Wonder, Stevie - Moments Aren't Moments Lyrics

Tender, warm and serene
Are the words that might come close to having
Remnants of the feelings that we can no longer hide
Mighty, shining and clear
Are but mere expressions that don't come near
To the ever glowing eminence of light in our eyes tonight

'Cause moments aren't moments
Until they are moments like this magic moment of ours
And magic's not magic
Until it is magic like magical love in our hearts
Feeling with tender love-bloom

Gentle, quiet, so soft
Are the wings of love that can send us off
To an ever splendor unknown to all in our time
Trusting in the unknown and giving in to what feelings have shown
Will take us to altered intimacies in our lives
Where we'll find

That moments aren't moments
Until they are moments like this magic moment of ours
And magic's not magic
Until it is magic like magical love in our hearts
Feeling with tender love-bloom

'Cause moments aren't moments
Until they are moments like this magic moment of ours
And magic's not magic
Until it is magic like magical love in our hearts
Feeling with tender love-bloom
[Repeat twice]

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Wonder, Stevie Moments Aren't Moments Comments
  1. Mike Banks

    I can remember sneaking to watch this movie on VHS because of the red panties scene and that brief boob shot. Ahhh, the innocence of babes. Or the lack, thereof.

  2. Lily Cute

    I don’t know why I love this song. I actually have this on my playlist.

    Peréz Escargot

    i just sampled it.. slapperrr.

  3. Brian Bradley

    For decades, I only knew this song from the small portion that was in the movie. It wasn't until just recently that I heard the full song. Loved it then, love it now.

  4. Jerry Williams

    My favorite singer of all times. This reminds me of when I was in the US Air Force stationed in California. It takes me back. The power of music is incredible. I can smell things and hear things and just remember what I was doing.

  5. Mike Jackson

    Listening in 2019

  6. jubai12345


  7. Richard Jani

    😊😊😊 Nice song.

  8. roebabycom

    What a beautiful melody matched to a great beautiful voice

  9. tyest adams

    I don't know what brought this song back to mind but I remember loving the gentleness of this song even at a young age of 6 or 7. I didn't know the words just that it was song beautifully by the Lovely Dionne Warwick and that music was beautiful.❤️

  10. . . . 1or2there . . .

    i like "no tell lover" by chicago bettr 4 this sequenc, prsnlly . . .

  11. nachfolgerin jesu


  12. Photizo N.

    Oh Ron...


    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 la canción mas sensual que jamás escuche en mi vida, me imagine haciendo el amor con esa hermosísima mujer que es el amor de mi vida y luego ver el amanecer en sus brazos hasta llore de alegría😭😭😭 y con la prodigiosa voz de Dionne que hermoso sueño 😍😍😍😍

  14. Bryan McLaughlin

    Dionne warwicks voice is magnificent on this underrated classic from an underrated album for a great underrated movie! I saw the “the woman in red” a couple of weeks ago and it’s still a great movie!

  15. Raniery Cruz

    Linda essa musica.

  16. Elisabetta Amadei

    What a beautiful voice!

  17. 内藤誠康

    やさしい ...

  18. Dr. killpatient

    You can hear Warwick singing the theme to the valley of the doll' s " or Alfie" during this song' s chorus.


    For sure! Mr Wonder was definitely a fan of Bacharach and David!

  19. Claudia Herrera Diaz

    Me encanta la voz y melodia de esta cancion

  20. Nathan & Sopa

    I loved this soundtrack in the 80s and even more now. The movie was great too. A great story about relationships between friends and family. I love Wilder because it's always as if he's experiencing things for the first time. Not an easy trick when you're in your 50s..!

  21. Janice Mayo

    My god OMG I miss 1984 good, good, good times

  22. Muneca Mccoy

    Love this song!

  23. Robert Taylor

    I love this beautiful song by Dionne Warwick and Stevie Wonder.

  24. Keke Denae

    One of my all time favorites 🙌🏾 I have this move the sound track was fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #80s

  25. WestJason9

    Ms. Dionne sets this music off and this song further proves that Stevie is a genius

  26. Chris Huffman

    Stevie was a musical genius. He still is

  27. Андрей Е


  28. Rich Jones


    So many memories from my childhood in the 80s - my Dad had this soundtrack on repeat. He had good taste ;-)

  29. Bryan Sarracino

    My love song. She didn't even know

  30. Thickumzkandypoo007

    I still remember my daddy taking me to this🎥🎬🎦

  31. thejazzman210

    Stevie Wonder. Nuff' said.

  32. William Stonehocker

    Dionne is Whitney's cousin.

    dale stuart

    are you sure ? i believe dionne is whitney's aunt.

  33. Martin Manhold

    When this album came out i listened to it every single day!!!

    Bryan Sarracino

    Martin Manhold me too. I loved it

  34. Denise Simpson

    Gene Wilder. RIP, darling. November 5, 2016.

  35. Terrell James

    Super smoothed out song. Go 'head Dionne! Stevie Wonder outdid himself producing the song.

  36. Fernando Rodriguez Garcia

    Thanks Mr. Gene Wilder. :D

  37. Teresita Humilde

    My daughter and I just watched the movie The Woman in Red and this song of Dionne Warwick is so smooth and romantic!

  38. Juan Carlos Vizcaíno Martínez

    Excepcionalmente evocadora...

  39. Ronald Warner

    love this song

  40. Day Night

    Lovely song

  41. MissTia777

    2nd grade jam!


    Fourth grade for me.


    2nd grade for me

  42. DaOrigTruthSeeker

    She has a soothing voice.


    DaOrigTruthSeeker: indeed she does.....when i am stressed out, i like listening to her. She helps me to restore calm in my mind.

  43. Jpilot

    Wow, haven't heard this in awhile! Thanks..

  44. Sergio braga osorio

    realy true...moments aren't moments!

  45. Paolo Carpineti


  46. yomi williams

    Simply divine....love these moments

  47. stratojb

    Great Stevie's beat

    Milagros Latorre

    Nice music!!

  48. Leslie Stevens

    Just came in from work , its a beautiful way to end the day . April 26, 2014 9:50 am

    terri hooks

    Leslie Stevens I'm doing the same thing in October 2017.just got home from work at 10 pm.

  49. Deayjay

    That's how I always felt about this song. He was definitely influenced by Bacharach and David.

  50. Femi Jaye

    My man, she was.

  51. Ray Newport

    A very beautiful song!

  52. Caughtupinda90s

    Yep couldnt agree more this song's like silk

  53. tonystark001

    Thats it I'm building a time machine and going back to the 80's


    Take me with you.


    Soul quaking :O)

  55. Sipho Mnguni

    @adamgslater she was the best @that time,i watched the film many times because of her...

  56. Hernan Cortes Lobaton

    Simply Marvelous!!!!

  57. MsCarlettina

    musica stupenda

  58. Sunshine S. Morningstar

    This is a good one!

  59. Hernan Cortes Lobaton

    Simply unbilievable the Soundtrack n Movie¡¡¡¡¡

  60. Ricardo Davey

    No pudiera comprender porque a alguien no le gustaría esta música: rompe las barreras del idioma por su belleza y emotividad.

  61. Jason Jones

    One of my FAVE Dionne tracks of all time ! Her voice is like silk and Stevies music hautingly perfect! I listen to it over and over with a glass of wine watching the ocean waves! Pure chillax. Oh so mellow.

  62. MrCrimsoneyedprince

    Music has a hypnotic effect on those who love it. It seeps into you and takes over. It brings out memories and sends life into your soul, take this song for instance, it makes you think of the love you have, or had with someone in the past.

  63. Ursa Diminished

    dammit! i just wasn't old enough in the 80's, but from what i remember still has a lasting impression one. I was only 6 when this came out but i remember it well..this soundtrack is amazing and anyone who hates on it is a fucking moron..

  64. MrMunchee1


  65. bootycheese69

    Great song by Dionne. I also love "Weakness" she sang with Stevie on the soundtrack. Damn what happened to music like this that moved you?

  66. brasil9950

    @singingcc2 Gilda Radner play an unforgetable role in the movie and, of course, her merit is very important in the movie.

  67. blacksultan85

    I GOT THIS ALBUM!!!!!!!!!

  68. islezeus

    @adamgslater she was... weird science was the best!

  69. DebsLuvsMusic

    Now this is what I call a beautiful, easy listening song!
    The song just takes me away to a "magic moment"!!!

  70. brasil9950

    "Woman in red" is a realist movie, and all the actors are in special and perfect roles. The soundtrack combines romance and rhythm. Kelly LeBrok and Gene Wilder gives special mood to the story.

  71. brasil9950

    Sempre comparo este filme com aquele "Uma linda mulher". Aquele é sonhador, quase impossível, apenas interessante. Este "Woman in red" é realista, verdadeiro, plausível e verossímil. Além disso, Gene Wilder está ótimo, assim como Kelly LeBrok, os demais atores e a trilha sonora é formidável.

  72. Ronnie Simpson

    Could put me to asleep in a matter of seconds with her unbelievable voice! A walking talking lullaby............

  73. Lottalox

    Me Too!!!!!!

  74. Lottalox

    Been looking for this.. Thank you for this.. Really... Thank you..

  75. MsTexas73

    20 somethign years later and I still ♥ this soundtrack. "Love's Light in Flight", This song, "It's You" and "Weakness" are my FAVORITES on it.

  76. Adam Slater

    I vaguely remember that commercial, and in my opinion it shows you that she was able to not take herself too seriously, and not be completely up on herself !
    I was very young at the time and maybe you do have a couple of years on me, I'm 25 almost 26.

  77. Adam Slater

    I love how certain music can make you reminisce of happy times and emotions, and for me the whole album manages to do so. I also absolutely adore the film, is it just me or was Kelly LeBrock the sexiest thing of the 1980's.

  78. superjigga2004

    Brillant Sound Track - Properly the best song on it (All Great Songs). Personally I thought this movie was fantastic (fan of Gene Wilder) but it got penned down by critics. Such a shame but at least Stevie got the recognistion he deserved winning an award for this album

  79. djpachino

    Best song on the sdtk. Probably a tie though between this and "It's You!" One of the best sdtks Hands Down.

  80. hotvision

    stevie definitly wrote and produced this album. clearly the creative control was in his hands, you can tell by the angelic chord progressions. i f'n love stevie

  81. hotvision

    yea stevie wonder produced this whole album. it kinda says it right there. and you can tell by the sound of the track really, its so stevie gotta love it.

  82. hotvision

    stevie wonder poops hit singles

  83. swelatino

    this tune is on dionnes album friends
    with the big hit thats what friends are for

  84. FedeRhodes

    why is she a hipocrit

  85. naomi jones

    This is just FANTASTIC!!..who said romance was dead..Just play this track and melt the ice.

  86. heather wilson

    how can this music be saved to a disk? Thanks

  87. julianajuliana

    Simply great!

  88. Pete Galvan

    definite song to get in the moment with

  89. aramanth

    Love this song, it has such an atmosphere. Very ethereal and beautiful.

  90. islezeus

    I know what you mean...

  91. Fabio di Biase

    sweet stevie's melodies brings me the memory of other places and young loves

  92. hygrass

    oh wow.. i've been searching for this song for years.. beautiful