Wolf, Patrick - The Bluebell Lyrics

Down in the park
And the lust of the light
Among the stray dogs and families
I smell the bonfires, and
Watch the bonbs
Fireworks burst above the trees
And to pillows of white cloud, and
Another year has gone
Now it is the fifth of november
I lock the doors, and
Swallow the key
And draw the curtains, closed forever

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Wolf, Patrick The Bluebell Comments
  1. Hello Gorgeous

    Still listening in 2019 💖

  2. p cat

    This is still one of the most wonderful songs I've ever heard

  3. Mehmet Cetin

    great ☀️🙏

  4. NuclearSeason

    I swear I read blue balls

  5. Moy Rios

    I read Thi as "Blue balls."

  6. Rabbit Youth

    I love his voice it’s amazing

  7. Joseph Gaudet


  8. XX X

    I go as far as to say he is the best English-speaking Musician of present time for me.

  9. louisraymo

    Still an all-time favourite!

  10. Lali Cuadora

    why he Is not popular?



    Dave Taylor

    Don't have to be popular to be awesome

    Santiago Valadez

    But he is way too awesme to remain unpopular.

    Yannie So

    https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/apr/12/patrick-wolf-on-the-car-accident-and-his-comeback-it-completely-whacked-me-out-for-six?fbclid=IwAR3uACysQdaUusQPw727J4IeUA8uBae4cnLf1gW3QC08n-QVpWkeviRbSGQ he disappeared for 5 years and probably is having a comeback im so happy.

  11. Ashley B

    I just did a cover of this please check it out :)

  12. Sara Rose Mimieux

    I am crying. This song means a lot to me. I know you, Patrick. I have been with you since you began. I love thee. 

  13. Louise Egan

    @Tyran Meisuria ...me?!

  14. Tyran Meisuria

    louise brought me here

  15. rainsetta

    This song is so good. It makes me feel bad that I accidentally read the title as 'blueballs" for a second


    rainsetta Hehe

  16. molkicebo

    This became one of my favourite songs in a few days. How can people ignore such a pure beauty?

  17. 120 Minutes

    This track appeared on MTV 2's '120 Minutes' on Friday 2nd February 2007. Check out our playlists for full programme runnings :)

  18. Adolfo Piña

    It makes me remember the last time I was totally in love over there in 2008, been years since I listened this song almost make me cried :)

  19. brooke m.

    i don't understad y he isn't as popular as he should b

  20. Sum1 Switch'd tha Game up,M8

    Lol! he loves the woods and the countryside i think.

  21. lukewarmmess

    red-haired patrick is the best patrick.


    lukewarmmess I agree. He changes his hair so much though. lol

  22. emmaeliina

    what the FUCK ??

  23. Carina

    yea he doesnt look like beiber at all

  24. MapleStoryShowsLive

    lol that hair cut! xD<3

  25. Gabe A.

    I adore you patrick!

    : 3 mp3

    Ingles top maninho

  26. LoveSpent

    I LOVE HIM! But y does he look like the redheaded Justin Beiber here? I like his look best in Time Of My Liffe

  27. Joja Rodher

    Love ti <3

  28. grraacce clarke

    I like this patrick guy i only just found him but yeah he's good

  29. Karolcia1993

    Thank you, Patrick for making my world so beautiful....

  30. Enan M

    Hipster (:

  31. Zorana Koprivica

    @lemensaggerdumort <3 same here

  32. Eleanor Rigby

    the best artist of all time


    He's my favorite artist

  33. Lorne Bruciare

    beautiful song, beautiful man, changed my life.

  34. Annika P

    He's just so cute :3


    Annika Pakarinen I know, right?

  35. Zorana Koprivica

    @lemensaggerdumort absolutely agree with you!

  36. ealnlnaa

    I love him. My only criticism is I wish the vocals were a bit louder....

  37. Alice Guthrie

    7 lucys never remembered

  38. Gracie Goldsworth

    @TheOrientalNightFish Comments like this annoy me. Why does anyone else matter when you're listening to a song as beautiful as this.

  39. lizaphan89

    this song and the one before it on The Magic Position made me fall in love with Bonfire Night. Bring on 5th November!!

  40. chessnuts101

    Great music and everything. but at first i thought it said Blue-balls...

  41. TheOrientalNightFish

    To all of you who are like 'WTF'? about the Lady Gaga comment, its because somebody compared her to Patrick!

  42. TheOrientalNightFish

    @ jlsq94 - Well, 'not getting someone' isn't neccessarily negative. I'm not a Lady Gaga fan. I can't get my head round her. I have my doubts that she is for real. Anyway, whatever the point is I prefer Patrick Wolf hands down.

  43. jlsg94

    @TheOrientalNightFish I love both. Maybe I love Patrick Wolf a little more, BUT, Gaga is absolutely amazing: even if you don't like her music, you at least have to acknowledge her activism, her theatricality, her courage.

  44. Emily louise

    @TheOrientalNightFish what's lady gaga got to do with it? wtf

  45. Miguel Rosa

    I don't get why people have to say something bad about some artist to say gsomething good about another. I just don't get it.

  46. Kate Nürnberg


  47. boywondernate

    True story! I've seen both Patrick and Gaga live and that's fucking apples and oranges

    Both make great juice but they're not the same, guys! <3 Patrickkkkk <3

  48. hearthebutterflies

    "I'm going nowhere fast, a darker day has hold at last, deep in a dream I set the compass to spinning."

  49. emmaeliina

    @ottie070 is that a problem to you or what ?

  50. emmaeliina

    i have never met him but i feel closer to him than some people who i've known for like my whole life.. it's scary. i love you patrick <3. thank you for being such an inspiration and getting me through all the shit that's happening in my life, i'll remember you always <3

  51. Angel Ballesteros Baldazo

    I don't know why, but it makes me happy just to know he exist

  52. Oskars Pētersons

    Damm it sucks that artists like Patrick are underrated, but Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber etc. ar so effing OVERRATED!

  53. Vicaloola

    oh Patrick, you don't need to be alone, I'll cook your dinner for you, and... other things.

  54. Zack G

    Dude is one tall motherfucker.

  55. emmaeliina

    inspires me !
    love that man.
    love this song.
    love this video.

  56. Jonathan Herring

    There are 666 likes, don't anyone else like it or else!

  57. BaileyG

    Christopher Robin?

  58. Roisin Jasmine

    @slipknot00000tristan wtf

  59. Maria Strawa

    it's... i have not words to decribe it. i love this music, he is my favourite singer and his lyrics are so wise. two years with his music - beautiful time.

  60. Nat Wil

    He sounds so much older than he actually is.

  61. Kelennis

    I wish people would stop comparing him to other artists. He is himself and does what he does and what he does is gorgeous.

  62. lucitetokki

    i was NOT expecting that voice to come out of such a pretty face! amazing.

  63. Roisin Jasmine

    love him s much its unbelievable !!!!1 <3 x

  64. dulcebellum

    @canaryxblue i know what you mean.

  65. canaryxblue

    Patrick Wolf is one of those people that keep me alive.

  66. kirika20

    I like him with black hair better but he's still a hottie hehe great song, I always loved his voice...and fashion style :P

  67. alana moody

    and there i was thinking that people were setting off fireworks somehwere near my house :P

  68. EccentricSage


    You can like both, that's fine. But you have to accept that others don't. I can't stand her. Poker Face was a good pop song, but I'm getting tired of someone who writes such shallow lyrics going on and on about how she's meaningful and suffers for her art. She's never even had a real job! How has she suffered? It's no wonder she's so vapid when she comes from a rich family and spent her young-adult years partying in New York.

  69. nantes222

    you can just tell he puts so much artistic thought into every small sound you hear in this song. You are a GENIUS Patrick.

  70. cacao rocks

    sometimes gay people make nice music

  71. akani304

    his voice reminds me of Felt's 'New Day Dawning' vocals

  72. Maria Strawa

    I love Patrick Wolf. I don't know why he isn't popular. He is I lack words to describe him... his voice make me want to life.

  73. TheOrientalNightFish

    Mr.Wolf is awesome.
    Thumbs up if you don't get Lady Gaga at all.

  74. TheRaGiTe

    um another thing lady gaga stole

  75. victorsgrace

    This is AWESOME! He is like the male version of Kate Bush :.D Very talented, very good.

  76. alana moody

    I LAV PATRICK WOLD <3 <3 <3

  77. lovemysw

    really pretty!!!

  78. Saga Westlund

    Im so in love with him!

  79. Mercedes Padilla

    This is Patrick's best video, in my opinion.

  80. edgarae1

    I love this--I wasn't aware of the video. What a respectable artist Patrick Wolf is.

  81. Jessica

    i like his manpurse

  82. Rimshiii

    one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Love

  83. veggievampire

    yeah. i kept thinking it was my life until i checked his website. beautiful song!!! one of my all time favs

  84. Karolina Kaminskaite

    I loved patrick with this hair <3
    This is my favourite song by him :)

  85. skorchedutopia

    Anybody heard of the term, "duende"? This song of his is a prime definition.

  86. Caitlinandco

    I agree, he looks stronger <3


    He's got Blonde hair now.
    I like it, it looks good on him.

  88. Abbie Jennings

    I love Patrick Wolf!
    I cant wait to go seeee him :D
    this is by far my favourite song :))

  89. tonisaparasite

    Beautiful :)

  90. darko51087

    I absolutely love this song
    Patrick has completely enlightened me about what good music and songwriting are.
    Much love

  91. Charlotte Daffern

    This is my favourite video of Patrick's, and the song is also one of my most favourite. They are both beautiful! ♥_♥ x

  92. Serendipity Jones

    This has always been one of my favourites, from the moment I bought "The Magic Position" (along with pretty much every other song! ^_^ ). Its stunningly beautiful, I especially love the haunting cry of "ringing" at the end. Wonderful! ^_^

  93. asa peur


  94. PatrickPirateMouse

    absolutely amazing!!
    this was stunning live. he is so fit in real life too!!

  95. TooBadWeAreLosers

    favorite song of his :D
    shame his new album isn't more like this, its not bad..but its no Magic Position or Lycantrophy :(

  96. sonomafiosa

    I just watched The Vulture. It wasn't all that creepy to me, it was just kind of S&M. This one makes me think of creepy serial killers in the woods burying victims and stalking his house, and dead family members. O.o

    Such different styles, aren't they? I have to say that I prefer this one. ^__^

    Although, The Magic Position is the best song, by far. I love it!