Wonder, Stevie - Evil Lyrics

Evil, why have you engulfed so many hearts...Evil
Evil, why have you destroyed so many minds...
Leaving room for darkness, where lost dreams can hide.

Evil, why do you infest our purest thoughts, with hatred.
Evil, why have you stolen so much love...
Leaving everyone's emotions lost and wandering free.

Evil, why have you taken over God's children's eyes...Evil
Evil, before they could really grow to see,
That your way, is not the way, to make, life what it should be, Yea, yea, yea
Evil, why have you destroyed, you've destroyed so much of this doggone world...Evil
Evil, oh, why have you broken so many homes...
Leaving everyone's emotions lost and wandering free.

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Wonder, Stevie Evil Comments
  1. R C Thomas

    2020 January 26 th day at approximately 9:00 am in Calabasas California ....

  2. Victor Asquith

    How can any one put a thumbs down to this heard it for the first time when it was released oh how much time has passed and still it exists Evil

  3. R C Thomas

    Black opera

  4. J F K

    This is Mermaid Man’s favorite song.

  5. William McGuire

    "I'm Theodore Perkins. Call me Teddy." *Shakes hands with both hands*

  6. Sage Griot

    Atlanta brought me here also.

  7. Lita F

    I have to add.... Atlanta

  8. Thomas Gonder

    This song is as old as I am now. I'm 48. I'm a professional musician but I struggle. It's not the easiest of careers if you're not a superstar (but I do okay lol). I always think of my work as a performer and music lover as a music therapist. And that's what Stevie is to me. When I have tough days and feel like I'm being used and taken advantage of, I have this incredible music to bring me back to myself. I have always thought of my entire self as a musical instrument and in Stevie I have a kindred spirit. It's too bad he doesn't know we're already good pals. Peace and love, everyone.

    yo gabba gabba

    Nobody cares stfu

    giovani moraes

    i do, ignore this edgy stupid kid.

    Daaim Daanish

    I agree also care

  9. Clinton Fischer

    8 people are evil

  10. A A

    Stevie you are amazing and so talented thank you.

  11. William Teague

    Interesting vocals very operatic

  12. Micaï. Claude.

    I Have & i like this fabulous album vinyl !

  13. Lakeithia

    I forgot about this song, and Atlanta refreshed my memory.

  14. Mercedes Mambo

    #yo ya'll were my Atlanta crew at ...and were that damn piano bro🎹🎹

  15. Basic Tiger

    The five who disliked this have no soul

  16. FBI

    This song deserves better

    gato bolado da Akatsuki

    You shit let me close my loli porn.

    gato bolado da Akatsuki

    Lied, I won't close

  17. Juiceimortal


    Casey Subero

    Juiceimortal word only song I could think of when he died smh 🤦🏽‍♂️


    Casey Subero no other way to describe the senseless loss.

    BlaaQ Hippie


  18. Jabbo

    All my guy wanted was that fucking piano ffs

  19. Victor Reis

    Thank you! Atlanta.

  20. Maddy Smith

    Teddy Perkins

    Layth Zaitoun

    Rip ted

  21. Nick Heinen

    All Darius wanted was the piano

    Jeremy Dunn

    Real Shit! That shit was Fucked Up!


    Most disturbing episode till this day yet the end hit me unexpectedly smh


    RIP Teddy

  22. Sense not Cents

    Atlanta brought me here

    Lynx Galaxy

    Keshon Robinson yea