Wonder Years, The - We Could Die Like This Lyrics

Memories flood back like photographs,
All bright and out of focus, all drab with muted colors.
The whole world smells like True Blue, the only brand my grandma smokes
And the faintest hint of Coppertone.
I'm watching shorebirds circle in real close.

I know you're gonna go.
Just please leave me a note.
I left because you asked me to.

Operator, take me home.
I don't know where else to go.
I wanna die in the suburbs.
A heart attack shoveling snow all alone.
If I die, I wanna die in the suburbs.

These northeast winters make boys into men,
Staring out at snow-plowed mountains in the parking lots of churches.
The city just felt worn out, no strength to pick our hearts off the ground.
We watched the '92 Birds take the field without Jerome Brown.

We keep quiet when it gets bad.
We don't talk about the setbacks.
They only hear it when your voice cracks.

Operator, take me home.
I don't know where else to go.
I wanna die in the suburbs.
A heart attack shoveling snow all alone.
If I die, I wanna die in the suburbs.
I wanna die in the suburbs.
I wanna die in the suburbs.
I wanna die in the suburbs.
I wanna die in the suburbs.

Operator, take me home.
I don't know where else to go.
I wanna die in the suburbs.
A heart attack shoveling snow all alone.
If I die, I wanna die in the suburbs.

Die in the suburbs.

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Wonder Years, The We Could Die Like This Comments
  1. Jordanalwaysandforev

    I bought the album. Sh..


    And the shirt.

  2. Nick Bradford

    RIP #JB99

  3. Micro Madness Gamer 3786

    1:42 R.I.P Jerome Brown

  4. Brian Koch

    Bring it home for Jerome!

    Sickof GuysnamedTodd

    Brian Koch they did. On his birthday no less

  5. James Staggenborg

    Am I the only one who got the Boys II Men reference? I'm not 100% sure it was intentional but they are from Philly as well.

    Nick Bradford

    Lansdale actually

  6. MisterMan795

    This song basically changed my life. I'll always love it

    Locks Of Lightning

    first heard this today in anatomy and it changed my life 😍😍

  7. SOBEK

    I wanna like, but I don't wanna change the 666 likes

    Mitch Zro

    Come on back, mate. It's at 800 now!

  8. Garret Coursol

    There's just something about this song that easily makes it one of the bests in The Greatest Generation. The lyrics seem fairly simple in this song... I think it's the manner in which the song is sung and performed that makes shore birds circling in real close and the '92 birds taking the field without Jerome Brown seem so tragic, even though most of us can't relate to it. If you listen real close to those two parts of the song, you'll probably know what I mean.

  9. zekken

    I don't know why but this song makes me cry

  10. Jake Scott

    I'm just wondering, is this song a comment on how Soupy's grandad suffered his heart attack? The whole album is based around thoughts on family, home, life and those who you love. Soupy's grandad had a heart attack, which is what Dismantling Summer is about, so is the line "A heart attack shoveling snow/All alone" that? If so, that makes this song a hell of a lot more sad than it initially appears to be.


    He said in an interview its basically just discribing how it was to grow up in philly.

    HB In HD

    +Jake Scott A lot of people, mostly out of shape, have heart attacks shoveling snow because the cold constricts their blood vessels and they don't realize how much they are putting their bodies through, shoveling snow is kind of goal oriented, kind of a don't stop until your done thing, where as if you're running on a treadmill you can stop whenever you want, and it triggers HA's for a lot of people, it's a pretty popular statistic. I always thought the line was a reference to a sort of lazy teenage kid who had to do some work which to him just seemed brutal or grueling.

  11. Mauricio Trejo

    The way they present they're lyrics remind me of Mayday Parade a bit

    Garret Coursol

    +Mauricio Trejo Not Mayday Parade. This is a step above.

    Andrew Bokole

    +Mauricio Trejo You pay attention to how well written the lyrics are too? I thought I was the only one.

    Mauricio Trejo

    Lyrics are always a priority

    Andrew Bokole

    Of course. I'm just very inspired by how artists tell stories/talk about what's bugging them

    Mitch Zro

    woah man, I never thought about that. It definitely seems true in this song.

  12. bmarlowe48

    So difficult to find pop punk bands whose lyrics aren't totally full of angst. Glad to see I am not the only person who is interested in both being happy and good music.

    BN FU

    @bmarlowe48 Plus the fact that most pop-punk bands are completely cliche lyrically.
    The lyrics of this band feel most of the time less forced and more free.


    bruh passing through a screen door...


    So many of twys songs are pure angst. Idk where u got this from

  13. shadburn1976

    Dam wat Jerome coulda been?.... RIP you BEAST!!!

  14. Sarah Asrat

    Falling in love with a band is so amazing. Thanks for being so awesome

  15. kinda-grump

    This has slowly climbed my Top 10 bands list. #3 under Motionless In White and A Day To Remember. Their lyrics are so uplifting and real.

    Ramzi Doudar

    dude mosh


    I love A Day To Remember, they're great. But Motionless in White above The Wonder Years.....I don't know about that.

  16. Brett Longstaff

    uploaded on my birthday c:

  17. staylifted

    Bring it home for Jerome!

    David Waters

    took longer than we hoped but the birds got it done. on his birthday nonetheless, it was destiny!

  18. Lucas Garibaldi

    One of the best lyrics I've ever heard are in this albuns

  19. xxslushpuppyxx

    TWY is the only band thats made every song relatable to something in my life. fucking love this band


    i love this fucking band, speaking truths and exactly what is on his mind. truly poetic fucking great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Robin Rehmann

    I don't get this... Where does he want to die? In New York?

  22. Paul Tanner

    Almost 50k views and not a single dislike... Nice

  23. Rogue Planet

    Don't regret buying this record, best band out there.

  24. Michaela

    So perfect.

  25. Daniel Wilson

    He said true blue dumbass

  26. Chrisawesomeness

    It is definitely not trumoo that's milk and he said its the only brand his grandma smoked

  27. Ash Cash

    My ears are in love....

  28. fjjf jeenjdos

    Jerome Brown! The U rules

    raider nation

    they finally brought it home for Jerome

  29. TheMojoII

    I don't hate ADTR but I'm just disappointed in the way they choose to go. I used to be huge fans of them during the For Those Who Have Heart and Their Name Was Treason days. Homesick was quite good but after that personally to me they kind of fell off and started to write more for the people and not themselves. Like Jeremy now is writing some songs as if he was still in High School, which was like 7-8 years ago now.

  30. Juan Torres

    My Life As A Pigeon: "If you want me to go then I'll go, and if you ask me to leave I can leave."

    We Could Die Like This: "I left because you asked me to"

    Another case of The Wonder Years referencing past material. Love it.

  31. Ryan Harvell

    Everything sounds like something else with people these days.... Its sad, growing up, being involved in music through school, mostly classical, recieving scholarships for vocal and instrumental and all I see are scenie weenies saying everything sounds like the exact opposite. Kids need to learn how music works and how it sounds before we have more Kei$has becoming stars.

  32. bioshock255

    Happy Birthday my motherfuckin' badass!

  33. Dillon Knapp

    The wonder years always makes me think about the past and how i was ever actually happy thanks for showing me happiness!!!!!!

  34. Tanner

    May 8? That's my birthday.

  35. Eric Jensen

    Bring it home for Jerome. RIP

  36. Bret Burns

    I think I have given this album a 100 views by myself......

  37. Alex English

    @jonny no one wants their home that way. But for some of us it just is. It's not a choice right now.

  38. John Paul Barrientos

    why would you want your home to be in distress like that?

  39. Erika McCann

    This is some good music :)

  40. Sonny Etchell

    ADTR don't get so much hate

  41. DoodllySquat97

    I'm not totally sure, but I THINK he wants to die in the suburbs.

  42. Nick Lecci

    The voice is similar to the AJ Perdomo's one (The Dangerous Summer)

  43. whatisajess

    Pretty sure it's True Blue :)

  44. Ollie O'Brien

    I think these guys just became my new favourite band! Absolutely love the new album!

  45. lovemetalbassist

    Who is saying this sounds like adtr?

  46. cvaughan14

    The whole world smells like TruMoo.

  47. Shutuptoplay

    Im buying this fucking cd. Watch out world.

  48. Peyton R

    Same, especially the one about zombies and the one about going to prom with a pirate.

  49. dreamingabove3

    sounds a little like adtr

  50. bioshock255

    Thanks man.

  51. David Difranco

    just remember: there's another you out there who hates bioshock.

  52. Snowpunk frick

    This is perfect

  53. Josh Sandler

    what if the wonder years wrote a song about potatoes O.o

  54. Millerguy111

    The Wonder Years are one of the two best things in my life, the other being these potatoes.

  55. 12345joshieboy

    Soupy is incapable of writing a bad song.

  56. mike gonzalez

    I love your taste in music, and your name...I love bioshock...HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY...

  57. Millerguy111

    The Jerome Brown line really hit home because I remember that year especially.

  58. Gianna Marie

    I'm glad I decided to give this band a try. this album is amazing

  59. Brian Gold

    the music is like old poppunk and then the vox are just Dans greatness. its just gold

  60. Sean Murray

    I reminds me a lot of early 2000's pop-punk and it's fucking awesome. :D

  61. Sean Murray

    Welcome to the family.

  62. Shaun Gibbons

    cant we all

  63. Hailey Martin

    happy birthday soupys not sad anymore

  64. Nicolas Plett

    I can proudly say The Wonder Years are my favorite band.

  65. Tyler Hunt

    This is definitely the best song on the album.

  66. bioshock255

    Hopeless just gave me the best birthday present ever.

  67. John Hardy

    This album is nothing short of phenomenal!

  68. j3r3mysk8


  69. James Hack

    Soupy u r a little happier

  70. Alex English

    Twy never disappoint.... Every song strikes home... Hard

  71. Diego

    I can't wait to listen this next to the lyrics

  72. Zach Surprenant

    This song fucking rules.

  73. RachelRidicule

    sick drum intro!