Wolfe, Chelsea - Kings Lyrics

Kings have all lost their heads
Somehow we, we lost our way
We are running away
Lost upon the lonesome winds
The voice of god despairing him
Then crept into the severed heads
Of dreams we have forgotten and
Lost upon the rotted minds
Of unjust fools who've forgotten
Lost upon the rotted hearts
Of those who forgotten us
Our frozen wills have melted down
Into nothing they can help
Into nothing
All is nothing
All is done
All is over

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Wolfe, Chelsea Kings Comments
  1. GingersCan'tBePirates


  2. Lxw HvRm

    keep it up your unique work !!! lilith woman

  3. ryshenton

    I really liked the Age of Enlightenment but how that I’ve gotten through most philosophy, sometimes it feels fake to me like it’s all just a product or piece for me. Why can’t I find things that feel raw or real to me? Things just feel artificial sometimes. Like music only sounds best life with primal screams.

  4. ryshenton

    I love that cross Chelsea Wolfe has on her jacket. I think that’s my ancestry as well, I have the same ancestry as Chelsea Wolfe it’s strange. People with my ancestry I feel are rare why is that. They’re in unusual places.

  5. ryshenton

    I relate to her a lot because I like to carry on like Chelsea Wolfe does I’m just a strong dominant person and I carry myself like that, but sometimes I think, “why am I so serious?” I think I give off a bad impression but it’s how I am like fuck.

  6. ryshenton

    Chelsea Wolfe has such pretty eyes

  7. Edward Castro

    That chopped off ending though...

  8. Michael Bernier

    Good video, never knew it existed!

  9. mshap666

    Queen <3

  10. Whyte Groovin

    of a tragical and venomous beauty

  11. Carlos Ramos

    Please, please come to Spain, Madrid., I already discovered this fuking witch today and I love her. you´re wonderfull!!!

  12. David Arriaga

    Folk goth?

  13. reza jadidi

    سلام :
    من از چه راهی میتونم، این ویدئوها رو دانلود کنم؟... متشکرم...

  14. 888antics

    Is the beginning like the movie Lost Highway?

  15. Warachara Upapong

    Beautiful <3

  16. namakeman

    These deep very deep... beyond these dimension !! Call me crazy if u want but l see so much potential in her like l don't see in a long time... these not are just songs they are codes in songs . Kind new era stuff ... every song is a different lesson about ... !!

    Bleak Solipsism

    Completely agree with you.

  17. harmonyrios1

    This piece, it's.. brobdingnagian. Sounds to me the soundtrack of chaos, disaster & death. Sound of a thousand bombs dropping. Never has a video expressed a song so perfectly. Imagery is so powerful, grand to say the least.

  18. SpookyApparition

    hey its that chick with the game of thrones song!!! omg i love that show lol 

  19. michyrock1

    Beautiful and haunting as always, but I miss the awesome outro of the studio version

  20. mirko beckham

    Kako si divna ! Why did you cut the song ?

  21. GiggaGotz

    Need to make a video for House of Metal or Ancestors the Ancients, by far the best songs off the album. Good shit here


    @SleepFan771 No, that's by far the worst song on the album, not to mention generic as fuck.

    BlackPickleDildo Horsecocktaker


    We Hit The Wall is the best track on the album! House Of Metal is the worst

    Ocean Sage

    @GiggaGotz I love it, it is heavy and Chelsea really creates an atmosphere. I wish she made more rock songs like that and the stuff on Apokalypsis.

    Ocean Sage

    @BlackPickleDildo Horsecocktaker I love "We Hit a Wall" too! :) I think "House of Metal" was pretty cool though.

    Chris TBTP

    +GiggaGotz Sick is my favorite track from this along with Feral Love and House of Metal. Apokalypsis was so surreal.

  22. Jalen Lee

    Amazing video with some seriously unsettling imagery. Love it!

  23. Flávio Rodrigues.

    Beautiful and very intense. Even if it met an abrupt ending, I really liked it

    Matt Clark

    +Flávio Rodrigues. It doesn't on the album, this is cut short by a couple of minutes.

  24. Jonas Ekroll Bakkelund

    amazing - lovely dark, and somewhat lifting

  25. FernandoDante

    Damn black bars =/

  26. Brian Gonsales

    Surreal. Majestic.
    Wouldn't expect anything less. Bravo, Chelsea and band.

  27. e l i e n

    This woman is an alien creature ♡

  28. marianna marianna

    Where is the rest of it??

  29. giovanni deldio

    Chelsea, this song, and video are beautiful!

  30. Kevin Klockmann

    I love her <3

  31. atwarwithsatan27


    Janneth Mushrooms


  32. Dollhouse Massacre

    Macabre, haunting, beautiful... <3

  33. Morbido Lardo

    Love it

  34. Melissa Giffin

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!! 

  35. Boingalicious

    I love it <3