Wombats, The - Turn Lyrics

I jump from thought to thought like a flea jumps to a light
You could give an aspirin the headache of its life
Maybe it's the crazy that I'd miss
Watering plastic plants in the hope that they will grow
Seeing a message flash and then smashing up my phone
Maybe it's the crazy that I'd miss
It won't get better than this

I like the way your brain works
I like the way you try
To run with the wolf pack when your legs are tied
I like the way you turn me inside and out
I like the way you turn

I like the way your brain works
I like the way your brain works

I want to get college girl drunk tonight
No morning fears, no mountains to climb
They say the best memories are the ones that we forget
Like listening to Drake at your best friend's swimming pool
Floating anti-clockwise in a red mushroom
Maybe it's the crazy that I'd miss
It won't get better than this

I like the way your brain works
I like the way you try
To run with the wolf pack when your legs are tied
I like the way you turn me inside and out
I like the way you turn

I like the way your brain works
I like the way your brain works

Baby it's the crazy I like
I think I saw the world turn in your eyes
Baby it's the crazy I like
Maybe it's the bullshit I'd miss
Screaming at the moon in black lipstick
Maybe it's the bullshit I'd miss
It won't get better than this

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Wombats, The Turn Comments
  1. Hoze 123

    love video and the freeze effect they used

  2. Bob Kloentrup

    "I think I saw the world turn in your eyes" - great line!

  3. Harlan Projects

    Such a blue pill song.

  4. лучшее песни шансона

    2k19? Кто-нибудь еще слышал?
    The wombats are so underrated

  5. Cocoa

    I’m here because of vikstar on the sidemen vid

  6. Adam James

    Dark lyrics

  7. Anna Newman

    1:54 and 1:56 DAISY ❤️❤️

  8. Im Fat

    only Vik would like this trash tbh.

  9. Margaret Eadie

    Who's here from the sidemen video when vik said he likes this song???

  10. Who Cares

    Never heard of these guys but I'm not disappointed in what I found 😏

  11. Lynn Claessen

    My favourite song of them, I have been to their concert 3 years ago, they're amazing!

  12. паша пантуева


  13. Geoff Dutton

    Is that Jameela Jamil?

  14. theonlyturner

    One of the best songs I've ever encountered.

  15. Abi Cambo

    What the heck is sidemen?????

  16. amy parker


  17. Crytc

    chur sideman

  18. Godzilla3603

    Heard this on the radio, no idea what sidemen is

  19. billy yllib

    who came from vikk

  20. Alex

    Is that Jameela Jamil?

  21. Layla Trujillo

    All of their music videos is a little art project and it’s amazing

  22. DanSharpX1

    Vik sent me🙌🏼

  23. ArticFox Queen

    This is my figure skating music when I land another jump or do something that I haven’t done before

  24. Dyztynkt Fox

    Whos here from vikkstars mention in one question go sidemen vid?

  25. hans hardcore

    Has anyone noticed that the camera is floating anti-clockwise?

  26. Norman Padilla

    Anyone here because of Vikkstar?

  27. Tom H

    Vik no offence, u have shit taste in music...

  28. FijeGod

    This song is ass😂lol

  29. StiX

    Oye Fuck you Vik

  30. Steven Patrick

    His voice is fantastic. I feel like The Wombats are the soundtrack to my life.

  31. Miguel Ángel

    This song is god, I love

  32. Miguel Ángel

    More song's.

  33. Vlakna

    This song should be in FIFA or PES.

  34. Bernard van der walt

    NEVER DATE A RUSSIAN / UKRAINIAN - this snake is cute compared

  35. Elizabeth Hazlett

    This song makes me nostalgic for thing that have never happened to me and I think that's powerful as shit

  36. little boy Dedoid

    Fair play to Vikk, he’s got good taste 🔥

  37. Shawna-Marie Brown

    Just heard this on Sirius 🥳

  38. Lisa Lubbers

    What is the meaning of this song?

  39. NotSheelta

    Good taste vik

  40. Maria Magdalena Paredes

    Don´t know what´s "sidemen" everyone is talking about, I´m here just for a random Spotify list I found... and I´m so thankful for that! The Wombats is a great band!!

  41. stephen cole

    All this time I thought he liked boys.

  42. Manu _133

    Vikks fav song

  43. traintracks9876

    i am from 2019 and was watching sidemen and this my my new favorrite song cuz of vik

  44. Tugb0t mixer

    I came from the sidemen vid

  45. Tristen Roos

    Pandora showed me this song and I love it.

    Also: "I jump from thot to thot"

  46. Kevin Cox

    Where can you buy the band t shirts at ?

    Oliver Bricker


  47. Callum Mewes

    I love the wombats

  48. Oscar Benner Nihrane

    This could be a FIFA song. Is it just me?

  49. Tatkins

    Am I the only one who actually likes the song and isn’t here from some sidemen video?

  50. Bam Bam A

    Instant favorite. ♥️

  51. Oliver Prendergast

    dude looking like Jonathon Ross now

  52. Laura Shankland

    Am I one of the only people that just likes the song? Instead of coming from sidemen

  53. Crazy5 Mad11

    I can't believe I only just discovered their YouTube channel, I love them so much! I listen to their songs all the time on Spotify. I was so gutted that I missed their last concert, they're amazing.

    P.S. sorry for my ranting, just wanted to put that out there.

  54. Let

    um ano escutando a mesma música e acho incrível a sensação de bem estar que ela me passa

  55. Steven Arevalo

    I get lost in this song.

  56. Erik Sparks

    God this has been in my most played for a bit and didn't even realize who it was

  57. Akaiマン

    “wHO’s HeRE FrOm ThAt SiDe mAn VidEo?”

  58. Yiweh GT

    i love this song and i have since it came out in april . XXX

  59. Moth

    thank you to the hundreds of people who had to point out they were here from sideman or vikstar.


    Here from sidemen vid

  61. Yo Za

    Ah, so this is vikks taste of music, not bad, not bad at all

  62. Bob Steve

    vik has a shit kind of music

  63. Bunny Lover

    who's a bit crazy? and always ends up overreacting and pushing people away? i feels for you..

  64. Spencer Read

    They dropped the ball when they made the stage spin clockwise instead of "anti-clockwise"

  65. Evangel

    They name-dropped Drake! 🤩

  66. eleanor darcy

    lmao who isn't here from the sidemen video and is just here for the song?

  67. BazookaHorse

    Pedestrian garbage.

  68. Frantic Wizard

    Shame a band like this goes unnoticed while rubbish is being played on the radio

  69. Rowan McLoughlin

    Only true wombat fans know what's up. Fuck outa here all y'all sidemen normies

  70. Avexay

    Ayo this is kind of lit

  71. Emi Nelthorpe

    who isn't here from someones youtube video. cos im here from triple j

  72. Markus Alexander Jung

    O. M. G.: Robert Lewandowski can sing.

  73. Jack Sheahan

    Good man vik

  74. zach L

    who’s here because they like good music and not because some shitty youtuber brought them here?

  75. Ezzie Anathema

    didn't know they had released this. i fooking love this song.

  76. Some random person

    who’s not here from sidemen

  77. Mimio is a god

    Who else is not here from the sidemen :/

  78. Molly

    Thanks Vik xx

  79. TheCinderDude

    Anyone not here from the sidemen but because they like the wombats

    Adam Parker-Rich

    @Danny Hudson its like a group of youtube channnels

    Harry Lavelle

    TheCinderDude no


    wow you are so special and interesting, pls tell us more. Grow up, dude.


    Israel Benítez Jiménez the one question video


    who is the sidemen?

  80. Spectrum

    Every one is saying sidemen...anyone from the car commercial?

  81. SauceGodApollo

    Anyone here from the Toyota commercial?

  82. Drip Drop

    What the fuck does vikk listen to

  83. Ishimina Eastland

    Im here from the kia commercial

  84. Kylee Sibila

    I came here from an ad😂

  85. Abigail Schweisberger

    Who the heck is sidemen?

  86. Nadia Musawa

    I found it very tired to read "anyone from sideman, who here from sideman" thousand times 🙄, just enjoy the song will you? Hahaha

  87. Trump 2020

    Really? They had to mention gArbage music like drake in the lyrics....gross

  88. ItsPlugWalk YAAYEET

    Vik has some shit taste

  89. Harropeno

    Anyone else here because of their taste in music and not the sidemen

  90. Jennifer Staudhammer

    Who is Here asking themselves what the fuck The sideman video is 🤨

  91. Jarred Pingo

    At first I thought he said, “I wanna get a college girl drunk tonight,”

  92. Carl Murray

    Fuck of with yer sideman comments

  93. Jaz

    Ok am I the only person who has no fucking clue who Vikk from "Sidemen" are?
    Literally it seems everyone is here from there and I'm just not lol. I just really fucking STANNNN the Wombats

  94. Alex Ash

    A friend of mine showed me this band and I’m really pleased because there so good !

  95. Tobi xmen

    This goes hard no wonder vikkstar likes this🔥🔥

  96. lisa hottie


  97. sᴇxʏ

    Sidemen 1 qeustion go 🔥

  98. Chirag Swikriti

    Thanks Vikk

  99. Hesitant

    Yes yes, we are all here from vikk .