Wonder Years, The - Dismantling Summer Lyrics

I'm pulling wings off insects
I'm peeling back my sunburnt skin
I'll wait outside your bedroom
I, I hope they let me in

I'm filling your prescriptions
The orange bottles stare me down
They're standing at attention
An army on your windowsill

We're all waiting for good news
Hoping you can come home soon
We're all waiting for good news

I've been acting like I'm strong
But the truth is, I've been losing ground
To a hospital too crowded,
A summer winding down
I hadn't seen a heartbreak until now
I hadn't felt a heartbreak until now

I grew up on your back porch
And I watched the storms light up the clouds
They hung like paper lanterns
To guide the way back toward your house

I've been putting off long flights
Hoping that you'll be alright
And I'll be there in the meantime

I've been acting like I'm strong
But the truth is, I've been losing ground
To a hospital too crowded,
A summer winding down
I hadn't seen a heartbreak until now
I hadn't felt a heartbreak until now

If I'm in an airport
And you're in a hospital bed
Well then what kind of man does that make me?
If I'm in an airport
If I'm in an airport
What kind of man does that make me?
What kind of man does that make me?

I've been acting like I'm strong
But the truth is, I've been losing ground
To a hospital too crowded,
A summer winding down
I hadn't seen a heartbreak until now
I hadn't felt a heartbreak until now

Hadn't felt a heartbreak until now
Hadn't felt a heartbreak
Oh the hospital's too crowded
The summer's winding down
I haven't seen a heartbreak until now
Well, I haven't felt a heartbreak until now

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Wonder Years, The Dismantling Summer Comments
  1. oceantracks

    holy bass sound Batman!

  2. Jake from State Farm


  3. Cyka Blyat

    "If I'm in an airport and you're in a hospital bed, what kind of man does that make me?" Is "Raining in Kyoto" referencing this song?

  4. Padraig Murphy

    The Wonder Years are pop punk for people in their 30s. So grateful for this band

  5. Christina Donley

    you guys are so underrated

  6. Nick Polis

    Where does one find one of those replacement soupy stickers?

  7. Monster Fueled

    Why am i just now getting into this band? What the fuck have i been doing with my life?

  8. Alison Wonderland

    I'm about to get really emotional so deal with it.

    I come back to this song a lot. I can't always listen to it unless I'm alone so I can cry like a wuss.
    If you listen to this song with this information in mind, you'll understand why its one of my all time favorite songs and why it makes me so emotional every time I hear it.
    A few years ago my favorite person, my grandma, passed away and it doesn't hurt any less but this is the song that makes me feel it the most and sometimes I just have to feel it because holding it in makes it worse.

    "And we're all waiting for good news, hoping you can come home soon"
    Everyone in my family waited to hear when the hospital said my grandma could come home.

    "I've been acting like I'm strong but the truth is I've been losing ground"
    Reminds me of when I visited my grandma in the hospital every day and smiled at her and had normal conversations with her but inside I was breaking wishing I could take her home.

    "I haven't felt a heartbreak until now"
    I thought I knew what heartbreak was before but when she died I felt my heart literally shatter.

    "If I'm in an airport and you're in a hospital bed, well then, what kind of man does that make me?"
    Reminds me of how I thought I had more time to see her so I skipped one day and stayed home and that was the day she died and I thought, what kind of granddaughter does that make me? I was her favorite person and she was mine. I should have been there every day.

    I don't know if anyone will actually read this or if anyone has a similar story, but I just thought I'd share. I relate to almost every Wonder Years song, but always probably in a different way than what the lyrics were written about and I think that's what makes music beautiful.

    Alison Wonderland

    PS: Dan is probably one of, if not my favorite lyricist ever and a huge inspiration to me to write lyrics years ago and now I'm 24 and still can't start a band but writing lyrics has always gotten me through a bunch of shit and of course Wonder Years' lyrics has also gotten me through a bunch of shit.

  9. Chris Clingan

    at least 2000 views are from me

  10. Danny

    this album is so important to me, and im sure it is to many others

  11. CaptainBuggy

    Does anyone know where I can get the shirt dan is wearing in this vid??

  12. JJ Ayala

    im peeling back my sunburnt skin

  13. Craig Cloud

    If I'm in an airport
    And *you're* in an airport...
    When you supposed to be in a hospital bed
    What kind of nurse does that make me?
    What kind of nurse does that make me???!!!!!!!

  14. Plenty Afish


    RJS Light

    Here with ya man.


    2019 ayy

  15. Somu Basumatary

    Much love from India.

  16. fernandez

    watching random videos at 240p reminds me of my childhood

  17. fernandez

    watching random videos at 240p reminds me of my childhood

  18. Kourtney Renee

    seeing these amazing men in concert tonight!!!

  19. Jeremiah Fernandez

    Dammit brain I thought we're over this

  20. Rebecca Williams

    The best time to listen to The Wonder Years is when you can't sleep

    Generic name

    It's like 4 am where I'm at as I type this and listen to this song.

    I feel you completely.


    you mean..*every damn night*

  21. Julian Gutierrez

    My grandpa passed away in November due to Liver cancer, and most of what I listened to during that time was The Wonder Years and this song just hits so close to home.

    Winter's Inferno

    I'm sorry for your loss. I'm glad music is helping because it's always been my coping method. Stay strong dude!

    Jeremiah Fernandez

    I think this song is about Soupy's grandpa

    Purple PHOENIX 321

    Julian Gutierrez I'm sorry for your loss man

    Julian Gutierrez

    Thank you for the kind words guys, it means a lot

  22. Philomena Williams

    This is the first song of their's that I've heard... Just realized I've been ignoring a lot of issues that I need to deal with..

  23. Poinko the Cat

    Yo Soupy charge your phone bro

    duncan verdult

    hahah XD

  24. caitlin ت

    what an incredible band, honestly..

  25. Trevor Caouette

    I saw them play this song recently in RI. It is still one of my favorites from them. If you hear it live it is even better!

  26. Daemon Crux

    Really good, guys!!!

  27. Uccioboss


  28. Yeet Bitch


  29. Keanu Revert

    One of the few mature relatable bands in the pop punk world. This song is my anthem - drove across the country this summer to be with my family after grandfather passed away. Hits home

    Sierra Glaister

    +Rusty Sarkela i kinda relate bc my pap had a heart attack and got brain damage from it this past summer and i relate to this a lot. I really love this band 💗

  30. OldSchoolAddict

    This song makes me think about my grandfather and all the good times I spent with him and the fact that I don't want him to go away

    Shawn Crawford

    +OldSchoolAddict ive been seeing mine age and lose his strength my dad left me and he stepped in and now hes losing his strength and some of his memory its hard and this song helps me with it


    +Shawn Crawford I'm sorry to hear that. I agree though this song definitely does help

  31. Exequiel Carrillo

    Why does she have a flip phone. Is she a drug dealer?

  32. Emo Duck Trooper


  33. Anna Absalud

    The Wonder Beards. Jk.

  34. Matt LeClerc

    They're so perfect it makes me want to cry.

  35. galaxysquad80

    can some one explain what this is about?


    +galaxysquad80 It's about when The Wonder Years were on tour and Soupy' s grandfather was in the hospital getting triple bypass heart surgery. All Soupy wanted to do was go home and be by his grandfathers side. The line 'If I'm in an airport and your in a hospital bed well then what kind of man does that make me?' refers to how much Soupy wants to be with him

  36. galaxysquad80

    everyone's saying this is about family abandonment but it sounds more like his mom has dementia and he's gone and want to be home with her but it's hard to know someone with that that's just what I think


    @galaxysquad80 The song specifically is about Soupy's grandmother that had passed away while he was out on tour and the emotions and feelings he was going through at the time of the news and reflecting how her influence impacted him so greatly.

    Hence the line, "If I'm an airport and you're in a hospital bed, what kind of man does that make me?"

    The video is a bit different as you can see.


    +SFLOVER94 It's about Soupy's grandfather who had triple bypass heart surgery while he was on the Warped Tour in 2011. All he wanted to do was go home and be with his grandfather.

  37. joke aper

    new phone who dis

  38. Kourtney Renee'

    Greatest band ever


    +kourtney rasberry The Greatest Band of The Greatest Generation

  39. Sharptoothwmhc

    Their drummer reminds me of this girl I dated my junior year. I miss you Tessa....

    Bryce Fullagar



    They're both bad friends.


    +Sharptoothwmhc nice pun

  40. Rhys Jackson

    is it the guy from dude perfect or epic meal time?? Can't decide

  41. S. G. S. Knights

    @1:50 can super relate y-ouch...

    "I've been acting like I'm strong.
    But the truth is, I've been losing ground".

    SoundQuest1976 ROB

    The truth shall set you free girl friend

  42. Nate Harmon

    I'm pretty sure I've had nightmares that use dream logic like this. Growing up the dreams about family abandonment were some of the worst ones

  43. Ethan Foster Productions

    Hey Everyone! I just made a Fan Made video to There, There! I hope you guys check it out! I just thought it'd be fun haha

  44. Matteo Iommi

    reminds me of old Sum 41

    Just some guy

    +Cocobro97 I was thinking new found glory

  45. Tommy Cable

    backup vocalists sounds like kermit the frog. 10/10

    Lil Jit

    Eh kinda 😂😂


    Man, things for Kermy seem to be looking up.

    I Hate Naps

    i cant unhear this now



    Jake Martin

    How dare you

  46. Crispy Killa

    Why is my beard not this long yet. 

  47. Eric Yim

    This music video makes me so sad and I have no idea why.

  48. Jaden Miller

    I need recommendations of these guys songs, what would you guys say they will play at warped this year? Ill start there, but I feel as if they will be one of my favorites.


    honestly all their songs are great, and you'll find that the songwriting skills improve with each record. "Suburbia Ive Given You All and Now I'm Nothing" is the best album in my opinion, but that's just me.

    Nathan Gorringe

    There new album just dropped, and it's nothing but beautiful. Definitely check it out.


    +NathanOrange123 got the record the day it dropped and was the farthest thing from disappointed. the sound has matured and soupy's song writing is at a new level. they've shown that they can keep their trademarked pop/punk sound but also slow it down and show deep meaning behind their lyrics and music.

  49. Leah Alexandra

    Oh I hope I will be able to get tickets for warped tour! If I go there is no way I'm missing these guys!!! <3

  50. Emma Cameron

    Saw these guys open for all time low the other night, didnt know who they were but theyre super talented dudes!!

  51. leah f

    so pumped to see these dudes at warped

  52. Ryan Primrose

    wait is the lead singer the same guy from Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties? Or rephrasing is this guy Aaron West? Is he in two bands at the same time?

    Michael Crouse

    He started in this band, and his solo work is Aaron West. You should definitely check his band out! Much better than his solo work (which is already fucking amazing.)


    Aaron West isn't his real name, Aaron is a character invented for that band

    Brett Page

    His real name is Dan Campbell, he has been in this been in this band for over 10 years, Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties is his side project, and Aaron West is a fictional character he created and plays in it. 

  53. Simone Gateas

    This whole album, but this video in particular, is so meaningful I love it.

  54. Myah Marie

    Come for the beard, stay for the music.

  55. Lexi Spalding


  56. Elise Verret

    holy shit. this song... i... whoa

  57. Magdaelna Peraza

    I can't wait to see them at WARPED TOUR. 


    I saw them for the second time this warped tour and they always put on an amazing show

  58. Neil W. Shaw

    At 1:31 - Looks like someone's been listening to Dave Grohl's drum part from Smells Like Teen Spirit.


    I know it's too late but WITH THE LIGHTS OUT, IT'S LESS DANGEROUS

  59. Josh Van Hee

    Its like " Lars and the Real Girl" kinda haha

  60. Danny Rz

    his voice reminds me a little bit to Jeremy Mckinnon from ADTR

  61. The Happy Alright

    Happy New Year!

  62. Gabriel Dawber

    I like how looking in the window towards the end. Creepy

  63. Audrey Atwell

    I actually love this band so much

  64. DancingWithWolvesUk

    If you like this, check out our band - https://m.facebook.com/DancingWithWolvesBandUKhttps:/

  65. dillingerexcape87

    first time ever listening to this band. pretty dope!

  66. echoTRT98

    pretty cool band, would anyone recommend some good songs by these guys?


    I just want to sell out my funeral, don't let me cave in, hoodie weather, woke up older and through two hearts


    Also Local Man Ruins Everything, Melrose Diner

    Xav Makoto

    Just listen to the upsides all the way through, can't go wrong 👍


    My personal favorite is keystone state dude core

    Alex VonBerg

    Passing Through a Screen Door, Came Out Swinging, I Just Want to Sell out my Funeral, Local Mans Ruins Everything, All of "The Upsides", I won't Say the Lord's Prayer, Devil in my Bloodstream, Dont let me Cave.

    Who am I kidding? They're all fucking great.

  67. Ninja Penguin

    Just saw these guys last night for the first time. They opened with this song and it was crazy.

  68. sam watson

    Just discovered this band and there freakin awesome and a pigeon for a mascot what is more awesome than that

  69. EarnWerb

    This song is about Dan's grandfather being sick in the hospital after a triple bypass after a series of heart attacks. They left on tour the day of the surgery and were on tour throughout it. Hope the song and video make sense for those of you still confused on it.

    Camila Troncoso

    Thanks!! I hadn't totally got it until now.

  70. Matt Talerico

    seeing these guy with the story so far, modern baseball, and gnarwolves on halloween. what should i go as?

    rniclaude ooopi

    see you there

  71. weswestyall

    this is fucking stupid and it needs to be taken off the playlist

  72. Julia Mcswain

    "Is that hillbilly Joe you're watching?"
    "You mean the wonder years?"
    Thanks dad. 😂

  73. EHxCASS

    Buy tickets to their concert in providence on stubhub before they sell out!! It's October 3rd

  74. Gus C

    ...maybe because the hair on his head has nothing to do with the hair on his face?

  75. speedzonefilms

    0:31 awkwardly over shouting the words haha

    Evan Porter

    @EvanMohrDrums Hey nice name.

    RJS Light

    Haha! I thought the same exact thing.

  76. Stephen van Ostenbridge

    Maybe Dan's family would let him play cards if he didn't look like a ginger santa claus.

  77. Benny Pap

    From the heart!we feel it huh..?

  78. ChuChuX6

    Part of this is about a grandparent having a serious illness and not being able to be there for them (presumably because of touring). In previous albums he's referenced his anxiety like collapsing in an Outback Steakhouse when he learned an album leaked (I forget if it's The Upsides or Suburbia) or when they toured the UK etc. Obviously, it's also about how his family/friends tire of having to deal with his issues (it's a shame but it happens) and maybe how his pales in comparison to his grandparent(s).

    Tubs FC

    he went on tour when his g-pa was in the hospital and almost died and he wasnt their so they disowned him

    Sigfried Bigcheese Van MemeLord II

    Saddest part is that his grandpa just  died and he couldn't be at the funeral because he was touring

  79. Molly Hogan

    wowza this is very emoish, i can really relate ygm xoxox

  80. Tim Lundin

    What type of strap does Matt use?

  81. Timothy Phillis

    I'm gonna go ahead and say it... this is the Starting Line for the new generation?!

  82. Christine

    this song is my favorite the wonder years song

  83. epicnate98

    Pause at 1:50 and read...



    Amber Jones


    chris brandsema

    @epicnate98 fucking heartbreaking


    Hey mom um remember I'm home from tour. No one picked me up from the airport...Mom? Are you there?

    Who is this?

  84. Autumn Teague

    This is awesome

  85. C4LLitK4RMA

    The music of this song is upbeat but when you look at the lyrics, holy shit is it depressing. 

    All the feels man, all the feels. 

  86. Patrick Adickes

    He sounds like Kenny from the starting line.

  87. epicnate98

    Call me absolutely crazy, but from 0:56 - 1:07 he sounds like Tom Hanks

  88. Jonathan Ferris

    Pretty sure this song is about a family member being in the hospital with some type of serious illness. At least that's how I felt after reading the lyrics

  89. Brendon Holler

    My favorite! 

  90. Kimmie Li

    Sounds like True Holland

  91. Nick Acosta

    Absolute genius! This video, this song, this band. Nothing but flawless.

  92. xScreamToRisex


    Kevin Ocampo

    Look out Four Year Strong!
    We got a new Beardcore band


    hahaha four beard strong are legends dudee!


    @Kevin Ocampo I laughed WAY too hard at that.

    Shawn crawford

    @xScreamToRisex very true

  93. Cassie Serowik

    Simply amazing. These guys never cease to impress.

  94. coleslawishaw

    Soupy looks like Jason from letlive with that beard

  95. Keasha Jefferson

    Hearing this live makes it so much better.

  96. Nick Acosta

    Absolute fucking gold! I'm young and il admit I go through "phases" with my music. But not in the sense I grow out of it, it's just words aren't gonna b relatable throughout ur entire life. But there is my all time favorite bands like "disturbed" "the Beatles" and now "the wonder years" u guys r immortalized to me. U r musical genius and will forever b amazing at what u do! U inspired me to write again. But more specifically I love this song because I just moved and left my best friend. We got into u guys as I was leaving and this song is perfect "we're all waiting for good news! Hoping u can come home soon" that always gives me chills. This video was perfect! Took me a second to understand it but once I did I loved it! The feeling of being replaced is devastating, and bone chilling terrifying to me. So I say thank you guys! Thank u for inking the words not just on paper but onto history and into our hearts and brains. U guys r forever gods to me! Absolutely love everything about u guys. Sound, members, mascot, and symbolism. Can't wait to go see u guys live one day.

  97. Ry755

    Whoop UK tour XD