Wonder, Stevie - I Love You Too Much Lyrics

Honey you make me feel like you care a lot
But I-I-I-I-I, I love you too much
Baby you make me feel like you need me a lot
But I-I-I-I-I, I love you too much

When you say those words of love to me
It makes me feel so good inside
But when the sunshine comes and you must leave
It only leaves me with my own foolish pride

Baby you make me feel like you care a lot
But I-I-I-I-I, honey, I love you too much
Baby you make me feel like you care a lot
But I-I-I-I-I, honey, I love you too much

Oh, when you say those words of love to me
I know you know you make me feel so good inside
But if by break of day you never can stay
There must be something in our love that I don't know about that you
Feel you've got to hide

Baby, baby, you make me feel like you care a lot
But I-I-I-I-I, honey, I love you too much
Baby you make me feel like you care a lot
But I-I-I-I-I, honey, I love you too much
Hey I love you, I love you, I love, I love you
Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby
I love you, I need you, I love, I love you
Feel me, feel me, feel me, feel me, love me, love me
I love you baby, don't let nobody tell you that I don't love you baby
Oh oh I love you
Baby, have you ever wished that forever nighttime could last
Don't leave my heart a broken glass baby, oh oh
Sometimes I feel like I love you
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you
Maybe three much
Yeah, I love you
You make me feel like you care a lot
But I-I-I-I-I, I love you too much

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Wonder, Stevie I Love You Too Much Comments
  1. dale stuart

    stevie is definitely the master blaster.

  2. TooMuchMemes

    bruh this shoulda been on vice city!!!

  3. MoniAndretti OfficialJetMisses

    Idk I love this album since I was kid I used to play moms records she didn’t mind I took care of her collection

  4. Rand-Tor {Tim Mungin}

    Who's here in 2019?........(I AM)

  5. trent andrew

    the music theory is fucking me up


    lol!! That nasty synth bass progression "Should go to jail!"

  6. 굥이

    어떻게된게 이 오래된 노래가 요즘노래보다 세련됐을까

  7. trent andrew

    literally sounds like something from streets of rage

  8. mdmarshall2

    So much to love about this song...in my head on a regular basis.

  9. arielioness2


  10. Melanie Biggins

    Here in 2019!

  11. kmtreal

    I just discovered this album in my old collection, and it is a GEM! I was absolutely amazed to hear so many GREAT songs on one album. Stevie Wonder is pure genius.

  12. The Constant Seeker of Truth

    2019...but I just warped back to 1985...and Honey, I love you too much!!! The BASS is funkin up my earbuds!

  13. Raymond Allen Jhangiani

    Steve wonder’s music has got its own unique touch !

  14. Lateshia Childs

    Another classic Stevie Wonder album

  15. Frances Rush

    Classic Steveland! My Jam here! Played the grooves off of this one! Love me some Stevie! I love you too much, maybe three much. . . Much Love!

  16. Michelo Nyaundi

    Published on Aug 8 2011

  17. Wrinthia Kendrick

    Maybe 3 much....GENIUS!

  18. Jean-Christophe Mercier

    Yamaha DX7 digital synthesizer was used in that album. Easy to recognize sounds such as the bass line, E Piano 1, etc.


    Jean, did Chaka Kahn use it in This Is My Night?

    Jean-Christophe Mercier

    @boowonder888 Yes, the DX7 was used in this song too. "Tubular bells" sound was heared.

  19. Renaissance X.O.

    Don't Let Nobody Tell U That - I Don't Luv U Babe...😏💕🎶

  20. Edward Benoit

    Hey, Stevie is a true Transedentalist! Higher Ground!! Can't get any Higher!!!!

  21. James Laudat

    Hi there it's us James and Josie Laudat who loves this track so much for your love of Stevie wonder and Josie and James Laudat.

  22. Lark Thomas

    My favorite Stevie Wonder album.. so underrated definitely a sleeper..!!!

    Renaissance X.O.

    Co-$ign... Part-Time Lovers, Land of LaLa, LoveU2Much, Never In Your Sun, Overjoyed! I Mean, C'mon!😌🎧🎶

  23. Lark Thomas

    My favorite Stevie Wonder album.. so underrated definitely a sleeper..!!!

  24. tsource1

    The greatest all around anything that has to do with music. Singer, writer, composer, producer arranger..Name another and Ill tell u stop smokin that eeeeewweeee!

  25. Reginald Johnson

    A bit like GO HOME

  26. joecool97

    What is this song about?

  27. LA L.

    Dont forget about Stevie now

  28. Wrinthia Kendrick

    Jammin my face off in the form at Memphis State U in 1985. Wooooweee!

    Tiffany J

    i wonder if you might know my family or my parents Beverly and Leroy Jenkins that would be the Jenkins family


    Umm hmm... All I can hear is "Gitcho ass up out my crib and I'm gonna help you pack brother!" I just picked up on that. I see you Badu...I see you...

  30. Anthony Harris

    Maybe three much...

  31. Mir Redd

    Stevie has the best melodies of all time

  32. FITNQUEST Angels Network F.A.N.

    maybe THREE much!!!!! LOL...the greatest songwriter of all time

    Tiffany J

    you better speak on it and shake something like Queen B..... and Mary J .... I am Tiff J ya know with a little one that will rise Up

    flowersandcandy flowersandcandy

    I agree he was born with a gift.......,.,,,,,,

  33. Mustafa Jackson

    Maybe three much".. LOVE IT!

    Nicole Pearl

    That part!!!!

  34. Karen Phipps

    Love this song y'all 🎧

  35. Jonathan D. Steele Jr

    I danced with my special friend to this song . I am forever grateful .

  36. Karel Mory


  37. Allen Anu

    U make me feel like.... Bulls rule fav creator of music

  38. Colin Murphy

    Fucking genius

  39. Nathan Leveille

    Brilliant, underrated album. Nothing but great songs

  40. urock myworld

    Saw him at the taste of chicago awesome concert!!! ... great performance it was packed!!!

  41. Miguel Jimenez

    Does anyone know the chords to this song???

    Derek Linzy

    Gm7 to Ebm9 is the basis for it

  42. Thalia T.

    Mr. Wonder: I Love You.
    You're Tired....
    The US love syou baby.....

  43. Ian Beckles

    One of Stevie's less celebrated albums, in square circle, still better than most. Thats the greatness of the man.


    yep. people be like 'hes my favorite' and dont even own or have never heard this shit. i got all Stevies shit on wax and file hahahaha suckers

  44. Track Supremacy

    Pharrells evidence of his Stevie Wonder influence is so solidified after listening to this song. You become great by studying the greats.

    Single Fathers Together We Stand

    Track Supremacy dude I thought I was the only one that can hear a lot of Pharrell and old Neptunes sound from this album #nothingnewunderthesun

    Allen Anu

    Facts I wonder why I like n.e.r.d so much now I know why

    Allen Anu

    Keenan Richards facts


    yeah i thought the same listening to this today. particularly the songs structure and swing

    MoniAndretti OfficialJetMisses

    Track Supremacy I concur

  45. kenyaloveful

    The real king's of pop is Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Lionel Richie ,and Prince those are the real singers move over Drake and Chris Brown.

    marble hall Highbury grancanyon1970

    kenyaloveful totally agree.

    Robert Wilkins

    but drake and chris brown aren't pop artists

    ani t

    @Robert Wilkins they kind of are. well, it's more like they cater to that audience. i wouldn't call them hip hop/rap/pop because it doesn't really sound like that.

  46. Cornerstone English Institute Nicaragua

    great song! as well as the rest repertoire from maestro mr. wonder

  47. Mira natural

    The REAL king of R&B


    I'm a metal head. Take it from me when I tell you, truer words have not been spoken. I'm also a huge fan of Toto ;)

  48. Mr. Joekzalott

    This is quite possibly the funkiest song Stevie has ever made. I've only just heard it recently, and it's already a top 5 song for me out of his entire catalogue.

    And to the person who said that Stevie is just a producer (no reply button, unfortunately), he has one of the greatest singing voices of all-time. What are you on about?

    John Vickery

    2nd funkiest after Superstition!


    John Vickery  I think we could debate this for a little since he is underrated in the funky category. "Boogie on Reggae Woman", "You Haven't Done Nothin", "Maybe Your Baby", "Skeletons", "So What the Fuss?", "Misrepresented People" just to name some of the other candidates. The last being one of my favorites.


    Bruh have you not heard “maybe your baby” that’s THE funkiest Stevie track hands down


    its one of my favs of his and i have allllll of his work. had me dancing and crying today. its so beautiful and funky as hell

    Essence Edwards-Burd

    It's funky af but def not his funkiest🤗

  49. MissTia777

    3rd grade jam!

  50. Justaladylovinghermusic71

    Oh how love this song, I associated with God's love.

  51. Oldmotherhell

    The chord sequence is like a Rubik's Cube. 

    Thai Webb

    Oldmotherhell that's a fact!! he's such a genius bro!

    The Scatman

    You would think it's a straight Gm to Ebmaj7, but that bridge is a killer.....!

    Ganymede, Jupiter III

    Stevie probably reharmonizes his music 10 times before it's on a record. Hope you like 11th and 13th chords...

    Jaren George

    This puts me on a futuristic planet


    That’s beautifully put!!

  52. HSreigns45

    Too much! I love this song too much!! Feel like I'm in a disco doing a performance with my own moves when I hear this song

  53. Christopher Thibodeaux

    DAMN that bass WOW!!!!

  54. Dorene Lopez

    14 first concert impacted my heart forever golden he is a beauty master makes my soul sing keep the loving always and then give it AWAY

  55. adlai wordsworth

    Warrior for Christ... I love it.

    We all should be...Stevie songs always takes me to a higher plane.. a higher calling.. a higher purpose... to the cause of humility and one of service...


    I love this song too!


    get that weal religious shit out of here hahahaha...its dope music for anybody. service to what? your omnipotent baby punisher of cancer and rape? haah please

  56. Playto Muzik


  57. MrCrimsoneyedprince

    I Love You Too Much!

  58. Stephen Burton

    Could this possibly be the most funkiest grove that Stevie Wonder has ever created?

    Music Styck Arnis Kiyta

    Stephen Burton no

    marble hall Highbury grancanyon1970

    Stephen Burton yes I agree


    Stephen Burton not at all lolol check out “maybe your baby” that is PURE funk 😭


    #Ayeni! Yassssssss!!!!!

  59. Stephen Burton

    There can only be one thing wrong with this. It is when... When it ain't played loud enough. 'Hit it'


    this sounds just as good to me at 42 years old as it did when I was 15 and in high school the best word to describe Stevie forever is PHENOMINAL......

    MoniAndretti OfficialJetMisses

    ROGER BROWN facts I was 12 I played it everyday

  61. Diane Kerrison



    Diane Kerrison period! 💎

  62. Zito07

    I've been in love with Stevie's music since I'm a kid - I'm 42 now ! & I love love love every single note (all put together !) he has made up. I love Jazz, Ahmad Jamal, Kenny Garret, Trane, but Stevie is Stevie : WONDERFUL

  63. Robert Murray

    I used to play this entire album everyday, absolutely love it.

  64. perito moreno

    this song was released when? yesterday? he sounds so actual

  65. PoggiiBonsii

    my god, this is soo stevie

  66. loladejesus

    I love him too much too. And I always thougth a person so complete, an artist so sensitive is always improving with aging. I mean I love more today than yesterday.

  67. GoldenSoul1

    @ohara128 good find

  68. Tyge Bruun

    I just love this tune !... I can never get tired of it, makes me wanna dance ! ...
    Stevie Wonder !... I love you too much !

  69. Michael O'Hara

    at 2:53 (I think) you hear Stevie say "Let him in here". I'm gessing someone walked in the studio while recording that Stevie deemed respectable enough to allow in during a recording process. I wonder who Wonder let in?

    Khefa Nosakhere

    Michael O'Hara I heard let him, but nothing else

  70. Tony Beer

    @blacksultan85 mine too i think that this album is his best

  71. blacksultan85

    my all time favorite track on the album!!!!!!!

  72. MissTia777

    LOVED this song when I was 8 and still do! lol!

  73. qmitch2

    This album is very underated, but its one of my favorite of Stevie's


    I agree with you 100% Percent. Mine too.

  74. Qu Co

    @godhelpme2009 Preach!

  75. Delle Dean

    I see that NO ONE has disliked this song yet.... 60 some-odd people have great taste! :D

    M D

    Delle Dean It only has 10 dislikes to this day. Not bad for a video posted 10 years ago.

  76. ckenisha

    One of the best things my father ever did was expose me to great music.

    Thanks, Daddy.

  77. Gerald Cox

    @worshiprobert I'm moved by those words, god bless your service to our country!!!!!!!

  78. Robt. Neutron Sound

    @sesamestreet2 I agree with you. Personally, I didn't like the drums on Conversation Peace, but Stevie didn't have any poor albums.

  79. Suzanne sultry

    This album is one of my favorites. You could never get tired of listening to it. I grew up with this album back in the late 80's.

  80. Nichole Choice

    maybe 3 much!

  81. Nichole Choice

    love it tooo much

  82. mftds13

    @Nautilus1972 Musical taste is subjective, so it's NOT a fact, it's an OPINION.

  83. Nautilus1972

    @godhelpme2009 Don't be a Homer fan. I love Stevie, but everything after Hotter than July sucked. Bar overjoyed and Free, as individual songs. Hard to believe In Square Circle was his best selling album. 1972-86 was just pure genius at the other end of the scale. Not an opinion. Musical fact. Anyone who likes the shit that came after 86 is deaf.


    Characters and Jungle Fever can never be looked over! Peace!

  84. sesamestreet2

    @wonea Conversation Peace was not a "poor album," it did not do well commercially...if you really listen to the album, I mean really listen not just hear it, you will realize it was waay ahead of it's time...even now people are not spiritually, emotionally, and mentally ready for what SW has to offer through his music.


    sesamestreet2 It is a great album . Listen to what he sings on Rain Your Love Down & I'm New . The more I listen , the more this album unfolds.

  85. Shimon Simon Zerbib


  86. Kelly Douglas

    I love this album. I have it on LP and I don't get tired with the songs. Stevie's lyrics in the album are so heartfelt.

  87. Stacia Castellano

    Highly underrated!

  88. wyecee

    I love you 2 much. Maybe 3 much, maybe 4 much.

  89. kaheen francis

    I love Stevie Wonder so much so much talent

  90. projectmolcos


    Couldn't agree more - to know Stevie's music is to be astonished beyond belief. In any case, to quote Mae West, too much of a good thing can be wonderful!

  91. Grooveskin

    stevie -keyboard genius, talkbox innovator, lyrical linguist with holy overtones

  92. Bruno dos Reis

    I love new technology, but I really feel that the sound quality of recordings went a step back in the period 1980-1995. It all sounds so THIN.


    Bruno dos Reis I totally get you!!!!!

  93. johnniewalker23

    There's no such thing as loving him too much

  94. miro5753

    the truth of the matter is that one shoud not compare the 60 s with the 70 s or the 70 s with the 80 s ... music is always becoming....each era was right for the specfic time the circumstances of each era dictates the music that s written.

  95. Artur Stróżyński

    80's best decade of stevie wonder

  96. Gregory_The Watchman

    Well, first, Stevie's simply a genius! But for me, I would say the 70's. Just too many songs so well written.

  97. Ryan Coman

    the 80's