Wonder Years, The - Stained Glass Ceilings Lyrics

Like a burning monk,
You’re my light flare out in the dark.
You’re my constant call to arms.
Took the blindfold off,
They’d left chalk outlines where the future was.
It’s a god damned war of attrition.
It’s a death by a thousand cuts.
And if these motherfuckers made it to Heaven,
They’d burn the bridge when they got across.

They’re getting their anchors.
They’re gathering rope.
You’re pushing to Heaven all alone.
They’re grabbing your ankles.
They won’t let you go.
The ebb and the distant flow.
They’re cutting your wings off.
Built your ceilings out of stained glass.

You’re caught like gravel in my skinned knee.
The wound will close eventually.
You’ll stay as a reminder of
How fucked this world can be.
Held your funeral on a Tuesday.
Holy water’s November-cold.
The kid that pulled the trigger
Knew tomorrow couldn’t promise him hope.

All these bastards are gathering rope.
You’re pushing to heaven all alone.
They’re grabbing your ankles.
They won’t let you go.
The ebb and the distant flow.
They’re cutting your wings off.
Built your ceilings out of stained glass.
They were cutting your wings off.
I was staring at my idle hands.

Maybe I could have done something.
Maybe I could have made a difference.

John Wayne with a God complex
Tells me to buy a gun like shooting a teenage kid
Is gonna solve any problems,
Like it’s an arms race,
Like death don’t mean nothing.
To know the heavy price of living poor
Walled in by red lines
Backed into a corner.
Not knowing, growing up,
What it’s like to belong here
In America.

[Jason Aalon Butler:]
If everyone’s built the same,
Then how come building’s so fucking hard for you?
It’s something we’re all born into.
Nothing’s left up to grey.
It’s black or white and sometimes black and blue.
It’s something we’re all born into.
Now I know what’s in a name; not just my father’s.
Three-fifths a man makes half of me.
Why should I bother?
Merchants of misery stacking the deck.
Fuck your John Waynes.
Fuck your God complex.
I’ve got everything in front of me, but can’t reach far enough
To reach these fever dreams they call American.
I am the ghetto’s chosen one.
The privileged bastard son.

They’re getting their anchors.
They’re gathering rope.
You’re pushing to Heaven all alone.
They’re getting their anchors.
They’re gathering rope.
You’re pushing to Heaven all alone.

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Wonder Years, The Stained Glass Ceilings Comments
  1. bbq seitan

    One of my favorite songs of all time
    No CAP

  2. Bayani George Edward Angcao

    ughhh scream part

  3. Kevin Doheny

    how does this have less than half a million views the world needs to see it

  4. Maverick 888

    God damn!

  5. jett david Ramos

    Goosebumps everytime i hear this song.

  6. Chris Petersen

    “... and that kid who pulled the trigger”

    “John Wayne with a God Complex tells me to buy a gun and shoot a teenage kid”

    “Fuck your John Waynes. Fuck your God Complex.”

    In case anyone wanted the meaning.

  7. Feersum_Endjinn


  8. haywood418

    Heard this song for the first time a few days ago and my God have I had it on repeat since

  9. Imogen Thompson

    Who is the unclean vocalist?


    Jason Butler. This was back when he was in his band letlive. The band suddenly broke up unfortunately.

  10. end moraine

    Just watching this, I'm shitting gold.

  11. Keegs Verme

    This song is incredible, but the music video is also pretty outstanding. Whoever directed it did a great job.

  12. Myers 1919

    This 5 minute video is the apex of their career. Everything before and after this moment is something less than perfect.

  13. Jeffrey C

    This song came on on my playlist and at first I thought it was counting crows. Anyone else?

  14. Richard Perez

    Jason absolutely kills this song!

  15. tazmon122

    to literally anyone who says "arm teachers to prevent school shootings", repeat after me: JOHN WAYNE WITH A GOD COMPLEX TELLS ME TO BUY A GUN AND SHOOT A TEENAGE KID. LIKE LIFE IS AN ARMS RACE AND DEATH DON'T MEAN NOTHING.

  16. Chris Petersen

    It’s an amazing story- the singer lost a friend due to violent crime from some teenage kid, and everything in him wants to go kill the person who did it- it’s “John Wayne with a god complex” wanting him to buy a gun and shoot a teenage kid.

    In the end he decides paying death for death are the merchants of misery. Fuck the John Waynes. Fuck the god complex.

  17. SuicideBunny6

    Fuck you John Wayne.

  18. Justus Jermaine

    That verse good God do you understand he's talking about the black struggle 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥 . This song/ album is a masterpiece

  19. PineConeRudy

    Honestly I really don't like the ending of the song

  20. Joyce Valenzuela

    the world is fucked up

  21. Danny

    One of the best songs I have ever heard! I'm kind of mad that I just found it now.

  22. HowSway 92

    The lyrical content and song structure is truly masterful

  23. General Nando

    Is there a version of this song without the screaming?

  24. Timexdistance

    I didn't realize that was Jason. now I know why I love this song so much.

  25. Tracker386

    RIP Letlive.

  26. Aaron Leigh


  27. Regg Motionless

    4:19 Soupy's Like "get the fuck up Jason, don't mess this shit up.." letlive. forever <3

  28. Cyaneyed

    theese guys are authentic

  29. Eva Manjarrèz

    holy shit 💚

  30. Gage GoSkate

    I am deeply moved

  31. DEX435

    This is one of the greatest songs, ever. So why is the views still way too low?! :(

    Vipe Jay

    DEX435 because crappy music is the new trend...

  32. Hugh J.F. Aggot

    Dan is 100% bohemian.

  33. Vipe Jay

    can somebody tell me how old Dan Campbell is? I know it would be easy to figure out when he screams "Jesus Christ, I'm 26"...I just wanna know how old he really is, cuz it seems to me that he looks like in his late 30's or something...

    Michael Duncklee

    Vipe Jay According to Famous Birthdays, he's actually only 30.

  34. Vipe Jay

    I've never heard an album full of Tattoo-worthy passages....then came this band...The Greatest Generation has so full of them, and so is this album...man, Soupy is a fuckin lyrical genius...

  35. Teddy5691

    Great! Now I want to see a letlive. and The Wonder Years tour.

    Savas X

    it was amazing

  36. Michael Mearney

    can not wait see you in dublin

  37. Erik Beitz

    Is it just me or is the middle finger part seem kinda edgy? I get the point and how it goes with the song and everything, but it just seems a little middle school don't you think?

    Vipe Jay

    nah, youre not alone, I felt the same way haha...I thought it was too immature...that middle finger nearly ruined an almost perfect video...

    Chris Petersen

    He’s flipping himself off though. It’s his own John Wayne god complex he’s cursing.

  38. EastCoastBound Band


  39. BEAZY E

    I keep finding myself here, getting lost in this song and video. It swells so good.

  40. Harrison Campbell

    whats up with all the dislikes?

  41. Jake Jones

    homeboy in the leather jacket is turnt as fuck

    Camren Radwan

    Jake Jones You mean Soupy?The lead singer?

    Jake Jones

    Camren Radwan nah the guy from letlive who's guest starring

    Jon Mcinturff

    He's on some next level shit compared to soupy in this vid.

    Zach Trimble

    Soupy said in an interview his biggest inspiration performance-wise was Jason


    jason rocks

  43. Neemias Cunha

    Jason ll. 🤘

  44. itszachdude

    Saw them in the basement of the rave with letlive....one of the best shows I've ever seen! This band is incredible!

  45. Diego Rascon

    Oh my lord, Jason Butler

  46. Lara Andreeva

    Dan Campbell is just incredibly talented plus he looks like a deep interesting person plus he's really handsome. More than enough reasons to watch and listen to this track again... and again... and again haha

  47. Aaron Leigh


  48. Apollo

    I always thought he was saying "you're pushing a habit all alone" I kinda like it better that way

  49. Aaron Leigh


  50. Shiteo Hole

    Honestly I don't know how I feel about the end of this song

  51. VPT Jacob

    The song is against what I believe in but I love it to bits

    VPT Jacob

    It's not against religion but more about my societal beliefs. The domination of a god complex to justify social injustice

    connor grimshaw

    its about guns really pretty obvious

    manoah M

    connor grimshaw no lol

    Benjamin Lane

    its about systematic oppression but they make it pretty clear its not justified?

    Cartel Jameson

    You don't even know what this song is about. Lol.

  52. Jake Smith

    When I was able to download this from my preorder & finally came to this track I kept swearing the feature was Jason (from Letlive. for those unaware) he has such a unique voice & the topic of this track have some justice to that

  53. Eduardo Zaragoza

    jason looks like james franco now

  54. John Sheets

    The video is a tad much

  55. Mike Kristin

    I'm compelled to say god damn is that a great tune

  56. night stalker

    I used to like this band, but they got old fast. I can't put my finger on it why, but the singer annoys the hell out me...

  57. Cardinal

    It's crazy how good this band is, everything they put out is just quality

  58. Dropdead...carlos

    Does anyone else see Jason looking like a T-Rex towards the end? Made me laugh so much!
    I love his involvement in this song though, he is an amazing vocalist!

  59. ttt Of tea

    I wasn't expecting him to look like this honestly.

  60. SherlocksGrandson

    Does anyone know what watch Dan Campbell is wearing? It's been bugging me for days.

    Kevin O'Brien

    It looks like one of those winter vests. Personally, I think it's a life reserver, and Soupy must have borrowed one from Marty McFly in Back To The Future.

  61. NinjaTrickVideos

    Now I know what's in a name- that's just my father
    If three fifths a man makes half of me, why should I bother?
    Merchants of misery stacking the deck
    Fuck your John Wayne's
    Fuck your god complex

    Christian Thompson

    +NinjaTrickVideos Fuck your God complex

  62. DrMoriarty420

    Oh and Jason is fucking wild!

  63. DrMoriarty420

    What do you think the song is about? I have my opinion but I'm curious as to how someone else interprets it.


    +DrMoriarty420 This song is about systemic racism in America. Having a white mother and black father, Jason (the man who comes in near the end) grew up in Los Angeles but was alienated by his white classmates. He is singing about how his mixed heritage has let him see the different sides of oppression in the US.

    Specifically, he sings "three-fifths a man makes half of me, why should I bother?" This is a direct reference to the three-fifths compromise in American history where black slaves were counted as three-fifths of a person when making up the population of a state. Jason is talking about his father, and because he is half African American the deck is already stacked against him due to systemic racism.

    Does that make sense? It's late, sorry if I'm rambling.


    +AKBrinkmann it makes sense thank you for that actually

  64. Green Zombi

    The singer looks like Seth rogan lol

    Kevin O'Brien

    Well someone on here said that Jason (crazy dude) looks like James Franco. What does that say?

  65. wokeupolder

    Fuck, this is beautiful, just all the passion in his voice is just beautiful.

  66. Stephen Judah

    I didn't know Sammy Zaynn could sing.

    Jose Money

    Ole ole ole

  67. There and Back Again

    if you like wonder years check these guys out. https://www.facebook.com/sharkbaitband/

  68. Josh

    Jason Butler just bodied that shit, oh my.

  69. Adyn Lord

    269 people are dense

  70. ella rxse

    i'm crying so hard. no, not because of the song, because of the beards. rest in peace, beards. :'(

  71. TDR Roy

    Jason's part goes so fucking hard.

  72. Tommy Cable

    why so many dislikes?


    @Tommy Cable
    "John Wayne, with a god complex tells me to buy a gun. Like shooting a teenage kid is gonna solve any problems. Like it's an arms race. Like death don't mean nothin'."

    Tommy Cable

    @hof8231 that's a story from when Soupy had a 14 year old kid steal his bike and the police told him to buy a gun for protection, for a kid half his age

    Jon Mcinturff

    Talking about racism and gun culture makes you an SJW?

    Eric Twing

    +hof8231 Just because soupy doesnt want to own a gun as a way of defense against teenagers makes the theme of the song anti responsable gun owner ship?

    YouTube Account

    Christian moms

  73. AngryMisanthropicLoner

    Wow a good pop punk band, Fuck good an amazing pop punk band with actually well put together song writing and not singing about fucking a teacher or how they miss music videos on mtv. yeah I'm looking at you bowling for soup.

  74. mayxshane

    God, I keep watching the music videos and reminiscing about the concert. So heartfelt and fucking raw, from the start to Jason jumping in to the very last chord.

    I swear, if they ever come to my town again, I won't be missing them for the world.

  75. Derek Alvarez

    This song makes me cry

  76. hannah s

    fuck this song is good

  77. Anna Goethe

    I was happy before I watched this…ugh an their album is called No closer to heaven..seriously. Such beautiful sadness

    vernn Flytrap

    Why do you say that?

  78. Jay Ryan Clark

    This is honestly one of my favorite new songs.

  79. Harrison

    are the dislikes for this purely based on Soupy beard being gone?

  80. Eric Twing

    Anyone notice when Soupy does the part in between Jason's part it looks like a rap video xD

  81. German Brito

    Does anyone noticed that there's one TWY member missing in this video?
    What happened to him?

    Eric Twing

    they are all there

    Eric Twing

    Unless you mean Hank The Pigeon....

  82. A-ListTrash

    Seth Rollins Tweeted I had to listen. He's right, this is a great song!

  83. SilverLinings

    Chilllllls OMG this is good

  84. taylor roy

    seeing them tomorrow 😍😍😍😍😍

    Andrew M

    Me too, it's going to be worth every second.

  85. Caleb McBride

    Everyone is like Jason! No beards! I am over here like: "Is Hank still alive?"

    Jon Mcinturff

    Average lifespan of a pigeon is about 6 years so he still has like a year or so. Give or take a few months of course.

  86. John Grega

    This was their encore last night and i gotta say microwave, tiny moving parts, letlive, and the wonder years left everything on stage when performing

  87. Chris Kaufman

    Can we get a side project that is just the entirety of The Wonder Years and letlive. because that would be the most incredible thing that has ever existed.

  88. Synfaxed

    So that's what the screaming dude looks like.


    Check out his band: letlive.


    belushy not anymore. Oops.

    Preet Gurung

    I love this album, but this little Jason moment is my favorite part.

    Aaron spooner

    Check out his new bands Fever333 or Pressure cracks

    James Hack

    @Aaron spooner Yoo that new PC EP tho

  89. Muqri Tanos

    Captain Lance is pretty good in singing

  90. Nicholas Worthem

    This song is so obnoxiously intense... the feels take over my body.

  91. Large Baguette

    a moment of silence for Jason and Soupy's beard

  92. Link Bennett

    It's so hard for me to listen to this album, front to back. Whenever I reach this track, I lose it.

  93. Singing Gamer

    Woah, these guys sound alot like Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties. I swear the singer has to be the exact same guy!

    Michael Bell

    Singing Gamer it is

  94. Kevin Gilligan


    Robby Johnson

    +Kevin Gilligan FUCK YOUR GOD COMPLEX

  95. angelsnacc

    is there a cure for catching too many feels because i can't stop crying o dear gawd i can't wait to see them

  96. Anna Ellis

    Jason and Soupy break my heart. They're such wonderful human beings.

  97. VPT Jacob

    This song & Video is so slept on. I love this so much.

  98. Colton Frausell

    So fucking sick.