Wonder, Stevie - Tuesday Heartbreak Lyrics

Tuesday heartbreak seem to be unfair,
Cause you say that you found another man,
Tuesday break heart, guess you just don't care,
Cause you found you another man

I want to be with you when you're all alone,
I want to be with you
when you feel you got another man,
You see, baby, it's all alright

I wanna be with you when the nightime comes,
I wanna be with you when the daytime comes,
I wanna stay, oh baby, lemme, baby with you

Tuesday heartbreak seem to be a drag,
When you know that you love her especially,
Catch up baby, catch up with my dreams,
Maybe than I can see you all the time

But I wanna be with you when the nightime comes
I wanna be with you when the daytime comes,
I wanna stay and never go away,
Oh baby, it's alright

I wanna be with you when the nightime comes,
I wanna stay with you till the morning runs,
I wanna, baby, baby, baby, it's alright

I wanna be with you when the nightime comes,
I wanna be with you till the daytime comes
Oh baby, get away, alright

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Wonder, Stevie Tuesday Heartbreak Comments
  1. Gregory Russ ell


  2. Jason Schoenfeld

    THE 70s....nothing more to say than that.

  3. Carolyn Zaremba

    I remember when this album came out. We played it all the time. I especially loved this tune.

  4. Julius Stuckey

    Tuesday August 6, 2019

  5. rtp1968

    Reminds me of my trip to Rome! Hope to visit again soon.

  6. Brandon

    this song should have a KAJILLION VIEWS, WTF ASSEMBLE!

  7. Daniel G

    Music is magic , I remember a morning of 2002 I think it was. I was a young 27 years old guy living in Chile, preparing my breakfast an orange juice ,eggs and feeling great ... 17 years now I still feel that same feeling everytime I listen to this piece of art .I can even smell that amazing 2002 breakfast.

  8. Ganymede, Jupiter III

    This song got me through so much heartache in high school.

  9. Michelo Nyaundi

    Published on Oct 9 2010

  10. cee spell

    Wale brought me here

  11. Ricardo Garrido

    I always listen 2 this after a breakup & it makes me feel better...That sax man!Catch u in my dreams, maybe then I can see you all the time...♥️

    M Haynes

    David Sanborn on the sax G!!!! My favorite saxophone player of all times!!!! This album is SOOOOO A MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!

  12. Walter Pewen

    Check out the backup vocals- all over the map in all ways, tone, volume you name it. Sort of where guys like Bootsy Collins may have gotten a few of their ideas.

  13. Semply Put

    This was the first album that I ever purchased as a kid. Use to dig the hell out of this song.

  14. imbees2

    Best Stevie album ever.

  15. rob yohn

    1972. vietnam, miniskirts, nixon in china, christmas bombing in north vietnam, anti war protests, munich olympics, olga korbut, israeli athletes killed, mark spitz, beginning of watergate, jane fonda in north vietnam, george wallace shot by arthur bremer.................

  16. David Suber

    I bought three copies of this album and wore them out.!!😎😛🍾🍾🍾🍾🎂🎶🎶💔💔💔

  17. David Suber

    Dynamic😣,this is love.

  18. Kaethe Bratton

    Love this song,heard it on a Tuesday,and had captured my guys heart.1978

  19. LamontCJ

    Denise, Lani, and Syreeta background vocals...David Samdborn on tenor!...

    M Haynes

    I love your ears and your accuracy!!!!!! ASE'!!!!!

  20. Barbara Butler

    💕 💞 💓 💗 💖

  21. Bryan Leigh

    The musicians' musician. Everything he did in the 70s is a masterpiece.

  22. michael julia

    Remember when ma bought this album back in 72 and we all Sat down and listen to this album. She was hip.

  23. Aaron Kiszenia


  24. Torcuai

    My fav stevies tune, thanks for share

  25. Lonnie Christian

    CATCHY LYRIC. 1/25/18

  26. Sandra Smith

    One of 5 albums Prince bought at his favorite wrecks stow in Minneapolis a few days before he passed. Said he listened to it all the way home.

  27. Pedro Ordonez

    I think I broke the replay button.

  28. Cerph

    Tuesday heartbreak, seem to be unfair 
    Cause you say, that you found another man 
    Tuesday break heart, guess you just don't care 
    Cause you found, you another man

    I wanna' be with you, when you're all alone 
    I wanna' be with you, when you feel you got
    You gotta love a man 
    Baby y' see, oh baby all alright

    I wanna' feel with you, when the nightime comes 
    I wanna' be with you, when the daytime comes 
    I wanna' stay, oh baby layly layly, baby with you

    Tuesday heartbreak, seem to be a drag 
    When you know, tha' chu' love her specially 
    Catch up baby, catch her with my dreams 
    Maybe than, I can see you all the time

    I wanna' feel with you, till the nightime comes
    I wanna' be with you, till the daytime comes 
    I wanna' stay, and never go away 
    Oh, baby it's alright

    I wanna' feel with you, till the nightime comes 
    I wanna' stay with you, till the mornin' runs 
    I wanna' stay, oh  baby, baby, baby, oh baby it's alright

    I wanna' feel with you, till the nightime comes 
    I wanna' be with you, till the daytime comes
    I wanna' stay, oh baby get away, it's alright

  29. Les Martin

    There is nothing like this !

  30. David Marquez

    This album won almost every grammy, Stevie Wonder was continuously putting out so many hits that I remember one year he didn't make an album and the grammy award winner said "I'd like to thank Stevie Wonder for not making an album this year" Today it reasonates even more. "Talking Book" a classic and most certainly one of the best albums he ever made! Whoever clicked thumbs down must be tone deaf. SMH

    Elizabeth Williams

    David.....Thank you...

    Elizabeth Williams

    @Andrew Ford "TIMELESS"

    Elizabeth Williams

    Stevie...a musical, lyrical, Legendary Iconic genius...

    Elizabeth Williams

    @Gail Gruenburg Absolutely...Stevie...a musical, lyrical, Legendary Iconic genius...

    Monica Hope

    Oh snap David - Just reading this 2 years after you posted it. I saw the Grammy Awards that year when the artist thanked Stevie for not making an album! To date, I do not believe another musical artist has ever reached the pantheon of complexity and timelessness of Stevie Wonder. He truly is a wonder.

  31. Black Superman

    He was in such demand this and inervisions came out in the same year😮


    He sure was prolific!
    BTW, this and Music of my Mind was 1972, Innervisions was 1973.

  32. Russell Johnson

    David Sanborn was blowing his ass off

  33. Critter

    A great Stevie album brings back such memories from back in the day. Thanks for posting, Crustybrown!

  34. Jessica Hawkins

    sad song....

  35. Les Martin

    What a great song and production, hidden gold ! !

  36. momo121185

    45 years omg. but it's still so good!

    Kasper Kleine Tank

    47 years and still good!!

  37. Brian Smith

    Sanborn's sax is so recognisable. Like on Bowie's Young Americans.


    Yes , and like on "Let's just say goodbye" from Voyeur.

  38. John Jarou

    for some reason, this song has been running through my head last couple of days. knew it was stevie wonder, but couldn't remember the name of the song. did some research, figured it out, and here i am!

    Jeffrey Algra

    I'm here because it's been in my head on over a month. Maybe it might stop by listening to it again

  39. Walter Pewen

    Talking Book is still many folks favorite, it was my intro to the Wonders of Wonder. This record set the pace in the 1970's.

    Joycelyn Bellamy

    Walter Pewen Absolutely.

  40. michael driver

    My favorite by Stevie!!

  41. Dolores Tsukinami

    🎧🎤🎶🎹🎺🎹🎼😊❤❤❤❤❤pure love

  42. Kathryn Monahan

    pure magic! What a great memory listening to this song every day!

  43. Blaq Superman

    my groove

  44. Funktion58

    This is the complete song, perfection

  45. Horace Jordan

    A musical genius! He's the 8th Wonder of the world!

    Kubale Nyaundi

    Published on Sep 5 2010

    Nico Murlowski

    He is the Stevie Wonder of the World

  46. C HILL

    ♡♡♡ Does always seem like a Tuesday...

  47. Keith Diamond




  49. wolf steps

    1single off TALKING BOOK? 2nd? 3rd? Don't think it even made it. No matter! With a voice like the MasterBlaster, a sax like Sanborn's and a heavenly tuesday heartbreak
    like THIS "the band can never LOSE"!!!!

  50. rosewrites

    Very 70's. That's what I love about it.

  51. Patrice Anderson

    This sounds like it was made in the 80s


    +Patrice Anderson 

    James Pardue

    Not even close by 16 years

  52. Oded Fried-Gaon

    man, beautiful tune, but it's a 'slow' upload. his voice is lower. funny.

  53. TheGenreman

    Great sax by David Sanborn.

  54. M.C.

    Ugh!  This song always makes me want to just burst out in random dance.  Stevie, I love you!

    Andre Calhoun

    Same here. and each time I make the stank face, right about the time the drums come in and until the very end. :)

  55. Alicia Henderson

    One of the best hidden treasures on not only 'Talking Book', but out of all of Stevie Wonder's anthology. Very catchy song that puts me in mind of Ray Charles. It sounds 5 years ahead of its time, IMHO. ;D

    Walter Pewen

    Try a zilion years....

    Well Groomed Gent

    A brilliant summing up - amazing track! :)

  56. allenlevelle

    Listen to that killer clavinet. They don't play 'em like that no more.

  57. pdddddp1

    This song is so simple....yet...so genius.

    Bryan Leigh

    It isn't. He makes it seem simple.

  58. perez14soccer18

    An underappreciated Stevie Wonder classic!

  59. MsJollycholly

    @Jonnybass7 who? Sanborn or Wonder?

  60. Jonathan Sanborn

    @MsJollycholly Yeah, he's my father.

  61. MsJollycholly

    @Jonnybass7 is there a story there? I just thought Stevie got the best session guys to play on his albums, along with the best singers? Was there more to David Sanborn's presence? Remember his show back in the day, "Night Music"? He had EVERYONE on as his guest (only the most talented, though then obscure names like Djavan, the Marsalis bros unknown at the time and many others. Wonderful era - sadly missed now.

  62. MsJollycholly

    in 1973 EVERYONE had 'Talking Book'. If you didn't, you were considered a total imbecile. And I mean EVERYONE - White, black, old and young, hippie freaks and hard core rockers (seriously). EVERYONE played it and LOVED it. His appeal was GLOBAL and I daresay even the bigots like it - there was nothing NOT to like. Anyone who had EARS recognized his genius!

  63. perez14soccer18

    @Bravo6Whiskey David Sanborn was so unknown at the time they misspelled his name on the album as "Sanbourn"

  64. Raoul Peterson

    I have checked out these comments I really do not get it- when ths came out ; Stevie played all the instruments worked the background tracks- then allows us to have a glimspe of a piece of what he sees in his mind- check the title -- He actually is telling stories in the songs with blues beats and his own flavor but listening to this he's just havin fun- I think all the great ones reach this plateau then chill for a bit waiting for us to catch up--his music stands the test of time-

  65. rtp1968

    @AxisDimension : I listened to this song over and over on a non stop flight from Rome to Los Angeles.lol

  66. Jonathan Sanborn

    @ilovegoodsax Wow, you know that story? Well-done!

  67. AxisDimension

    I cannot get enough of this song, I think I'ma play it 10 times in a row!

  68. Shannon Carter

    Interesting point...I'd never thought about that!

  69. ilovegoodsax

    @jamesjonesrocket David probably would be horrified to think that his comment might come off as sounding pompous or offensive to other sax players; I'm sure his intent was not to insult anyone. He said that when he found out they had recorded that first run that he asked if he could do it again & was told, "No, that was great!" He protested but Stevie or the producer (?) insisted what he did was what they wanted. I think more than anything this speaks to his playing integrity. :-)

    Olga Shroyer

    Can you imagine how much better the second track would have been?  Sanborn's artistic integrity is indicative of his extreme professionalism.  What a talent!

  70. jamesjonesrocket

    @ilovegoodsax - Thankyou for that very interesting bit of info, I love things like that! I know Dave's only being honest but that's kind of insulting to the rest of us sax players who would love to have that kind of sound! What a great tune.

  71. ilovegoodsax

    Sanborn played in Stevie's band during this time, & Stevie was touring with The Rolling Stones & was the opening act. They finished in LA & David had gone back to his hotel room in the morning after partying hard with the Stones. In a dead sleep, he was summoned to the recording studio, as Stevie wanted him to play on this song. He had not seen the music sheet before & thought it was a practice when in fact it was recorded. He says to this day, he cringes at his playing when he hears this.

    Olga Shroyer

    For impromptu on a hangover with no sleep, Sanborn sounds pretty damn good.  Stevie wouldn't have let it go to the album if it hadn't sounded really good.

    Gregory Russ ell


  72. tljones9

    @ewha1 It probably would have been a hit if it wasn't the b side to another Stevie Wonder hit......"Superstition"

  73. What Ya Reading!

    Happy Tuesday

  74. nik nak

    I wanna be with you.....

  75. John Martin

    David Sanborn on Sax!

  76. Thomas Gotcher

    @RhythmBluesSoul1 I've always caught that that too..genius

  77. yokai08

    powerful shit.
    got heavy rotation in ma house.
    he sings from a place that isnt scared of forever.
    sounds like he's hurt,but optimistically lamenting.
    (if thas possible,lol)

  78. Christopher Lockman

    the song has great meaning, but it is truely one of the only songs you can go through your hood with your car bumpin without hearin profanity or cuss words. Stevie is a BEAST

  79. mvp822

    Happy 60th Birthday, Stevie!

  80. Drblooter99

    Stevie Wonder, along with Steely Dan and a few others -- but mostly Stevie -- embellished melodic pop with jazz chords and licks. Sophisticated AND catchy pop is rare, and Stevie is the master.

    Bryan Leigh

    Drblooter99 - man, I just bout to agree, and I see it's me 8 years back wrote it LOL

  81. oneindachamber

    I gotta get this album but hell there all great so I probley gotta get tha others too. Stevie has nuthin but excellent music full of spirit.

  82. trumusicgen

    this is my jam, some people just don't understand

  83. Carl Mcintosh

    wow great story you must be a somebody
    in music ,
    to learn this would have taken you on a journey of accomplishment noted with the greats

  84. Melissa Meldrum

    I love this song,Stevie so succesful and ambitius! WOW!

  85. motowninvestor

    I care.


    Summer tune this!!! brilliant...

  87. Joyce Rosic Smith

    You're right on it --the ttle is " I Wish"

  88. ricisrock

    o what a priviledge is to be a child of the 70's and have classics like this

  89. graydog788

    when hearing this song what season of the year comes to mind

  90. Joshua Brooks

    What a mysterious and haunting feel to this wonderful song. What a genius! I don't use the term loosely. DISCO? Did I miss something here?

  91. Eric B

    Yeah, the cymbals between the drum beats are like right out of "Love Hangover" or "TSOP".

  92. amd77j


    I agree 100%. Stevie is timeless.

  93. T.L. Davis

    I remember being five or six years old sitting in my father's rocking chair hearing this song on 8-track!!!!

  94. TechGeek1213

    I was 2 in 72 but because i'm a new yorker, i was privy to this wonderful music right until i left the boogie down. WBLS played this music like it was brand new, in the 90's.

  95. esther94619

    this gotten me thru a few heartbreaks since '72, thx Stevie!

  96. ATS68

    My favorite Stevie Wonder tune on the planet! Talking Book is a heavy album from start to finish. People usually label it as the album with "Superstition" - but any true fan knows that the album is way deeper than that. Tuesday Heartbreak, Looking For Another Pure Love, You Got it Bad Girl and Maybe Your Baby are grooves!

  97. Peter Hall

    Best song on the album - stunning and amazing and beautiful and true.....