  1. Bożena Pekala

    Słodkie niewidzenie - Rudego wymazane wspomnienie...

  2. György Sánta

    Nagyon Bomba!A válásom után adott egy pofont;hogy felébredjek!

  3. Renata RR

    Piękna piosenka... Cudowny, ciepły głos. Można się zadumać....

  4. Stone Castle

    Anyone know what synth and reverb is used on the main arpeggiated hook?

  5. TheNickTait

    Glad to have found this, don’t like any of the remixes as much, pretty sure there is an even better older version but this great

  6. Anamaria Dochita

    Beautiful x


    Greetings to all from Kyrgyzstan! 11 December 2019!
    Кыргызстандан ысык салам! 11 декабрь 2019!
    Приветствую всех из Кыргызстана! 11 декабря 2019!
    Kırgızistan'dan herkese selamlar! 11 Aralık 2019!

  8. Ilona Katona

    I still love this song!!!



  10. magdalena kucińska


  11. Agnieszka Zwolińska

    Świetny i relaksujący.

  12. Sebastian Big

    Cineva in 2030?


    super music

  14. Nadesni aangenaam

    Still love this song

  15. Kamilq Imanis

    So calming. Beautiful

  16. Byencutalove Tfm

    This song was 24/7 at the radio in my country (Romania) when it was released. For years I tried to find it and I couldn't until I heard it yesterday at the radio and with Shazam I finnaly found it. I was 7-8 years back then and it was at the radio every time I went shopping with my mother. It reminds me of childhood. #Romania🇷🇴

  17. Pure cancer

    I came here for a moment of nostalgia. 😍🙋



  19. Richárd Szalkai

    Where are you now Mr. Shoulda? Miisss yaa all!! 😪

  20. Juky Jackson

    Its still a Melodie of Historie and a Part of my präsent

  21. E M3

    Summer 2019..⏳

  22. Cristina Hanganu

    So many memories!!

  23. MRVITIN101

    Jaime Keep Grinding Brother.. Sounds are fire and its 2019...

  24. Mandy Mari

    Still listening in 2019!!

  25. mone Alex

    i still remember this in 2019

  26. Elena Gilie

    Tgx for pisting!!june 2019

  27. Mihai Marginean


  28. Chris Richardson

    How is this guy not super famous?

  29. Katalin Dimény


  30. Vlad zis KreeN

    Morandi <3

  31. Anna May

    What happened with Jamie? I want to see him live so badly for years,but seems like he disappeared..

  32. TTV FReeZe

    This song i very nice

  33. Nikoletta Benesné


  34. Lorelei Catul

    #teamBalaban ❤

  35. Andrada Birlean

    Multumesc pentru ca existi! Cine e de la Andreea?

  36. Sabina Chifan

    Cine e de la Andreea ? ❤️

  37. Andra Țigău

    #teamBalaban !!!
    Multumesc pentru ca mi-ai reamintit de aceasta melodie ❤

    ana maria


    milan&levi gaming

    @ana maria jo zene ez geci

  38. Fivesoul Lige


  39. Daniel Măcișanu


  40. Bryan Fury

    Why are those peole just make one album and dissaper like kwabs

  41. Linda Price

    all night long...

  42. Raspberry24

    Can anyone recommend more similar music?

  43. Tünde Lukács

    imádom....évek óta

  44. viral kular

    I listen it in 2019 so deep this music is limitless

  45. dai kleo

    I don't give a fuck to the feelings more

  46. Annamaria Korn

    Beautiful ❤ !!, ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  47. roby gabriel


  48. Tinyoca

    Been looking for this for ages. Kept searching for "should have"

  49. Ja Sam

    Cannot believe I just found this song. Amazing

  50. Rayvonna Miller

    The first time I heard this song was on episode of Basketball Wives Miami. I have loved this song since then

  51. Nisane90

    Most underated artist on this planet

    damien stellar

    16 547 986 views i dont think so

  52. Eszter Gombai Nagy

    Csak azért mert szeretem 👍✌🙏❤

  53. Valéria Luiz

    linda musica

  54. Mark Selby


  55. Simon Duthie

    Just found this, Pure Quality.

  56. Colorful Toys Review

    Still listening in 2019!

  57. Mary Brooke

    I'm let you in because I'm believe and trust you I love you more than anything more than that I do believe in you are different to everyone I believe you are never hurting me and I can't walk I can't run what should I do anything about the way back to my own 😊🤗🤩😍❤❤❤❤

  58. Ady Twiggy

    i remember when i was a child..i was like 8 and i was playing my games on my computer...i was listening to this song at the time.

  59. mr 1000faces

    He's so talented but sadly underrated af

  60. Corina Si Catalin

    Cineva 2019?


    si in 2020

  61. Nono


  62. Leyla Mamedova


  63. Szilágyi Anett

    I love this song ❤️

  64. Isabell Goebel

    Listen 2019

  65. your ocean


  66. Giani Giani

    I will listen in 2019 too❤

    kapil kumar vishwakarma

    2020 too

  67. Arife Apaydın


  68. Μαριάννα Μπακούση

    2018 ??♥️♥️♥️

  69. Narcissist Free Zone

    Art is so fascinating...wow

  70. Peti Balogh


  71. Marvin Speer

    Nice music

  72. Zsófia Nagy

    Love!!! <3 <3

  73. Esther Zaldívar

    💜 you're a whole mood

  74. Tulipan

    😍😍 cudowny głos 😍😍

  75. TheOnlyPLatinum


  76. monkeys55

    This song ends too soon.

  77. Gero Teitge

    BEAUTIFUL song....sooooo much feeling...

  78. Sanja Jovanovska MD

    Should we start a petition to bring him back somehow?

  79. meck

    Quien 2018??

  80. Mr House

    This is one of the most lesting song in my life never got bored it
    Love this song for ever

  81. Meng six

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  82. fire melon

    Somebody knows more songs/artists like this ?

  83. MrZabojadka

    2018 ...<3