Wolfe, Chelsea - The Way We Used To Lyrics

Are we wasting our time awake here
We could be sleeping
I'll disappear then maybe
When you're here I know I could never love you
I only dream of you after you are gone
We don't work the way we used to
Your face has changed since morning
Say it
I want to hear some truth
Say it
Say it
When you're here I know I could never love you
I only dream of you after you are gone

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Wolfe, Chelsea The Way We Used To Comments
  1. Gemma Furbank

    Does anybody know what looper Chelsea is using? This has to be one of my favourite videos of her. The acoustics and her voice are wooooow!!!! I love her. Seeing her for the first time next March.

    Katie Allard-Watson

    I think it's a Boss RC-30: Loop Station Looper Pedal

    Gemma Furbank

    @Katie Allard-Watson Thank you, Katie. I actually ordered one on sat. Arrived today. :)

  2. Patrick Isles

    Completely broke down in tears as I listened. Thank you, Chelsea Wolfe.

    She holds a special place in my heart.

  3. Gemma Furbank

    The acoustics in the building are superb. Chelsea has been gifted with a mesmerising vocal range. Just beautiful. 🖤

  4. OpnEye3

    Sheer artistry. Thank you Chelsea

  5. OpnEye3

    Sheer artistry. Thank you Chelsea

  6. TrueToLifePro

    Her voice control reminds me of Sam Cooke! Amazing!

  7. Eric Drummond

    Still listening

  8. Milklatte

    I'll say this, miss old Chelsea!


    Milklatte all the Chelsea is epic. all.

  9. MarrowEternal

    This song washes over you

  10. Sabrina Rdv

    magical 🔮💘

  11. Janet Craft

    I like the location. It has a natural echo which enhances her voice. Listen to it with your eyes closed and you'd swear she is in some bat cave.


    it could be that, or it could be the reverb pedal in her pedalboard, i'd go for the second one

    Jamie Van Beveren

    tricksebas she does use reverb effects on vocals but she also does create a natural reverb with her vocals often. Check out some acoustic videos where she is sans anything but perhaps the good acoustics of the room

  12. finodd4343

    my favorite Chelsea wolfe performance ever

    Dan Jenkins

    Mine, too. To this day.
    Although, witnessing her live is a wonderful experience.

  13. Jeanine LeBlanc

    I CANNOT wait to see her live in Vancouver in a month! Her haunting music has always been there for me and gotten me through some tough places in life. She's a true artist. <3

    Becca Lee

    +Jeanine LeBlanc I saw her a couple weeks ago and I swear I'm still dreaming about it. Seeing her live is addicting. I never miss her concert if she comes to my town. It's so humbling to watch her live....it's all about the music...no egos here. It's like she's putting her soul out for everyone to feel. I feel guilty for even witnessing it. It's so amazing. Have fun!

    Jeanine LeBlanc

    +Ami Lee

    Hi! Thanks so much for your reply. So good to hear that I can expect a wonderful show when I see Chelsea in a couple weeks. I hear you! I'm flying to another city primarily to see her because she isn't touring through the city where I live. She's one of my favourite musicians ever. I'm glad to hear that it's all about the music. Listening to her albums as many times as I have, that is what I would expect. I'm so excited to see her live. Her music has been there for me in a cathartic way recently and I'm just so grateful. Haunting, deep, and mesmerizing...Love it and her!

    Jeanine LeBlanc

    +Ami Lee

    PS. Oh, and my sister and her boyfriend just saw her play in Montreal and confirmed everything you said in your reply. I will make it a point to see her again when she tours if I'm able to!


    this is magic! <3

  15. Pop Tart


  16. IslandBarbie420

    Just stumbled across the commercial and was immediately drawn to the melody... She is definitely an original.

  17. rainesages


  18. D.J. Giltner

    Saw her on a very strange YouTube talk show called "The Goreburger Show" while searching Cedric Bixler Zavala (?) interviews and her performance moved me so much! Fast forward a couple years and heard her just now on a "come to Las Vegas" commercial and had to listen here so thank you very much for making Chelsea Wolfe available to the masses and thank you Chelsea Wolfe for music

    Pop Tart

    MY awesome new handle do you have a link to that show

    D.J. Giltner

    Just remember it was "The goreberger show"

    Luciano Palma


  19. Roy H

    U betta sang!

    Britney Evans

    She really sang it too!

  20. Andre Banks

    Very NICE!!!!! Beautiful sound!!!

  21. Christopher Shadley


  22. bloodySunday77

    Just incredible.

  23. Juliette Anne

    god damn amazing

  24. Juz LaGrange

    it reminds me vespertine from bjork.. nice voice though.. but déjà vu!

  25. M.BellaDonna Darkheart

    beautiful voice

  26. שממון המניע

    My nigga senses brought me hurr.

  27. NaNcy K.

    She is a very interesting artist.

  28. chachiuday

    Holy fucking shit this is so good.

  29. Beka

    she is so perfect, i would make her a sandwich

  30. Goldhummingbird

    His comment wasn't aimed to please you. People should comments to support the music. I detest people that comment to do the opposite but also people that comment purely to hurt someone, all you had to do was ignore the comment and move on. You don't know him by that comment but you've just let many people get an idea of what you're like from this comment. I want you to think about that.

  31. sbmitchell1888

    and apparently an inflated ego brought you here as well

  32. Heluvan A Soul

    i wanna marry her... seriously... the freakin voice on her..

  33. wishbone

    Are we wasting our time awake here - we could be sleeping - I'll disappear then maybe - when you're here I know I could never love you - I only dream of you after you are gone - we don't work the way we used to - your face has changed since morning - say it - I want to hear some truth - say it oh say it - when you're here I know I could never love you - I only dream of you after you are gone <3

  34. 8WisdomFish8

    I had chills the whole time see like takes u into another world and let's your soul run free that's how good she is

  35. cheekyyank

    everything about her aesthetic is so perfect to me: the voice, talent, the sensibility, the witchy vibe... she is a dream. great job on the recording and location!!!

  36. Beka

    OH. MY. GOD.

  37. Juan November

    i listen to this every night before i go to sleep.

  38. JessRami11

    @Johnny Wrong heard that

  39. jgjtsngh

    haunting indeed. wow!

  40. Out Of Town Films

    Cheers to that!

  41. disgraceland uk

    Having good taste in music brought me here.

  42. bigmac0611

    you're great, keep it up

  43. Ash Holdsworth

    Me Too!!!!!

  44. deathmetalholocaust

    Goreburger brought me here.

  45. Craig Maffei

    Kills and Chills.

  46. Jennifer Zuiff

    i love you

  47. defyvoxpopuli