Woods, Dewayne - Living On The Top Lyrics

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Living living on the top with Jesus
Blessed in the Heaven lies with Him
Walking walking in the realm of favor and miracles
And recieving the abundance of His grace
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Whatever you bind on earth it will be in Heaven (It'll be bound in Heaven)
Whatsoever you loose in heaven it will be loosed in Heaven (It'll be loosed in Heaven)
He has given us power to become joint heirs with Christ
And the devil can't do us any harm
The devil is defeated, God is exalted [x6]
God is exalted [x9]
Jesus Christ is Lord of all

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Woods, Dewayne Living On The Top Comments
  1. Termaine Johnson

    I did some background vocals for DeWayne on this project...a great experience and it was so much fun working with a wonderful group of singers. LOVE THIS TRACK!

  2. Margaret Ukpabio

    i love this song oh! sounds more like one of the songs i wrote long ago! congrat DD

  3. Tiana Smith

    I am walking in the realm of favor. I am living on the top for Jesus.

  4. Syre Untouched

    i love this song it is always a joy to sing this song in church

  5. desiree esiere

    I did a dance to this song


    always anointed

  7. VictoryMoore

    Love This Song especialy the movements throughout the music!!!! Verry Well Arranged!!