Wonder Years, The - I Won't Say The Lord's Prayer Lyrics

It's a series of bars, thrift stores and churches lining the streets
While women with gold crosses push kids into half-formed beliefs
And if Lot was righteous, I think I'd rather not be
We lean on fences built from out-dated morality
It's a gang mentality
It's a dangerous thing
They don't ask you to think, just to repeat after me
And assume you're too careless to look at it critically
You'll stop progress if it contradicts what you're told to believe
I refuse to spend life on my knees

These billboards that flaunt these scare tactics
Make me think you're only good if you're afraid of being punished
Every single Sunday, church bells wake me up
But it's never enough to pull me out of bed

The church on Main Street has got its doors painted red
And I guess it's so the Angel of Death passes over it
On its way to get gas
The church over on Broad Street has got a neon sign that says Jesus Save Me
And I guess it's so God can see from where he is in the cheap seats
I refuse to spend life on my knees
And I won't let somebody else make my decisions for me
If we're all just Christians or Lions
Then I think I'd rather be on the side with sharper teeth
I don't need saving

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Wonder Years, The I Won't Say The Lord's Prayer Comments
  1. joe koll

    ohh 666th like

  2. Mauro Rimoldi

    2:27 best part!!

  3. Max A.


  4. doberman2374

    Shit gives me chills, so good

  5. Jason Walter

    When you're from the same town as this band and know exactly what and where churches they're referring to are


    when you've never been to Philly, but the churches of Boston present the churches in the song as the death rattle of faith, based on consumption and ill-modesty....

  6. Khendall Garcia

    who is "Lot"

    Sigfried Bigcheese Van MemeLord II

    Some punk whose wife is made of salt

    William Meakins

    Bible Character https://www.gotquestions.org/Lot-in-the-Bible.html

  7. D Nelson

    why did I even bother reading the comments...

  8. Everything Pop Punk

    I want a tab for this so bad

  9. William Meakins

    It's like soupy wrote down my exact thoughts on religion. God dang.


    i think you mean dog dang.

    William Meakins


  10. Seppukuu

    Nice song for Easter.

  11. Bradley Hall

    I also refuse to spend life on my knees. why pray, he can't answer your prayers anymore. Humanity has fucked that up for us.

    lala vasquez

    maybe because he isn't real lmao

    RUBY Estes

    please do tell how that is


    Nice atheist song. :D

    802 Garage

    Anthem of the thinking person.

  13. Racend

    Shittest lyrics I've ever heard. And I'm not even a theist. Just edgy contrarian drivel.


    This is the dumbest opinion about this song I've ever read. The lyrics to this song are no more nonsensical than your comment. Holy shit, a song that's anti-Christian is edgy, who would've guessed?


    +Racend I don't need saving!!!!

    Ry Garant

    +Karl Pilkington i don't like Christian music at all I find it just...eeeeee....but this bands no DIFFRENT I hate to hate on them to prove a point but all they sing about is depressing life style choices and self harm


    Ry Garant when the fuck have the wonder years ever written about self harm. also, you're an idiot, and obviously haven't listened to much of their material.

    802 Garage

    +Ry Garant I think they sing a lot more about trying to make good choices, facing obstacles, and holding on to your friends and things you care about. I don't recall much self harm at all.

  14. jake shepard

    Why does this not have more views? This song is so amazing

  15. Eric Twing

    See what pisses my off the most, I respect people of religion, I'm personally agnostic, and I see a lot of people express there opinions....and then people of religion all like "Its okay, even though you don't believe in God he still loves you" obviously no one cares if they aren't religious, and people praying for those who don't believe is also frustrating. Anyways, this song is fantastic, and mirrors my beliefs completely.

  16. ShaneW95

    Pretty good this song (Y)

  17. Jeremy Parker

    The Wonder Years, I'll be praying for you...

  18. I Love Music!

    I love this song! It's so good and so true!

  19. Rebecca Nichole

    I believe in God, and I'm a Christian but I still love this song. Don't let someone dictate your life. Believe in yourself.
    Stop hating atheists and christians on here, I'm good friends with both. You can't tell someone to believe/not believe in something. They have to do it all on their own.
    Let's just enjoy The Wonder Years because it doesn't matter what your religion is or what you believe, you're still a fan.

    James Holt

    Rebecca Nichole I am a Christian as well and i think this is a genious song. There is also a song similar to this by a different band which is my favorite called Brand New. The song is called Jesus Christ. I think what this song is articulating is not a athiest theme song but rather critically looking at the Church and bringing out the hypocrisy inside of it. When Christians go wrong, is when they think that the reason for salvation is to get to heaven. That is a scare tactic. Jesus did not die so we could go to heaven, although that is a reward, but it is not the point of salvation. The point of salvation is to bear the image of Christ.

  20. Strovvbe

    I somehow knew there would be a religious argument on this video.

  21. ZeroForgotten

    It kinda sucks not understanding why people are so into this whole god thing, or any religion really.


    it makes total sense. in a pre-industrialized society the church had it's hands in the pockets of every facet of institutional education. in a post industrial society the god complex of those in power used religious fear to control. in a post modernist society those whom never had a chance were tossed into an antiquated and abusive system before they're developing minds were able to make rational thought.
    tl;dr: because their parents forced the system upon the child. it's how the cycle of abuse works.

  22. pocket merlin

    i have a religous friend i argue on a lot of points with and when i brought this up with her her reply was that (although im paraphrasing) "god knows what is best, saying you want to live youre own life and that you havea different opinion of whats right is saying you know better than god which is a terrible sin." she continued to say how she disagreed with people trying to be the god of thier own lives. its intresting ignorance.

  23. talksforlife

    Besides who the hell are you to tell me I cant do something or belive a certain way?

    YouTube Account

    talksforlife he doesn't don't get triggered

  24. talksforlife

    Further more following my last comment. I am a student of history and the Bibles teachings were taught as a moral code which I follow. And basing your whole life on facts would be the smart thing to do BUT that is why they call religions FAITH sometimes proof is not always there we as christians belive its there.

  25. talksforlife

    Well you see me being only 14 i havent exactly had a whole lot of time to think about it all. And to a point you are correct but if I was to belive ALL of the bible I wouldent be my own person. Plus the books were all put to paper 200 years later and they do contridict themselvs ALOT but what I do know myself is that there are four things that are correct 1.There is a God 2. There was a Jesus Christ. 3. He was crucified. 4. He died for MY sins as well as YOURS

  26. Kamikaze Gorilla

    You, sir, are a moron. As it turns out, you don't get to pick and choose out of the bible what works and what doesn't. You acknowledge that some of it is crap...but then the parts that make sense to YOU and YOUR belief system are not? If any part of the bible is fallacious, then ALL of it is. Describing those stories as allegorical is just as good as saying it's about as factually correct as Harry Potter.

  27. ZeroForgotten

    Great lyrics

  28. bioshock255

    Apparently, religion and their god are two different beliefs. It still sounds like bullshit to me.

  29. talksforlife

    i agree but i disagree i belive alot of the bible is aligorical but the morals it shows me dictates my life but im not so stupid as to belive all of it and im not one to bring people to the church by telling them that they will burn those are the christians that give the rest of us a bad name

  30. James Hack

    You too?

  31. Dan O'Leary Jr.

    i had butt sex with the pigeon

  32. Hazel

    'I'm not a fan of religon either' you say with an icon to states 'god's love never fails' yeah, sure...

  33. Hazel

    god isn't real.....

  34. Jacob Sams

    Why the fuck are you having religious arguments in the comments of a Wonder Years song?

  35. Destroy2njoi

    So what your saying is God Doesn't Want us to be happy.

  36. Destroy2njoi

    Your Right there will always be stuff to uncover from the bible the only reason is because every person can views things in their own way. Also You're right It Doesn't mean it's untrue. But When the whole book contradicts itself, With two different meaning pushing against each other, I refuse to believe in it. It's a load of complete bullshit in my opinion It is so easy to make things up, Did you know? oh and , :)

  37. Destroy2njoi

    Sure Gods real. But The one you speak of, is infact a character of a book. He is in a book and he is a character you cant deny that. Also You're sure it's his word, Actually, HUMAN BEINGS wrote the bible who supposedly heard it from god, Maybe they were just mentally ill? Voices in their head? Maybe They wanted to put meaning to life, Who knows all religions do it. And just because everything can't be explained Doesn't mean it was God and he is communicating with us..

  38. pineappleprincessful

    The point that I was making is that it does not matter if one goes to church every Sunday morning.. The most important thing is the relationship one has with Jesus. So, how is anyone supposed to have a relationship with someone that they know nothing about? That is where studying His word comes in. :) He does respond, just not always in the same way to every person. We have many more senses other than what is physical. God knows these and uses them. He is not a character in a book, He is real :)

  39. pineappleprincessful

    And yes I am not a fan of religion either. The term religion is so vague in itself. That is why Jesus is not our religion, He is our Savior. :)

  40. pineappleprincessful

    The book of the bible is so immensely descriptive and has so much depth to it that even if a person were to study it completely for their whole life, there would still be more to uncover. Also it comes from a completely different language and time so this may explain why some parts are more confusing. Think of something like mathematics though, it may not seem to make sense all the time but that does not mean that it is untrue. It just takes more time and studying to enhance ones understanding:)

  41. pineappleprincessful

    God will never force anyone to be with Him or His Son if they do not want to. True love is not forced, it's free will and choice. That is what Christ gives us, a choice of whether to be with Him or not. Yes, He loves us all unconditionally and equally. It is up to us as humans whether we want to accept this or not, He is not forcing ANYTHING. And yes I myself am not living in blindness and without reason. I am losing space so I will respond further into this in a separate text. :)

    Jayson Rosales

    Well said. Love!

  42. pineappleprincessful

    I agree completely. :)

  43. pineappleprincessful

    That is totally and completely false. He loves you whether you believe in Him or not! "neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord." Romans 8:38-39. His love in unconditional. :)

  44. PhilanthroPissed

    "God loves us all abundantly, eternally, and equally"....as long as you are baptized and believe in him. If not, you're fucked.

  45. Destroy2njoi

    If it's Not about the Churches or anything like that, why would you quote the bible, Listen to your own advice. And You can't have a relationship with him, He Doesn't respond to you. It's all in your own consciousness If you believe He does, You Don't actually hear God talking to you. You Can just believe in him, Then you must carry on your own life. And by believe in him I don't mean a character in any book.

  46. Destroy2njoi

    As Told, By religion.

  47. Destroy2njoi

    God Wants Us all the Same with him if we're good or bad...? Because if That's the case, Why the Fuck Aren't we? Simple as that. If Your God is all Powerful and Wanted us all to be with him We would be. So either he isn't All powerful Or God doesn't Love us all equally. Have you ever thought critically about a religion... and how The whole thing was put together so bad that it makes no sense? I believe in God, But not a God in any Religion. Religion is the creation of Man.

  48. l0kidaf00l

    I Have A question. God Is All powerful Right? And God Wants us to be Happy. If He wants Us to be happy He would Get rid Of everything in the world that would make us Unhappy. Because God can do anything and God's will shall be done. You say We have free will, But God giving us Free will Means that we will make bad decisions, Right. And when we make bad decisions we are unhappy. So God Does not truly want us to be happy, Or there would be no free will. The two contradict each other. Is God good?

  49. bioshock255

    I'm atheist and believes everything can and will be proved by science when given the proper time, but I also believe we have taken the Bible the wrong way. I've never read it, but I believe it was written as a story just to teach common sense to people. Made up stories and people, but morals related to life.

  50. Stavo Resendiz

    A relation ship requires two people. Not someones with voices in their head.

  51. Stavo Resendiz

    Can't wait til the day humanity gets over their superstitions and moves on without believing in such obvious lies.

  52. Stavo Resendiz

    Really good song/message behind it.

  53. gforce101202

    shitty song

  54. pearstrike

    stop preaching christianity. This music is amazing. Listen to it more, talk less.

  55. Brian Lanier

    If you don't agree with the song, don't listen to it. Simple as that.

  56. vitasempliche

    People are taking this song way too seriously.

  57. pineappleprincessful

    God does not control anything that anyone does, we have free will. This applies to us always, even if we are in a relationship with Him. Whether someone chooses right or wrong that is their own decision not matter what. :)

  58. pineappleprincessful

    The reason for doing so is because it is good and beneficial for us, it makes God happy because He loves us and wants us to be happy. To dictate means to force someone to do as one says, God is not forcing us to do anything. :)

  59. situation monitor

    you are in control of what you're doing, but you still do what you do for the motive of making god happy, henceforth, he is dictating your actions in some form.

  60. situation monitor

    you don't make your own decisions in a relationship with god, that's a contradiction. the whole bible is full of contradictions.

  61. pineappleprincessful

    May you please further explain what you are saying? :)

  62. pineappleprincessful

    God loves us all abundantly, eternally, and equally. He wants all of us with Him the same amount whether we be 'good' or 'bad'. We are not just robots in a line! God tells us what we should and shouldn't do not because He wants us to be boring and all the same like little minions, He tells us because it is truly what is best for us and what will lead us to most happiness and well being!:)

  63. Lucy Greene

    this song is perfect.

  64. ViiperPiilot

    But wouldn't God want someone that is willingly doing good deeds in heaven over someone who is doing them because they were threatened with an eternity of hell and suffering if they don't?
    Isn't that contradicting to free will when you're told that's how things should be? You're just following in line at that point.

  65. situation monitor

    contradictions, contradictions

  66. pineappleprincessful

    Yes you make your own decisions, having a relationship with God doesn't change that!:)

  67. pineappleprincessful

    He would still be there regardless of the churches or "religion". After all, He was there in the beginning before those even came to be!

  68. pineappleprincessful

    No one's dictating anything! You are in control of what you do in your life and may do whatever you want with it. Free will! BUT, though everything may be permissible, not everything is beneficial. The bible talks about that in 1 Corinthians 6:)

  69. ViiperPiilot

    @pineappleprincessful You're kinda missing the point. Why should we let someone else dictate how we're going to live our lives?

  70. pineappleprincessful

    It's not about all the churches or rules or ANYTHING like that, who cares about every other person and what they tell you or how they act? Have the relationship with Him and you're good to go!!

  71. Veronica White

    This is one of the only songs that gives me cold chills within seconds.

  72. Mariana Gongora

    favorite song <3

  73. Jonathan Nowlin

    This song is so amazing.

  74. Brett Mitchell

    third? ... dam that isn't as cool as first. Not that stating you were first is cool.

  75. alan18244

    yeah first comment :P