Wolf, Patrick - The Magic Position Lyrics

So let the people talk
This Monday morning walk
Right past the fabulous mess we're in
It's gonna be a beautiful day
So do the bluebirds sing
As I take your hand
And you take my kiss
And I take the world
'Cause out of all the people I've known
The places I've been
The songs that I have sung
The wonders I've seen
Now that the dreams are all coming true
Who is the one that leads me on through

It's you
Who puts me in the magic position, darling now
You put me in the magic position
To live, to learn, to love in the major key

And I know how you've hurt
And been dragged through the dirt
But c'mon get back up
It's the time to live
So give your love to me
I'm gonna keep it carefully
Deep in the treasure chest below my breast
'Cause out of all the people I've known
The places I've been
The songs that I have sung
The wonders I've seen
Now that the dreams are all coming true
Who is the one that leads me on through

It's you
Who puts me in the magic position, darling now
You put me in the magic position, darling so
Let me put you in the magic position, darling
'Cause I'm singing in the, the major key

Let me put you in the major key

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Wolf, Patrick The Magic Position Comments
  1. Jai Kishore

    Love the power of music

  2. Stephen Ritson

    Lyrically, the male Kate Bush. 😂

  3. Stephen Ritson

    ♥️ never fails to change my mood

  4. César Alejandro

    Excelente músico, me recuerda un poco a Jarvis Cocker

  5. isn't it chromantic_

    This is still a fave happy song for me in 2019 😁💕

  6. dean

    It reminds me of gavin and stacey

  7. You have no power here

    I love being put in the magic position 😏

  8. dean

    Love this song thanks to gavin and stacey

  9. Placebo_yue

    shit i forgot this existed but apparently i listened to this quite a bit back then

  10. Fiona

    Is it weird that he reminds me of Peter Pan?

  11. J G

    God this song is gorgeous. The perfect cure for depression

  12. stephenluciaja

    Winamp brought me here lol

  13. Etcher

    99 people have never been in a magic position

  14. Jordan Murphy

    Didn't expect such a happy song from the man who sang the childcatcher.

  15. 1beanontoast

    Saw him live in Shoreditch. Fantastic show!

  16. blackgirlsareperfect

    Wonder what magic position he's talking about.......😜

  17. Opan Mustafa

    One of my favorite song of all time. All time!

  18. Geek with no name

    Coming Nesa!

  19. Sonosuke

    FM4 brought me here (don't be afraid)

  20. Jose A

    This song puts me in a happy magic place of once upon a time in 2006

  21. ilo oli

    Gosh, I’m old

  22. agumon949

    an obscure fanfiction brought me here. xoxo

  23. John Rice

    Love this song. Mr Wolf is a unique individual and a special talent.

  24. gdouglas999

    The music reminds me a lot of Maxine Nightengale's two songs, "Right Back Where I Started From," and especially "Love Hit Me."

  25. Isabella Oliveira

    ai gente eu tinha um blog sobre patrick wolf q saudade

  26. Stan Lee

    In the name of my Lord and Savoir ... after compulsively and wholly shmack and Jesus , this kid is doing Gods work , I am totally taken back and beside my self just mind blowing wow! Even if you are born again it will take you along time to see Jesus in this , but he is ... this kid is blessed beyond any thing I have ever seen PRAISE THE LORD ~

  27. shobana s

    This is seriously beautiful! I wish there were more artists and men like Mr. Wolf

  28. Jessie Perkins

    I've been in love with this song and Patrick's work since 2006 <3 He influenced me so much as a young, confused queer teen.

    Andy B

    How splendid. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Cesar Claudio

    A winamp promotional song... windows xp... good times.

  30. Jake Ryan

    Such a mood booster. Love the pure joy in this song

  31. whoisdamaris

    I came here just to say that this song literally saves lives. no joke. I know several people who are alive because the song made them feel better. and I want to thank you for that. so precious. love you to pieces.

    Олена Заіменко

    This song helped me to overcome severe depression after split up. Totally agree with you.

  32. CharlieHuang

    This song always lifts me up when I'm feeling down. It is such an emotional and uplifting song.

  33. holyfingshit

    were the world mine brought me here :)

  34. gestao banca e seguradoras

    perfume genius younger sister

  35. DelilahThePig

    End credits to Were The World Mine. Great energy. I know it's close to 10 years old but new to me.

  36. xPrwishesShadowWolfx


  37. Opan Mustafa

    still, one of my fave song of all time!

  38. Marmy

    I haven't seen this since I was a freshman in high school (around the time this video came out). I saw it on VH1, though.
    I've always loved this song.

  39. kevvie100

    I wish I'd known about him when this song first came out.


    kevvie100 me too

  40. Melina Gary

    this is the happiest song

  41. BethGoth15

    This is like the happiest sounding song ever. Every time I listen to it, any feelings of depression just melts away. It just makes me want to squee!!! ^_^


    BethGoth15 I feel the same way! This is actually my favorite song ever! It's a great song to listen to when you're having a bad day. It lifts your spirit! 😇

  42. Nicole Davis

    This song is so beautiful!!! I remember listening to this years and years ago after reading an interview with him! He's been impressing me ever since!

  43. Hannah William

    Shoot. Bang. Fire. 🙌🏻

  44. kupidesktop

    Burberry brought me here.


    kupidesktop PLZ STOP WITH THE BURBERRY brought me here

  45. Daniel Mclean

    how dare 65 ppl not like that

  46. Weird Fishes

    Milk brought me here


    What's Milk?

    r r

    The dairy queen.


    Stonemilker OK then...

    Chelsey's Tricks

    Xindioka ahaha. Idiot

  47. Myles Coyne

    Oh my, the memories.

  48. David Lea

    Is it Russ Abbot's boy?

    TheDivine MrM

    +David Lea LOL!

  49. Thomas Rojas

    Burberry brought me Here! Love Patrick Wolf!

  50. Patrick Mayer

    pls bring back mcr

    Hal S

    This comment on this video is honestly a summary of my life

    friendly ghost

    I just came here from listening to MCR trying to escape the feels but then came across this comment , I can't escape

  51. Ben Chowdhiry

    Looks like current Gerard Way..

  52. Katie Jaeckel

    This song always puts me in a good mood


    Katie Jaeckel I know, right?

  53. Chao L

    The music drowns out his singing, how come it's not like that in the burberry ad?

  54. Samuel Crosby

    Seriously, after seeing this video, who wouldn't want to be gay?

    David Lea

    +Samuel Crosby I'm OK, cheers!

    Tegan Sherlock

    I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lee kowalski Walker

    I got turnt

  55. Rhini Townend

    Gavin & Stacey brought me here;P

    james oshea

    Me to 😉

  56. AlmostMyself

    Having only seen this song's album cover, I am so surprised at this music video. It's so... Europop.

  57. pajamaparty01

    Still my very favorite thing on Youtube.
    Is that Rowdy Superstar in the gold hat?

  58. Gerald Sbusiso

    Burberry brought me here <3

    Valeria Murakozy

    Same xx

  59. Andrew D

    burberry brought me here !


    Andrew D OK then????????????

  60. motionlessss


  61. Arty Thompson



    Stop with the Burberry OMG

  62. kinkiangora1

    Owen palet

  63. Marcin Kalisz

    Dont't really care about sexuality - love tis song.

  64. Rober Kremer

    it makes me happy

  65. Andrea Crofskey-Kratzert

    paint it pink

  66. Jaymz2

    So much position.

    a. s. l.

    Huh??? Whahhh?

  67. Emilie Yi

    really? what song?

  68. Maximiliano Fernández


  69. MsAlexiel

    So let the people talk..... ;)

  70. Ryan B

    What no one ever talks about is that this is a B-52's sample.

  71. Dannehh

    BO is that you??

  72. TrappedOnAnIsland

    He used to be blacks????

  73. Ben Chowdhiry

    Everyone is complaining that he's gay and what not.
    I'm more pissed off that Nicki Minaj is the advert on my screen.
    Leave, bitch.

  74. Reggaezwierz

    Rudy XD

  75. Xuemei M.

    I love this song; it just makes me wanna dance!

  76. SandyN11


  77. Arielle Venomous

    1:33 FREE SEX <3

    Alanna Skye

    Arielle Venomous hahaha i love that part <3

  78. MariaIrmeli

    oh my fucking god how much i love this song and this man and asidjkasåglpaö'säfg

  79. goldfinch

    k so there's a lot of people saying 'who cares what his sexuality is' but personally I do care because I am bisexual and it's nice to see people who also love the same gender making cool music. Not to say that his sexuality is the most important part of him or that I don't think your intentions are good, but he's out so there's no reason why we should silence anyone who tries to talk about his sexuality, if that makes sense :)

  80. Random Noob

    I loved how he stole the girl's phone..xD

  81. Jordan

    I heard this song before i ever saw what he looked like! Not what i was expecting at all hahaa Great song luvv it :)

  82. Sum1 Switch'd tha Game up,M8

    Iove him so much!!his stye inspires me.

  83. Marissa Alice Martin

    love this so much <3

  84. Will Okbça

    top a musica

  85. Jaycie G

    The only reason we really care about his sexuality tbh is just because loads of us fancy him x

  86. baretoedgirl

    God he's amazing. And I want to wear everything he wears. xD

  87. baretoedgirl

    That's adorable and also obvious.

  88. Lana Berni

    1:33 It's YOU

  89. 4vendetta1

    fuck vevo but i think this video is one of the most creative and visually interesting music videos ever.

  90. Forced Awakenings

    check out Patrick Wolf on Wikipedia :-)

  91. rkazinczy robert

    So is he gay or not>??? I want to know now.

  92. Alaetra Graves

    Forever my favourite PW song.

  93. Mark R

    awesome song dont get me wrong, but i cringe watching this video

  94. ThisisYuchan

    He just reminds me of Tom Milson!

  95. gil orozco

    nicki minaj ewwww eww !!!!1

  96. Sum1 Switch'd tha Game up,M8

    Crossess between Adam Ant,The guy from The Human League, Boy George and himself. so sweet!!!

  97. Mandanara

    Come on, he's an Indie Justin Bieber.