Woon, Jamie - Message Lyrics

Message from the victor via satellite
Well, it's nice to know I'm doing something right
Guess it's my lucky night
Message from the leader on the giant screen
We need to talk about the way that it could be
In 2023

Waiting for the start to go
Waiting for the wind to blow
Right through my achin' hunger
Waiting for some heart to show
Waiting for the grass to grow
I'm coming up from under

I have to say that it was all I could do to decide
When I was with it I was playing ahead of the time
Made a start and I was walking to weather the storm
But if you look up and you stop
The later you wait, you're missing the waterfall
Where did it go?
No, not a lot is so well-defined now
No medicine to know it all
I reach out for lightness in the eyes

Letter to the future in the diary
I loved the summer and the swelling of the sea
Brought out the best in me
Letter to the juror and my alibi
My understanding was that I was doing fine
Above the waterline

Waiting for the start to go
Waiting for the wind to blow
Right through my achin' hunger
Waiting for some heart to show
Waiting for the grass to grow
I'm coming up from under

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Woon, Jamie Message Comments
  1. yutzy1

    Jamie, my wife and I have been thinking about you man. Love your voice and wondering where and what you're up to.

  2. Mark Johnson

    our most listened to tune of 2019..... AMAZINNNNNG...

  3. Ian Brown

    Fook me these guys are Lovin making this music 😍

  4. Feride Fleur

    Thank you shazam

  5. Alisa Johns

    Where are u Jamie? I need some new good music in my life right now, come back to us.

  6. coquidelmar

    Love this music! So cool and smooth..

  7. Sauron

    Man... The backing vocalists are sounding like angels.

  8. Marius Radu

    we need a colab of #jamiewoon with #sineadharnett #asap

  9. Lama Nova

    I need more of Jamie Woon in my life. ~_~

  10. Te Roberts

    Fantastic talent. Spread the word!

  11. Nathalie Gosselin

    So so so so GOOD <3 <3 <3

  12. Jacky Kanlop

    That's what a beautiful soul sounds like <3

  13. steve martin

    Just brilliant

  14. Nyrice

    Wanderlust brought me here

  15. stefania leuzzi

    I think is Amazing...!

  16. Audrey

    This is perfect

  17. Mr Mr

    mums watching some drama on t.v no clue what it is called but heard this in the background and i had to google the lyrics cus this shit fire boi!!!

  18. Thato Jennifer Setai


  19. Uriah

    Where u at jamie! We need you!

  20. Steven James

    Just tumbling through YouTube like a baby deer and landed face first in this, utter brilliance.

  21. Nenad Janjic

    Exceptional artist ...

  22. Sasha Ankushina

    Jamie, thanks for your music. It is amazing!

  23. Sabina Scarlett


  24. lsamoa

    Why mix his voice so low?

  25. pogdog31

    Love to be part of this groove

  26. Yinka Yasmin

    when that bass guitar comes in!!

  27. Josefina Mosegui

    maravillosa !!!

  28. Medina Banjic

    Love you

  29. rose

    you are amazing

  30. Thato Jennifer Setai

    ooh I love this song I heard it on Vinny's house for the first time and fell in love

  31. Ethan MN

    Anybody know what Jamie's vocal mic is here (Make/Model)?

  32. Tony Montana

    everything is so on point damnn

  33. Barry Smart

    Sorry. The chap on guitar isn't adding anything. His "noise" is distracting from the overall feel / grove. Otherwise excellent!

  34. Adrian Till

    Only just clocked that it's Gwilym Gold on piano. His is another great album.

  35. Isabelle Young


  36. Stuart Rowe

    man the harmonies on this are simply beautiful

  37. sweet007as

    I went to top office yesterday to buy ink for the printe and the instore was jamming this. I heard the fat bass line with the sweet vocals and was like DAMMMMNNN!!!
    God bless you Shazam😉

  38. Tracey Redmond

    Sublime 💙

  39. Ted Akem

    this is nuts, put him in a lounge bar and see that place stay lit up!

  40. treeoftears

    That bassist, Dan Gulino is pure sex.

  41. ligia cardoso

    i am totally addicted to this music! pls come to sao paulo city!

  42. search4insomnia

    I've been missing you... Welcome back to my ears. <3

  43. J.J. Wolfe

    OMG JAMIE <3

  44. Dyella Breed

    Still keep listen to this song over and over, Love you!

  45. andrew hamilton

    Amazing talent with such a soulful sound yet only 200,000 views!! Criminal! This is proper artistry not that Justin Bieber nonsense.

    Dennis Okoh

    Just heard this on Wanderlust Play Back Ep 2; After Much Googling; it lead me to this fairly unknown face! Lots of it over the internet!

  46. Andreas Sigl

    very nice lyrics! You groove like the devil, so great, very honest and warm hearted music. Great future for you guys. Love the deep sound!

  47. low ball

    Jamie woon, feat. an incredibly bored bassist

  48. L Summer Darden Watts-Gibson

    Check him out put shuuuuush keep him on the new he low low

  49. Finlay Shakespeare

    Mix of this is kinda weird here... That rim click is so loud...

  50. State of Consciousness

    Just discovered him bc of Jordan Rakei, another talented musician.

  51. Nobody's Production

    Jamie you are the best, continues to surprise !

  52. Lo Key

    This studio version is just perfect with quality headphones on . The arrangement is perfect . He's cool .

  53. Dontcha Wish

    Jamie, you sir (along with the band and background singers) rock my world. Let's go half on a baby.

  54. eva christoglou

    beautiful...just beautiful!!
    Greece is patiently waiting for it's turn...
    will we EVER have the honour of a live concert?

  55. Velma Dublin

    just love this talented brother.voice and lyrics are amazing.Dam he,s so good

  56. Alber

    wow youtube thanks for suggestion

  57. Nicholas Scott

    Love this

  58. Ross Brooks

    SO blown away by his new album can't believe I've just started listening to it, and gutted tickets have sold out for him playing in Manchester, he'd be incredible to see live, so talented those melodies take me on a voyage to a different dimension

  59. brownalisous

    Heard this song playing at h&m today while shopping and instantly fell in love with it! Super talented ..

  60. Guenter Johannes Kalina

    what a great music, fantastic ...greetings from Vienna, Guenter.

  61. Anthony Stephenson

    This is so fine.

  62. SimmyBlu

    i missed you

  63. scoolboy

    One of my best musicans !

  64. scoolboy

    thank :-) ofkoz

  65. scoolboy

    I waited a long time but is was worth it! Thamk you so much for with is you!

  66. clive ramsbotty

    i wish the album sounded as rich as this...

  67. Jaamie B

    MASSIVELY underrated album this year

  68. pasturielle

    Love this!

  69. Alex Harris

    Oh man.SO EFFFIN SICK.

  70. Tlou Motitsoe

    This song is my prayer for #Mali

  71. galencenceto0o

    Name one favourite music style that soothes your soul...Jamie Woon <3

  72. Soare Youtube

    this issssss sweeeeeeet. such good vibes, nice one mr soon!

    Soare Youtube

    +Alex Bondrila *WOON

    Ian Brown

    Donut 🌝

  73. Iamlordeyayaya

    oh lord help me this is so floaty

  74. aglobackwards

    Well well well....

  75. micah bothman

    So glad he's back!! This is perfect.

  76. micah bothman

    So glad he's back! His voice is heavenly

  77. micah bothman

    So glad he's back! His voice is heavenly

  78. muhkeeduh

    jamie SWOON.



  79. Patrik Horvat

    So, so good. So happy he's back!

  80. 10:11 PM - The power of music

    shared this on the Facebook page of 10:11 PM - The power of music!

  81. Milena Brankovic

    <3 <3 <3

  82. Bokkepruiker Records

    good he got rid of that loopmachine

  83. Danny B. SunDay

    thank You * i'm floating on a sweet vibe Jamie Woon

  84. aishaonearth

    new music from him made me so happy!

  85. Jimmy Profi

    i Don't know..i realy like Jamie...but i hate songs with Lala la lala lala lala Lyrics :)

    Nancy Spade

    +Jigollo Capone At what moment did you hear lalalala ?!

  86. Tonjo4

    Absolutely Amazing!! The feeling I get when I hear this, words can't describe.

  87. Vera Khusainova

    I'm simply obsessed with this song

  88. HonestSonics

    Nice bass line as the song progresses. Grooving.

  89. afrobear2310

    jamie woon has lego hair

  90. Johanna Seger

    Love this.

  91. Cryztal Claire Beads

    yeah buddy..im soo exciting hes back

  92. Jono United

    Yes, Woon. Yes.

  93. Laurens en Hanne Costanzo Callewaert

    oh mannen dit is zoooooo mooi !

  94. dutchpuh

    so happy he is back

  95. Nancy Spade

    A-MA-ZING !!!!!!!

  96. KnOwN cHiLd

    This song reminds me of Christmas :)