Woon, Jamie - Little Wonder Lyrics

Coming up and I don't know why
Calling you across the distance
To the echoing inside
Little wonder come alive
Call it in the sacred night

Get us on the glowing
There's a space and a time for us
On the path of no resistance
Where the echoing collides
Little wonder come alive
Call it in forsaken light

If we go on the wind
Be around for a friend
Putting down what we know
We can rest, we can grow

Call it in the sacred night

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Woon, Jamie Little Wonder Comments
  1. Ian Brown

    😉 amazing

  2. Olesya Valerievna

    Куда вы пропали? И ваша невероятна музыка с вашим невероятным голосом??

  3. Nathalie Gosselin

    <3 <3 <3

  4. A. Purnell

    One of the greatest songwriters alive. Yeah I said it.

  5. sonywu

    Dave okumu and Royce made the song like heaven

  6. A. Purnell

    I had no idea this happened. Royce and Jamie in the same room???

  7. computersales

    I am so sad you don't upload more often. Even if it was just short clips of you practicing, or goofing around in the studio. :(

  8. Marina Marina

    What happened with Jamie? Where is he ? :((


    He ‘s on Paul white show August 2018, that’s all I know about him in 2018 by searching Twitter

  9. Pedro Jose


  10. MickeyDs14

    Just realized that was Royce Wood on the electric. His music is dope as well!

  11. Nik H

    Gotta love the Woon... every word, every chord is so good! Warms the soul. Thank you Woon, I swoon!

  12. Gryn Iryn

    Its like you grab hold of my soul the moment the song starts. And then it just ends and I have to hear it again and again. Feels right.

  13. Yann LECOEUR

    As silky as a peach skin.
    I would have pushed your voice a little more in the mix. It deserves it.


    It's definitely mixed too low, such a shame

    Donnette Thomas

    Amazing voice

  14. stephyclaws

    So glad you are making music again 😍 I don't know if you ever read these comments... but If you do, could you upload your cover of sledgehammer?! It's amazing!! Keep doing what you do 😶 xx

  15. Harmony Slaysxo

    ahh I love this song so much

  16. Rene Thalassi

    there is only one thing wrong with Jamie woon's tracks. They end too soon...

    Ian Brown

    Rene Thalassi 😁

  17. strandjunge62


  18. Sarah ADAIR

    <3 last verse <3

  19. TheNignag89

    We need a whole album of these live versions, this has melted my mind way more than the original version

  20. Anna Watson

    please, please come to Ireland Jamie ! ; you and your band are truly magical

  21. MimsyStarrTV

    Saw talent written all over his creativity from the first showcase I saw in a little club just off Earls Court. Great to see how it has evolved. Shout out to Dave Okumu on guitar - fab talent from day one (TW).

  22. Gryn Iryn

    His mind is gorgeous, this can only come from a vivid imagination...this music sends you on an audiovisual adventure....too goood.

  23. Lörris Baumfäller

    come to Berlin again !

  24. Matise Jo

    so beautiful melody~

  25. Amy M

    hauntingly beautiful. never heard anything like this before, love the things jamie's been doing since forever

  26. Darkhorse

    Who has been your inspiration? You sound very soulful.

  27. Liz Taylor

    Goose bumps please do more slow ones like this 😍

  28. Kattyissobratty

    How have I not known about this man? Beautiful Voice. What a amazing find.

  29. Tem Po

    Buy the new album, less darker than the first one, the whole album is good, i wonder how Jamie find all these melodies.

  30. Elena Ilieva

    Voice so smooth you could spread it on toast.


    +Elena Ilieva this is the best explination for jamie's voice haha

    Elena Ilieva

    @kuroshinigami i want to marry his voice :)

    Ben Holt

    +Elena Ilieva Straight outta that fridge

    Mrs. Bucket

    Elena Ilieva agree

  31. GD Rainblue

    Welcome back Jamie 👏🏽🙌🏽

  32. eli Twinks

    blown away xxxx

  33. Nashoba Lusa

    Every time I say to myself, "Jamie Woon cannot impress me any more than he has already..." Jamie Woon then impresses me even MORE than he has already. Stellar job by all parties involved...and it's getting rather redundant to even say so.


    +Nashoba Lusa Wow im glad that you had such a great experience with them and enjoyed their show. That's indeed a time to remember. Funny your bling attracted her too, even while performing :)

    Nashoba Lusa

    +Hana Funny thing is, had I not been so similarly blinded by speaking with her in person... I would have given her all of the bling! 😄

    Nashoba Lusa

    +one Love I am humbled by your grace. And as Jamie's soul mate... you suuuuuure do know how to pick 'em. 😊👍

    Gina Segoviano

    +Hana Wow! I couldn't help to read about your experience. So wonderful! I'm beyond excited because I have never seen him before and I'm traveling from Mexico to NY just to go to his concert there next February. Can't wait!

    Gina Segoviano

    +one Love I was actually talking to/ about Hana experience. But all good. ;)

  34. MusicIsRemedyTV


  35. Vanessa Allison

    love these grooves jamie

  36. rutaxo123


  37. Equator Dawn

    thanku also for the debut of this on gilles peterson bbc6 jamie; we got it over here. so got it <3 <3 <3 havnt seen jools holland yet tho .. come on bbc!! no utube global? .. hope 2c it soon .. the ether connects all bliss forevermore ;) bliss bliss blisss babey <3 <3 <3

  38. ProblemChild

    Mirrorwriting was definitely one of my top albums of 2010. so stocked to grab the new album!


    +ProblemChild Stoked but yeah :).

  39. Equator Dawn

    <3 <3 <3 ~ <3 <3 ~ <3 <3 <3 ~ <3 <3 ~ <3 <3 <3 ~ <3 <3 ~ <3 <3 <3 ~ <3 <3 ~ <3 <3 <3 ~ <3 <3 ~ <3 <3 <3 ~ <3 <3 ~ <3 <3 <3

  40. skemsen

    I love it! So well written! Uh, when the chords from the keyboard kicked in....goose bumps! :-) It's brilliantly performed. Love it!

  41. TheFrenchWay

    Missed your voice. Missed you.

  42. MultiSuperllama

    Can't wait to see him 😀😀

  43. Ilyas Utegenov

    естип корейк

  44. Happy Healthy Vegan

    So dreamy!

  45. Jon Osborne


  46. Amy Clarke

    I love Jamie so much he's got such a beautiful voice🙌