Wombats, The - Jump Into The Fog Lyrics

What a great achievement it was
To get a hotel room this late
I bet they charge by the hour here
The kind of place where you should bring your own UV ray

It's not a big problem with me, love
You don't look that hygienic anyway
I'm only here because
I wanna twist the structure of my average day

We feel nothing so jump into the fog
In the hope that we hit the ground upright
We feel nothing so jump into the fog
I just hope it's your bones that shatter not mine
We feel nothing so jump into the fog
In the hope that we hit the ground upright
We feel nothing so jump into the fog

What a great achievement it was
To find someone who shirks such little self-restraint
I'm a non-believer but
I believe in these dirty little wicked games

Snakes and ladders are banned in here love
The climb's too rough just to slide back down again
I'm only here because
I feel the day deserves a truly sordid end

We feel nothing so jump into the fog
In the hope that we hit the ground upright
We feel nothing so jump into the fog
I just hope it's your brains that splatter not mine
We feel nothing so jump into the fog
In the hope that we hit the ground upright
We feel nothing so jump into the fog

I've made some bad decisions, I'll admit that freely
It's just that life tastes sweeter when it's wrapped in debauchery
So drop your map, drop your plans, drop that five-step program
Because there's not an ounce of faith in this leap
It's clear you feel nothing so jump into the fog with me

Jump in
Jump in
Jump in

Jump into the fog!
Jump into the fog!
Jump into the fog!
Jump into the fog!

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Wombats, The Jump Into The Fog Comments
  1. UwithMe?

    I'm only here because, I wanna twist the structure of my average day.

  2. Amber BSJC

    2020. I love this band so much.

  3. coolrunnings

    Siik song 😍😍😍😍😍🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  4. Isaac Lopera

    Brings me back to high school wow.

  5. CurryKid

    drummer who looks like logan paul? wow

  6. timishere1925

    This video and the tune itself makes me wanna do illegal drugs with a bunch of hookers. Short lines off of their asses......the whole deal.

  7. John Oliveira

    I love só much this song,please come to Brazil.

  8. Samuel Lamport

    I am a believer I believe 150000% that to infinity I believe and the infinity amount of belief that Jesus Christ my savior the son of the living God lives and breathes and all of us we deceptive choose what side were on and I love you and please don't hate on me I come in the name of Jesus Christ my savior Amen

  9. Tim76

    WTF they edited out the best part of the ending

  10. turtlesfcge

    Just saw these guys at Glastonbury... experience of a lifetime

  11. Brodie Hynes

    Jump into the frog

  12. Vivi Fischer’s Covers

    Very Beginning gave me terraria vibes

  13. Rudy Guerrero

    Their best song.

  14. Nurul S Mahza

    idk why i can't find this album on spotify

  15. Alex Ash

    Vape nation

  16. x_arigato_x

    2019 anyone?

  17. Primordial Remnant

    The lyrics are deep as fuck.

  18. Roman Dňw

    the singer looks like young john lennon)

  19. NotReallyRebecca

    Six million views well deserved

  20. Senpai Jellyfish

    I’m screaming!!! I couldn’t remember this song or band but it was my favorite! I spent like 7 years trying to find it and hdjdhdv!!!!!! I found a TikTok meme and the singer sounded familiar and ah. Something positive finally came from that toxic cancer app.

  21. Quadruplex


  22. Connor Hill

    Just hope its your balls that shatter not mine

  23. Julia wray

    Brilliant. My favorite song about apathy, amorality and cynicism. ;)

  24. Игорь Герасименко

    norm ;)

  25. Scornful Shadow Spectre

    I want to have sex with every member of this band..

    Afterwards, I'm up for a Six Flags visit.

  26. Lower Tones

    Is the guy at 2:09 the same guy who was in "Techno Fan" video, wearing the the helmet and horns?
    Great song, great band. Wombats are a favourite on my listen list, along with Just Jack.

  27. mendenikolov

    Music to my ears 🤩

  28. CassiTheNerd

    My drug addiction brought me here.

  29. Angus Fotheringham

    Best song ever!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!

  30. Eric Wilson

    Don't jump in. All vamps are from hell. When you get bit you go to hell. Don't do it. #Baptism

  31. Jim Mijair Vasquez Gonzales

    8 years

  32. Jack Shelley

    And when a wombat comes, it will find me gone ..............

  33. Daniel Schrader

    I feel today deserves a truly sordid end!

  34. Ani Rose

    Such an amazing band, such an amazing song. Once you've seen The Wombats live, everything changes. Such a work of art.

  35. Dakota C

    Listening to this song in 2018 still.

  36. Sean McLain

    Is no one noticing the music is almost identical to Korn's "Never, Never"?

  37. Hayden Young

    Just found this again after not hearing it for years, still good

  38. DavidBundela

    I am going to learn drum in that I heard this song

  39. Finlay DDerry

    Learning it in my drum kit it's so fun to play along with this bad ass song

  40. Karol Gajda

    add it on spotify finally please...

  41. shuruq

    that girl in white at 3:13 looks like Christina Grimmie rip :((

  42. ssssss

    Are these the modern beatles?

  43. 1990'S KID

    2017m? (;

  44. Exige Pilot

    Yes, the day always deserves a truly sordid end.

  45. sakshi bhosale

    i'm playing this song for my grade 1 drum exam 👌 anyone else?

  46. Leaving A Cave


  47. David Henning

    "and on lead bass is..."

  48. lostsanity11

    Arcade Fire's "Infinite Content" has a similar composition to this song, at least for the first three notes! I can't unhear it!

  49. MarshallFizz

    Truck was amazing

  50. 0-0 1b-0

    thank god there are still people who still use jags i thought it was just me

  51. shuruq

    I'm in love with this song and band.

  52. Sam Brown

    Falls 2014/15 <3

  53. Плюм Бум

    я бы прыгнула

  54. TopicsForGossip

    guts glory ram has to be one of the worst sayings of all time

  55. Banana Addict

    I'm only here because I'm at grade 1 in drumming

  56. roy keene

    the main chorus should of been done more or for longer.

  57. roy keene

    the more you listen to this it gets better.

  58. marissa zeock

    1:32-1:38 💜

  59. marissa zeock

    I'm on a nostalgia trip this morning and I don't think I'm ever coming back

  60. Tom Gardner

    what style of raybans are they?

  61. Geoffrey Carter

    This bassline changes everything.

  62. YaBoi Lewy

    I can play the drums to this song I am making a vid on my channel

  63. Narita Daniel

    awesome song ♥

  64. chloe bryce

    whos here in 2017?

  65. leila071

    Still my favorite wombats song

  66. GR33N

    The Wombats x cage the elephant make it happen boys

  67. alice s

    tim burton vibes ?

  68. tinylittlerobots

    We are for fans of The Wombats

  69. littleHOTTIE87

    Damn! I love this song! I fell in love with it the first time I heard it.

  70. Aidan bolduc

    I hadn't heard of the Wombats until last spring and I have no idea how. They're my new favorite band!

  71. Mikey

    January 1rst 2017 💕

  72. caden Jones

    I'm learning the drums to this song

    Polar Sparky

    the wirdo same

  73. Sam Heath

    2:02 though lol 😎😎😎

  74. Brookes Em

    Thanks, Gavin Free.

  75. pascual roberto lozupone

    SUENA BIEN!!!!

  76. alright sorry

    fuck it's been so long since I've heard this omg

  77. Squidward Testicles

    Is this a vaping commercial??

    Norman Price 88

    Squidward Testicles it should be

  78. mandy siu

    They are such talented geniuses!

  79. Eric Wilson

    I'm only here because I want to twist the structure of My average day. I'm hoping a lot of people get to Heaven & Christians got themselves to Heaven, but yeah, I think I'm going to be a really solid assassin.

  80. memphish21

    I'd love to know how to get my bass to sound like that

  81. Pan A

    Pandemic legion anyone?

  82. HeARTz

    Thank you Gavin Free

  83. mr andres

    Savin gent me here


    If by ‘Savin gent’ you mean 'Gavin sent’- same here. XD

    mr andres

    I know what I said.

    Eric Wilson

    You feel plenty. Not a sales pitch. Just hope it's your bones and not mine. ;)

  84. Strike Freedom

    true scousers

  85. SuckerKiss


  86. paul schlacter

    First song I've ever heard from the wombats and now I've seen them twice live and they're my favorite band. Every track they put out is perfect

  87. skankhunt607

    Facebook memory brought me back today. damn.

  88. Julia De Jesus

    melhor musga

  89. Ezra Sky

    Great song.

  90. rosa r

    Woah I came here from Maude Garrett's recommendation and I'm so glad I looked it up! This song is pretty great


    me toooo


    what's this song about?


    Jumping into fog

    Erik Phillips

    Some guy buying a hooker because he's bored of the monotony in his life. He's treading in unknown waters and wants to come out ok, but if one of them gets 'hurt' he'd rather it be the prositute. Pretty sure that's the meaning anyway


    +Erik Phillips thanks

  92. Damien Evans

    Amazing makes me orgasm




    +Magicfire productions thanks


    Hey, do you by any chance remember when this song was reference by Maude? I can't find the video.


    +DeMilan one of the podcasts


    +DeMilan one of the more recent ones

  94. Serena Pulv

    Aah so glad my sister told me about the wombats years ago if not I would have been stuck in the crap generic pop that people supposedly love these days



    John son

    Erykasrpeach, couldn't have put it better myself

  95. No One

    Can you guys please check out some of my music on my channel please. I am really in love with the wombats and I honestly just want some feedback to improve tbh. You don't have to if you don't want to but it would be great if you did thanks :)

    Hollie Vaughan

    Sounds great

  96. Angel Torres

    How the fuck is this five years old?

    alice s

    Angel Torres what