Wolfe, Chelsea - Maw Lyrics

Where are you?
Where are you?
Where are you?
Where are you?

In the man
Shattered teeth
Underneath a
Dripping tongue

I've been waiting
In this silence
While you're sleeping
Until you believe
Where are you?
Where are you?

In the maw
In a world so dirty
A life of tears
In the maw
A world in a daze
None can be trusted
In the mouth of the beast

I've been waiting
In this silence
While you're sleeping
Until you believe

I've been waiting
In this silence
I'm on fire
I'm on fire

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Wolfe, Chelsea Maw Comments
  1. Christopher McConnell

    This reminds me of Twin Peaks a lot for some reason. That's meant as a huge compliment.

  2. Cassini -

    Makes me think of a song that would echo through out a abandoned city in a apocalyptic future.

  3. Jennifer Hall

    I heard this song playing in my dream last night. Was very lovely

  4. x Maxiie x

    Beautiful I love this song but I'm sad I didn't find it sooner

  5. prod. turt

    i really wanna sample this

  6. Jean-Gabriel Baechelen

    I saw her in Paris ,this song was absolutely divine,ethereal and I was completely hypnotized

  7. Sasha Raven


  8. Jessica Martin

    I wonder if this would fit for Teen Wolf... 😞 hmmm...

  9. Vincent Pugeaut

    This girl have to do a featuring with Crosses, it could be so awesome !


    She *kinda* did, both she and Chino Moreno guested on a Saudade track. It's REALLY damn good.

  10. StealerAG

    I'm impressed.

  11. caleb b

    her music really affects me unlike any other artist I've heard.. it's almost hard to listen to some of her tracks. I mean that in the best way because they are hauntingly beautiful, but I find myself dwelling in some of the pain I've experienced in my life. her music really is an emotional tool kit to me.

    Kinsleigh R.

    Chick Deney nice 👏

  12. Flish15

    It's something in her music what makes me feel about Pink Floyd. Pure genius

  13. jens w.


  14. Stefan Matussek

    Anyone else getting a Dax Riggs vibe from this? Or is it just me? Beautiful song..


    Stefan Matussek slight agents of oblivion and "Say goodnight to the world" vibe

    jenn swanson

    They'd have sum wicked fine lookin offspring...😎

  15. greg mattson

    fucking beautiful!

  16. Manny Ortiz

    I love you chelsea this song rules thank you for saving me from so much horrible music out there

    Joe Winters

    Lol. Agreed.

  17. Nathan Hassall

    I'm right here baby

  18. Drift 007

    love you🌃🌃

  19. RottingAristocrat

    Wow this song is absolutely gorgeous, reminds me of soap and skin. I cant wait to see her live in a week its going to be a life changing experience.

    Daniel Dorsz

    Well was it life changing ? Share some thoughts please. It must have been amazing ;)

    JesseJhon Andrews

    Yeah, so life changing they committed Suicide

  20. Boris M.

    Id love to see her do a split with Envy,

  21. ExoGeo

    Love it

  22. Jade Noir

    My absolutely favorite ✝✝

  23. miguel verde


  24. tatonn ement

    pure nostalgic cosmos

  25. Love and Lag

    It's the beauty that one finds in loneliness; not sad, but melancholy.

    Michal Šeps

    Introverts understand ;-)

  26. Ocean Sage

    I love her kind of lonely ambiance here. It's so sad, yet powerful.