Wolfe, Jon - That Girl In Texas Lyrics

I woke up this morning not feeling right
It wasn't the beer that I drank last night
It's the state I'm in
I just know I'm not where I'm meant to be
I heard a southern wind calling out to me
"Go back home again!"
Now I'm standing at the lonely end of the path I chose
And I can't stop thinking about the things I miss the most

Might be those Saturday nights and the honky tonks and the rodeos
Or the way the sun sets in the hills of San Antonio
Might be the dust from my boots
The miles of fence line
That old Rio Grande or the wide open sky
But my best guess is it's that girl in Texas

I spend all day packing up my truck
My boss forgot to wish me luck when I said "So long"
It's high time I undo my mistake
So I'll drive all night down that interstate
Till I'm all the way gone
I know deep down in my heart it's what I've gotta do
And if anyone ask me what I'm most looking forward to

Might be those Saturday nights and the honky tonks and the rodeos
Or the way the sun sets in the hills of San Antonio
Might be the dust from my boots
The miles of fence line
That old Rio Grande or the wide open sky
But my best guess is it's that girl in Texas

Yeah I came way to see her smile and face
And I couldn't tell you why I ever left that place

I miss those Saturday nights and the honky tonks and the rodeos
And the way the sun sets in the hills of San Antonio
Her beautiful smile, bright blue eyes
Holding her close in the moonlight
What I miss most is that girl in Texas
What I love most is that girl in Texas
That girl in Texas

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Wolfe, Jon That Girl In Texas Comments
  1. Umbang 15

    I watch feb 2020.

  2. Brandon Altman

    Born in san antonio on LAFB, love Texas. Great song!!

  3. Brown Wolf

    It's that girl in Albuquerque

  4. Ali Younis jr.

    Wow it's really magical song, l wish one day l will go there and investigating all my dreams,God willing...

  5. Kathryn Jackson

    So excited for the La Veta Colorado music festival in 2020!

  6. Mason57

    My girlfriend is from Texas <3

  7. Brown Wolf

    It's that girl in Albuquerque is what I miss most

  8. Kevin Lindsay

    A really good song

  9. Nishant Kumar

    Hey guys i m from india and i m comin texas next year

  10. Rude Russian Man


  11. Ryan Le

    congrats Jon Wolfe on your Marriage!!!

  12. Comander Mcgarrett

    Look like George strait mixed with tom wopat who played luke duke

  13. Steven Steven

    Love it

  14. john s

    Jon, saw you last week in the canyon....WOW

  15. Manuel A Torres Araujo

    I enjoy this song in my dodge cummins on my way from dallas to mineral wells tx

  16. Kendra Charley

    Omg I got to see him last night in Albuquerque, NM....I loved all the songs you played!! 💓💓💓

  17. Jennifer Martin

    Just get a fiddle in the band and you will have fans all over Texas.

  18. Julia Royce

    Texas is the best thing in the world! Nothing can compare to it, absolutely nothing. The men in Texas are something great too, my heroes.

  19. Modern Adventure

    how many guyz r still listening to this song in 2019.....dope song

  20. Serena L. Wykowski

    I love Texas it my home and I would love to go back home my heart travel this world

  21. ابو سالم Abo Salem

    Classic very nice

  22. ابو سالم Abo Salem

    I like 👌❤️❤️

  23. Tina Jamison

    I lived in Texas for 8 1/2 years. I miss it because of all the friends I made while living there.

  24. Steve Pouliot

    I hear some George Strait, nice job👍

  25. Pork Chop

    How can this possibly get a thumbs down????? You must not be from Texas....

    Speedy Spinar

    They cant be 100 percent American either ain't no way. Good music


    Is this song in any CD?

  27. omar ashkar

    Huzur verici bir müzik ve klip

  28. ambervega81

    TX does that to you!! God made, Jesus saved, TX raised!! 🤠❤🐴

  29. Shaun Knighton

    I from Texas

  30. 5280 Garage

    I clicked this because of that c10 😂

  31. M J

    Born and raised😎

  32. Joseph Thomas

    Texans are the best

  33. a Clk

    Man doesn't want anything else

  34. fm gk


  35. André Ferreira

    Bruno e Marrone do Texas ae kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  36. Michelle Millington

    Cannot WAIT to see him this weekend!!!

  37. jose paz

    this is the pure country! i like that

  38. beverley davis

    Texas Hill Country ❤

  39. Cody Jarrard

    Still listening to this song in 2019!

  40. Timber

    John Wolfe? Yeah, I love that guy! He makes really good content playing horror gam-

    oh sorry wrong john wolfe

  41. East Texas Railfan

    Jesus Christ this guy sounds like King George

  42. DesertLegend FoX


  43. Life’sGood !

    Why hasn’t this guy exploded ? Your music is freaking awesome ! Real country none of that today’s pop country crap!

  44. 90` Graus no Ar

    Essa Música é muito Boa 🇧🇷😏

  45. Lalit Chakraborty

    Gimmi a Mahindra Thar,off to Ladakh 💙

  46. Jacob Ceron

    who miss BBQ?

  47. Zayndrick Dayrell

    This is the reason why i love Texas's man and Accent.

  48. Eastwestmommy

    Good song! God bless Texas ❤

  49. villalba neishon

    I'm from Paraguay and I love Texas ❤️

  50. Trey Goynes

    Who else is a country boy

  51. Laylalouleighetta Hawk


  52. Anje viy GuillermO


  53. Hayden Piggott

    he spond likw gorge striat or blake shelton

  54. Orlando Zepeda

    When are you coming to The RGV in texas

  55. James Russell

    I met this girl. Name is Emily and she lives in Texas. Never stopped thinking about her since. Makes me want to go to texas.

  56. Genea Maines

    Great song...

  57. Kris Jones

    Wish you were still singing man! Nothing on the radio sounds as good as how you do it.

  58. Kurt Bordovsky

    Man Jon where do you find all these cool older model trucks in your videos? I’m trying to find one for my first vehicle.

  59. Joseph Thomas


  60. Jerald Begay

    Listening to this about to cross into Texas .

  61. ralph jean

    Good summer time music. Damn I love country music

  62. zoey juny

    i like it

  63. Josue Martinez

    East Texas!!! 🤘🤘🤘

  64. Clyde Dough

    God this is shit

  65. Vishal Amarendran

    Wow, good vibes when hearing it 👍

  66. Rebecca Paredes

    Wow this song gets to my ❤ where is that cowboy I been looking for all my life in Tx

  67. Send spam Here

    Dam pretty girl with big titties. good song too...

  68. Johnny Ozelius

    OMG - This song fits me exactly - I got a girl in Texas - I left and I'm about to come home....I love this song!

  69. Johnny Ozelius

    Love this song - It speaks to me

  70. Kenneth Schrock

    Dam we more of this singing man

  71. Tariq Afridi

    Texas lovely couple!!

  72. Purple Orange


  73. Prince Edward

    2:35-the very definition of why things are always bigger in Texas..

  74. William Ferguson

    George st kid

  75. Eastwestmommy

    Hubby got a relocation to Texas from Chicago... We love Texas, never moving away it sucks you in!!

  76. C&R

    Trust me... there's no better place in the World, IF, you get it... i.e. "My Texas," and understand it's like nowhere else, but it's inexplainable.

  77. Robert Neven

    i been in TEXAS, the most beuatifull place in the world , flat like a panncake good food , really warm , nice lady s , San Angelo Fort Concho

  78. ugottbit

    I'm I badly mistaken or is the brunette haired woman Jake Owen's wife? She's the same girl for Jake Owens "Any 8 second ride" whom is his wife.

  79. pellky54

    We're running your video on SongDoor TV (songdoor.com) through the weekend. Really nice work.

  80. Arvin Farokhzad

    I, as a foreigner do respect and enjoy this song but sometimes feel some sort of shame if i enjoy too much from it since i am not from texas nor a White American.

  81. eixr

    Hey Nashville, fuck your country pop shit music. This is who you should be playing.

  82. سعد saad

    Hi i from saudi arabai great usa 🖐🖐🇸🇦🇺🇸

  83. A.J Ramirez

    Any of you'll know I good radio station where country music is play

  84. Виктор Золотов

    форевер техаской девочке!

  85. Виктор Золотов

    техас это 100прцентная америка!!!

  86. Tommy Truth

    That's a good one.

  87. Nathan Lam

    This song make me miss the girl i left in Texas and the times we had. How good it was...i wish you didnt hate me....i wish i could of treated you better

  88. Areandr

    Best regards, Areandr KZ.

  89. Maverick Dyck

    One of the few REAL country artists left. Keep it up

  90. Crissy Reyes

    San Antonio TX baby ;)

  91. Ashton Anderson

    all his song is good i want his cd

  92. little ffp

    Wowowowowo u voice the best one i wish i have voice like u . But that cool song u voice like ...............but cool wowowoowow

  93. Amanda Gailey

    Love your Music <3

  94. Liem H

    Jon is country music.

  95. Yoli G.V.

    I love it . it should be on the radio.

  96. Amanda Swaney

    He has same initials as my best friend jw

  97. Rusty Hill

    too bad you had to drive a POS Chevrolet at least they could have found a GMC or a real truck (no buy out edition) Ford

  98. PUSAT PUSAT 74

    حلوة ملش من العراق 😘

  99. Mack Maddison

    I miss that beautiful smile in Texas Oklahoma Iowa ..she is some where

  100. Mack Maddison

    I miss my girl in Texas