Wonder Years, The - A Song For Patsy Cline Lyrics

My airbag light's been on for weeks
And I keep having dreams
Where I go through the windshield but I don't fix it.
Patsy Cline came and sang to me.
She told everybody
That she knew she would die soon before she did.

I hear you cry on "Faded Love".
The air in August here's heavy with salt and smoke and stings my lungs.

My airbag light's been on for weeks
And I can feel it mock me.
It's bittersweet, like laughter through crooked teeth.
I wanna move so far from everything
That they can hear my heart beat
And then break as I lay dying in the street.

They'll think the ice cracked at the lake.
They'll think a tire blew out and a car crashed on the interstate.

It's hard to watch you walk away.
These aren't the vultures that were circling just yesterday.
It's hard to watch you walk away.
(It's hard to watch you walk away.)
They're picking at bones, at what's left of your misery.

Whoa-oh, whoa-oh
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh

So when my vocal chords rip,
So when my knees give in,
So when I bury all of this,
Who's gonna give a shit
If I'm breathing?

It's hard to watch you walk away.
These aren't the vultures that were circling just yesterday.
It's hard to watch you walk away.
(It's hard to watch you walk away.)
They're picking at bones, at what's left of your misery.

Whoa-oh, whoa-oh
My airbag light's been on for weeks.
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh
My airbag light's been on for weeks.

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Wonder Years, The A Song For Patsy Cline Comments
  1. William Cole

    Found an old pair of apple headphones 2006 era these jawns bang

  2. Caleb Groncki

    This is such a good album

  3. _frvr

    Yoooo I just realized

    This is literally car-crash rhetoric

  4. Alec Nichols

    This is beautifully composed.

  5. where that pupper?

    patsy cline's son is a huge dick

  6. Lacy Mueller

    This band used to be me and my best friend's band. It was our thing.... I'm listening to them tonight and actually feeling like crying. I miss her so much....

    Pierre Hedary

    Where did she go?

  7. Manuel Delp

    So much emotion, man. I can't hear this one or Devil in my bloodstream without a few tears.

  8. kody huck

    this songs deep

    Lacy Mueller

    kody huck Your picture is literally me rn.

  9. Kate B

    Shit dude
    This is my first time listening to this band and I'm in love

    James Fleming

    same. friend just turned me on to this. I'm really impressed.

  10. Johann Visser

    Just realised I missed their tour and I'm actually so upset, I discovered them just too late...

  11. Julia

    Who's gonna give a shit if I'm breathing?

    The emotion in that line fucks me up so bad.

    Lacy Mueller

    The emotion in all their songs tear me up.

  12. Kunai Rize

    ear porn.

  13. Mr.Halfway

    R.I.P Mrs.Cline and my manliness,I Cried like a bitch

  14. Supergirl9909

    the vultures.....

  15. Cullen O'Brien

    i love pizza

  16. John Garrett

    Holy shit, I fucking love this song!

  17. Chris Vasilakis

    Patsy cline came and sang to me

    luciano coronel

    She told everybody

  18. maple leaf

    phenomenal with just one earbud in. faint guitar, mostly drums and vocals.

    Lacy Mueller

    That sounded awesome. Just tried listening it to it that way.

  19. Garbage Adult

    Soooooooooooo blah

  20. Devin Doran

    Remember when these guys used to write pop punk?....... just me?

    Michael Gonzalez

    I remembered and I missed it.


    Devin Doran new stuff is much better lol

    Justin Shinlever

    this still is pop punk its just "mature pop punk"

  21. MrLemiwinks

    Fell in love with this song first listen, still just as full of feels a hundred times later

  22. Kyle DeWitt

    Balance the Wonder Years and Composure

  23. Ahmad Zarif

    What genre is this song? Post-rock?

    Steven Hanenburg

    +Ahmad Zarif Post-Hardcore maybe

    Terrible Gaming

    +Steven JamesH pop punk... Duh

    Steven Hanenburg

    There's nothing Pop about it though

    Justin Shinlever

    its pop punk

  24. Katherine Morris

    Seriously love the progression they've made in their music throughout the years. The whole band is full of fucking geniuses.

  25. Jacob Becker

    I really wasn't sure what to expect from this album considering it was said they had "matured." However I really really like this.

  26. FTWinnick

    Anyone know what this songs about?

    Paulo Brant

    +FTWinnick It's a song about relating to a sense of impending doom, much like what happened to Patsy Cline herself at the end of her life.
    More info on: http://genius.com/The-wonder-years-a-song-for-patsy-cline-lyrics/

    After reading all that the line "my airbag light has been on for weeks" just takes a whole new chilling meaning.

    Dave W

    +Paulo Brant Yeah eventually. Were all going to die.

  27. Peter Saunders

    This is better than I was expecting.

  28. Daniel Narvaez Lasarte

    yes... ohhh yes..

  29. Nintendodo64

    Reminds me of Top Notch by Manchester Orchestra. A lot.

    Anil Seepersad

    +Nintendodo64 it's the start-stop guitars.

    in fact the beginning feels a bit sidekicks, brand new

    James Fleming

    +Anil Seepersad yes!! just found this band. hearing brand new hard. this band is amazing.

  30. DEX435

    Pure Awesomeness! TWY never disappoints :D

  31. Sarah Sejdini

    this song gives me feels

  32. Victor Hugo

    Soupy west and the roaring years

  33. @InSoxWeTrust

    This whole album is amazing, but this might be my favorite

  34. Dan Claymiller

    Anyone know what tuning this is in? This definitely isn't Drop C#

    Dickslap Mcgee

    Could be Drop C# cuz I'm pretty sure cardinals was

    Patrick Farrugia

    +Dan Claymiller The really low guitar is probably a baritone guitar.

    Ed Allison

    +Dan Claymiller Two guitars, I'm guessing Matt's and Casey's, are tuned to drop C#, while 1 guitar, probably Nick's, is a baritone guitar tuned to (Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, F, Bb). I'm pretty sure this is right. I'm thinking about actually doing a cover doing all three guitar parts and tabbing them.

    Dan Claymiller

    @Ed Allison thanks, that's actually what I figured after thinking about it

    Kevin O'Brien

    +Ed Allison Let me know when you get around that. I would love to see!

  35. Berry Tea

    They've really moved away from the sound they had in The Upsides. Not that I mind that though; they've really grown better with each album.

  36. Sam Oosterbaan

    it's weird because my air bag light has been on for 5 weeks now... Great song

  37. Mermaid Oh


  38. Stephen Richter


  39. Abbie Gardner

    thanks for making a girl cry in class 😍


    +Sam Sears I wish I was your student lol

    Sam Sears

    +theonebuckethead Students know not to fuck with my morning ritual of playing several of TWY songs before class... you feel me?


    @Sam Sears All my teachers are 60 year old ladies lmao

    Sam Sears

    Luckily I'm neither 60 nor a lady!

  40. Zachary

    The build up to that chorus sucker punched my heart in the asshole. In a good way.

    american zero

    Zachary I'm also a Zachary and I approve this message

  41. Tryston Constantine

    This entire album is pure bliss, man.

    Lacy Mueller

    It's a beautiful album. Makes me cry.

  42. Chica Rawwr

    Damn! I love it!

  43. e m

    4th to react on this video :O

  44. wes

    I'll be back after work for this mark my words

  45. Justin Leonard

    Thank you spicy

    Dave W

    +Justin Leonard This guy.