Wonder Years, The - Cardinals Lyrics

Cardinal crashed into my window. I think he might die.
I'll plan him a funeral. I'll read his last rites.
Because I know what he saw in that reflection of light.
On the glass was a better life.

Staring at a hole in your chest that's been dug there for decades.
American broken promises.
Caught between the lies you've been fed and a war with your bloodstream.
I should have been there when you needed a friend.

I was off on my own again, selfish and stupid.

So if you call me back or let me in,
I swear I'll never let you down again.
I know the devil you've been fighting with.
I swear I'll never let you down again.

I had that nightmare again - you're seven and helpless,
Angry as hell and you balled up your fists.
But I laughed at your swings and I beat you half-conscious.
I know that I failed you. Woke up in a sweat.

I want those years back.

So if you call me back or let me in,
I swear I'll never let you down again.
I know the devil you've been fighting with.
I swear I'll never let you down again.

We're no saviors if we can't save our brothers
We're no saviors if we can't save our brothers

So if you call me back or let me in,
(We're no saviors)
I swear I'll never let you down again.
(If we can't save our brothers)
I know the devil you've been fighting with.
(We're no saviors)
I swear I'll never let you down again.
(If we can't save our brothers)

So if you call me back or let me in,
(We're no saviors)
I swear I'll never let you down again.
(If we can't save our brothers)
I know the devil you've been fighting with.
(We're no saviors)
I swear I'll never let you down again.
(If we can't save our brothers)

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Wonder Years, The Cardinals Comments
  1. kevin sanchez

    Sigue siendo una gran canción

  2. ShengVersus

    Always come back to this video time and time again. So good certainly just fits. Don’t think a band will ever replace the wonder year’s to me love the way they grow even if it gets real as fuck. 1000th comment apparently seems crazy low for such genius.

  3. Benoit Papineau

    I am in love with this song..I miss you my friend.

  4. Goober Thoreau

    I don't remember this scene from Stranger Things

  5. from the soundless city frost

    Paramedic be like.. Oopps too slow.. Bye

  6. Pacroid

    Wow Kevin and Winnie look different than I remember?!?

  7. Missawk Jimenez

    Maravilloso video maravillosa canción 💕

  8. Lola AB

    Call me back, let me in. Never let you down again

  9. The Legendary Night Owls

    Anyone wanna check out my cover of this one ?

  10. michael cintron

    strong af

  11. Joshua Lycaon

    I can’t stop thinking about my brother right now.

  12. PineConeRudy

    In my opinion this was their last good album.

  13. José Pablo de León

    I have more friends than you...

  14. Nara Tsitra

    Beautiful One Shot Slow-mo MV

  15. A Place To Be

    Throwing in a shameless plug for our music. We took inspiration from TWY and similar music. Come check us out! (:

    EchoEchoes five

    Checked you guys out. Loved it. Sharing it with my buddies.

    A Place To Be

    @EchoEchoes five Thank you for the love!

  16. Craig Gloak

    Awesum track guys

  17. zan man

    sounds like at the drive-in with the emo cranked to 11

  18. Colin Merry

    no saviors, if we can't save our brothers

  19. Godzilla IsCool999

    This song is very close and important to me. I lost my best friend, my lil buddy. He was my rabbit Winter. A freak accident happened, I always consider it my fault. He was in my arms and leaped out from being spooked by something unknown. He landed wrong, paralysed his back legs. I took him to my room, made him comfortable. He lived for 3 days, hanging on specifically for me. He got sick from the constant cleaning we had to do...I told him im tears “Its okay to let go..You need to” he was gone the next morning..Looking at peace. Day of his death, cardinals. I had many strange expierences with cardinals. I am haunted by that day, that horrible day. They always say it’s not my fault, but I always feel so guilty or sorry. I miss him and cannot believe he’s been gone for 3 years. Still getting strange connections from cardinals since..I know it’s him..
    I wanted to spend more time with him, but that being his last time spent with me. I wish I spent more time with him better.
    It’s always good to spend time with the ones you care for, because I’m telling you..shit happens.

  20. gobbins

    My best friend died two years ago today. I was listening to this song when I found out.

  21. first name

    me trying to make it to the end of the semester

  22. this nigga dog

    This song has me so fucked up. I miss you so much Sebastian Vallie. It's only been 4 days. He loved this song. I never knew it would become so relevant. My withdrawals are bad but I can barely notice them because all I can think about is you. I fucking miss you.

  23. Sal Cerniglia

    the most powerful part of this video for me is how the song and the lyrics tie together. he says "i'll never let you down again" and in the end of the video when mike fails to get the help he needs and the abulance drives off dan just sits there holding him realizing he will have to continue to hold and carry the burden for failing him the rest of his life

  24. Sea Bee

    Its about alcoholism. His friend is addicted. It may be an anology since hes carrying him. Its rampant in the industry. Edge=sober

  25. Emily Pacelli

    This is why I am not an organ donor...
    Paramedic's just little miss sunshine that shit.

  26. sakuyo242

    legend has it his beard is still bouncing ...beautiful song when ever i want to mellow out i listen to you guys :)

  27. Jordan Holman

    this ain't cardinals

  28. Nathan Sirois

    Man this band is incredible. Live is something else

  29. Sleepy Ferdinand

    This music video makes me cry so much.

  30. Samuel Schwartz

    I’m at 4,783

  31. CaptainBuggy

    My airbag lights been on for weeks...

  32. Dustin gg

    Anyone familiar with the street/area this was filmed?

  33. Lynsey Grace

    i legitimately did not know beards bounced.

  34. Lynsey Grace

    lmfaoooo all i'm imagining is sunrise skater kids w Jarrod Alonge carrying Moose

  35. Matthew Robert Haag

    i made a video showing some of my record collection yesterday, including all of my twy ones! check it out on my channel please!

  36. Jeffrey Nunes

    Took all of 25 seconds of film. Brilant.

  37. Jake Martin

    These lyrics are truly heartbreaking...

  38. Tyson Budd

    I've lost two of my closest friends to suicide, watching this video tears me up every time, its been two years and I still blame myself for not being able to save them, I know that I failed you. Woke up in a sweat. I want those years back. We're no saviors if we can't save our brothers. that bit of lyric gets me every time because i couldn't save them and they were practically brothers to me, to anyone goimg through a hard time, remember its never an option, i love you all and im so proud of you waking up each and every day <3

  39. i dont care

    2017 anyone?

  40. Carston Mertens

    "If you walked me home you'd know how weak my arms got"

  41. Stephen A

    fucking Wendy!

  42. Ashton Hamre

    it's really sad because a couple weeks ago i was eating my lunch outside with some friends and this guy comes out with this cardinal in his hand, she was dying, kept flying into windows, actually being really close to people, i think she was actually scared of the other birds or something.. she actually did end up flying away but i know she died and i dunno.. something poetic about it

  43. Will Trendle

    A little less than a year ago, one of my closest friends died of cancer. Around the time that I found out that his cancer had progressed and gotten worse, I was working full time, starting school again after 5 years off and my Grandpa had just passed away. I was selfish/scared to see him. I saw him about two months before than and he seemed fine. I couldn't deal with anything else at that time. That was mid August. Then on October 28th, 2016 I got word that he was in the hospital and that it wasn't looking good. I saw him on October 29th. He was in a medically induced coma. I sat there for a bit, reflecting and then I said "We're all pulling for you" and I left. On November 1st 2016, he died. I have felt so much guilt since then for not seeing him before that hospital trip. I knew things weren't going well but I was selfish and decided not to deal with it. This song always reminds me of him and how I feel but it wasn't until I heard it live, acoustic and I could hear the emotion the in Soupy's voice that I just broke down crying. It was so powerful and moving. I've never had a song do that to me before.

  44. IKoga

    This is song is pure beauty

  45. James Panzini

    This song is really good! :)

  46. Reborn momma 129

    Well I'm depressed now.

  47. Johnathan Cooper

    Best music video ever

  48. Sam Beckmann

    Did anyone notice they're coming back to the same neighbourhood they ran away from in the Came Out Swinging video? So that basically means the ghost is something like Dan himself as a child, being chased out of town by his past but coming back in just the right time to save his friend.

  49. YuB


  50. Autumn Towner

    This has become my favorite song right now.

  51. Samuel Azula

    Perú loves you! <3

  52. Jon Zella

    I'm sure I can find this in the comments, but is that the lead singer from Touche Amore?

  53. Sage Lenyatsa

    Worst ambulance ever.

  54. jay mark

    ambulance could have stopped tho

  55. TheFlyingBanana

    Really sounds like Brand New
    But i really like it

  56. Logan Larimore

    Best video ever

  57. NebularImact95

    All you had to do was follow the damn ambulance Dan!

  58. paige

    this was actually beautiful???

  59. beth garbutt

    I've been trying to find this song for around a year now and I feel so happy I've finally found it

  60. Charles Johnson

    im not crying youre crying im just slicing onions

  61. Aaron Leigh


  62. Aaron Leigh


  63. drklenk

    Did you guys know that this was the last shot they made for the video after repeating it like for the whole day and soupy was literally at the end of his shit? Gives this video a whole new twist for me :D

  64. Johnathan Cooper

    Love you guys

  65. 【Knyght Mordhaus】

    did anyone come here for the alonge refrence or is it just me?

  66. Wing Wolf

    Anybody else get here from Friendvile?

  67. hi chu

    Now I get the Friendville reference to this.

  68. BigBootieBobby

    His face at the end is just like "awhh what the shit, man?"

  69. Horatio Huffnagel

    Is everyone's cell phone dead?

  70. Dylan Giallella

    1:28 I'm not saying she's fat, but I imagine her being a part of our solar system.

  71. Victoria Ashlyn

    lazy fucking paramedic

  72. Philip Savage

    Like an ambulance at he bottom of a cliff!

  73. Jonathan Lakey

    I love the video, but for some reason at the end of the video I always imagine him dropping him and saying, "Well, shit."

  74. Zach Pollack

    wait, they're in a cul-de-sac...lyrics to the bridge in cul-de-sac: "you know how weak my arms got, i just can't carry you."


    Zach Pollack that's not a cul-de-sac

    Zach Pollack

    dylanandstuff cul-de-sac: a street or passage closed at one end --- which is what is shown


    Zach Pollack well okay then. i'd say it's more of just a dead end than a typical cul-de-sac but also who gives a shit lol

  75. Ray Olson

    Dale Earnhardt Jr brought me here

  76. stevie fernandez

    I literally watched this side by side with jarrod sponge and it aligned perfectly

  77. Sea Bee

    This song was inspired by an episode of the office. lol

  78. Grizlerber

    I like the song but the video pisses me off. Why is the ambulance just driving away? why can't it just just stop?

  79. Silverstein4

    kinda reminds me of moneen!

  80. Justin Castrillo

    I just realized Jarrod Alonge redid this video hahahahahhahahahaha.

  81. Bernat Orriols

    I love the way his beard moves

  82. Oliver Stephen

    Good song but they were shit live when supporting enter shikari (who were incredible)

  83. Kevin Meredith

    I'm glad someone showed me this.
    I've been silently fighting the guilt for not being there for my cousin. he killed himself early this year. I found out later that he'd been Calling everyone asking for my number. I was avoiding everyone at the time.

  84. Huff

    Guy jogging looks like Chris Benoit

  85. Tompac Vlogs

    this video gives me anxiety

  86. Clayton Sage

    My buddy's funeral was yesterday.. he died of a heroin overdose.. This song and video was a lot.. but i liked it

  87. Pat Clark

    That ambulance driver is a dick

    Paddy D.

    He's not. It's a cinematic pinch, to show that he didn't make it.

    Justin Goodrich

    But the "cinematic pinch" / "metaphor" of "I didn't make it" makes no sense. Never will you find an ambulance driving away from an injured man. They would stop the van and roll out the stretchers. You mean to tell me they couldn't come up with any other way of saying "I was this close to saving you but fell short"?

    Paddy D.

    I think it's a great metaphor. How would you have visualized it, when the whole video is about a guy running down the street with his dying mate?

  88. James Ackermann

    Soupy is fucking ripped.

  89. Ivan Brajković

    the feels

  90. Absolute Doubt

    Wow, those paramedics are dicks.

  91. Mike Druce

    Hearing this song live and being able to yell the lyrics while looking at soupy has been the best experience of my life

  92. BeQuietAndDriveFar

    underated band, the garbage on the radio has no feeling, no soul.

  93. William Meakins

    I am so ready to see twy next year

  94. A guy on YouTube.

    Jarrod Alonge did it better

  95. Nick Close-Innis

    all your songs make me cry
    still love the music it really gets me through everything

  96. Duke Donaldson

    Thank you for this song/video/album. I lost my best friend to heroine and I can't talk about it adequately but when I hear your music it's exactly what's on my mind. Seeing this video tears me to shreds, doing everything you can do but being just out of reach. Failure clinging to you, loneliness, sadness. I still think about him every day.

    Last November you guys played here in Buffalo and when you played this and Cigarettes and Saints, I openly wept, in public. It just felt like for a moment I wasn't alone in these awful feelings and I can't express enough that what you're doing is meaningful and please, keep doing it.

    Jake from State Farm

    Stay strong brother. I'm sorry for you loss.


    I'm here with you. I've lost two of my closest friends to suicide. One of them was a brother to me, and this music give words to the pain. I'm hoping I'll get the chance to hear this live.
    I guess... just know that we're fighting the same fight, and I, a random stranger on the internet, has your back. I'll keep you with me man.

  97. bigwillblahblahbla

    When I saw the ambulance I got chills.