Wonder, Stevie - Isn't She Lovely Lyrics

Isn't she lovely
Isn't she wonderful
Isn't she precious
Less than one minute old
I never thought through love we'd be
Making one as lovely as she
But isn't she lovely made from love

Isn't she pretty
Truly the angel's best
Boy, I'm so happy
We have been heaven blessed
I can't believe what God has done
Through us he's given life to one
But isn't she lovely made from love

Isn't she lovely
Life and love are the same
Life is Aisha
The meaning of her name
Londie, it could have not been done
Without you who conceived the one
That's so very lovely made from love

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Wonder, Stevie Isn't She Lovely Comments
  1. Jakel eI 557th

    like that song

  2. Marta Garzón

    I only know this song because Harry Styles auditioned with it in The X Factor 😅🤍

  3. Marie Salinas

    January 26 @ 630 am getting ready for church with all three of my girls made from love....

  4. Ishmael, Star Sentinel

    I'm here because the level up sound in Outer Worlds sounds exact like the melody.

  5. KAIRO 79

    Algum brasileiro ouvindo ?

  6. Brianna Vasquez

    This is my song to my precious little sister Elianna Rose shes my family's gift from heaven

  7. Catalina Delore

    Escucha la Musica Mia del Padre mio 🥇🎯🎼🎷🔈🔉🔊📢📣

  8. free star


  9. Iona Birch

    Teacher:are u listening

    My mind:

  10. 林の中の象


  11. assouan louxor

    Magnifique super Stevie

  12. Lorenza Saffi

    7:00am 24 Gennaio 2020!!!!!

  13. E Currie

    God's blessing in adding another grand niece to the clan. ❤💚💜💙👍🙌☝🙏

  14. Carmen Rodríguez Alonso


  15. here we go again baby

    I know

    You searched

  16. gaudii ask

    so satisfied

  17. Rosa Henriquez

    Iove your songs

  18. 김원영

    이순실 러블리
    Isunsir lovely

  19. malgorzata monika

    So Beautiful💗Thank you so much🌹

  20. かげこねるこ

    I guess this song reminds me of Neruchan

  21. Shara Gabriel

    @ Mr Wright thanks for the clarification. Still though, the song can be interpreted in any way one would like it.

  22. Sammy Lopez

    Every time I hear this, it makes me think about my family mostly my mom

  23. Tiara Puspita

    beautiful song

  24. R6 Seige

    This nigga was not blind

  25. Greg Ferdinand

    Probably the greatest lyrics ever put to paper by pen

  26. Stars

    This video's views are even higher than the origimal one.

  27. isaac lim

    Came from davie504

  28. hobi luvr

    OMG this song is just so beautiful. such thoughtful and heart warming lyrics

  29. Max X

    Im only 20 but this song makes me long for the day I have a daughter, and I can look at her and feel the love that Stevie felt while writing this song.

    eve burke

    i feel the same! but i'm only 16 haha

  30. Zee Bibi

    X 👁💋

  31. applehead •

    i love this song, but i'm sure that i'm not the only one who came here becosue Harry Styles sing it on X-Factor...

  32. Frank T

    Two of my daughters are getting married this year...this is one of the songs I may choose for the Father/Daughter dance.

  33. Cliff Cabanlit

    I relly love this music coz it mesmerize in a sense that im so lovely indeed thru my entire life with full of colors and character xxx

  34. Genesson Marques

    version of music in Brazil

  35. isabella graham

    as someone who’s always had an absent dad, this song really hits in a different way that’s hard to explain. to all of the people who are potential or are already dads, please, cherish them. make them feel loved.

  36. lilou gacha


  37. Tadashi Hamada

    isn't she lovely?

  38. hiphopboy36

    When Stevie had his first baby girl this song he came up with the lyric's on the day that she was born. And here we are with this amazing song!😀

  39. Sandra Robinson

    Isn't she lovely

  40. Mia Butler

    Anyone else think that harry sung it better even though he was 16?

  41. Louey Bencheikh

    Who is listenning to this in 2020 ??

  42. Sherry June Smith

    My precious daddy had this play for me as I walked into.Stater Bros on the eve before my birthday, 2 years ago. I felt in a completely different dimension, & I felt great respect and IMMENSE GRATITUDE I will never forget dad playing this extremely special song.



  44. ケロ松


  45. 뚱이

    당신은 한국인을 발견하셨습니다...

    한국댓이 보고싶어요..

  46. Ali Tab

    2020? like.

  47. Timothy Hornbuckle

    Reading all the comments bawling my eye out may god bless yall

  48. 손유정

    여윽지 오리지날이 짱이야

  49. SMA Little

    2020 anyone

  50. Alex 573

    Beautiful song🎵🎶

  51. WhatsWithAndyy !

    1:15 Thank me later

  52. zeze do bone

    Of course she is!...

    zeze do bone

    Take her very far away from me!! To Madeira!!! Her promised land!!.... keep that b.... away from me, please!!!... I would pay for it, if I could, but I can't! No "tusto" in my pockets....

    zeze do bone


  53. e. park

    Steve, you are so lovely, wonderful and precious♥♥♥

  54. Tene Cat


  55. Marina Lucia De Carvalho Gomes

    Hi dad, I miss you, even if I don't remember you. Idk if u just wanted to sing this song to me sometime, I don't remember you, but I will always love you and I think that Alice too.

  56. Ayman 90

    How many listeners in 2020🌷❤

    The Fluids to Life.

    Ayman 90 we don’t need a calendar

    The Fluids to Life.

    Ayman 90 smh ofc we’re in 2020 everyone is in 2020 it’s impossible not to be in 2020

    Josie Abraham

    You aren't special, plenty of people still listen to this song in 2020 stupid

  57. Nas Lema

    Kd os brasileiros aki em 2020 ???? Dá um jóinha

  58. 이정훈

    한국인인 사람 손

  59. Mr.Kardosović

    Stevie can't see.. how can he see that she's or he or thee lovely and pretty?

    Rosenda Alvarez

    He sees with his heart.
    You can see and feel more better with your heart than your eyes .

    K. Hamilton

    The eyes of the flesh are a handicap. They restrict you to seeing just what's in front of you. Spiritual eyes see everything else my friend

    Danny Carmichael

    Check out the song Do I Do. The first line says "When I SEE 👀you on the street, my whole body gets weak." Quite a few of his songs mention some form of vision. I think he's been dropping hints that he could see but no one seems to SEE it. 🤔

  60. Andrew Gadd

    Had this played at my daughter's funeral back in the 1990s. Whenever I hear this song it always brings a tear to my eyes...


    So sorry for your loss. God bless.

  61. Dezi and Play Zhaila and Pranks

    My teacher told me about this song and now I love it

  62. •Inxpidion 嘎查•

    My dad plays this on the harmonica 😭

  63. 상준한

    한국인 이노래 진짜 너무 좋잖앙~~~♡♡^^

  64. danthegoat13❶

    One of his greatest songs along with My Cherie Amour.

  65. Sharon Lynn Schafer

    Hayley this is how I felt when u enter my life

  66. Khalieff Alegend

    My daughter ringtone when she calls me that's daddy's baby girl ❤❤❤❤❤

  67. Denny

    His best song

  68. mjstc

    The whole time Stevie is actually legit wondering if she's lovely or not

    Ntando Mntungwa

    stewpid but true he's like is she? everyone else is dancing

  69. serena luna

    I lost my baby at 5 months pregnant on December 2, 2019 and I sing this song to her while she's in heaven....I pray she can hear me. 👼🌈🌜🍇🌛
    RIP Angel Grape Vine-Luna

    Resse Stevenson


  70. Aesthetic Marginal

    (Very long comment)

    *I was alone on New Years Eve and met a girl on omegle and it was the greatest thing*

    3 days ago on 2020 new year night I was home alone (cause I have no friends) and sad so I decided to go on "omegle" and it was like second time ever. So I was there like 8 hours straight and didn't get anything special but at last I met this girl. At the beginning I made a joke about the time cause for her it was like 6 hours till midnight and for me it was 1 after it, so I said that "So that means that I am in the future". She smiled. And it was the most beautiful smile I have ever seen in my life (ours camera was a bit bellow so we didn't see the eyes of each other. And we didn't talk, we were writing). So we were chatting for like a half an hour (which for me felt like few hours). So I said how it is difficult for me now, I did tell her my issues and stuff and she was so supportive. And I said her to never do drugs and make friends cause later you could get friends harder, like me. I'm 26 and she's 17. And I felt so affection not in a sexual way but in a person, like a friend. So we were just chatting about life, I said about lucid dreaming, cause that is my passion, and other stuff. She said things about herself. So at the end I said that she made me very happy and we waved and we ended the conversation. Later I was laying on my bed looking at the ceiling with few tears of happiness. I am not the type of guy who tears everyday, but these type of tears are the first ones in my life. I don't know If god or something like that exist, but that time I thought that something truly exists cause I met a real angel, so pure. And I did not took her "instagram" or "facebook" or anything and I didn't know why. Well we would probably never meet cause we are like on the different sides of earth, but we could be a friends at least, you know. Now I just know that we will never talk again. But I am very grateful that this was how New Year started. I wish you all the best year and years. And I would suggest not to hesitate, when you are meeting another lovely girl or a human being so kind and sweet, just exchange the social networks if you had the connection. These people are like diamonds, immensely rare. By the way I think I was interesting to her too.

    If there is a bit of chance that you are reading this, please PM me. (I know it's stupid, but who know's how far it could go) Key words: Lucid dreaming, lapis lazuli necklace and pearl bracelet.

    P.S. I am sorry for my mistakes. English is not my mother language

    P.P.S. I know that it may look stupid or something but I just wanted to share it. There are always wonderful things happening in life. And I learned from this young lady that we need to accept ourselves for who we are. There are people that are like us and understands us.

  71. Mark Daniel Songalia

    I used this song to create a video for my wife because i miss her so much, 🤗thank you for this song stevie 🙏

  72. Kirito Official

    Whos Here Jan 3 2020?

  73. Aaron Boswell

    Playing this for my niece

  74. Hagaton games

    Esse cara é tooop d+

  75. Hagaton games

    Amo esse cara

  76. Leandro Oliveira

    2 de Janeiro de 2020. Jonh meu amor. Te amo.

  77. Robert McKenzie

    My wife loves david Parton version

  78. Sylvia Stallion


  79. Sylvia Stallion

    U been sent from above Stevie wonder

  80. Sylvia Stallion

    Love Stevie wonders music 2 kennys wife 2 be

  81. Belinda Williamson


  82. Belinda Williamson


  83. Renzo Laguardia

    2019? Who's still listening?

  84. Marcus Reeves




  86. Daniella Silva


  87. ImCraw

    But.. But.. How he know she lovely? He blind!

  88. みるた-Mylta-


  89. KaiHal Ikeuchi


  90. Sun Light

    This song is for my baby see you soon

  91. La'keytrea Maxwell-Fields

    Thru it all God Is Still Good To Me... With or Without Family.. Ive been alone for 3 yrs... And Im sure some people have been much longer than that ...its jyst realizing when all you have is YOU is something so amazing... It justifies the wordsofthis song... When its JYSTYOU!