Wolfe, Chelsea - Movie Screen Lyrics

Don't you ever cross that bridge in your mind again
(It's like a movie screen)

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Wolfe, Chelsea Movie Screen Comments
  1. _chary

    wow, that was an amazing rendition. Spellbound

  2. Rudy Piotrek

    I love some Forest areas round my house, So i the druid take good care of the Wild taking some trash out of it and stuff. I fear no junkies comming to my place. She is the sound of that Forest for me, especially in the night. Shes guarding it by the night i guess. She's the only one im afraid of

  3. Federico Preuss


  4. Ted

    This is how I hear the siren songs in the odyssey

  5. Gemma Furbank

    Sublime. 🖤

  6. Phoenix Dawn

    Wow, I have never thought the live version of this song would be better!

  7. Phoenix Dawn

    Omg that intro is so obnoxious!

  8. Duan Torruellas

    Nothing like Chelsea on earth , I've always loved her work.

  9. Beth K

    Fuck. This recording is like experiencing something from another divine pure world

  10. Pablo Castro

    Is this bjork before transmutating into a Goddess?

  11. Leon Araujo

    Why isn't she tremendously famous? She's brilliant

  12. Hasinah Mahrin

    Honestly.. This song make me 😭😭😭😭
    My heart broken...

  13. Pierpa 104

    I love her

  14. Code

    This was already my favourite song of hers, but this has to be my favourite version of it too.

  15. Key X

    This song is like the purest romanticization of death..... I love it

  16. eric scott

    i keep coming back to this, year after year after year. eternal

  17. Bratosin Daniela

    Words cannot possibly describe the feelings evoked by this song.

  18. andreea valdrost

    I love how her singing sounds like lament.

  19. imaginexxx

    Oh my god the guitars are screaming...this is beautiful

  20. Geyza

    I love her!

  21. Rene Fresquez

    A truly beautiful song and ger voice is so haunting and hypnotic. This song also reminds me of Portishead <3

  22. Rosa Asor


  23. bloodySunday77

    This is one of her darkest songs. I've been listening to her for years, but just realised that if I had to play that song as a member of her band (I'm a musician), I don't know how many times I would be able to do that. It takes a toll on you. Bear in mind that in live situations it goes on FAR longer than this.

  24. The Sleeping Giant

    Love this performance. I "discovered" Wolfe about 2 years ago and was spellbound instantly. One of my favorite artists.

  25. Alkander


  26. blasphammer

    I feel like she could drown the entire world in her sadness. It's not a bad thing, maybe we deserve to be drowned.

    Chunkee Cheez

    blasphammer she’s the real blue diamond from Steven universe

  27. Luca Maiolo

    Holy fuck

  28. toseethespectrum

    Why its not live sound?!

  29. Joe's Satellights

    Holy shit 0.0

  30. Fiido Diido

    Killing <3333

  31. Suzie Dee

    She's so cute and I am crushing on her so bad. Wife😍😍🌈💀😘

  32. Annabelle C


  33. Alx Rgz

    Q cosa tan maravillosa

  34. Warachara Upapong

    I love her music since i was in freshman year omg.

    Warachara Upapong

    I feel like shes a hipster goth.

    James Courtney

    Warachara Upapong so basically a goth from rn times

  35. Beatriz Santana

    Wife <3

  36. Kyle Schneider

    this song feels like death

  37. Jade Noir


  38. Asheliya

    merci a KOALA MECHANT de m avoir montré ce groupe

  39. Taimir Gore

    If you ever cross that bridge in your mind again you'll support Trump. Don't fucking cross it.

    Tara Kincaid

    +Taimir Gore Hahahahahaha


    baarf... can we escape Trump for a second.


    Fuck you for throwing politics in with such angelic music

  40. Joe Frerk

    I love your singing stile :)

  41. Terry Reynolds

    Wow o_o

  42. Nicholas Alexander

    What is the date of this recording??

  43. elenimileni

    I LOVE YOU CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Heri2529 Cordoba

    a love song!!

  45. Adam Michael Carr

    this and pale on pale... sweet as fuck...  oh yeah watabout deamons... wat about... moses

  46. Alicia Montellanos

    That drummer tho...

    Mag Pie

    I can excel him if you give me some time

    Mag Pie

    Alicia Montellanos He’s too self aware

  47. KurtsHead

    I crossed that bridge and I can't go back.

  48. Karina Iveth

    I love you 😍

  49. Corvus

    my cat ask me to let him out... I guess

  50. Brave Insanity

    Dear God I love this woman. Her eyes... her voice... her talent... Would marry her in a heartbeat.

    Brandon Bellante

    You're not alone...i'm half her age and I want to marry her lol

  51. Shane Guyton

    Randomly, Doki? Maybe not...

  52. Exzentriker

    In love. <3 <3 <3

  53. son of xzinga

    This is certainly my song. The surreal of this beautiful but yet disturbing song is a instant masterpiece. It fits the mood of a dying world we live in. 5 stars

  54. Lucifer Morningstar

    Thank you Internet

  55. Nicte Doom

    beautiful. beautiful. beautiful.!!!!

  56. Alex Mei

    I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much <3

  57. ic0nify

    A wonderful performance from the most amazing female musician of our time!!! Love you, Chelsea...

  58. Tuff Suze

    This is THE most moving performance. I cannot believe the beauty.

  59. Anton-Constantin

    Chelsey Wolfe is an amazing artist, and I can't believe I just randomly found her.
    The magic of YouTube.


    Same, bro.


    same bro (2)

  60. TheRabidglow

    Insanely beautiful. In love with every song she belts out! 

  61. TylerS


  62. Jacek545

    Is there a chance that this song (exactly that version) will going to be available on spotify?


    The song is available on our Soundcloud page.


    doesn't work anymore :/ any chance to still get them legally?

  63. dead kittie

    Those screams freaked me out. I had to paused it a few times. I though there was a cat outside.

  64. apurplebutton

    So far this is my favorite.I just discovered her...

  65. Joannam88


  66. mirko beckham

    Chelsea je najfantastičnija žena koju znam. I adore her. Hope to see you in Croatia,one day,eventuallyy,pleaese...-:)

    Škreblin Martin

    soon! :)

  67. Veles

    Came here from Alcest video, saw Neige's shirt and said "Who the fuck is Chelsea Wolfe?" Glad I came here!

    Conor Hughes

    Big respect in the metal community for chelsea wolfe.

    Albert Loreak

    Veles I knew her by a cover of burzum that she made)) (black spell of destruction)

  68. Marcin Karolak

    Chelsea stole my heart.

  69. Follemetal

    Don't you ever cross that bridge in your mind again

  70. Invalid Username

    Don't get me wrong, many thanks for the performance and the share, but: "To enjoy this truly spellbinding Room 205 performance of "Movie Screen" by Chelsea Wolfe, we suggest you turn down the lights, don headphones, relax and get yourself into a gloomy Portishead-meets-Mary Shelley's Frankenstein state of mind."
    Really? Any more silly cliché to share? Because you actually do a disservice to her music you know.
    Anyway thanks again for the share.


    There's absolutely nothing wrong with that whatsoever. This is definitely a lights out, headphone on type of song. And it definitely does stir up thoughts of Portishead, so I don't know what you're complaining about.

  71. Reidys Home Of Music

    No way! I need to check the gig dates!

  72. Onodera Punpun

    They were already in England on the 29th of October. They're on tour with Russian Circles.

  73. Paty Solís

    Super rola esta padrisima!!!

  74. Reidys Home Of Music

    Please come to England we're waiting!
    Contact us, lets arrange something!

  75. Morgawse Arth


  76. Mark Saphrax

    Una pasada de canción.

  77. TronPaul2012


  78. C.D. Connelly

    I would kill to see her Burzum cover performed live.

  79. Abril Alvarez

    Female John snow

    Mag Pie

    WHOs that?

  80. Kye Riehl

    No, she just pronounces her R's differently. Kind of like a German person would except cooler. I love it.

  81. Ben Morris

    the build up does definitely add a lot.

  82. sableton reis

    spellcaster on repeat

  83. Реувен Губерман

    incredible! its like god talking

  84. Virgo Siren

    Nice!!! at 2:00 it begins <3

  85. edielostcontrol

    This is like the most beautiful video on youtube!

  86. Maciek Chochół

    OFF FESTIVAL - Poland is waiting for you!

  87. shelnora

    gah I love her voice in this one

  88. Jason Ledyard

    I like the vocals and the strings, but the bleeps and trip hop-esque drums are not appealing

  89. Jamie Van Beveren

    By listening to interviews and hearing her speak on stage I'm sure she doesn't. Deff not an Issac Brock.

  90. BelledelaGroove

    This made me cry

  91. El Gazuno

    damn... i'm in love :3

  92. LastNaj

    Chelsea Wolfe is a genius with creating an atmosphere, and this is definitely one of my favorite live performances of the past decade.

  93. cheekyyank

    god, this kills. she's amazing.

  94. iwasbornspecial

    when my left nostril starts to run like sap from a winter pine tree. i choose my napkin carefully from the sleeve of my shirt, if no other solution. .

  95. bergman's ghost

    she is magical .

  96. Bruno Zibordi

    More like Yuko, from xxxholic

  97. marianna marianna

    She'a a witch!

  98. Lionel M.

    If Chelsea and Bjork did a song together my mind would be able to handle it.