Wonder, Stevie - You've Got It Bad Girl Lyrics

When you believe in a feeling,
And it's holding you back from my love,
Then you've got it bad girl, you've got it bad girl

When you insist on excluding
The tenderness that's in my kiss,
Then you've got it bad girl, you've got it bad girl

If you try to display an emotion,
That will contradict itself,
You will find your heart just sitting
Like a statue on a shelf, on a shelf, on a shelf

Should you depend on an outlet,
Through which an escape can be found,
Then you've got it bad girl, you've got it bad girl

If you don't see there's no way out,
Just no way of getting around me,
Then you've got it bad girl, you've got it bad girl

Yes, you know the plans I am making,
Are intended to capture you,
So you practice false reactions,
To delay the things I do, the things I do,
things I do, foolish you
You've got it bad girl, you've got it bad

There's no reward in detouring
My deep sincerity.
Especially since what you're feeling,
Is perfectly clear to me, clear to me, clear to me

Before you discover the feeling,
You've tried very hard to hide,
You've got it bad girl, you've got it bad girl

But when you can find just a small space,
To let my love live in your mind,
Then you'll have it good girl, you'll
have it good girl

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Wonder, Stevie You've Got It Bad Girl Comments
  1. Analiza M

    Classic song always remembered 👍😊

    Brown Papi

    I see ya pretty

  2. Vance Gullberg

    joey bada$$ - Funky Ho

  3. Patty Valinch

    One of my favorites from the genius! <3

  4. Donald Richardson

    After Over 47 years, and we are still talking about how great this song is.... I read some of the comments... 11 years ago...9 years ago.... 6 years ago.... They all pay tribute to the greatest and mystery of the song and the artist. I think the greatest testimony is that through time people love and adore this song and it's genius and have to continue to talk about it because it is so wonderful. I first heard it in the mid-80s as a young college student and I fell in love with it immediately. I still listen to it to this very day. Thank you Stevie Wonder for your amazing talent and artistry.

  5. brianboru62

    Stevie's music TIMELESS not restricted by convention

  6. B. Rod Clark

    B-side to 'Superstition'...reminds me so much of 'Superwoman'!

  7. Shagata Ganai

    I know a couple of girls who got it bad to this song. There is almost no human activity that is not improved by this version of this song. I would absolutely crank this at 80 mph on the scoot.

  8. Clinton Fischer

    I want to personally hurt the idiots who disliked this.

  9. Karen Emerson

    I have Always Loved All of Stevie Wonder's songs. The Last verse was Always my favorite. So SMOOTH.

  10. John Harris

    OG version Usher holds no candle

    S D

    Dear God..Usher remade this?!...smh. Haven't heard it & don't plan on finding it.

    John Harris

    @S D sry. I meant he used the same name. My apologies.

    S D

    @John Harris Oh ok...thanks for the clarification :-)

  11. 51ESH

    Thanks to Stevie and the Tonto today's music has synths and synth layering he was not just creating new music but discovering new sounds and how to use them.....

  12. Patrick Quinn

    The downward progressions in this song are genius!

  13. D.Channsin Berry


  14. Wayne Gause

    jac b quk Stevie Wonder is a Artistic Masterpiece

  15. Adele Dazeem

    This song has a certain atmosphere that only Stevie can pull off. Reminds me of the track I Can't Help It, the track he worked on for Michael Jackson's best album.

  16. neville thompson

    Best enjoyment of music is an organic process, this album, along with What's Going on and Back to the World, can only be fully appreciated if you experienced the contemporary social conditions, consciousness and objective reality interact with sounds and words to provide a kind of metaphysical transcript for our unfolding lives.

  17. Kathy Gaither

    Oh my God.

  18. Phillip Rhinehardt

    Stevie Wonder is a icon.

  19. Tj Taylor

    He’s incredible!!!!!!!!!

  20. T Davis

    *Is there no end to this man's talent?!* Damn!

  21. lorettalynn Davis

    Wow! I was like 6 years old. sleeping over my cousins, the adults would be
    partying and smokin herb in the other room. Stevie Wonder was a part of my
    childhood. A memorable song or two, or 8 for every decade in my life!

  22. Roger Sawkins

    A top man , would'nt expect anything less

  23. Dani Lind

    The chords are the definition of ugly/beautiful to me.

  24. Rakim Shakur

    Early S.Wondee is Savage!

  25. ewaf88

    What an astonishing song. I bought this album back in 1975 after I was blown away by Innervisions and wanted more of his music.

    He is a genius as the song is so simple yet somehow sounds complex in terms of what it conveys.

  26. Julie Strom

    Very cool song with a ethereal quality that's hard too pull off without sounding weird. Got all or most of his albums in twenties. Though l loved all his hits on AM in the sixties, l almost had to study this type of 70's music. Was not played by my contemporaries. Also, loved Creeping with Minnie Riperton, same type of vibe. You got it it good girl! Great ending to a great song.....

    Julie Strom

    Also the end is you'll have it good girl. Very seductive, do u think she'll give in?

  27. Norman Berry

    Mr. Rawls, your dad was one hell of an artist. Must have been a real honor having Mr. Wonder pay tribute to your dad and his legacy with this song.


    Very nice.....

  29. John Valinch

    My favorite by this genius!

  30. Liliane Beeckman

    In my collection.

  31. J Eshun

    Talking Book is the 1972 album this track comes from, Stevie after having played most of the instruments on this album could do no wrong at this stage, he was reaching genius status as an artist

  32. Miguel Lacorte

    Co-composed with Yvonne Bright

  33. kathy williams

    Stevie Wonder?...the most significant singer in history, period...The Album cover and song gives me chills, and I'm overcome with this very pleasant & sexy emotions, just wow!...

  34. JoJo Dancer

    Saginaw, Michigan Summer Of 95' enough said.

  35. Joshua Tall2

    This man is the definition of the word genius I thank God for creating Mr stevland Morris !!!.

  36. Francis Hatilip

    beautiful song of 1972 thank you,Mister Stevie wonder

  37. Big Timmy

    It was the sounds of the Arp and Moog synthesizers that are the best classics and the inspiration for my sounds. God bless you Stevie Wonder. Let's not forget the sound of the Rhodes.

  38. JeTaime Harris

    Listening to Stevie Wonder as a kid most of all his music is original. And so on point. He got hella albums and all of them is powerful words. Sends messeges as well.

  39. Manuel Diggs

    It's 2019 and I ask, does it much better than this? NO!

  40. Roc Jackson

    When Stevie started having more creative control over his music this is what you get....👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  41. Joshua Tall2

    Stevie is is a musical prophet!! ,He literally put out masterpiece after masterpiece ! I thank God for creating stevland Morris.

  42. Reginald Thomas

    The mans sight in music cannot be compared

  43. John Valinch

    My fav of his!

  44. Courtney Townsel

    I don't care. I catalogued this as a jazz song. Totally outstanding!


    Mr.Gene Dunlap did a great cover.... YESSSS thank you Mr. Stevie Wonder.....I got it bad over this song!!!💋👑💃💛🎼🎵🎺🎤🎷🎸🎻🎺🎹

  46. myearsloveit

    Stevie KNEW

  47. Awilda Cruz Cruz

    The meaning of perfect= ST EVIE WONDER full

  48. Roc Jackson

    Man...This sounds so fresh, it could have been released in 2020! 😎 Yeah..it's that bad!

  49. Dominique Shields

    Jazz pop music

  50. jamie Harrison

    That baseline....30years ahead of its time!

  51. Yashaar Chazaaq Yasharahla

    One of my favorite songs from Stevie!

  52. Ganymede, Jupiter III

    I'm constantly losing track of amazing SW tracks, there are just too many of them.

  53. Carl Bowles

    Superb song using early Moog & ARP sounds. Simple beautiful and complex. I never get tired of this classic.

  54. Alessandro B

    One of the most harmonically complex songs in Popular Music. Such a superior musicianship. What a masterpiece!

  55. Brian Numme

    Wait...this was 47 years ago? SW is a genius.

    kathy williams

    You just stopped me in my tracks, how time fly's... I remember when the Album "Talking Book" came out...as soon as I heard it, I went to buy it...Wow! Stevie Wonder is amazing..

    Leandro Cabello

    He was only 22 years old

  56. Ethel Forbes

    Blows my mind every single time.

  57. Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler

    Amazing songwriting.

  58. Nichelle

    There it is !!!! Thank you so much 💙

  59. Meg Larson

    Love this iteration of SW.

  60. Miss LoLo

    One of the baddest, coldest, smoothest, sexiest songs ever written, produced, recorded and released!!!

  61. Dr. Vaughn Heintz

    Have this on vinyl and 8 track.. totally Amazing music. Great to hear.

  62. Quilll

    the siging conga gives me life

  63. michael julia

    Mom played this many times.

  64. Miss Jay Leigh

    Mom used to play him out back in the day. Appreciation.

  65. Savvy Ramone

    I don’t even post comments but I had to make an exception because this has become my favorite song of All Time

    Thank you for such timeless, beautiful music Stevie Wonder

  66. kathy williams

    Takes me around the world & back, simply the best!!!!!!

  67. shawn pimpin

    Words just cant explain how much i love this song!!!

    kathy williams

    Shawn Pimpin, me too...every time I hear this song, I'm overcome with every good, & sexy emotion there is.


    When you believe in filling

    that moldy thing between her legs

    you've got a bad girl


    I YAM WHITE I’m physically dying!!!!

  69. rumpali1

    Truly great music is timeless and this is good example. I bought this album the day it was released in 1972 and it still sounds like it was made yesterday. Also, I am normally of the opinion that, in most cases, the original versions are the definitive ones. However this superb version by Stevie tops Quincy's orginal by a long way.

  70. michael julia

    Ma always played this song when she bought this album.

  71. erik graham

    Amazing sound love this but I don't know why I keep thinking about basketball every time I hear this song .

  72. Tequila malone

    Damn....there's n onthin like this forever....DONT SLEEP....THE TRILL NEVER DIES.....

  73. Derrick Crawford

    Pure Perfection!

  74. Tomasz Toft

    Beautiful tune! One of Stevie's best

  75. michael julia

    This album I heard back in '72 when ma bought it and played it. One Great Album a must have.

  76. Joshua Tall

    Mr wonder is music it self, God bless him!!

  77. Willie Boyland

    I wouldn't be surprised if he freestyled the vocals for a demo reference and it came out so dope that they just kept it as is...lightning in a bottle! !


    Willie Boyland ironically there is a demo of this song that literally sounds like what you described, definitely check it out!

  78. Sir Swiftus W. Funkellwerk

    Reminds me of when i was a child and my Mom cleaning the house while i was running around the house. The 70s were good times!

  79. Capcoor

    That was a BADDDDDDDDDD cut.

  80. Jackie McClurkin

    I just love Stevie Wonder I grew up to a lot of his music. I think he is the GREATEST.

  81. Jackie McClurkin

    I love this song so much Stevie is the GREATEST their is, untouchable

  82. gmoneyhollywood

    Stevie W, is in a class all by himself when it comes to arranging lyrics. This guy is incredibly magical with the power of words. It's so rhythmical and so so soothing! You go Stevie W!

  83. Pam Kahn

    I am a white chick........love love stevie and lou

  84. Pam Kahn

    OMG...you are Lou Rawls Jr. love love Lou Rawls.....right up there with Stevie wonder

  85. Claire Higgins

    I've got it bad!!💖💘💝💞

  86. kevin harrison

    iconic album , we all know that. what u all don't know is that " songs in the key of life" is greatest of them all.

  87. Matthew Peterkin

    that song is so much true and very wise

  88. levan beriashvili

    Let me put this way: Songs in the key of life - the most versatile, Fullfilingness first finale - the smoothest and flawless, Music of my mind - the freshest and groundbearking, Talking book - deep and thick like a classic romance book


    What about Inner visions

    Joe carrillo

    Romance good or bad..... You got it bad girl, looking for a new love,maybe your baby and sad but not saddest , blame it on the sun...... Bad sad and lonely.... If it wasn't for you and I I would have thrown the record away

    John Harris

    I like songs; Sunshine of my Life, YGIBG& Superstition from this album.

    D Me

    Like most people, y'all overlook The Secret Life Of Plants, a concept album of incredible musical genius.

    Montel Luke

    Thing about Stevie is his inner urge to communicate musically always his consumate understanding of Melody lyric Harmony and rythum all these phases of music

  89. mwe87

    The best

  90. Crystal Stevenson

    A real song with words and meanings not like this made up crap you here today I love Stevie music🤗🤗

  91. Michael Powell

    I was there in 72'. Superwomen was requested 3 times a night at "The Riot" in Niles. IL.
    Never did a lead.

  92. summersify summers

    My dad had this album and i vividly remember it having braille inside it and how amazed me!!

    Carl A

    I had this album, gave it to my son who lost it, and, yes, the braille was awesome. Stevie has always been way ahead of his time. A true maestro....

    summersify summers

    You said it Carl.. Very much ahead of his time!!

    Brandee Heights


  93. James Gibson

    First time hearing Stevie's version. I don't know if I like this one more than the Brothers Johnson's cover. They're both smooth....

    LA LH

    are you sure the brother's johnson did a cover of this song? I'm looking for it and I can't find it.


    LA LH I think it's the Quincy jones version

  94. Sam Tyler

    ah,the Arp Odyssey and Moog synths.Great sound and performed as only Stevie can

  95. Bethany Rose

    I love this song

  96. andrey hawkins

    Great great great record....Stevie at his finest!!!!!!!

  97. SugarFreeTV

    how can anyone dislike a stevie song? he's brilliant

    Kathy Carter


    Tracey Lennon

    Boggles the mind!!

    Froggy Johnson

    Must be an alien. No human can have the knowledge to make this song!!!

    Anjeanette Harris

    My thoughts exactly!!! Stevie is a bad man!!! I love his music!!! Whoever doesn't like this man's music has no soul or heart in them at all!!!

  98. Rosalind Triplett

    I Got It Real Bad!

  99. cleandiaper

    Another masterpiece. Honestly, this sounds like excellent jazz.

    tunefultony johnson

    Jazz artists have taken an interest in this Stevie tune, for example check out saxophonist Hank Crawford's eloquent version.

    Froggy Johnson

    There's nobody I know that can comprehend how Stevie Wonder came up with such an obscurely perfect song. Utterly exquisite!