Wonder Years, The - Cigarettes & Saints Lyrics

Twice a week I pass by the church that held your funeral
and the pastor’s words come pouring down like rain.
How he called you a sinner but said now you walk with Jesus,
so the drugs that took your life aren’t gonna cause you any pain.

I don’t think he even knew your name.
I refused to kneel or pray. I won’t remember you that way
but I lit you a candle in every cathedral across Europe.
I hope you know you’re still my patron saint.

I tried to forgive but I can’t forget the cigar in his fist.
I know that they were heartsick but I need someone to blame
and I know how they blame me. I know what you’d say.
You’d tell me it was your fault. I should put all my arrows away.

I’m sure there ain’t a heaven,
but that don’t mean I don’t like to picture you there.
I bet you’re bumming cigarettes off saints.
I’m sure you’re still singing
but I’ll bet that you’re still just a bit out of key.
With that crooked smile pushing words across your teeth.

You were heat lightning.
You were a storm that never rolled in.
You were the northern lights in a southern town, a caustic fleeting thing.
I’ll bury your memories in the garden;
I’ll watch them grow with the flowers in the spring.
I’ll keep you with me.

These wolves in their suits and ties
saying “kid you can trust me.”
Charming southern drawl, sunken eyes.
Buying good will in hotel lobbies.
They got fistfuls of pills to make sure you don’t hurt no more.
You don’t gotta feel anything.
Got their fangs in our veins.
Got their voice in our heads.
Got our arms in their grips.
No, we can’t shake free.
This god damn machine; hungry and heartless.
My whole generation got lost in the margin.
We put our faith in you. You turned a profit.
Now we’re drowning here under your waves.
Drowning held under your waves.
Drowning here. Drowning here.
You can’t have my friends. You can’t have my brothers.
You can’t have my friends. You can’t have my brothers.
You can’t have my friends. You can’t have my brothers.
You can’t have me. No, you can’t have me.

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Wonder Years, The Cigarettes & Saints Comments
  1. Random Tiger

    There's not enough like buttons.

  2. Lexi Nakowitz

    somehow this reminds me a lot of some frank turner songs O:

  3. Chris Frances Verdadero


  4. Nicholas Peterson

    This is similar to when brand new came out with Jesus Christ, or when the hotelier put out among the wildflowers. Monumental moments within the punk world. This song still holds a dear spot in my playlist.

  5. Timothy Clarke

    A truly remarkable band

  6. kevin michael

    I wish I could hear this song for the first time all over again.

  7. Hawken Samurai

    i dont believe in god but i love your music


    this song is about not believing in god anyway

    Hawken Samurai

    @fernandez thanks i listened to it over again and made much more sense

    Nicholas Peterson

    Yeah, you’re good, he’s talking about how redundant and corrupt religion can be when someone deals with loss. Right down anyone’s alley.

  8. Aleya Chaplin

    Probably the best song ever.

    Just saying.

  9. Max Littlewood

    The lead singer looks like Australian comedian Matt Smith

  10. Justin Andersen

    Smoking a cigarette and listening to this hits harder.

  11. 5FootEskimo

    You can’t help my friends. You can’t help my brothers. You can’t help me.

    So much truth in one beautiful relatable package. Never gets old.

  12. Dirk Beer

    Es incómodo poner canciones tristes en el carro 😥 . .

  13. Milann Oliveros

    was that a Kurt Cobain fender Jaguar Soupy was using

  14. Amanda Hirst

    My husband died of an overdose in 2017. He was 12 years sober & only 35 years old. Our generation is by far the most affected by the opioid crisis. Drugs have been around forever, imagine what our parents did in the 60s and 70s. Nothing has ever killed as many people as opiods/heroin/fentanyl. Pain clinics and pill mills took over in the 90s, prime time for our generation to become the biggest target. Addiction is a mental health disease and needs to be treated as such, or our future is doomed.

  15. Owen Graziano

    Having of just lost a friend to addiction not too long ago, I understand this song a lot more than I did beforehand. The ending hits me especially hard, when he starts talking about the pharmaceutical industry and how they’re trying to get people addicted to make money, because now I know that’s not actually what he’s talking about. When something terrible happens to someone you love, it’s so much easier to have something or someone to blame because it gives you a sense of closure. One of the worst realizations I’ve ever made was that my friend’s death was nobody’s fault, and I couldn’t have saved her anymore than she could save herself (and, mind you, she was trying). It’s so much harder when there’s no “what if” scenario where the person you love never left, which unfortunately is most of the time. And the anti-religious sentiments are also very real for me; I’m sick of listening to people talk about her sins, as if she wasn’t an amazing, smart, funny, beautiful person in addition to being an addict. Bottom line, this song couldn’t be more representative of how I’m thinking and feeling about the situation and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

    Chase Charleville

    Sorry for your loss bud.

  16. Roseanna Fox

    I dedicate this song to my awesome, handsome, and strong son Jason Atom Ryan 1980-2017 And my sweet, beautiful, and loving daughter Raven Jessica Kunze 1985-2015. I love and miss them so much, my heart' breaks that they were taken to soon. They were great people, unfortunately they had the terrible disease of addiction. Good people make bad decisions sometimes, and bad people sell 'HERION" without caring how it kills, and leaves families hurt, and broken. This drug is the DEVIL! 😈 Please if you or anyone you know is addicted PLEASE GET HELP! You deserve to be happy and alive!!!! May my children RIP... From A Mother left broken, sad and lonely...God Bless! Rosie Santos

  17. Alex

    Is it the same singer that sings "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong" ? Don't hate, that was the only song I've heard from them

  18. Jesus Gonzalez

    2019. Still here

  19. Dhimaz Aditya


  20. Milann Oliveros

    This song is a fucking masterpiece

  21. madeline

    i listened to this song a lot without knowing the lyrics. i looked them up and immediately started bawling my eyes out

  22. Snaek_OW

    liked because of the Kurt Cobain Fender Jaguar

  23. Gary Bosworth

    Tandy learned how to sing finally.

  24. Leo Clemente Andrea Bourtsev

    Just saw them at Troxy in London, opening for the amazing Mayday Parade!! ❤️ Hooked on this gem at the moment. Am I the only one?

  25. your coffin, or mine?

    Goosebumps EVERY single time. Perhaps my favorite song of all time

  26. A Place To Be

    Throwing in a shameless plug for our music. We took inspiration from TWY and similar music. Come check us out! (:

    D4812 Daho


    A Place To Be

    @D4812 Daho Thank you!

  27. ScottishSting

    Seen these guys live 5 years ago and I'm going to see them again on Saturday, and last time I was their soupy put the mic to me for the bastards the vultures and the wolves never have I ever felt more satisfied in my life. I hope he recognises me from last time and does it again, and the mayday parade are going to be there too, so thats just a lovely cherry on top

  28. Byron Nicholson

    This song hits so fucking hard, I lost both my parents to drugs and my brothers and I were moved around a lot with docs. We always had to talk to "wolves with suits and ties" this song is my safe haven thanks soupy and everyone else in the band

  29. Tom Groom

    Still gets me this

  30. Ashley Wooten

    Nicely done

  31. Mrpolonog

    The way Soupy really emotes when he "sings" gets me every time I listen to this song

  32. Georgie Sanderson


  33. Nick Of All Trades

    Rest in power Dad. I miss you more and more every single day. These are the first holidays without my best friend and It's so fucking hard.

  34. Sawyer Miller

    When she throws the bag of rocks off the cliff it was the most powerful thing I've seen in a long time

  35. Stevie Haake

    "I lit candles for you in every cathedral across Europe, I hope you know you're still my patron saint."

  36. Angella Knight

    I lost my best friend on Saturday and this song is helping me grieve. once again, thank you twy.

  37. Rich Isnext

    The part that goes” I’ll bury your memories in the garden and watch them grow will the flowers in spring I keep you with me “ I start crying my eyes out cause it hits so hard to the heart

  38. Rany Jay Relativo

    depression is not a joke thanks to all pop punk band 😊💚💙💛💜💝💞

  39. Rany Jay Relativo

    depression is not a joke thanks to all pop punk band 😊💚💙💛💜💝💞

  40. Josh Holland

    This song means so much to me... I lost my best friend to drugs. This song speaks to me every day

  41. Briceton Carman

    She was baptized

  42. akhmad alfan

    thank you americ anfootball, we're now can enjoy the new wonder years like nobody could imagine before

  43. Sebastian Vallie

    Wouldn't it be cool if we were astronauts?

  44. Natalie Garcia

    Soupy is definitely the Allen Ginsberg of this generation. This is his "Howl." After losing my best friend last year, I really appreciate every word of this song.

  45. Jim JamminUpstate

    If I could hit like twice on this song and video I totally would...

  46. Boi if You don’t

    The most powerful song I’ve ever heard....

  47. Evan Collis-Puro

    If any band's pop punk royalty, the Wonder Years is.

  48. Angelina Sheppard

    Literal chills from this video.

  49. Brandon Dayton

    I wish this song was longer. R.i p. Diana marie .

  50. Skev Beats

    Saw them tonight and their music video doesnt do their philly live show justice

  51. JayBoi Nike

    Saw them live and the light show made it feel like iwas watching a band that was selling out arenas. The light show took away from the show. It’s like hearing a over produced track with your eyes! Amazing band though

  52. evan smith

    500,000 of these views are from me.

  53. Anthony Fartboxboy

    Met the lead singers dad he came into my Autozone and I sold him a part!! He’s like you know the wonder years I was like yeah dude I love them he says the singer is my son I was like bro what!

  54. broccoli rob

    deez nuts

  55. Miroxhka X

    THANK YOU ...that’s all

  56. Myers 1919

    There still aren't enough drummers

  57. youngblood succas

    Lil peep 💔

  58. Kayla Williams

    This song came out a couple months before my grandfather committed suicide. I thought it was a good song but I didn't have the connection to it that I do now. The first time I heard it after he died, I couldn't stop fucking crying. Every lyric in this song hits home, from him singing out of key, to the northern lights in a southern town (he was a new yorker who moved to dallas), to the hungry and heartless machine. I just want to thank the band for writing a song that actually means something. It's oddly comforting to be able to just sit in my emotions and cry it out for 5 minutes while listening lol. Anyway, thanks for reading.

  59. Blake Schwarzenbach

    Spoiler alert: ethnically ambiguous "everygirl" throws off the yolk of the patriarchy because she was inspired by five dudes in Urban Outfitters sweaters with beards.

  60. daniel slater

    what a tune, just discovered these guys and oh my gosh :O

  61. Mayci Olschewske

    goosebumps every time. Such an incredible song

  62. cas ey

    I already thought this song was beautiful when it first came out, but listening to it now that I've lost a friend, this song hits my heart like a fuckin train 💔 I miss her so much and soupys lyrics really capture exactly how it feels. I can't listen to this without crying, it's so powerful

  63. alejandro casias

    I Fucking love this band

  64. Rich Isnext

    The part "ill bury your memories in the garden and watch them grow with flowers in spring ill keep you with me"makes me so emotional what heart felt lyrics

  65. amber drums

    I lost by best friend almost 2 years ago to a hit & run. This song always gets me mayn.

  66. Mr Stone

    that looks like Devil's Pool at the end

    Jeremi Mattern

    it's Jacob's Well in Texas. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacob%27s_Well_(Texas)

  67. mx_valentin

    Such big emotion in his voice. Love it! It's so amazing. The rough tone in it, as well as the suffering in his voice. Pure Gold!

  68. mx_valentin

    Good lord, how fantastic is that. I got sick of all those typical pop punk bands with time passing by. But this is amazing golden sound, wonderful engineering, and great lyrics. I appreciate the music a lot. Would definitely come to see this spectacle live. Greetings from germany.
    Love the calm parts a lot. It's like modern coldplay, back in the day. But in a better, more defined calmer version somehow. Dig it!

  69. Renzo Andre Pinto La Torre

    I like this song

  70. csubecz

    swimming into the west

  71. Josh Stanton

    Two years later and still one of the most powerful music videos I've ever seen.

  72. Sham Cam

    god damn, I just stumbled on this band from moose blood but this band is amazing omg

  73. Julie Moreno

    This song is everything 😪

  74. Pwnytony

    Song always reminds me of my old roommate and friend that rolled his truck on Xanax. As sad as it is, I never shy away from this song. He was a good guy. No one believes me when I say some dubstep was played at his funeral bc it was his jam.

  75. Tom Hebebrand

    Can someone bust out a lyric video for this, They’re so beautiful.

  76. Gavin Hodge

    Its 2018 and I still get fired up on this record like it came out yesterday.

  77. SuicideBunny6

    Just discovered them and when I finished this video ... wow. I have no words ...

  78. eli

    all I listen to is pop punk. ive heard a lot about this band. never bothered listening to them. accidentally clicked on this vid. im speechless

    A D All Day

    Happy accident lol

    Darren B

    If thats all you listen to you need to branch out. You're missing out on so much.

    It's Dork

    @johnnyadrianjr same

    eric welch

    welcome to arguably (although tiny moving parts are up there) the best band in the scene :)


    eric welch I love TMP but their lyrics are super corny. There are many better bands in ‘the scene’.

  79. Frank Reynolds

    Such a horrible way to go...

  80. MrS0ftie

    that guitar swing/headbang at 4:11 though

  81. Desolate Soul

    Good song! Pills don't help. The best way to live, is to learn to live with YOURSELF! The best therapy is nature, painting, music, and love from family and friends. It gets better, believe me.

  82. Cayetano Valenzuela

    Man, Ted from accounting has had it locked up huh?

  83. Littlekelt95

    This makes me miss people I've lost (touch with) as well as those I've never met .-.

  84. Anthony Butera

    How do you go form Get Stoked on It! and Won't Be Pathetic Forever to this :((((

  85. Conn Moss

    this is the first time ive heard this band, genuinely took my breath away

  86. Matthew Robert Haag

    i made a video showing some of my record collection yesterday, including all of my twy ones! check it out on my channel please!

  87. Taragoola

    I realized one of my friends could be singing this song about me and turned my life around. Ha, just kidding. Drugs aren't that easy to kick.

  88. Kasperx138

    Fuck heroin.

  89. Mitch Zro

    TWO DRUMMERS. TWO DRUMMERS TO SYMBOLIZE THE LOSS OF MIKE PELONE (a drummer himself about whom this song was written). BEAUTIFUL.

  90. Andres Valeriano

    "you can't have me. fuck no you can't have me"

  91. Alexandra Murray 99

    If you like this try these guys! https://youtu.be/ORCyQl4MmP4

    A Place To Be

    Love it. You got a fan in us. Check us out too! https://youtu.be/2C-vcZ9HUYM

  92. Trent Gregory

    My song to lil peep 😂😂😔

  93. Jason Wheelwright

    We're no saviors if we can't save our brothers. This is being sung in the backround near the end.

  94. Raven Bowers

    I got chills when she threw that backpack in the river...


    They need to blast this in the White House

  96. Stephen A

    shut up Butthead!