Wonder Years, The - I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral Lyrics

Clear the apartment.
I plan on collapsing and I could have sworn I heard a car door slam.
I'm stuck at the corner of grinding teeth and stomach acid,
All alone under a soft rain and streetlamp.
I spent my life weighed down by a stone heart,
Drowning in irony and settling for anything.
Somewhere down the line all the wiring went faulty.
I'm scared shitless of failure and I'm staring out at where I wanna be.

I just want to sell out my funeral.
I just want to be enough for everyone.
I just want to sell out my funeral.
Know that I fought until the lights were gone.

I'm walking through harbors and churchyards.
I felt the snow crack under my feet.
I'll stay thankful for mild winters, for every shot I got at anything.
I'll blame the way that I was brought up or the flaws that I was born with
Or the mistakes that I've made; they're all just fucking excuses.
So bury me in the memories of my friends and family.
I just need to know that they were proud of me.

I just want to sell out my funeral.
I just want to be enough for everyone.
I just want to sell out my funeral.
Know that I fought until the lights were gone.

Oh, we all wanna know.
Where'd the American dream go?
Did you give up and go home?
Am I here alone?
Oh, when the credits roll,
I'll watch as the screen glows;
The moments when I choked, all the fears that I've outgrown.
At least I hope so.

I was just happy to be a contender.
I was just aching for anything.
And I used to have such steady hands
But now I can't keep 'em from shaking.

Oh I'm sorry I...
I'm sorry I don't laugh at the right times.
Is this what it feels like with my wings clipped?
I'm awkward and nervous.
I'm awkward and nervous.
I'm awkward and nervous.
I'm awkward and nervous.

But I was kind of hoping you'd stay.
I was kind of hoping you'd stay.
I was kind of hoping you'd stay.
I need you to stay.
Oh, god, could you stay?
I need you to stay.
I need you to stay.
I need you.

If I'm in an airport and you're in a hospital bed,
Well then, what kind of man does that make me?
If I'm in an airport and you're in a hospital bed,
Well then, what kind of man does that make me?
If I'm in an airport, if I'm in an airport
What kind of man does that make me?
What kind of man does that make me?
What kind of man does that make me?

I know how it feels to be at war with a world that never loved me.
(I know how it feels to be at war with a world that never loved me)
All we had were hand me-downs.
(I know how it feels to be at war with a world that never loved me)
All we had was good will.

Two blackbirds on a highway sign
Are laughing at me here with my wings clipped.
I'm staring up at the sky
But the bombs keep fucking falling.
There's no devil on my shoulder;
He's got a rocking chair on my front porch
But I won't let him in.
No, I won't let him in.

'Cause I'm sick of seeing ghosts
And I know how it's all gonna end.
There's no triumph waiting.
There's no sunset to ride off in.
We all want to be great men
And there's nothing romantic about it.
I just want to know that I did all I could with what I was given.

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Wonder Years, The I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral Comments
  1. Bayani George Edward Angcao

    What a way to end an album. What a song The Wonder Years. Thank you

  2. Callum Ormond

    Gonna be 2020 in awhile but still here I just wanna sell out this decade

  3. Rogue Planet

    Out of all the new wave poppunk bands and just pun rock in general, this band will stand the tests of time. They will always be my top five, ever since 8th grade. My god this band has influenced me so much, thank you The Wonder Years and company. My music will carry on this sound in the way you guys evolved upon other sounds. thank you.

  4. Caleb Groncki

    We all want to be great men/woman

  5. michael cook

    very clever the way they have wrote this album

  6. João Garcia

    2019 and here i am again

  7. Dana 182

    Tbh, I mostly listen to early 2000s pop-punk, so I never really decided to click on The Wonder Years when they showed up in my recommendations, but dang I'm happy i did. What a great band!

  8. A Place To Be

    Shameless plug for out music. We took inspiration from TWY and similar artists. Come check us out. (:

  9. Josh Lopez

    I can listen to this song whenever, but I always make sure to listen to it on February 11, the anniversary of my grandfather's passing. I had just gotten into TWY when he got sick, and this song came on when my mom called me to tell me he had passed. I miss you, Grandpa.

  10. Angelina Sheppard

    There's a devil on my shoulder, he's got a rocking chair on my front porch, but I won't let him in. No, I wont let him in.

  11. Elham Saleh

    still my all time favorite song

  12. Sean Lucas

    Haunting and beautiful. MY personal favourite TWY song. Only play it during formative moments of my life and it helps me through.

  13. Chan Ler

    Is this the greatest album of all time?

  14. Tyler Sedlak

    Selling out my funeral is what I live for

  15. Agus Mónaco

    Nada que agregar. No doy más. Esta canción lo tiene todo.

  16. Matti Hudson

    Just discovered. Just approved <3

  17. PeripheralPurity


  18. Bush Turncoat

    Somewhere down the line all the wiring went faulty...

  19. Dead & St.

    Fall out boys

  20. Alejandra Muñoz Alegria

    I know how it feels to be at war with a world that never loved me.


    Alejandra Muñoz Alegria

    Everyday inner struggles to overcome.

  21. OffTheGrid


  22. ohnoitsmchl

    "I'm staring up at the sky but the bombs keep fucking falling" wow

  23. Caitlyn Scott

    I remember you guys playing this at the end of your concert in 2012 and I remember I bought tickets that night and went. I bawled and sung with my arm up and you held my hand and I was given the guitar pick. Thank you guys for helping us be in touch with the emotions we don't know how express properly. We all love you so fucking much.

  24. Dandelionweekes


  25. Ryan

    still get goosebumps when this song comes on my spotify

  26. John Cordova

    Alright Loved ones, when I die this song will all make sense... Lol... This is my theme song.

  27. Chris Basler

    "I used to have such steady hands, but now I can't keep them from shaking.." this hits me hard because that's exactly me..

  28. Hugh J.F. Aggot

    I'm hearing this song for the first time in four years and it's giving me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, corny I know but the wonder years got me through some tough times.

  29. God

    This song is the pinnacle of punk pop. It's easily the most masterfully composed, emotionally driving and powerful song in the genre. I've listened to punk pop for 12 years now, and absolutely nothing has lived up to my experience when I first heard this masterpiece.

  30. ALeafInside


  31. SEP116

    It's been a good couple years since I first heard this album, but I still get chills whenever that outro kicks in. This band makes music in a really special, heartstring-tugging way that nobody else can.

  32. wyldfyre254

    This outro reminds me of Boys Night Out album, Trainwreck. It's like it wraps up the whole concept of the album so this is definitely ending up as my favorites.

  33. Collide WithTheSlope

    I feel like this whole album is talking about Shinji Ikari's life...

  34. xTheTorNando

    I just wanna know that I did all that I could with what I was given.



  36. brittany cook

    Literally my favorite twy song.

  37. Jake Enderby

    I just want to be enough for everyone...

  38. Eric Ackerman

    this is the best song to come from our generation

  39. Tyler

    I wish the fan made lyric video didnt get taken down.

    Teddy- bear-prince


  40. Wonky Bee

    god this album is incredible. I can relate to every single song. It's like they took scenes from my life and put them to music. absolutely amazing

  41. TheUndeadArtist69

    i love how they manage to put most of the songs into their last song, what a way to end an album <3

  42. Mrpolonog

    This song is so beautiful

  43. yellebelles

    EPIC song.

  44. Joshua Chase

    I listen to this song everyday.

  45. Felipe

    this is the greatest pop punk song of all time

    Alex Mckinlay

    post emo


    @Alex Mckinlay Greatest generation would have been considered "Emo-Pop" if it was released in 1999 - 2001


    @Alex Mckinlay Yes

  46. Sierra Glaister


  47. Sierra Glaister

    honestly this song means so much to me

    Sierra Glaister

    +Sierra Glaister this whole album does

  48. Chris Aktins

    Song sums up everything for me about life. How I feel at the best of times!

  49. LonePinecone

    the best song off this album because it includes a lot of the lyrics from the other songs.


    Just about to say this lol

  50. Julia

    There's no devil on my shoulder, he's got a rocking chair on my front porch but I won't let him in.

  51. Rag

    i keep coming back to this...

    SuccNutt Busta

    then stop.

  52. Jacklynn Ramsey

    This is the most beautiful song in existence.

  53. Cole Shmole

    Sorry i dont laugh at the right times..

  54. Angie v

    Shit. This explains my life too much.

  55. Large Baguette

    I honestly really relate to "I'm awkward and nervous" more than I should


    +Arian hmn shhh no everyone has to be a special snowflake

    Last Light

    All that matters is being happy with yourself. Fuck everything else. And hellz yeah to the guy with the Orchid picture!

    Steve Olson

    that's awkward...haha just kidding

    Steve Olson

    In all seriousness, awkward is a man made feeling. 9 times out of 10 we are our own most thorough critics. Just remember what is important to you

    Patrick Star

    Steve Olson Im diagnosed with social anxiety, and i mean ive gotten better, but im still awkward.

  56. CspanDrums

    Beautiful lyrics. I want some of them tattooed on me

  57. Meghan Gann

    "... I'm sorry I don't laugh at the right times " CUE HAUNTING GOOSEBUMPS

  58. Chris Handsome

    Check out the two songs from Renditions by letlive, specifically The Dope Beat as Soupy sings the bridge towards the end.

  59. Matt Fulwider

    this song's the TL;DR for the album

    Patrik Pospíšil

    +Matt Fulwider But It's maybe the best TL;DR ever :)


    Patrik Pospíšil TL:DL ftfy

    Kelli Baggs

    Matt Fulwider i

    Kelli Baggs

    IamBlite e

  60. César Ventura - Kilroy FN

    Still the best song i've ever heard

  61. Ethan Foster Productions

    Hey Everyone! I just made a Fan Made video to There, There! I hope you guys check it out! I just thought it'd be fun haha

  62. Shayna Scott

    every single time I hear this I wanna cry

  63. Mr. Boyer

    It must be fucking daunting to have to follow this record. But I have no doubt that The Wonder Years are capable of it. Every record is leagues beyond the one before it.

    Patrik Pospíšil

    +Mr. Boyer No Closer to Heaven is amazing musically the only thing that drags it down are the imperfections in production.

    Mr. Boyer

    I agree 100% lyrically and musically stunning, meanwhile the production was shoddy on a lot of the tracks.

    VPT Jacob

    So I'm practically a new huge fan, and I listened to No Closer To Heaven before I listened to this album. And now I'm thinking about how insane it must have really been to follow up from this record during the time. In ways this album was just ages better, even though I do insanely love their newest stuff as well.

  64. Eric Twing

    The fact they tie in almost every other song on the album (I think they leave out Madalyn) makes it so perfect. Its almost like a gift for the fans who listen to the whole album enough to catch it. It seriously brings out the feels. Its hard not to tear up.

    Sean Kraus

    @Eric Twing I think they also leave out "An American Religion", "We Could Die Like This", and "Chaser" I might just not be hearing those parts though

    Seán Cumiskey

    +Sean Kraus I think you could be right, is it not just the singles or more known songs? Regardless, it's rad.

    Cristian Alexander Zapata Pardo

    +Seán Cumiskey Has Part Of Cul-de-Sacs?

    Alex Crivellone

    +Cris Brothers "can you walk me home" in the background

    Isabella Slack

    Madelyn's in there. "I know how it's all gonna end" references the line "I know how it ends."

  65. Eric Haugh

    Tried listening to this and I respectfully declined. Sorry folks. Thought this would sound a bit different.

  66. itsw4d3

    i wish i could heard this for the first time again. it hit me like a fucking bomb when i first heard "i'm sorry i don't laugh at the right times" trigger the outro


    Karl Kridner g

    Last Light

    I often think about that with songs I love as well. This song still gives me feels but the first time was a fucking experience.

    Bush Turncoat

    Nah, when the 'Raindance In Traffic' lyric hits, that's when it starts.

    J Le

    "I was kinda hoping you'd stay" will always be my lyric

    kevin michael

    This is the realest comment I’ve ever read..

  67. gopher001

    this band should come to Memphis TN that would be so BOSS

  68. Zac Perazzo

    i feel like i can't listen to just one song off this CD. I have to listen to all 13 tracks in a row so that this song can just destroy me at the end lmao

    Richard Colmenarez

    absolutely right

    Road Gnome

    I was kinda hoping you'd stay


    listen to Adam West and the Roaring twentys

    SBx James

    @Repordo Arron West*


    @SBx James I know it was a joke

  69. Zac Perazzo

    i never thought a song could get me all tear jerky until i heard this.
    fucking amazing.
    Its so inspiring from a songwriters standpoint as well. 

  70. Tubs FC

    I have seen them live 2 times they always close there concerts with this song

  71. invisible.

    fav. The Wonder Years song, just pays homage to their whole "The Greatest Generation" album, don't know if I could ever get old of this.

    Chris Handsome

    I dunno. Cul-De-Sac is ridiculous catchy.

    Nate Allen

    +the bonesauce As cliche as it is to say about a song, but I lived Cul-De-Sac, and the sentimental value is overwhelming but this song is still almost tied for my favorite on the album. It's such a powerful song

  72. Ricky Pignato

    the first time i listened to this whole album by the time this song came on i was bawling 

    Kaze Core

    @Ricky Pignato same here

  73. Camila Troncoso

    i didn't think this would make me cry.

    SuccNutt Busta

    grow some balls

    Yeet Bitch

    SuccNutt Busta you should honestly grow a pair yourself. I cry every time I listen to this song. I know for a fact it makes you a much braver, better person to be able to cry or get emotional at things. I've been in a place where I shut down my emotions for months. It wasn't good.

    Yeet Bitch

    Atlas Media a pussy is someone who is afraid of things. I'm not afraid of anything. It has nothing to do with being emotional.

    Atlas Media

    IReallyLikeAGirl - 🤣

  74. Spoopy Cucumber

    I cried a little bit the first time i heard this....and the next few times....honestly this still brings tears to my eyes :') 

    SuccNutt Busta

    also grow some balls

  75. dannyboy

    I saw them live a few days ago and this song was sooo good live. <3

  76. Ursa!

    I love how they added there, there into this song... it made it that much more perfect

  77. Carrera Victor

    I saw this live and i was so overwhelmed with emotion i couldnt speak. It was so beautiful 

  78. The DynamiteBear

    I wish I could listen to this album for the first time again.

  79. Dylan Jeffrey

    Honestly this is one of my favorite things ever, it's just so fucking creative man like what the hell.

  80. Skyler Wheeler

    The drums in the intro are almost identical to Have Heart's "Armed With a Mind

    Sam Fishel

    +Skyler Wheeler I started looking through these comments just to see if anyone else noticed that haha

  81. Mads

    Seeing them next month, and this is on their set. I'm so excited JAIHUBDSGJK.

  82. Burnie Sides

    I feel like the entire line: "Two blackbirds on a highway sign are laughing at me here, with my wings clipped. I'm staring up at the sky, but the bombs are fucking falling" could be a reference to life of as a pigeon, like an extended metaphor. Like now not only is he a Pigeon, but he has his wings clipped and can't even fly.

    Eric Twing

    @Burnie Sides Its the hook for Devil In My Bloodstream :P

  83. Marco Corona

    The Wonder Years gives me so many chills, holy crap.

  84. Andreana Rithika

    this brings back so many memories I'm crying

  85. Louis Moore

    The best wonder years song, amazing.

  86. lukas walding

    i wasnt expecting an encore and i wasnt expecting this song perfect way to finish.

  87. German Garcia de Leon Lanz

    i actually haven't heard many songs from these guys (believe me, i'm seriously going to listen to them a LOT more) but, what are the different songs they used to create this MASTERPIECE of a song?

    Matt Evans

    There There, passing through a screen door, Dismantling Summer, Devil in My Bloodstream, Teenage Parents, A raindance in Traffic.


    chaser is a great song too!


    Every song from the album. 

    Jon Is SHOOK

    @greendayforever2k9 dismantling summer always used to make my mom cry because my grandma died and it was in the summer and my mom had to be the strong one :(

    Andrew Bokole

    Me too. Before this, the last Wonder Years album I heard was The Upsides and I really liked it. This album has the potential to be my next favourite...

  88. Rowan Dogleish

    I wish i could hear this for the first time again, that moment changed what music can be for me. However this is still the best song ever conceived even after the 500th time listening to it.

    John Doe

    no it sucks lol katy pery is beter

    Rowan Dogleish

    HAHAHAH YOU SIR, ARE SO FUCKING WITTY AND ORIGINAL HAH.......Obvious troll is obvious.

    Jordan Stephens

    @Bob Joe please spell better right thank you :3 

  89. D. Preston Peek

    I actually purchased this album... Yes, purchased. This is the first album I have PURCHASED in.... 5-6 years? wow. Long live The Wonder Years!

  90. xScreamToRisex

     I like how they put diffent melodies of their songs in this song.


    Thank you for that. I'm just starting to listen to them and I was so confused because I heard the "I'm sorry I don't laugh at the right times" part in There,There too

    Carrera Victor

    This song sums up the whole album, and what he message he wants to convey. All the Outros are combined at the end because they go together the way true life swirls together.

  91. theawkwardnat

    Unf. I love this band. Everything about them is amazing. Lyrics, music, name, the guys....EVERYTHING.

  92. Claire Marie Fox

    This is so important

  93. Michael stuhlman

    I haven't listened to this  kind of music since middleschool/high school, but damn these guys are good. 

  94. Peter Barnes

    Cause I'm sick of seeing ghosts and I know how it's all gonna end. There's no triumph waiting. There's no sunset to ride off in. We all want to be great men and there's nothing romantic about it. I just want to know that I did all I could with what I was given.


    Peter Barnes the summation of coming of age

  95. Ciaran McLaughlin

    This song is one of the best songs I've heard. During the 2nd half my draw dropped and I was left in awe. It is the perfect close to a perfect album

  96. Brian Daeley

    best thing about living in philly is getting great bands like this. They even changed their set list just because it's their home town. 

  97. Noah Grossman

    They played this as an encore in Toronto last night. Let me just say, it was the best experience of my entire life.

    Joseph Syvertsen

    They played this as an encore at the NYC show on the 17th too. It was fantastic. That entire show was so awesome.

    Tubs FC

    they always close their concerts with this song at least the three i have been too.

    Tubs FC

    They always close their concerts with this song I've seen them 2 times