Wolfe, Chelsea - Moses Lyrics

Can you carry
Cause I can't
Take it
Can't hold on
Much longer

Can you
Help me
Carry the burden

Lift my arms cause i can't
Hold on and carry
All the weight

Can you
Guide me
Cause you're so strong
Cause I can't see nothing at all
Cause my eyes are burning like the sun
Burning like the sun
Burning like the sun

Moses can you
Guide me o teacher
Show me the way we'll make it
Hold on o Moses
Can you guide me
Cause you're so strong
Cause I can't see nothing at all
Cause my eyes are
Burning like the sun
Burning like the sun
Burning like sun
Burning like the sun, like the sun, the sun, the sun, the sun

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Wolfe, Chelsea Moses Comments
  1. Anthony Moss

    The dirty guitar sounds better live, incidentally.

  2. Secret Thirteen

    I played this track before it became famous. Check "justinas mikulskis (s13) - process part 305 (radio amnesia - off / on / repeat / error)" on soundcloud. Lots of other gems included before they were noticed. Such a good tune until today!

  3. leo

    sometimes her voice reminds me of hayley williams haha


    i lay in bed absolutely sailing and this gives me shivers


    what do you mean by sailing? like on drugs?

  5. Ezekiel333

    god ! uh !

  6. Adam Michael Carr

    its hard to belive after all that lifting he was able to get up the next day... BUT HE DID!!!!!... god love him.

  7. Ezekiel333

    he can't...

  8. fleshofdanny

    I adore this song...


    this has been my fave for a while. i love how it sounds heavy yet lazy, like winding down and euphoric? idk im not a connoisseur of music but damn. you go chelsea.


    still a fav?

  10. leasle Avalos noyola

    I love this song ❤

  11. Maci J

    Amazingly beautiful ! ! !

  12. Slim PK

    @Hail Corporate Really it was just to break the monotony of just putting the album cover in every frame. Thanks though. Glad you enjoyed it.

  13. EonTool

    This song is so intense and powerful...

  14. Gabrielle Lydia Samatas

    so sad, so beautiful. This song always understands where I'm at.

  15. Hail Corporate

    To the uploader - I really appreciated the colour changes on the photo still during the last minute or so, thank you for putting in the effort to do that.

  16. Jason Buttens

    this is. perfect.

  17. djambi

    That's relevant how?

  18. Asenath

    I definitely like her better than Zola Jesus...

  19. Asenath

    Just discovered her today on Spotify. Impressive!

  20. Łukasz Pyś

    when it starts i thought i get message on skype :D

  21. PeterxEdmund

    haunting. beautiful. chelsea wolfe.

  22. Angela grace

    Kill the Intellectuals --> indie lofi music

  23. Matheus Mendonça

    It fits Apokalypsis better than it fits The Grime and the Glow

  24. carloyns sweater

    i love the grittiness of the other one but i like the little bends that she added into the guitar in this one

  25. Gage Frank

    Best version in my opinion