Woon, Jamie - Forgiven Lyrics

In the eyes of the rivers and islands
In the skies and the clouds and the clear
All it takes, another day for survival
Reaching out from a silence of fear


When we came to the fire at the first place
Did we worry about what could be
Open country as wide as the first taste
Follow the seed to the leaf to the tree


Wanted to make it rain at the right times
For the hours it rained down inside of me
For the fakes and delays of a lifetime
Fill the cracks in a repeat in history


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Woon, Jamie Forgiven Comments
  1. Funkdafied89

    The ending though....

  2. Mathias Tietke

    Also here: Great discovery! :-) 10 points for the groove! 10 point for the voice! 10 points for the bass-line! And 100 points for the song! :-) Thanks for this soulful music to Jamie Woon and also for the perfect sound thanks to KCRW!!

    pseudo nym

    Mathias Tietke ........ Amen!

    FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin

    i can't say it any better myself

  3. kangasdan

    holy shit this rules

  4. Kader KHOUNI

    very good. know you in france with jamel debouze in comedy club . come back in Paris...

  5. Afam Efuna

    Thanks To Sasha Marie I'm here

  6. spiceitupwsaga

    WOW! this is amazing music!

  7. Andrew Gould

    new fan of the woon right here

  8. Nadja Miljkovic

    I melt everytime when I hear his voice and the pleasant and fluid tunes that follow it. He is just sooo good!

  9. tdrum21

    Outro/drum groove at end are dope!

  10. tdrum21

    Cool stuff. Some of his vocal and approach reminds me a bit of Tracy Chapman. Anyone else get that? Great sound/good artist!