Wonder Years, The - Brothers & Lyrics

We're no saviours if we can't save our brothers
We're no saviours if we can't save our brothers
We're no saviours if we can't save our brothers
We're no saviours, we're no saviours

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Wonder Years, The Brothers & Comments
  1. Jean Lefèvre

    Ty Yoonns

  2. Justin Vallejos

    Literally cannot find a bad song by them. Probably one of the best bands I have ever heard!

  3. ContributeTothe Chaos

    another wonder years lyric I would love to have in a tattoo lol add it to the list, "we're no saviors if we can't save our brothers" love it

  4. Daniel Tallo

    Hearing this song live, with the audience screaming the lyrics in unison, and then going immediately into "Cardinals" was fucking powerful. Not gonna lie, I teared up during this, and "Cigarettes & Saints". No Closer to Heaven is just one hell of an album and I love every measure of it.

    Riceball _

    La Fonda?

  5. Lauryn Auchie

    seen these guys last night in Glasgow, you guys were awesome!!!

  6. Becky McAtominey

    does anyone know the chords for this or where i can find a tab?? been trying to work it out for ages with no success /:

    Kevin O'Brien

    +Becky McAtominey
    D# min, C# Maj 4, F# Maj, G# min 7
    hope that helps.

  7. Kevin O'Brien

    I was at their kickoff show for their fall tour w/MotionCitySoundtrack. To be in the dark room at Webster Hall, catching the six dudes' silhouettes, hearing Mike Kennedy count off with the hi hat, and listening to that buildup, words can't even describe how epic and chilling it was for TWY to open their set with this intro.

  8. Dustin Stumbo

    This entire album is a soundtrack for Supernatural. There is no escaping the feels.

  9. RNeGD x

    I took my time getting here... But all great things come with time I suppose! What a album!

  10. Cindy Harrison

    this is amazing.

  11. Harrison Felice

    This opening into cardinals was a poor choice I think. The rest of the album is flawless though. By far the best thing they've ever done.

    Lol triggered

    you trippin boy

  12. Roddy Moreno

    I'm excited for the album. Thanks for this song.

  13. Chris Preble

    Can't even tell you how much I want to see this one live. preferably leading into cardinals. that'd killll it

    Jake Jackson

    That's how they open shows

    Jourden Blackburn

    Chris Preble just saw them play this leading into cardinals on Saturday night and it made me cry haha

  14. Coping Season

    Just starting the album right now. Can't wait to hear it all!

  15. David Dangerfield

    Thank you for this amazing album words can not convey the overwhelming joy I felt when I woke up to it this morning!

    Steve Smith

    +David Saul's Thats morning glory

  16. Austin Macintosh

    Thank you soupy


    +Danny Woods I'm glad I'm not the only one that was gonna make this comment

    Jake Martin

    Yeah it's not like there're any other members in the band