Wonder, Stevie - Don't Drive Drunk Lyrics

He and his wife have had problems
That he's played off like nothing's wrong
'Til he comes home from work early
Just to find the girl is gone
Oh but he gets into the cupboard
Picks out that bottle of gin
Drinks like there's no tomorrow
And decides to take a spin

No don't drive drunk
Don't drive drunk, no
Don't drive drunk
Mothers Against Drunk Drivers are mad

Teenager at a live party
Says, "give me one for the road"
But he's already so inebriated
If you lit a smoke he'd explode
But bartender says, "I don't think so"
Young one says, "I can deal"
Staggering out he says, "check you all later"
But I really don't think he will

No don't drive drunk
Don't drive drunk, no
Don't drive drunk
Mothers Against Drunk Drivers are mad

Don't drive drunk
d-d-d don't drive drunk
Don't drive drunk

Boy out with girl on their first date
Gets pulled over by the law
Officer says, "hey can't you drive straight
Or have you been drinking alcohol?"
Boy says, "man are you crazy?"
Cop says, "hey then walk this line"
But results from the breathalizer
Proves he's charged with D.U.I.

No don't drive drunk
Don't drive drunk, no
Don't drive drunk
Mothers Against Drunk Drivers are mad

Don't drive drunk
d-d-d don't drive drunk
Don't drive drunk

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Wonder, Stevie Don't Drive Drunk Comments
  1. Bennie Collins Sr.

    Sadly my car just got hit by a drunk driver in front of my job (I work at a rehabilitation center).

  2. - Buehmann

    What would he know about driving, period?

    Unless he really isn't blind

  3. griffin Drungilas

    I bet Stevie got a DUI so they made him make this song

  4. Takemura Mikuo

    Si bebes no conduscas

  5. orlaithchops

    This film and soundtrack is pure genius. Gene & Stevie forever my hero’s ❤️👌🏼

  6. Eduardo Cortes

    Recuerda, si bebes no conduzcas, si bebes no conduzcas


    Health class


    Sounds about right.

  8. ibelieveicansoar

    Someone should make a mashup of this song and Roy Ayers' suspiciously similar "Drive"


    I had to look it up...but you're not wrong.

  9. Gary Russell

    I remember a disc jockey in Charlotte NC playing this song for his entire morning drive shift in the late 1980's. Most listeners didn't like it very much, but I thought it was a great way to get the message out there. Ironically, the disc jockey's name was Chuck Boozer. Hopefully, he is somewhere playing this today.


    Yeah, that's one way of getting the message out there. But who's drunk on their morning drive?

    Malek Douglas

    crobsh The day drinkers are the most dangerous because you know they don’t have anything to do if they’re drinking at like 7 AM. Watch out

  10. bmorefunnyman

    Give me the 🔑


    No way man.

  11. Demetri Glass

    Special shout out to all the intoxicated, drunk drivers out there especially here in Wisconsin where the government is so lenient on drunk drivers who are on their3rd, 4th, 5th and even 6th OWI....This one is for you!!!!


    For shame WI.


    Demetri FUCK YOU your mom shouldve swallowed you

  12. Monkeybash 3000

    I haven't heard that song in decades! Thank you You-Tube, and thank you , man for posting!


    You're welcome! Nice profile pic btw.

  13. npsmooth

    Why say this is not one of Stevie's better songs! This is another of Stevie's masterpieces, especially when you consider that it is sort of a "novelty" song and a "public service announcement". Many people love this song.


    Sorry if I offended! In my mind, it isn't up there with, say, "Living for the City". But I'm glad you enjoy this novelty PSA funk-pop thing :)

  14. Heinz Ketchup

    I never drive, when I have to drink ....

  15. Black Superman

    Take heed!!!


    I certainly wish more people would!

  16. The King

    Love this song


    Hey, thanks! Glad to hear it.

  17. Mary T.

    This is the catchiest public service announcement I've ever heard.


    Pretty catchy!

  18. Seth Schiller

    you won't hurt or kill people


    That's right!

  19. hezekiah234

    i want to hear Johnny Popcorn cover this song


    Johnny Popcorn? I don't know him!


    @crobsh ha perfect timing. we are about to do a bunch of youtube covers


    Huh...keep me posted, then.

  20. Jeff Costello

    I drive only when I'm drunk! :-) What's the good of driving when I'm sober?!

    John Cashin

    Back in the 80's, drink driving was a necessity.......if you wanted to gain any street cred that is :D ;)


    Until this song came out, you mean!

    Francisco Molina

    In Spain you may be arrested for telling such things that are true unless you are descendent of Franco el monohuevo

  21. TN Channel

    Stevie WONDERFUL


    That's what it's short for!

  22. Ye Olde Football Channel

    This song is famous in Spain, because Stevie Wonder was the guest star for a campaign against drunk driving in Christmas 1985. I just a video of him singing this song while someone is driving him around LA. At the end he says in a rather funny Spanish accent: "Hola, soy Stevie Wonder. Recuerda mi canción: Si bebes, no conduzcas; recuerda: si bebes, no conduzcas" (Hello, I'm Stevie Wonder. Remember my song: don't drive if you drink."


    I'm glad it's got that much exposure somewhere!

    Dani Porres

    Yo amaba ese anuncio

  23. John Lawler

    Everything about this song shouldn't work. Yet it's a masterpiece somehow.

    Stevie is a musical magician.


    +John Lawler Would you say it's a little like fried cheese & jam?

    Son of Sound

    John Lawler exactly what i was just telling my patna! Man the shit is so clumsy n quirky yet brilliant! The shit he does isn't musically logic. Its been fucking my mind up the last two weeks

  24. TheVeganBerkeleyBeauty

    This was the last song played at my senior prom. Per my suggestion, it was played at at my daughter's and my son's too. 2014 and 2015 respectively


    +TheBerkeleyBeauty Good advice to give through song, isn't it?

    Jannah Bint Al Yusuf aka Jannah225

    TheBerkeleyBeauty The truthful songs no go out of style.😂


    Nice sentiment!

    høgh jensen

    I'm hoping to suggest it for my junior prom. ^o^

  25. E Cam

    I always like this song when I had this same album along time ago. But I never saw the movie.....just the video to the Woman in Red.


    +E Cam Funnily enough I haven't seen the film either. "I Just Called to Say I Love You" is a nice tune from the album.

    E Cam

    I like that song plus the Woman in Red which is the title of the movie.


    +E Cam I suppose that one's not a bad track.

    Melissa Hash

    I highly recommend you see the movie! Just finished watching it & totally cracked up! #TheWomanInRed #RIPGeneWilder #RIPJosephBologna

  26. David Upton

    I like the bass line. Sounds a bit like 'The Ape' by Level 42.


    +David Upton Suppose it does a bit.


    Great... Now I gotta find this song

  27. scarletcoffee

    this song is a fucking inspiration. thank you casio. thank you stevie wonder.


    +scarletcoffee Does it inspire you to not drive drunk?


    +crobsh the only thing i'm on is sweet casio beats.


    Let's keep it that way, kid!

  28. Terence King

    By the hevens and the thunder.ladys and gentleman it's mr stevie wonder..the voice of motown...god bess you.x


    +Terence King Thanks for commenting! Don't drive drunk!