Wonder, Stevie - Happier Than The Morning Sun Lyrics

Bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom
Bom bom bom bom bom bom

I'm happier than the morning sun
And that's the way you said that it would be
If I should ever bring you inside my life.

I'm happier than the morning sun
And that's the way you said that it would be
If I should ever bring you inside my life.

All my life I was alone,
Didn't think I'd find my part,
Now I see there's joy inside your arms.

Every day I searched for the star,
That never was in the sky,
And now I see this star is on earth.

And I'm happier than the morning sun
And that's the way you said that I would be -that's
what you told me yea
If I gave you a chance to come inside my life.

(I am) And I am happier than the morning sun
And that's the way it will always be -that's the way
it will always be
Ever since the day you came inside of my life.

Bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom
Bom bom bom I love you.

Bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom
Bom bom bom I love you.




And I'm happier than the morning sun
And that's the way you said that it would be -baby that's
what you told me yea
If I should ever bring you inside my life.
-bring you inside my life

I'm happier than the morning sun
And that's the way you said it would be
-woa that's what you said it would be
If I should ever bring you inside my life.

Bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom
Bom bom bom bom bom bom

Bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom
Bom bom bom I love you.

Bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom

Bom bom bom I love you.

Happier than the morning sun
That's the way you said it would be
-baby that's what you told me yea
If I should ever bring you inside my life.
-bring you inside my life yea

I'm happier than the stars above
-yea the morning stars above
That's the way you said that it would be
-that's what you told me yea
If I should ever bring you inside of my life.

I believe that everyone should be
Happier than the morning sun
Happier than the morning sun
Happier than the morning sun
Happier than the morning sun
Happy happy, happy

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Wonder, Stevie Happier Than The Morning Sun Comments

    People think of "I Ain't Gonna Stand For It", but this is country, too. Versatile...

  2. Daniela Duenez

    Happier than the morning sun!❤️💕❤️💕

  3. Andrea Nova

    Unbelievable song.. the fact that so many people don't know or appreciate this gem almost makes me cry

  4. GDNPB


  5. Tracey Trotter

    Very thankful for this song this morning. Stevie Wonder is one of life's true blessings.

  6. Manuel Diggs

    How great is Stevie on a scale of 1 - 100? How about 1000!!!

  7. Colleen Ryan

    Thank you God for Stevie Wonder!!!

  8. Styyla Whitt

    I grew up with Stevie, my younger brother not only loved him but could actually sing like him an do it justice.....his fav was "AS" unfortunately he passed away in 2017,,,,,his memory lives on and Stevie brings sweet memories of our times together crooning Stevie is definitely a gift from God to remind us that angels dwell on earth to provide us with such beautiful music that shall never die grow old or fade away,,,Stevie has remained solid state and continues to be my "go to " to reminisce and dwell in that world that has escaped us since the launching of SOCIAL MEDIA,,,,it has numbed us to the frequency of the old songs that touched a place in our spirit and spread peace within our soul

  9. Juan Verrett

    Good morning Everyone. I’m enjoying this song on Sunday June 16, 2019
    This reminds of a nice summer day, driving down the highway with my son Cameron without a care in the world, while listening to a Stevie Wonder playlist on Spotify

  10. JiveAt5

    Good morning🌞 to everyone this Thursday on June13th 2019🌄

  11. Ganymede, Jupiter III

    The man has more talent on one album than others in their whole careers.

  12. Pedro Ordonez

    My musical hero, Stevie has been there for me ever since I was a little boy.

  13. JosiYah Grashen

    Imagine if this was on Mario 64 in a custom level?

  14. DLSmith93

    My goodness.  I haven't heard this in decades.  I really appreciate any opportunity to bask in Stevie's genius.  The way he harmonizes with himself is so pure.  Thank you so much for posting.

  15. imbees2

    Both is is Stevie’s best album of all time.

  16. imbees2

    Alright Stevie.

  17. gonzalo

    usted no aprende verdad?

  18. Lin Ross

    Awakened this morning NEEDING to hear this song.

    Sometimes Stevie's classic songs have the same effect as GOOD Gospel music upon my soul!

    What a GIFT he is to this world!

  19. Judy Reyes

    Stevie unplugged. Natural soul, no amplification needed. Sing for us. Please.

  20. imbees2

    I was 21 when I bought this album

  21. Jennifer Amy-Dressler

    Can't help smiling through this song!

  22. the searching wind

    Why is this Howard Jones listed as the writer when Stevie composed the song? Was it a pseudonym?

  23. aaroniouse

    close your eyes and feel that sunlight. :)

  24. imbees2

    Sing it Stevie !

  25. Marchele32

    I’m here because Justin Timberlake just tweeted that this song specifically inspired his song Pair of Wings.

  26. Jay Parikh

    pair of wings - Justin Timberlake

  27. pnoipr8

    Justin Timberlake - Pair of Wings 🔥🔥🔥 (how I got linked to this song) both great musicians and artists!


    pnoipr8 Same!

  28. Pete Simon

    Love Stevie's use of the clavinet here in a guitar finger picking style not heard before. Pure genius. He continued this sound with another favorite of mine from his endless library of classics, "Big Brother" from Talking Book. The sound is unique and contagious.

    el kalabaw

    didn't know that. my sister always asked me why stevie is using the guitar in this song. now I'll never be able to tell her it was a clavinet because she's gone.

  29. Guilherme Silva

    I first listened to HTTMS sung by BJ Thomas, and it was "love at first sight". I was about 9 or 10. This is one of my favorite songs by Steve. In my humble opinion, All is fair in love is the most perfect song ever composed. The arrangement with only bass,piano and drums is perfect, as Stevie´s voice. Nothing less, nothing more to be added, simply perfection. Stevie is really a special and gifted human being, he´s divine.

  30. riefka riefani

    Gila sih ya stevie selalu pas bgt di kuping dan hati gua lagu2nya.. blm pernah nge fans sama musisi sedalem sama stevie wonder. Ya allah smg stevie ke indonesia lg

  31. Felicia Welsh

    My son was born 12 30 14. I played this song giving birth. Im so in love all over again when i hear this song. Love u lil man

  32. John Astor

    So beautiful, his intimate production and the clavinet is played like a fingerpicking guitar style. So sweet. I've learned a lot about music by studying Stevie's chords, melodies, horn section, bass lines. But it's all so touching....

    Nick Urech

    yeah bud. I have a section in my song book devoted to Stevie . He taught me alot about what you can do with chords. Just beautiful


    But you also have to mention the vocals on this song. His layering of them. He was a genius both in music but also in the way he sang and placed his vocal parts together. So complex and full.

  33. George Paolini

    He was 21 when he wrote and recorded this album, performing all the parts except one trombone and one guitar part. If that isn't remarkable enough, consider this was already his 14th album. And he was just getting started.

    Guilherme Silva

    Just a few people really deserve to be considered geniuses: Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart. Stevie belongs to that special team.

    me & you

    @Guilherme Silva You know i use to say the same thing about many famous song writers guitar players singers drummers BUT after writing over one thousand songs myself since 1980 i really know that ANYONE can write songs anyone !! it is not only people with fame. if you get anyone at the age of 13 and tell them to start to write songs and give them free time in the studio for life and have anyone help them to record their songs for ever that person will get better all the time and do great- If you can understand how to talk write and read you can be a great song writer - i know i became one i had friends who told me i was great it blow up my ego to the point where i believed it too so i started to write song after song and by the time my fist band broke up i had tons of originals and i never stopped writing songs i have written more songs then ever anyone in my 3 bands will ever know each band lasted at least 6 years each i was the main song writer in all bands - you just need people to believe in you and away you go- i only have about 300 songs on you tube but i wrote way more it made me realize if a nobody can do it then anyone can not just the ones that got lucky and made it big- Stevie and the beatles and bob dylan and all the other greats in blues, rock, folk, opera, jazz they are just regular people like you and me some better then other but still

    kim mnguni

    Sublime genius🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

  34. s6u6r6f6

    I opened up an old sketchbook yesterday...I used to put drawings in with anything else I was feeling...thoughts, stuff I was hearing....and in the back page next to some sketches of homelife and imaginary horizons...and I had carefully written these words on one side of the page. what song WAS this ..I wondered yesterday and typed the lyrics into youtube. Sure enough...Stevie Wonder. Of course!

  35. Walter Brown

    with out Stevie wonders music their would be very no great music .that sticks to us like glue..

  36. Osvaldo Guilherme

    We brasilian like the music of the Stivier. lot

    Guilherme Silva

    Quem não gosta? Só quem é surdo, tem mau gosto, ou é maluco.

  37. levan beriashvili

    Totally groundbreaking album, which brought new sounds and new breath to the earth. 21 year old Stevie ...



  39. DA CH

    I'm hap 🎶pier than the morning sun listening to this 🎶,😘

  40. Walter Pewen

    Likely the first time you heard this song, you will remember it most likely-when and where. The imprint of the record is profound in a way few are. You will likely always remember all of it, each loving detail Stevie put into it.

    Ethereal Synchronicity444

    Laying on my bed with my head about to catch a few zz’s before the morning sun rises, happy with the lyrics I wrote earlier.

  41. Rob Burke

    I so enjoy reading all these truly heart-felt to the soul responses. He is a gift to humankind. Stevie is life altering.

    Nick Urech

    me too . It makes me tear up to see how many people really love his music. It takes me back to a more beautiful time . Spread love.

  42. yogen de bruin

    My life more happy with yours morning sun .

  43. LolaH

    The simplest of love songs are always the most beautiful.

  44. Annalaw

    My sweet older bother, shared this era of real music with me and my siblings as we grew up back in the 60's/70's of Bklyn, NY. My sweet brother and friend made those  tumultuous days that much easier to bare. A toast to you TONY.....RIP!!!!!

    Kubale Nyaundi

    Published on Jan 23 2010

    Kubale Nyaundi

    Released on June 22th 2007

  45. Damon L. Wilson Sr.

    Always makes me think of my mom...R.I.P.


    what possible greater compliment could anyone pay to an artist....

  46. Max

    It was more like me smirk'[email protected])~~~~Beautiful!

  47. Kare Ebi

    A beautiful roasting hot day in London today BUT two weeks ago was feeling a bit down and then there it was; at about 2am heard this on BBC as part of Stevie's music. It is and will always remain my feel good song. I also have an extra special personal memory which will always give this song and album a one in a million personal touch from the man himself. Its sunny and this is pure joy. Play it and play it again



    Syl Ander

    Kare Ebi Hello London. I'm having one of my...need a good cry while listening to Mr Stevland Morris nights. My favorite musician ever hands down. With your local treasure Mr George Michael not to far behind. Be good to yourself darling. Well wishes from across the waters ❤️

  48. Satur alcazar minguez

    QUE BONITA¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  49. Joe Silini

    "...now i see there's joy inside your heart."
    healing words for me

  50. Kim van Hoorn

    Yeah... uplifting!

  51. Darryl Smith

    The most gifted musician of all time. Of all time!!!

    Rob Burke

    I so agree. Particularly in his genre, but within all types he is still up ther. Mozart with inspired poetic lyrics. This one is my fave.

    Roy Woodall

    Stevie is the greatest.-HAPPY

    Leroy Smith

    coming fast!!!

    MaKING NeWs

    i agree with you ! .....agree with [email protected]

    Guilherme Silva

    The "problem" with Stevie is that there are no words in the dictionary to describe his talent. If I had the opportunity to meet him, I think that I would mute, I would not be able to tell him how much I admire him, how much the gift of his art affects me:; that I could simply spend the rest of my life listening to All in love is fair...

  52. Lukas Duno

    happier to hear this song...

  53. EuphoricImpact

    Absolutely captivating...

  54. Walkin Bonita

    This song just popped into my head the other day.  That is the way my Stevie's soul stays in my soul.  It comes at such strange times...echoes inside me...he is there and always will be.  I think that means I love him.  Yep.  That is what his music did for me.  It made me love him...

  55. HSreigns45

    Makes me happpyyyy:) My friend always tells me the title of this song is the title of my personality. Love you babe.

  56. brand perry

    i still have this album, i saw stevie at the greak theater in los angeles as a kid with my parents, i think was 5 or 6.

  57. Bloodfeast

    the guitar remind me of toy story haha

  58. Forms In Space

    had this record and it says "Stevie Wonder" played ever instrument on the album with exception of guitar on a few of them

  59. afwah54

    This entire album always brings me to such a peaceful place. It's timeless like all the other songs this force of nature/Stevie Wonder has recorded..

  60. Secrete Emotions

    Thats the name, maybe your baby

    Joseph Reiber

    "Maybe Your Baby" is easily my fave funky Stevie song. This and "As" are my other two faves of his. Pure genius he is.

  61. Led Slayer

    Yep, and it's off of the album "Talking Book"! (The one with Superstition)

  62. patriot6061

    I never heard a clav sound like this before or since. Love it!

  63. Susan Goode

    This is beutiful

  64. solephonic

    man, stevie's got that clavinet singing. what a talent.

  65. Bridget Love

    I absolutely love this song! Thanks for posting it!

  66. Timothy Jepsen

    This has got to be one of Stevie's best....I can play it on the guitar pretty well.....so far ahead of his time!

    Obssesion Beauty

    Published on Jul 19, 2007

    Music video by Stevie Wonder performing Happer Than The Morning Sun

    (C) 1972 Tamla Motown Records Inc

    Obssesion Beauty

    Released Date : December 19, 2006

    Recorded 2005-2007

  67. Anointed7

    This album is a Sermon.....Beautiful!

  68. gb4double

    the one person who dislike this should kill theirself...

  69. kjwilkguitar

    I've always loved the pure rawness and beauty of this tune. Stevie on clavinet and Moog bass synth. My brother got this album back in 1973 and I couldn't stop listening to it. Stevie was finding his sound back then when Motown decided to let him do his music the way HE wanted to do it, which was to play all the instruments himself for the exception of guitar. Another great masterpiece from a musical genius.

  70. Walter Johnson

    Every now and then you got to remember the master of music.

  71. rzarobster

    @Tanfeliz It's called Maybe your baby. It's on "Talking Book". And yes, it's on youtube somewhere.

  72. DAVO1984FI

    This song is a an absolute masterpiece!!!!

  73. RefusesCookies

    best song ever

  74. Emiljano Shady

    My favourite stevie song of the moment! Puts a smile on my face every time....

  75. valenecia

    I wonder how many people got married to this song.... :)

  76. rjbigwilwilson

    Music that lives on!!! As good today, as it was "back in the day!!!"

  77. George Whitney

    This song makes me happy and sad. Bom bom bom, I love you.

  78. sesamestreet2

    @TherealSophiaSmall I don't know you, but I'm pretty sure you have to be doing some hard drugs to make such an ass backward comment like that...seriously.

  79. almj9

    There is something about this song...it is the saddest happiest song, to me. It's obviously a happy song but it makes me feel a bit sad (maybe cos I'm not happier than the morning sun LOL). Although it's just beautiful. I love it so much.

  80. Nautilus1972

    @TherealSophiaSmall Not fucking possible. This is perfection.

  81. Arthur Jankins

    This song is so refreshing to listen to. Love that about this song.

  82. SpiritualityRules

    Truely great lyrics can be interpreted differently by many individuals - and at many different levels.

  83. 1beatles

    Brilliant song!!!~ :):):)

  84. LYD10

    This is my favourite song. Thanks for posting. :D

  85. Timothy Jepsen

    Thanks for the post! I'd been looking for this song
    for a while...as a guitar player myself i love the
    progressions...certainly one of Stevie's finest!

  86. Esther Otunla

    love it feel good music

  87. motowninvestor

    I'm happier than the morning sun! i love this song!

  88. blueslystone

    "Music of My Mind" is a mixed bag, but this is a great song. Kind of reminds me of his song "Big Brother."

  89. Tamar Smithers

    the song is called maybe your baby i just saw your comment you've probably found it by now seeing that you posted your comment 3 months ago but if you haven't hope that answered your question

  90. Teresa Fawkes

    Thanks again

  91. Mojofilter17

    The song is called "Maybe Your Baby". It is on You Tube somewhere. Enjoy.

  92. Teresa Fawkes

    I remember a Stevie Wonder song with the lyrics "maybe your baby done made some other plans..." and it was SO FINE. Does anybody know the name of this song? I was a small kid when it was played on the radio and I would love to hear it again. Thanks

    PS I Love this song and never heard it before, thanks for posting.

    Michael Lewis

    Maybe your baby

  93. hotvision

    this was his first album after breaking away from motown records. you are listening to stevie as a truly free musical mastermind. beautiful album.

    A. M.

    Stevie didn't break away from Motown Records. He was given creative control of his own music that he wrote and produced.

  94. greg best

    Very nice. This record means so much to me and to many people. I bought this record one time at a thrift shop for a dollar and left it it on bus knowing someone might find it and play it.

  95. foxnwolf

    Oh, thank you for putting this on YouTube. I discovered it on the B side of something or other (once I'd heard it I only played that side) but I gave away all my vinyl. I've wanted to hear it again for SO long.

  96. Daniel Aceves

    I completely agree with you. This was the first Stevie Wonder album I bought when I was 14. My two favorite tracks are "Evil" and "Seems So Long".

  97. wigginsdesign

    THIS WHOLE FREAKIN ALBUM CHANGE THE STANDARD FOR R&B. IT IS PURE MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!! Evrey song!. As a 15 year old this song simply sent me to places in my heart and soul I'd not known before!!.