Wonder Years, The - Passing Through A Screen Door Lyrics

Cigarette smoke dances back in the window,
And I can see the haze on the dome light
I'm conjuring ghosts on a forty hour ride home,
And they keep asking me what I'm doing with my life.

While my cousins go to bed with their wives.
I'm feeling like I've fallen behind.

Well, the highway won
I'm listening to traffic reports one on one
Coming quietly undone.
I was born to run
Away from anything good.
An escape artist's son
Sun-drenched pavement in my blood

The first thing that I do when I walk in is find a way out for when shit gets bad and...

I've been looking for
Tears in the screen door (tears in the screen door).
I've been waiting for
Another disaster (another disaster).

Well I'm still afraid
Like a kid in the sixties
Staring at the sky
Waiting for the bomb to fall.
And it's all a lie
What they say about stability.
It scares me sometimes
The emptiness I see in my eyes.

And all the kids names I've ever liked recited tragedy.
Well, I don't want my children growing up to be anything like me.

I've been looking for
Tears in the screen door (tears in the screen door).
I've been waiting for
Another disaster (another disaster).

But I was kinda hoping you'd say.
I was kinda hoping you'd stay.

I keep a flashlight
And a small knife
In the corner of my bed stand.
I keep a flashlight
And the train times
But you wouldn't understand.
How could you understand?

Jesus Christ. I'm 26.
All the people I graduated with,
All have kids,
All have wives,
All have people who care if they come home at night.

Well, Jesus Christ, did I fuck up?

I've been looking for
Tears in the screen door (tears in the screen door).
I've been waiting for
Another disaster (another disaster).

But I was kinda hoping you'd stay.
I was kinda hoping you'd stay.
I was kinda hoping you'd stay.

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Wonder Years, The Passing Through A Screen Door Comments
  1. Shaun Watkins

    Just a thought I had but it seems everyone thinks this song is about an early life crisis but I’ve always taken it as a character suffering from PTSD. It fits the theme of the album and Passing Through a Screen Door is even an acronym for PTSD. This is also supported by the lines about being terrified like a kid in the 60’s waiting for the bomb to fall and explains why he keeps a flashlight and a knife by his bed because he is left terrified from his time in the military. The army green jacket of the man in the music video also could maybe be a hint. Not 100% sure but there is strong evidence to support this idea.

  2. Kevin Johnson

    I'm 27 and don't have a wife and kids yet.

  3. Josh Lopez

    I'll be 26 next month...and this hits hard.

  4. Trevor manzo

    Idk what it is ab this song..but I feel it deep down in my jimmies!

  5. sooperdud

    5 months until 26 and part of me dreads hitting that age even though I'm already feeling the same things at 25

  6. Whatever Forever

    i was kinda hoping you'd stay

  7. Chris Trout

    Such a good song, and album. 35 and still feel this way...

  8. PangurBan

    Jesus Christ... IM TWENTY SIX *starts screaming at sudden realization of own mortality* 0:02:40

  9. Simón Hoyos

    This song came out when I was 24 and it hits hard, then I see them live at 27 and it hits SO hard, I'm 30 now and still loving it like the first time I heard it.

  10. RJS Light

    The Wonder Years, Modern Baseball, The Front Bottoms, Angels and Airwaves, Explosions in the Sky, and that new band A Place To Be really get to me...

  11. DirtBagJoe Games

    Still a banger

  12. 2triggered 2comment

    "I keep a Fleshlight and some KY in the corner of my bedstand"

  13. Nurhidayah Permata Nurani

    Now I'm 26 and this song describes my freaking life

  14. chocolatekhanchas

    Jesus Christ, just turned 26!

  15. Adam F

    Preparing myself from a trainwreck
    I can't be saved

  16. Joshua McGonigal

    I really want this guys shoes.. is that bad ? Like they look so good anyone know what type or brand where ever I can find them ?? That would be amazing thanks in advance

  17. poeticlicensetokill

    My cousin lives in Lansdale! I remember taking that train into Philly! I know they're from there and that's fucking awesome!

  18. Jamie Nakano

    Jesus Christ
    I'm 16
    All the people I've gone to school with
    All have friends
    All survive
    All are happy and have things to look forward to in life
    Well, Jesus Christ
    Did I fuck up?

  19. Gabe Madrigal

    i’m 26 now, never hit so hard

  20. no you

    Why does my favorite song by them have to have SEPTA in the whole video? like this song is generally depressing, but SEPTA inclusion makes me wanna jump off a bridge, or better yet in front of one of their shitty trains


    Why not have septa in it loll

  21. loke

    1:44 that's what i hope as well...

  22. CspanDrums

    Just turned 26 today and saw these guys at the Worcester palladium last night! This was their 2nd to last encore. Such an amazing show!

  23. llama shockz

    no wonder this dudes sad look at his socks tf is he doing 1:05

  24. Tortilla Chips

    My relationship ended and I was so unstable to the point where when I overdosed, I was so out of it all I remember was walking out of my school and almost getting hit by a truck crossing an intersection. I woke up in a hospital, and after wishing he would have stayed I'm glad he never came back.

  25. Nadia

    This band is such a gem after this song I bought every album and I was not disappointed

  26. ØøF

    My brother sent me this


    If you like The Wonder Years, then you should give us a listen! Might dig it! https://youtu.be/yw_WfDOHpsU

  28. Victoria Butler

    What blows my mind more than how perfectly this song fits how I feel, is how the video captures it. When I try to explain my depression to people and my anxiety, I always say how I feel like I am sitting on a train. I am still while everything else flies by me. I get to see glimpses of beautiful things from time to time, but it's gone in a flash of dizzying motions.

    RJS Light

    Victoria, that's a pretty poetic way of describing anxiety and depression. I can relate. This song and "Most Days Aren't Bad Days" speak to me like the way you described... https://youtu.be/WZoGvFKPf30

  29. Hiphopopotamus

    "Jesus Christ, I’m twenty-six, all the people I've graduated with, all have kids, all have wives, all have people who care if they come home at night, well Jesus Christ.. did I fuck up?" How a few words can encapsulate my dread I feel daily.

  30. 8347NOFUTURE

    I heard this as a 13 year old and it meant nothing to me , As an 18 year old I can feel the story of this song closing in.

  31. Dylan Giallella

    Where did he even go? Seriously he took a Septa ride to just about nowhere.

  32. Cyka Blyat

    I am 26 and basically still a child

  33. Steven Andaloro

    I'm literally now just discovering these guys, and I feel like a total asshole for not having them on my radar prior til now.

    No Soupy, I'm the one that fucked up.

  34. Jeremiah Fernandez

    taylor swift - "twenty two oh oooh"
    blink-182 - "nobody likes you when youre twenty three"
    the wonder years - "jesus christ im twenty six"


    I'm 14 forever, if i make you believe; You won't be seventeen forever and we can get away with this tonight; You're not nineteen forever, pull yourself together; Amazing still it seems, I'll be twenty three.

  35. Samantha Berck

    I just finished high school and I hate hiw worried I am about my future since I never had a job before.

  36. Liam

    2:40 My life story.

  37. Ashley Wiley

    I love this song it makes me so emotional and I'm 12 ..wow.

  38. Michelle Spagna

    I grew up in Lansdale, this video is so nostalgic for me :)

  39. Muzique

    Lemme hit you with my teenage white guy voice 10 seconds in says the teenage white girl.

  40. Haiku

    I'm 26 and can 100% relate.

  41. Other James Doyle

    I fucked up man. :/

    Jeremiah Fernandez

    Other James Doyle didnt we all

  42. Somu Basumatary

    The part about not wanting your kids to grow up like you hits home hard. If my Virgin ass ever manages to get laid and have children I wish them to be completely opposite of me. I want them to grow up confident, cool as hell and someone who grabs life by the balls. Not anxiety filled, scared, emotionally unstable as I am.

  43. Kayno Splits Wigz

    The Wonder Years & The Story So Far are tha Best Rock Groups from this Era!!!!!

  44. weirdo Rat

    34 and starting again. This song is pure poetry. I was 18 when Blink, New Found Glory etc came along. So glad pop punk has grown with me, never thought it would. Thank you TWY.

  45. Emma Garofalo

    ely Sucks Ass but i don't wish him an unhappy rest of his life

  46. Logan D

    Hard to pick a favorite Wonder Years song but this might be it

  47. Ryan Ronquillo

    my life in 3:45...

  48. NinjaTrickVideos

    When you have a one and a half year old son and you're singing along "I don't want my children growing up to be anything like me" And it hits you like a sack of bricks.

    Damn invisible onion cutters.

    Jeremiah Fernandez

    NinjaTrickVideos you
    probably aint that bad

  49. Omri Zagury

    this song always makes me cry lol

  50. Shelby lynn Baker

    I love watching you tube it always has the latest music videos

  51. Probably Obvious

    This music video shouts such a powerful message.

    RJS Light

    Seriously man, it doesn't say much at face value, but it's really deep if you sit and contemplate it.

  52. John VII

    Is no one going to mention how beautiful these shots are taken? Amazing video and song overall.

  53. Miriam Gorden

    not everyone has wife and kids at26, not at all!

    Jeremiah Fernandez

    he was talking about the people he graduated with

  54. Razzle Jazzle

    "Well, I don't want my children growing up to be anything like me."

    If I have kids (which is extremely unlikely at this point), this is exactly how I feel.

  55. William K

    First heard this at 25, now 28 and really wondering wtf


    man, I don't wanna be the one to say this but, get your shit together.


    William K when I first heard this I was a sperm now I'm a frog

    William K

    Song is about a lot more than "getting your shit together"

  56. David Parke

    No song has hit me more in the feels than this in recent memory. This is how I discovered and I can't think of a better song to have done it.

  57. Terry L Hurst

    I take the train from Lansdale to Temple all the time, this is sooooo sick

  58. Prsgrind prsgrind

    Well... 38 year old here!
    Still single, no kids, old stoned Motörhead fan forever and ever.
    Nice song anyway...

  59. Dylan Giallella

    I guarantee that train was late.

    RJS Light

    Reference to "Racing Trains"?? (: That song and "Most Days Aren't Bad Days" by A Place To Be always make me think about trains, haha. https://youtu.be/WZoGvFKPf30


    That's septa ;) for ya

  60. Anthony Hauser

    here cause 26

  61. whhhy not

    When this album dropped, I was staying in upstate PA for my cousins wedding in NJ. For a week I rode the trains back and forth, sometimes to NYC. I remember listening to this album (this song especially) on repeat. Fit the mood poetically.

    RJS Light

    Pretty neat how music can speak to us. I always put on this song or "Most Days Aren't Bad Days" by A Place To Be when I take a train anywhere. https://youtu.be/WZoGvFKPf30

  62. PineConeRudy

    I wonder if this is the same guy from their really old song Racing trains

  63. HoldingLizNE

    I love this so much... everytime it hits like a brick to the face. 🤘❤

  64. Dylan Giallella

    What did they find the one good Septa train in all of Philly?


    Dylan Giallella looks like the regional rail possible west Trenton express towards downtown.


    AMC Films old channel That’s the R5 line from Lansdale to Center City. One of the new trains.


    MrUnderexcellent I see looked similar to one of my old commutes.

  65. Enzo Music

    nobody likes you when your 26

  66. Nora Lynn

    Sequel to All My Friends Are In Bar Bands..
    And they still haven't seen Dave

  67. Cory Cota

    I've been listening to this song pretty much since it came out. The music video had an amazing theme, but I just wish that it resolved in some way. I just thought that it still left a bit more to be desired.

  68. FireInsidePromotions

    I've definitely realized that the older you get the more relatable this becomes

    Thomas Revill

    Kind of the reverse of most new punk - it's usually targeted at younger teens who haven't got a clue what's coming


    That's the wonder years biggest strength I think. A lot of pop punk bands stop once they reach their mid 20's, but wonder years have really grown.

    justin baronofsky

    Yeah I'm about to be 30 in December and this is definitely relatable!

  69. Punk rock In the wrong hands

    Now that I'm 26 this song hits me harder than ever 😅

    All Out!



    I’m seeing TWY on my 26th birthday in Chicago...this song is gonna be so emotional when they play it.

    Isaac Mackey

    Wait until you get thirty my friend.

    your coffin, or mine?

    @Isaac Mackey in this case you should listen to tellin lies by the menzingers


    Turned 32 and this song still hits home.

  70. Danny

    *tears up from relatableness"

    RJS Light

    The Wonder Years, Modern Baseball, The Front Bottoms, Angels and Airwaves, Explosions in the Sky, and that new band A Place To Be really get to me...

  71. Sierra Glaister

    i fucking love the wonder years more than anything

  72. Alllison Weaver

    this song still gives me chills

  73. Tyrrelle Blakely

    music video is an accurate represention of my life

  74. jimbobsailor

    "I keep a fleshlight and some sex lube in the corner of my bedstand"

    Bryan Armbruster

    *mom walks in"
    "You wouldn't understand mom!"

  75. Linc Souza

    This band, this song, define my life!

  76. Glowskulls Media

    the ataris reincarnation...great band!

  77. Claudia Vore

    If  a better song was ever written please let me know

    Punk rock In the wrong hands

    @Shay By The Day it's so good. Still gives me chills when I listen to it. If you let the whole album play in order it makes the song even more epic.

    Chris Robbins


    Cory Jensen

    The entire album “the upsides” ummm Cigarettes and Saints, Most of Suburbia.....


    Great song but there are plenty better, anyway great great song.

    Veronica Lindsey

    Cigarettes and Saints

  78. Seeker of Pokemans

    dis song emotional boi

    Kaua Beckham


  79. azul

    THIS is pop-punk

  80. ThreeThirds

    Just found out about this band from the needle drop, love it :D

  81. Bilder Burger

    Anyone else notice that when the video goes back in time,( 2:25 ) the train still goes forward? Illuminati?

  82. wewlz

    I hate the genre of today's generic pop punk but the wonder years is definitely the only exception.

  83. brianna rose



    +pop corn couple hundred people screaming it in a crowd after you spent 8 hours in the blazing hot sun just to see a 30 minute set made it sound like the greatest thing on earth

  84. Karla Bedoya

    Man this gave me a new perspective on things. I was in a band when i was younger, and all i thought about was making music and making it big and not having to work a 9 to 5 job.These guys have it, travelling and making money doing what they love, and yet they long for what normal average people have. Guess you can't really have it all

    Punk rock In the wrong hands

    Well this entire album is written under someone else's perspective. It's called the greatest generation for a reason. I'm sure they can relate to certain/many aspects though.

  85. Fortugno10

    These guys were rad as fuck at warped

  86. Michael Joyce

    Yeah name your band after a classic tv sitcom

    Yes w Man

    @Michael Joyce actually named after a paper that the lead man read in high school that happened to share a name with a tv show. btw the wonder years is a term like the golden years referring to young adulthood instead of old age

  87. Angelina Young

    I miss warped... It was yesterday too

  88. Lucy Taylor

    Oh Jesus Christ 🎶🎧 😍

  89. Leandro Barco

    Awesome 🙆

  90. Ruben Otero

    Listened to Wonder Years for most of a 34 hour bus ride from new york back to minneapolis. This came on when I was getting off the bus, and everyone on the bus had family to meet them and I just got off the bus and walked home. All I could think was holy shit this is pop-punk as fuck.


    idk y this made me laugh! haha :)

    Charles Hollins

    Just made me tear up a bit.

  91. kaze draco09

    i cry everytime i listen to this song

    Kayno Splits Wigz

    @James Harris Hmm. Well do U know some other songs similiar to this? Im really digging this emo pop shit!!!

    kaze draco09

    dude...it's pop punk and i wouldn't classify it as emo since it's not describing a depressing situation, it just makes me cry. but i mean there other bands that are similar to this like neck deep or the story so far, modern baseball and real friends is considered emo punk.

    Anthony G

    @***** You said Neck Deep twice... as it should be ;)

    Kevin Griffith

    +Kayno Splits Wigz this isn't emo or pop.

    Kevin Griffith

    +Jacques Huskisson Real Friends >>> Neck deep, knuckle Puck, Seaway imo

  92. MichelleR.

    I'm 26, this song speaks to me on every possible level.

    Alex Gorskov

    +TeenageHeadcase dude, same! Did I fuck up?


    TeenageHeadcase I'm turning 26 in 2 months and my wife left me about 3 months ago.did i fuck up?


    TeenageHeadcase I'm 10 years younger and this speaks to me on every level. It feels like I'm already headed nowhere.

    jordan scott

    I'm almost 26

  93. Hannah Ellen

    im just gonna fangirl over the silverliners?!?! <3 <3 <3