Wolfe, Chelsea - Spun Lyrics

I lift my eyes, I slow my gait
And I never wanna see you again
You leave me restless, you leave me hung
You leave me coiled, you leave me

Spun, spun, spun

Awaken in a tangle of wire
I slept desperate, trying to reach you
You leave me reckless, you leave me sick
I destroy myself and then I want it again

Spun, spun, spun, spun
Spun, spun, spun

Heavy love
Coiled and spun

A brute, an angel, and a madwoman
A most elegant impediment
Was there from the start
Waiting and repeating within me
Waiting and repeating
My problem is their downthrow and upheaval
And my enquiry is as to their working
And my effort is their self-expression
But I was only rock, dust, water, and ice
And animal instincts all along
The hyperosmia and the base sense
The prodrome and the aura
The shadows and the sleep deprivation
The trichomes and the deliriants
Cut through the fear conditioning
To finally understand
It was all and everything or nothing
And all and everything or nothing
And all and everything or nothing
And all and everything or nothing
And all and everything or nothing
And all and everything or nothing
And all and everything or nothing
And all and everything or nothing
And all and everything or nothing
And all and everything or nothing

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Wolfe, Chelsea Spun Comments
  1. Machihekamake

    Lust for the wolf ...howl

  2. Goric

    This is hot to the extreaammmmm-mm..

  3. GingersCan'tBePirates

    Jesus christ.....she is a DOOM METAL GODDESS!

  4. Chace Rig

    This song make me horny...... the combo of beautiful Chelsea and her hypnotic voice plus the slightly erotic vid.....thats a combo to make any man pulse of the scale ...... love you Chelsea ❤️

  5. Carlos Andres

    Doom Rock!

  6. Abdul Fuentes

    This song turns me on. 10/10

  7. Anders Davidsen

    Being very new to the music of Chelsea Wolfe ( I have only heard Birth of Violence so far) this was a complete surprise - and I love it \m/
    That heavy, sludgy guitar paired with that beautiful and unsettling voice gives me the chills... more please...

  8. Elizabeth Taylor

    She is my Queen

  9. drop dead

    this song is so fucking good

  10. ZingPulse

    If Marilyn Manson & Lana Del Rey had a child and it was baptist by David Lynch with DEATH's 'Baptized In Blood' providing the musical accompaniment, you would have the beautiful unholy new born that is Death Gospel. Chelsea Wolfe, Anna von Hausswolff & Louise Lemón are among those defining this new music.

  11. TheCackster Quesada


  12. jens w.


  13. Duan Torruellas

    She is definitely a quiet storm.
    and like madonna she will get even hotter with age. This incredible creature has everything I'm looking for in a wife , anyone have her number laying around ? She could be my scarlett woman 🤔

  14. angel numbers

    damn.. that was pretty bad, I don't mean bad uses in the way where it means really good, I love her but personally this missed the mark by plenty. it was dull, generic, felt cheap even, I'm basically dissatisfied & disappointed with a lot of her newest album :/ oh well I know she can make more good albums like before, perhaps next time, fingers crossed

  15. Kolin Evans

    I don’t know what rabbit hole I’m in? but I’m confident I can get ou.... ‘she said’ ...

  16. 111

    Job 2:4

    “And Satan answered the LORD, and said, Skin for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he give for his life.”

  17. 111

    All the way

  18. Fairy Girl

    Love her!

  19. EdFrankBlack

    How the fuck is this song so good

  20. Androj Bewie lePlow

    Love the eros/thanatos vibe, vampiness and sirenesque quality. the red lighting is perfect💀👻♥

  21. Crystal Waters

    I’m giving this video so many views... hahaaha 🍁 💨

  22. Mallorie Garvey

    funny how Chelsea is a Scorpio sun and Pisces moon. I am a Pisces sun and Scorpio moon..
    I have been a fan of Chelsea's music for a few years now and she is beyond talented. everything blows me away. I cannot wait to see her in concert for the first time.

  23. grace harris

    Lana could never

  24. grace harris


  25. Franklin Pike

    Oh yes......love this


    love it

  27. Osman Erdem

    spuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.... uuuuu...... uuuuuuuuuuunnnn....

  28. Frank Harmon


  29. Sam Tallarico

    Deafheaven brought me here.

  30. gloritta

    These riffs and guitar effects know me so well

  31. Tyler D

    What pedal is she using for this sound?

  32. Rebecca Hall

    Fuck yeah!! So fucking good all around!

  33. Sameh Hamdan


  34. Carlos Andres


  35. Daria Electra

    Twin Peaks and Starf### videoclip by NIN

  36. Brittney

    Please tell me she's the one on the pole ? or did they hired a look a like ? I like to think that it's her on the pole even if it's out of character for her normal persona everyone still enjoys having hot steamy passionate sexy time!

  37. Fariz Al Faishal

    Wow! It So Sexual!

  38. Corl Franco

    this is what electric wizard, lazy lane and cherry glazerr would feel like if you blended em and took a drop on a piece of paper and placed it above your togue

  39. Pierpa 104


  40. Kaytlen Rabeurn

    I found this song randomly while nodding off to you tube doing its auto play thing and couldnt believe how naturally talented skilled and beautiful her voice was so I searched her name and discovered 16 psyche which was even better than hiss spun and it kept getting better and even better and I still have yet to find a single shitty song that id rather skip than listen to and you just dont find that now adays in bands or music period. Its like back in rhe days of tool when there wasnt a single bad song or CD by them. I was taken aback to find such music again so I share it with everyone I can !! Keep it up Chelsea ur the shit!! Genuine & original

  41. LavLab

    Yeah! 👽👍

  42. Randy Sutton

    I preferred this video when it came out 20 years ago, and was called 'Starfuckers, Inc'.

  43. Řehoř Řehoř

    Love it how all the women crawl over each other and being lewd and Ben just sits there looking out the window… c'mon, he's hot, I wanted see him being lascivious :(

  44. No username

    Watching this at 3 AM while high as a kite is quite the experience.

  45. Horror Kuma

    This woman makes my ears orgasm over and over again.

  46. Sean Zawko

    What amp is she using? I love this. Brutiful

  47. La Rata con Rabia

    I did not know that Chelsea had a sexy side :D

  48. Negativ Blut

    Love it.

  49. Reci


  50. Koukol & FSG

    My loved dark queen.

  51. Maru Parada A

    Is like the sweating in the air after sex.
    that's the feeling after seeing the video... now I know how to describe SPUN.

  52. teimuraz gochitashvili

    I want a full video of that striper dancing.

    Ang Bon

    Fuck off, fucking incel

  53. Sinner Train

    ps - Troy Van Leeuwen's guitar playing on this song and the entire album is crazy amazing good.  Somewhere Robert Fripp and Adrian Belew are standing up and applauding.

  54. Sinner Train

    One of the most innovative and compelling artists around today.  Music that is darker than a million black metal albums.  Regarding black metal, at least Myrkur "stole the ball" and took it someplace interesting by adding lots of other influences and elements.

    star sv

    i don't think that there's something innovative. Black Math Horseman and Rose Kemp did this type of music a decade ago, and it was much better

  55. Duan Torruellas

    Sex and style in equal measures. Awesome as always , my little dark kitten.

  56. tom van kwikkelberghe

    De sirene lokroep van deze helleveeg haalt mij binnen als een hersenloze drone

  57. jose lugo aguilar

    Distorted !!!!!!!

  58. lokl009

    lana del rey do rock

  59. rie

    this vid reminds me of nin's "starsuckers, inc"

  60. Facundo Rada

    I can really taste that doom influence on this

    AUroRA BoReAliS

    she can do anything. Love her music

  61. Not Just a Hobbit

    Bu kadını seven Türk bir bey bulursam takacağım yüzüğü.
    Bul beni yiğidim.

  62. chriddof jnr

    What skyrim mod is this?

  63. Armen Boiadzhian

    you can find a lot of songs Chelsea Wolfe here, welcome)

  64. Me5Ponk

    Reminds me of Neurosis

  65. Oliver Lorenzana Medina

    Is it just me or this reminds the riff of Neurosis' Locust Star? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmdmnnv2NkY

  66. Mai Mohamed

    DAMN THIS music and guitar , I'm glad I discovered this 😍👌🎶🎸👏💞

  67. Elaine Andersen

    I'm trying to think of what Neurosis song this reminds me of.

  68. MuzikGuru1

    If Lost Highway and Fire Walk With Me had a baby...

  69. blviking56

    Lana Del Doom

    Анастейша Неважн

    Best comment here

  70. Rylan Schneider

    Wish Chelsea was my wifey ya feel me?

  71. Dibier Marín

    I love you Chelsea.

  72. Mr. Grey

    Looks like theirs some really good drugs in the back of that limo.

  73. Mithridates VI

    Be my lover Chelsea Wolfe!

  74. Dirk

    The Cult of Mac Sabbath brought me here

  75. Phantom Limb

    Strong Marilyn Manson vibes with this video. A little Lost Highway as well. Dig this video a lot.

  76. giatros giannis

    Fucking Beautiful.............

  77. Elena Sousa


  78. lui bola

    in your mind : yes i'm making out with chelsea!! reality: she gave you an erotic painful death

  79. moonstone

    This track had to grow on me a bit, but I now quite like it. Love that repetitive, droning, sludgy guitar riff—reminds me a bit of Hole's earliest stuff.

  80. Eric Undertaker

    oh Chelsea..

  81. James Ozz


  82. HaraZen13

    I can't watch... I love it too fucking much! I want Chelsea Wolfe to kill me and eat my heart.

  83. Luis Barrera

    Shes fucking brilliant

  84. Luis Eli Zed


  85. The Modern Day American John Lennon

    I'm in love.

  86. Emily Rose

    Honestly I think there is not much sexy in here. If feels cheap and try hard to me. It was probably the idea of the Label. It does not fit her shy attitude at all. It does fit the lyrics though.

    CW Only

    Read the description, she directed the video and it was her idea. The song has sexy vibes, so why don't make a sexy video? She's having fun with her friends in the limo, it's about being "sexy" because you want to, not for others imo.

  87. Larks Tongues In Aspic

    Chelsea adding a bit of sexuality to her video ,This I like .
    The dude who plays guitar in her band looks rather uncomfortable in this video .

  88. Wade Guidry

    Yup, this just about sums it up perfectly.

  89. Scarlett O’Hara

    Who is the pole dancer ??

  90. That One Guy

    I hear some industrial, some black metal and a lot of Chelsea Wolfe being a total badass. Burzum meets Godflesh vibes.

  91. Misery Pimp

    Star fuckers meets lost highway. Nice.

  92. Михаил Р.

    Chelsea so hot

  93. Rene Barbosa


  94. Julie Eiluj

    These lines "It was all and everything or nothing
    And all and everything or nothing" drive me mad!

  95. Cosima Todinovski

    My queen ❤

  96. Robert Cubinelli

    Better than crappy GAGA:)

    Pablo Castro

    better than beating down artist on stupid comments

    FoFo the Clown

    Don't come for Queen Gaga, bitch.