Wonder, Stevie - Another Star Lyrics

La la la la la la lala la
La la la la la la lala la

La la la la la la lala la
La la la la la la lala la

For you
There might be a brighter star
But through my eyes the light of you is all I see

For you
There might be another song
But all my heart can hear is your melody

So long ago my heart without demanding
Informed me that no other love could do
But listen did I not though understanding
Fell in love with one
Who would break my heart in two

For you
Love might bring a toast of wine
But with each sparkle know the best for you I pray

For you
Love might be for you to find
But I will celebrate our love of yesterday

So long ago my heart without demanding
Informed me that no other love could do
But listen did I not though understanding
Fell in love with one
Who would break my heart in two

For you
There might be another star
But through my eyes the light of you is all I see

For you
There might be another song
But in my heart your melody will stay with me

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Wonder, Stevie Another Star Comments
  1. Art A



  2. Paul Falcon

    By far my fav SW song

  3. Tony Foster

    825 people don't have a soul with the thumbs down. This is soul music

  4. Rally Sims

    An example of another Detroit gem! Simply awesome--wonderful window to Yahweh...the INNERVISION and the subsequent blend of lyrics and instruments! Go bro

  5. Coastal Taipan

    Fantastic cameo on flute by Bobbi Humphrey

  6. mbeenz

    ManyThanx!!!!! So Brilliant!!!!! Cheers From Costa Mesa Ca!!!!,

  7. Ronald Del Pozzo

    Doesn’t get any better, he’s in his prime on this album. Fantastic.

  8. David Matine

    Somebody please tell me why I haven't taken the time to listen to this beautiful man's music until today!

  9. jenna Pitts

    How did I ever forget this masterpiece!

  10. Nikki Harris


  11. Nikki Harris

    Thank you for your music ❤💛💚

  12. Newman Soon

    Most beautiful song ever

  13. Ascending Synergy Tarot


  14. Mike Jinx

    2020 🔥




  16. Cory Costanzo

    Brings me back to the days of disco and hot cute little Porto ricin chicks in tight cocktail dresses ! Oh how my heart hungers for those days

  17. Gregory Hertzog

    Another star
    Song in the key of life by 1976
    Remember ourselves and mother we love her and father's we love him always greatest blueprint for the people's choice Mr .Stevie wonder like Mr. Ray blueberries southern softly gospels funky jazz musicians band and group most high creator soulful and groove songs and cultural heritage foundation for the people's choice
    Ray Charles. 🍊🍏🍐🍑🍍🍌🍋🍆🍎🌏🌎🌍😆😅😥😁😄

  18. Angelica-Mixon Michael

    Pain. 1976

  19. Cecila Brooks

    Time to back to my roots


    2020- still God singing through this outstanding personality! God bless you Stevie

  21. CD MUSIC

    Listening for the 10000th time and just realized, this is a disco track

  22. K C

    The BEST way to start 2020🎶☮

  23. Avery Acker

    A marching band can go to work on this song. From the drum line, to the trumpets, sousaphones on that piano part in the beginning, cymbals on the high hat parts... masterpiece. I wonder if it was ever attempted.

  24. Noelle Ebris

    I LOVE THIS SONG it sounds like Mexicans would play >_<

  25. colsome miah

    The sitter always played this and its just infectious....Stevie defies the Wonder adjective...takes you to another dimension every time....the killer drums plus vocals by hypnotic STEVIE....you just gotta move all by yourself if it comes to that ......there's always the Swiffer......

  26. genneral edmond

    Stevie helped to cultivate this culture of great musicians. I want to thank him. This is what music should be and how it’s received. Music genius does not give him justice. He will forever be a puzzle piece 🧩 that is missing to get me through the next phase of life! He is truly heaven sent.

  27. Tya Anderson

    Who are the 808 that hate this song?? Aresholes

  28. tyanttaylor60

    Sweet Baby Jesus,,, played the drums on this too 🔥

  29. David Stewart

    What can I say, true iconoclast

  30. Maynard G. Krebs

    There is Stevie and then there is everyone else...

  31. carolyn plenty


  32. Marlon Levin

    1976...gotta be Steveland’s best compilation of songs

  33. EFP

    This song sounds just as good if not better than when it was originally released


    This is my favourite Stevie track of all time, and he's made some corkers.Na Na Na Na Narrrrrrrrrrrrr Na Na Na Narrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  35. Michael O'Shea

    I could have been completely happy with my life had I just been sat in a corner of the studio with a triangle when this was recorded; simply sat there waiting for my chance to strike the fuckin' thing. I would then have gone home and smoked a never ending blunt, knowing that my whole life had come together with one single strike of a fuckin' triangle

  36. gordinistanopolis

    I now know where 'Spice Up Your Life' came from

  37. Tracie Sommerville

    Sophomore year in high school. Still LIKE!

  38. Ms Anonymous Biggs

    There may be billions of people who have made music in this world and had some great songs too, but there will never, ever be anyone like Stevie Wonder. In fact, no one even comes close. He is the best there was- the best there is- and the best there ever will be. Everything he does that has to do with music from the production of the music to the lyrics of his songs is phenomenal in every way and the way he phrases each and every word is utterly breathtaking. He is truly the most gifted musical genius ever.

  39. Signalstat Steve Douglas

    Back when this was recorded stevie had half the people in the music world singing on this masterpiece. 🎶🎹

  40. Fedkek

    I listened and shazamed this in gym and i thought a woman sings it

  41. TyShaun Bland

    2019.....im here...Y arent you?

  42. Ellen Andrea' Gooch

    Pure love and appreciation for this major talent!! Thx u Stevie!! # gift.

  43. Nostalgic Lady

    Heart-breaking, yet somehow uplifting too - and with George Benson on backing vocals and guitar, enough said. Sublimely exquisite ...

  44. Karen Emerson

    The Arrangement of this Masterpiece is just in a word... SUPERIOR.!!

  45. Howard Koor

    Sensational artist

  46. mbeenz

    Corooanado My Brother!!!,! I Love You!!!,!,

  47. mbeenz

    ManyThanx So Brilliant!!!,!, Many Thanx From Costa Mesa Ca!!!,!,

  48. Salvatore Lo Dico

    A parte il nome del musicista che dice tutto ,è un brano sublime non c'è niente da fare la classe non è acqua!!!

  49. Café Checkpoint Charlie

    This song shouts 'joy' as no other song ever did.

  50. Darryl Hoagland


  51. S W58

    I marched in 5 NYC drum & bugle corps from the 70s till the 90s , I always wanted to play this.

  52. fulvia caggiano

    For you

  53. Nyjawonder

    I wonder if his passport actually states "Stevie Wonder"?. If not it really should.

  54. Giuseppe Rubino

    Il 33 giri piu'bello da lui pubblicato.

  55. Red Clay

    Ladies and Gentlemen...the Real GOAT!! Give it up. You know it's true.

  56. ronzal davis

    Who is this man....this greatness.

    Man in 37 and just discovered real music u don't hear on the radio these days

  57. Robin Holbrook

    Ms Bobbi Humphreys on flute

  58. Deborah George

    Breathtaking track

  59. SK 70

    who else heard this on Top Gear and got the beat stuck into their head



  61. Aj All Day

    I’m only 13 but I love this song more than anything in the world

  62. acin2043able

    A musical genius!

  63. Laura Kaminsky

    I'm dancing!

  64. JatikaM Manigault

    The man is like Beethoven. If Beethoven was blind. And Black. And wore braids.

  65. Doros Petsas

    This song proves without any doubt that, Stevie is a music genius...

  66. CandyMichelle Johnson

    This takes me to Africa, the primitive percussions in the background. Love it.

  67. kel2580

    To be a blind man, he was able to see many things that makes us happy, besets us, breaks our hearts, kills the spirit. All races of people can relate!

  68. Antonis Ahajiorgis

    so much positivity and perspective from someone who hasn't seen the light of day, the sun, the moon, the sea, the mountains, a beautiful woman...makes u wonder what more do the rest of us, who have all our senses intact ,have to say about our experience in this world..

  69. Dr. killpatient

    To Ilsya, Reyna, Carla, Gabby. I love you all forever.

  70. Steven Carinci

    Latin/Soul/Disco rendition of a first-rate Tin Pan Ally comp. *&^% genius! Those were the dayz.

  71. Karen Henniger

    So much talent and so much moving music. This was his time period to shine, well blaze really.

  72. ron leonard

    Just listen to the build up... makes you want to run in the rain.. Stevie and his wonderfully tuned musicians put happiness into the art of music.
    This song only makes one want to dance. X
    La la la la la la la la la......🎶🎵🕺

  73. Noémi Horváth


  74. Alexandra e


  75. Joseph James

    Bc we funk

  76. MOON

    Only 4 million views? This song is AMAZING!!

  77. Jacqueline Leighton

    Remember buying this album still have it 40 years later 😍😍😍

  78. Adrianita Rodrigez


  79. Brenda Bloomfield


  80. Laura Lee

    This man turns out musical masterpieces like Michelangelo and Leonardo turned out works of art. Truly a grand master of his trade.

  81. Norah Newman

    how can there be thumbs down for this timeless classic?! What am I missing?

  82. Phillie_B_30

    As long as humans will ever survive, Stevie Wonder's music will always, never be forgotten. He is the only artist I perceive as being beyond legendary, he is a truer version of what humanity can possibly be!🎶🎹🎶

  83. Jay Scribe

    I swear this could be heard blasting in every spanish neighborhood when it came out. Awesome recording

  84. Tyra Richards

    Stevie Wonder songs will be played at my wedding whenever I get married

  85. Lance Kelly


  86. Joshep Danishevsky

    Masterpiece! The best ever singer in the world)))

  87. branco44444444

    When our God says to him "dear Stevie, let the (real) MUSIC play"!!!!

  88. Tracy Love


  89. Sam Hallin

    I don't know what it is. He's been with me all my life (I'm as old as this song). Stevie just holds that one, special compartment in my heart. It never fails - one syllable from this wonderful, incredible man and I just drop it all and listen.

  90. Asad Khan

    I hope we get a similar “Another Star” sometime soon — one who can take our breath away, make us think, make us swing & then fly away!

  91. Vernon Bates

    My favorite album of all time. A masterpiece in musical artistry. Stevie Wonder is one of the greatest artist in history

  92. Carolyn Boyd

    Stevie was king of the shake and rah rah.


    As someone who was around when the album "Songs in the Key of Life" came out, this song is - simply put - PERFECTION.

  94. Brian Hines

    Stevie is a freak of nature. He's been blind all of his life, and he's made better Music than some people who can see! All of his Music is timeless.

  95. Yasmina Berrabane

    PARIS : 2019 😎

  96. redfred70

    A beautiful upbeat track - but so sad and melancholic too.

  97. Spirit Hester

    This is truly my 😊 song....i hear this..i just want to dance

  98. Joshua Harris


  99. Ben Gordon

    REmember when the "songs in The Key of Life" album cane out in '76. Helped me get through a lot of difficult times.