Wonder, Stevie - Maybe Your Baby Lyrics

I'm feelin' down and some kind of lonely,
Cause' my baby done left me here,
Heart's blazing like a five alarm fire
And I don't even give a care

I feel like the world is turnin' on me,
My dreams turnin' to ashes right in front of my face,
And I'm gettin' kind of worried,
And I feel so out of place,

Maybe your baby done made some other plans,
Maybe your baby done made some other plans

[Background] . . I feel like cryin', yeh, yeh
Maybe baby, baby, baby, baby, baby

In the mornin' when I've got heartache,
I can't call up the doctor for help,
Cause' the only person that could ever do me any good,
Is steppin' out with my best friend

I feel like I'm slippin' deeper,
Slippin' deeper into myself,
And I can't take it,
This stuff is scarin' me to death

Maybe your baby done made some other plans,
Kinda makin' me worried,
Maybe your baby done made some other plans

Little Sally Walker, sittin' in a saucer,
Checkin' out the guys that are passing by

[Background]...by, by, by, by...

Maybe your baby done made some other plans

Maybe your baby done made some other plans,
Not includin' future plans,
Maybe your baby done made some other plans,
Maybe my baby done made some other plans,
Maybe my baby done made another plan
with another man.
Your baby, your baby, stupid baby, your baby,
That you put so trust so much trust in your baby,
Maybe your baby done made some other plans

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Wonder, Stevie Maybe Your Baby Comments
  1. zim,will ,salvador, the diamond dogs

    his voice is androgynous

  2. Jolie991

    you know what? maybe my baby DONE made some other plans

  3. Albert W. Moore

    OMG, This is some form of super funk from another planet

  4. Qiana Conley

    Yesssssss. Some real music

  5. conrad ford

    So glad I got to see Stevie, and that I got eight crates of vinyl. Love albums.

  6. Thomas Gonder

    That's Lauryn Hill on vox and Meshell Ndegeocello on bass. And vox. My point is: just listen to how brilliant this is and how much influence on the history of music is on display here. Today's youth would be overwhelmed by this quality of music making.

  7. Darkchakra 0608

    Who comes from Tone Loc...

  8. Solo 93

    Now I see what he see with that bass line. Give me the bass.

  9. Cindydst81

    One of my all time Fav of Stevie's. Rufus and Chaka covered this as was Almost as Fonky!! Lol!

  10. Tony Music

    If this lasted forever it wouldn't be long enough.💗🎵

  11. Mellow Elephant

    What if computers had keys? As in, you "ignite" the computer rather than booting [it] up?

  12. Neil Rogers


  13. tajhan webster

    So funky u can smell the stank on it! Definitely 1 his most underrated tracks everrrrr and yes i def believe this is where mj got the heehee from 100 percent! He was in the studio with stevie for this wholeee album process and always states how much stevie milded him

  14. Colin Ferguson

    Bom be bom bom bom, chikky bow bow!
    Can't argue with that.

  15. Kenya Grundy

    Check out the live version of this that he did with Prince...two legends on one stage, truly amazing

  16. Black Magician

    😮Wow-... I can feel the spirited wind that would push Micheal Jackson's sails here.

  17. Justin Case

    Stevie is the GOAT!!!

  18. sonnyblack71

    You can hear Stevie's influence in Prince's Erotic City!

  19. Tanesha Holman

    I just discovered this song today, and HOLY. SHIT. Talk about love at first listen! This joint is FIRE!!

  20. Cerph

    "I'm a little boy" ;o)

  21. 2Howl

    How do you say masterpiece? Along with Parliament’s ‘Gamin on you’, this is a funk masterpiece.

  22. Jonathan Blaze

    This song is absolutely disgusting.....in a good way.

  23. Joe Nicholls

    What a tune

  24. Eachoneteachone

    2019 Blues!!!!!

  25. Jacqueline Wernett

    I was born in Bethlehem, March 11...L'chaim from Jerusalem...Gott is not a solo act and truth both you and me and We..Sincerely Jacova Wernett
    The Anchor..The Arch..The Rain.m.3.14...for you..a lamb and German Shepherd.

  26. d b

    I was raised on Motown, rock, blues, and was fortunate enough to have grown up in the 60,’s, 70’s; a special time-D.

  27. Jason Royston

    The scene in money talks when chris tucker meets up with elise neal at the spot

  28. Nappy Scribe

    Love my Stevie’s music!

  29. Richard Marshall Bowman

    A master at his craft.......


    Steve is like a force of nature. I have seen him in like interviews and such, where he just sits at a keyboard and music starts comin outta him off the top of his head. He doesn't have to think about it or even try. Im surprised he doesnt drop a song every day.

  30. Richard Marshall Bowman

    This is Stevie at his absolute funkiest....!!


    I was made to love her is great as well. Listen to Rufus and Chaka cover this as well as "I was mad to love Him".

  31. Richard Marshall Bowman

    "Maybe your baby done made some other plans.....!"


    Maybe yo' baby done made some other plans.
    Maybe yo baby done met some other man.

  32. missy laster


  33. Sally

    Played this album nonstop in college in 1973. I don't think my friends got it, oh well.

  34. ThePrideofAfricaKings1

    Funky Rock at its best! Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Stevie Wonder!

  35. Roc Jackson

    Man...this song goes down in you and get funk out of you that you didn't even know you had... a funk detector

  36. Euan Thorburn


  37. Gail Grigsby

    Shit baby!

  38. C.l. Young

    One of his best always

  39. DrfidEZ

    Should be in the top ten funkiest jams of ALL time!

  40. discokev kevinm

    No artist has ever come near to Stevie. He felt the funk it in a way that us mere mortals would never understand. Goddamn it.

  41. Bobby Snead

    Boy Ray Parker is stinging that guitar

  42. Foxxamillion !

    Steve produced the entire record with the exception of the guitar

  43. DeJacTV

    Stevie showing he can get funky too

  44. Vernon D.P.

    BTW, maybe 56 people ain't got no HD Headphones o_O

  45. Vernon D.P.

    IMHO This song (and album) was one of the primary reasons HD Headphones were invented.

  46. Gene Price

    Just imagine revised lyric "maybe your baby done made some other plan , maybe your baby done met some other man "

  47. Rod Nixon

    The only thing that could've made this better is if Prince was playing guitar on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNwtWhYodpg

  48. Stefano

    That fuckin bass looks like gum! Stevie is the g.o.a.t.

  49. Emergency Multimedia

    Can't believe I Loved this as a kid... but I did ... Still do!!

  50. DO IT WELL

    ...."little Sally Walker sitting in a saucer checking out the guys that are passing by"... his girl checking for another dude...never gets old. .Love me some Stevie💝

  51. Tris 87 Don

    Isit me but the voice from 4:30 onwards reminds me of prince if I was your girlfriend. No doubt he influenced prince aswell as others.

  52. Double Smooth


  53. wSharri Upton

    SHAKE MY SOUL!!!  Some of Stevie Wonder's best songs were never released as singles, such as this dynamo gem!

  54. Robert Kimble

    This is song is the birth of Prince and Michael lmao. Stevie is nuts

  55. Royce Branch

    The bass is just nasty and funky!

  56. Roosevelt McCarter

    Maybe Your Baby from the Lp "Talking Book."


    5:10 maybe your baby done f- up thangs. Oh stevie.

  58. YourHalfSister

    I was born in '72 and I'm a Stevie Wonder fan, but the first time I ever heard this was 2 months ago at rehearsal for a fashion show that I was in last Saturday. The designer I walked for is 25 and a HUGE Stevie fan.

  59. Shawn Moore

    killer jam. Rufus and Chaka killed it too. you

  60. Mildred Boduwe

    This is great...listened to this from Oliver Tambo to Switzerland...yeaahh..

  61. bdrax2002

    Maybe yo' baby done made some other plans.
    Maybe yo baby done met some other man.

  62. Greg Kolesnikov

    where can I buy this album.

    Roosevelt McCarter

    Greg Kolesnikov On Amazon or iTunes.

  63. Patrick Roney

    There is just too much beautiful funk in this song for mortal man to hear.

  64. de Hoins

    Das Intro ist kein Synte, sondern das uralte & geile Hohner D6 Clavinet aus Deutschland. Leider mit zu viel Nebengeräusche.


    War *damals* nicht uralt! :)

  65. Robert Hurd

    pure talent off the charts

  66. Terri L. Willmott

    The JAM!!

  67. Arise24

    i hear mj singing this lol

  68. D Me

    Steve's best albums were when he played most, or all, instruments.

  69. zim,will ,salvador, the diamond dogs

    i was a teenager and i put this song over and over like a mantra....my dad gone crazy..;

  70. FutureIsNow

    when listening this i feel like been smoke hovering up

  71. Mats Hagglund

    "Little Sally Walker, sitting in a saucer
    Checking out the guys that are passing by......by, by, by, by..."

  72. Joann Johnson

    I use played this when I about 6year old my mom had this album l loved this one especially. I bought this from Wal-Mart this cd.

  73. Sun is rose

    Thank you Stevie!!!!

  74. Sapphire Luna

    "Maybe she'll come back tomorrow!!" Lol

  75. Sapphire Luna

    "Put so much trust in your baby" lol 😂 yesss Stevie we've all been there


    The FIRST album I bought. My Sister and I split the cost and played it like there were no others!! I actually remember where I was when I first heard this song. I said, "That's the kind of music I like!" Thank you for the post!!

  77. Greg Battles

    HMMMMMM prince sounds like stevie a bit maybe prince? oh well maybe i'm wrong.

  78. Queen2u

    Stevie is just a brilliant soul. 2018 and this classic STILL ROCKS. THIS BEAT IS INSANE.

    Roc Jackson

    Yep.. I cannot deny that funktacious you're making 👍🏽

  79. Janine Thorkelson


  80. Alessandro Formisano

    This song is years way ahead!

  81. Thomas Davis

    30 people done lost their Babies. Maybe they should have listened sooner. LOL

  82. Jatika Manigault

    Nth degree funk.
    Face peeling funk.
    Grey hair turning back to black funk.
    Fried chicken and waffles for breakfast funk.
    Grandparents got the kids for two weeks in the summer funk.
    Finally, don't mess wit' my headphones while I'm listening to the Funk, funk.


    stealing this! lmao

    Christine Danser

    70s Stevie funk. The funk funk.

    Gail Gruenburg

    Oh, Hell yes.

    Marlon Stewart

    FUNK at its finest!! No artificial ingredients, just pure natural, from the gutta, no time to waste!!👏👏

  83. Thomas Davis

    I just can't believe there are 29 people who gave a thumbs down. Musta lost their baby. LOL

  84. Nina Nikolova

    Blue song with major accords....SW is Genius!!

  85. Willie Boyland

    Terence Trent D'Arby's style was heavily influenced by Stevie too!! Pure unadulterated FUNK!!!!

  86. Willie Boyland

    I need for D'angelo to do a cover of this record soon!!


    Willie Boyland I like it! He’s not going to top the original, now - but I could see D’angelo putting his own unique stamp on it.

    Assata Wells


    Keith Farrelly

    No cover needed dude it's done

    Marquella Scott

    It wouldn't come close to Prince's or Chaka Khan's covers.

  87. Willie Boyland

    This is where MJ got his late 70's early 80's vocal style from!! Not enough credit given to this man as a vocalist smh...

    Jeff Stipp

    MJ got a LOT from Stevie!


    No to mention Glenn Hughes. :D Came here because of his 1995 cover version(EDIT: And he said he could never cover SW song :D :D ). Wonder has certainly influenced people outside the genre he is mostly known for.

    Jonathan Blaze

    Hee hee! 1:26

    Fred Prince

    He's the greatest a blind black man who started Martin Luther king Jr holiday and stood for equality yes he's special his music represents our struggles yes he's special love his music

  88. Dodge-Mopar-Man

    Love this Song.

  89. Joshua Stephens

    God. Damn!

  90. Honey327

    This song will make you wanna go to church and pray. Need some help.

  91. Anthony Hall

    Okay after reading over some the comments here is my 2 cents , You have to expect all facets of the "Soul Music / Blues / Funk" , which "Maybe your Baby is a pure Funk Jam... Listen to the Syncopation , Stevie' keyboard licks are locked with the Bass and Drum Hits , that's Funk Y'all , not Blues the combo claps on the 1 & 2 , the snare rim shot is locking everybody together again that is a Funk'Lic ,

  92. Solid E

    Songs in the Key, Innervisions, Fullingness First, all bad albums but Talking Book was his masterpiece in my opinion.  Why this album didn't win the Grammy for album of the year is beyond me...hell I can hear what influenced Prince on this shit...

    Syl Ander

    Solid E He cleaned up for the entire decade. He had to let somebody win one!! 😜. No words for what Stevie’s music has done for me ❤️

    Henry Martin

    Solid E . 74th playins wonderful all the way.hnm.ok! and was everyone.


    To me, the pinnacle was Fullingness First Finale.

  93. Quintin Williams

    are Y'ALL serious? this is what I lessened to in the 60 70 and 80s.

  94. sloneasy1

    Yeah that's how and the only way to KILL Baby !!!!!!!

    Treniece McMillan

    sloneasy1 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  95. stephen shaw

    Stevie Wonder. Musical Genius. Chaka khan and Rufus did this song later. If you want to know how Steve did this song, just google Steve Wonder Tonto. Tonto is the name of the synthesizer.

    Quintin Williams

    no look at 1965 and more