Wonder, Stevie - All In Love Is Fair Lyrics

All is fair in love
Love's a crazy game
Two people vow to stay
In love as one they say

But all is changed with time
The future none can see
The road you leave behind
Ahead lies mystery

But all is fair in love
I had to go away

A writer takes his pen
To write the words again
That all in love is fair

All of fate's a chance
It's either good or bad
I tossed my coin to say
In love with me you'd stay

But all in war is so cold
You either win or lose
When all is put away
The losing side I'll play

But all is fair in love
I should've never left your side

A writer takes his pen
To write the words again
That all in love is fair

A writer takes his pen
To write the words again
That all in love is fair

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Wonder, Stevie All In Love Is Fair Comments
  1. Sophia Richtig

    This song gives me goosebumps everytime.

  2. Norman Butler

    Genius 🌟

  3. James Jones

    One of my favorite songs by Stevey Wounder...

  4. Marilyn Stevenson


  5. almond eyes

    God is fair in love. Sometimes,we experience heartaches due to sin

  6. David Keller

    I am at work listening to Stevie. This song plays and I start crying. I am so blessed to be able to Love my Wife from my Heart. I called her and we talked.

    Some times Stevie's music cuts through all the BS and opens your Heart. Thank you for this lovely song!

  7. Thalia T.

    Ms. Jackson, Mr. Wonder is a true 1st Tenor (albeit with an amazing range), so if you are a lower , second (or even first) Soprano, you'll find it challenging to sing an octave above him, (Billy Joel has a similar affect:)
    He's a musical genius indeed (and not sure, but do not think he ever smoked--unlike so many of "old-timers".)

  8. Jana Fabijanic

    Unbelievably sad. Stevie is a genius.

  9. Carmen Jean

    How wonderful of you to sing this beautiful song with so much passion and power. I'm here listening January 18, 2020.

  10. Mona Oldham

    I tossed my coin to say..hell of a line💝

  11. Cris K

    let’s appreciate Stevie while the treasure he is, is still alive 🙏🏼

  12. Lukáš Gombarčík

    Stevie Wonder postavil slovenskú rapovú scénu

  13. Demitri Tyler

    "I should have never left your side...a writer takes his pen to write the words again. All in love is fair." Smh coldest lines ever wrote.

  14. Craig Davis

    Fat Cat Clique -- All In Love Is Fair.

  15. Asa Pratt

    I love this song. One of my Favorite Stevie songs

  16. turningofthetide1000

    I hae loved this song since I first heard it at age 15. TImeless. Brilliant. Tender. Bittersweet. Introspective. Magic.

  17. joe Smith

    Todays musicians should take notes from this man!

  18. Lobna Ajj

    I was watching Scandal..and they played this in Cyrus wedding ..and now im obssessed with it.

  19. slimoy23 percy

    Absolutely beautiful and sad .

  20. Robert Shugart

    I've heard other version of this but Stevie nailed it. This song will bring tears to your eyes. I think of my ex wife who died of cancer when this is played.

  21. Naj

    A writer takes his pen to write the words again all in love is fair

  22. Canceriano Trabalhador

    Linda música. Só o instrumental dela revela a sua qualidade.

  23. Robin Holbrook

    I mean no one can sing like stevie no one.

  24. AdenBean

    Simply beautiful

  25. Rip Roarin'

    Is there any thing better than this?

  26. Thomas.L0332

    This is truly a beautiful song that speaks deep into the heart and soul... thankyou for sharing...

  27. sean rickards

    Mark Anthony did this over on a Stevie compilation album and did a great job I might ad!

  28. Tamia Matthews

    This song is beautiful...my god

  29. Mosaic Rose

    I first heard this song right after my boyfriend who I loved very much left me for someone else. I remember just listening to it being so full of pain, but at the same time feeling so amazed at this beautiful piece of music. After a while, my ex found out that the grass was not greener on the other side, and that he was still very much in love with me and wanted to return. But, by then, things had changed as they should have, and I had finally moved on. He was so sorry and so full of regrets, and just like the song said, is how he felt. "I should have never left your side"......

  30. Aneth Poisson

    J'adoooore !!!

  31. Sharon Wimberley

    This brings me to tears everytime I hear it. It moves me so deeply. Love it so much! Thank Goodness for Stevie Wonder !

  32. Robin Holbrook

    Striesand called this song the most perfect song ever written . Interesting that it was a blind man to take his pen and write the most haughtily beautiful song I've ever heard. Classic Stevie Wonder

  33. Sabrina Butler

    I once opened my heart to a love unseen,and did not regret one moment of time that I spent,and I do mean spent,to you baby man,I will travel onward now,I will remember you, I will publish my book, I will win at know cost to you,all in real love is fair

  34. personaking7

    The jam

  35. t a

    I made a difficult life changing decision to this song in 1976...

  36. Terry Sanders


  37. Joe Charles

    Just truly amazing what God has blessed us with--- Stevie!!!!( and I am proud to say that I watched him play here in Detroit when I was 10 yo He is from my city!!! )

  38. beyonce forshort

    2019, hopeless romantic

  39. Love Roscoe

    I need you, Jesus.

  40. MaquiladoraIII

    Greatest four(!) track album run: Golden Lady, Higher Ground, Jesus Children of America, All in Love is Fair.

  41. Larry Luahiwa

    Wow! Been Awhile........Great Song!!

  42. Angela Smith

    Am I the ONLY person who has to listen to this song twice in a row? Masterpiece!

  43. Panama Black232

    One of the Best from this Musical Genius ..Stevie Wonder!!..A writer takes his pen
    To write the words again
    That all in love is fair

  44. waw

    the king of soul music

  45. KSC Clinic

    Just fukcing great 👍🏼

  46. sammie smith

    A true classic by Stevie Wonder that was covered Po Broke Lonely.

  47. Filip

    Dava mi

  48. 하이디유니폼

    정말 좋아

  49. Killer Joe

    I challenge anyone to name a better composed song.

  50. Céline Choquette


  51. Chiquito Bakana

    Toca fundo...

  52. Alan Procopio

    This music is very serious. Congratulation !!!

  53. T Mayo

    I swear this man is like the last legendary singer that we have left from the good music days. Stevie is the best !!!

  54. Norma Borges

    Tocou na série Escândalo.
    Fiquei louca quando ouvi essa musica carregada de sentimentos...
    Maravilhoso.. amei..

  55. iomkiful

    One of my favorite things...

  56. Red Legend

    I’m feel this song all the way in my heart. I live this song.

  57. DÉ Rossi

    Imortal Love

  58. Stacey King

    💓🕊️ & 😎 Wonder, An 🇺🇸

  59. kerry fournillier

    This song reminds me of Luther...

  60. Sweet toof

    What a vocal performance. Epic.

  61. constance gomez

    Ok is this every thing must change song? Or is it just me?

  62. Mike Myers

    Stevie. Unreal.

  63. Beverly Thomas

    I can't stop watching/listening.

  64. Srđan Popović

    Enough to be a hall of famer.....

  65. creusa simoes

    Essa música é uma das minhas favoritas do Stevie Wonder ...amooooo, e compartilho sempre...

  66. derrick mcintosh

    Maybe we should all be without physical sight to see true beauty ! Warp

  67. Peter Jeffery

    Stevie just doesn't get enough credit as a songwriter. This song is beautiful, powerful and basically Johnny Mercer good.

  68. Quincy Gang

    king of R&B

  69. Sandra Abott

    All is fair in love
    So true!

  70. Lone Ranger

    As it approaches your 1 yr memorial! RIP Mom!

  71. Francisco Neto

    I ve recently given this to an English student. She even cried! You see the power of this song.

  72. Mountain Rigi

    There are tons of soul in the mind of this musician. Everyone can feel it.

  73. Elvi López .- //

    BELLEZA DE TEMA 👍👍💕💕✨✨✨🙏🙏🙏🎼🎵🎵🎼🎶🎶🎶🎶🎧🎧🎧🎹🎹🎹💪💪💪✨✨✨✨✨✨
    Gracias Máximas!

  74. Terrence Cottrell

    A fantastic song, an all-time great, a Superb artist, ONE OF THE BEST TO EVER DO IT! #HitManStevieWonder🖊️🎶🎙️👑

  75. Laura Kaminsky

    The road you leave behind ahead lies mystery....sooooo good!

  76. Melanie C

    One of my favorite albums in my collection.. albeit, I say that a lot but this album is so good.

  77. Vivian Harris

    Still beautiful

  78. Sandra L. Neely

    Stevie is a musical genius. I keep listening to this song even though it makes me cry.

  79. Sego Ayah

    This is so right on...

  80. Mike Litoris

    Dava mi - Kntrfkt

  81. candy apple

    All In Love Is Fair beautiful sad song

  82. EDMiermi BERRY

    I love this song.It use to bring me to tears. Stevie ‘s voice is so melodic and warm. Truly a great performance.

  83. James Boyd

    This is absolutely one of Stevie Wonder's best composition.It's a lullaby so beautifully written it'll make you go through a million emotions.

  84. darinaria

    Great song. Streisand blows this version out of the water.


    Streisand Whitens it up, not impressive. Dionne Kills it.


    @Urban_Tube What a ridiculous statement.


    @darinaria Says the Streisand fan

    Laura Kaminsky

    @Urban_Tube That's a dumb statement.

  85. Karen & Hal Geddes

    Love Stevie!

  86. natedoggg2002

    Stevie Wonder voice pierces your soul and captivates your heart!

  87. Karima Nicolette

    Shane, come back Shane😭

  88. creusa simoes

    Essa voz, essa música, demais, (saudades) bons tempos

  89. Milton Smith

    I literally can't listen to this song it makes me cry and I'm a grown ass man

  90. Lateshia Childs

    Stevie you are one of my top favorite singers, this song bring me to tears.

  91. Hearron

    A writer takes his pen to write the words again....here in #2019 like a time capsule from the past 💔🖤

  92. Zaidi Ademeit

    This song should have received a Nobel Prize. It is that Profound.

  93. Sammy Flores

    What a Great song. Stevie has always been such a positive motivating influence to me. This master piece is such a hauntingly, beautiful bolt of realistic scenarios that only Stevie can put together. The Lord has truly blessed us with this Brother to make a difference in this troubled , some times mean, world. Peace and Love

  94. Will O'Neil

    Brings tears to my eye's as I write this the ups and downs the joy and pain this song tells you all of it mostly the hurt sad but so beautiful

  95. Richard Marshall Bowman

    Stevie.....A master at his craft....at the top of his enormous powers