Wonder, Stevie - Angie Girl Lyrics

I was drifting from day to day
Like a child that's lost his way
In a great big world

Then a miracle happened by
When you happened into my life
And said you love me
All around me the world was cold
Then you tenderly touched my soul
With your sunshine girl

And my future you gave it birth
And my living you gave it worth
Little Angie
Cause I love you, Angle girl
I love you, yes, I do
Heaven knows my heart is true,
Oh ho ho

When I'm feelin' my faith is gone
You're my reason for going on
Through another day
Cause the tender times that we share
Truly show me that you care about me

Whenever life makes you cry
Just remember I'm standing by
To lead the way
And together we'll never fall
Together we'll conquer all
Little Angie
Cause I love you, Angle girl
I love you, yes, I do
Heaven knows my heart is true
Cause I love you, Angle girl
I love you, yes, I do
Heaven knows my heart is true

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Wonder, Stevie Angie Girl Comments


  2. Shane Cheung

    when ever life makes you cry just remember I'm standing by to lead the way

  3. Harry Hacker

    together we will conquer all..............ANGIE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I LOVE YOU

  4. Melody Sanger

    Thanks Tara K. Smith for introducing me to this beautiful song. I had no idea that this musical genius Steveland Morris (Stevie Wonder) had written and sung this song.

  5. Tamara Margaret

    in my world xxx

  6. angie Edwards

    This song makes me proud to be an Angie 💜

  7. Michael Peacock


  8. thefullcurlew

    Remember this song sung so wonderfully at a nightclub in Palma….on honeymoon in 1971

  9. bev horton

    as beautiful today and as fresh as when I first discovered this b side  and just  played it over and over  x reminds me of a very special time in my life happy happy days x

  10. shirleywales1

    best song ever

  11. john winston

    love this song,,,, of all time timelesssssss xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Grahame Joyce

    great comment Jeff.

  13. Denise Morris

    One word. Beautiful.

  14. Richard Richard

    I've got this on 45.. Great song..

  15. Charles Christopher

    Still love this song!

  16. Julie Peach

    Played this more than the A side. Love it

  17. jeffrey leach

    Thank you for posting this song. Just listening to the string arrangement, horns, guitar, drums, and other instruments- if one can identify- is intriguing. Stevie’s voice sounds beautifully rustic and slightly coarse, giving a rich flavor in quarter notes, half notes, whole notes, chords and scales during each measure. I am not musical scholar; but, after listening to Stevie I always come away appreciative, feeling as if I’ve learned something new about music and life.

  18. Charles Christopher

    Great melodies! Great song !

  19. Shane Cheung

    Heaven knows my heart is true!!!

  20. MTN's Music Collection

    This song was the B-side to "For Once in My Life". I remember this since I was a kid since I used to have it on a 45. I still have the LP.

  21. trumusicgen

    Stevie, Stevie, Stevie whether he wrote his songs are not no one can top him

  22. milly molly

    Twas sweet 15/16ish when Derek Bonner bought me this sob sob xxxx

  23. Rae Miller

    @decor2552 I to couldnt stop playing it when I first discovered it on Youtube in 2007. Isnt the background music beautiful. What radio station played this for you? You ought to kiss your DJ because he/she is exceptional.

  24. Bo Lo

    his best song without a doubt!

  25. 15chipshops

    My favourite Stevie song!!!
    Great post, Cheers!

  26. Drew Horley

    Wow.... thanks..D