Wolf, Karl - Peace Out Lyrics

Help me understand on everything we were
This isn't what we are
You understand 'cause how I'm feeling right now left in the dark
I gave you chances mama I gave you chances girl
I even have my own world
Ground ground your favorite girl
I just wanna leave it
I just wanna go
I can't believe I'm here so I'm about to peace out
Peace out peace out, I'm out of here baby
Peace out peace out, peace out, peace out I'm out of here baby.

Don't just go about the shady waste don't even try to... me
Consider me history like...
Peace out peace out peace out, I'm out of here baby
Peace out peace out peace out, I'm out of here baby
Peace out.

Remember the time I gave you everything
And you hide it like that, right there
But you in love... isn't not my heart and now it stopped...

I gave you chances mama I gave you chances girl
I even have my own world
Ground ground your favorite girl
I just wanna leave it
I just wanna go
I can't believe I'm here so I'm about to peace out

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Wolf, Karl Peace Out Comments
  1. TriggeredSike

    I disliked btw

  2. وصفات زينب Wasafat Zaynab

    The end thooo 😂😂😂😂love you Karl

  3. Nerd Life

    Why can’t I find this song on iTunes

  4. مالك خَص

    الشواذ مريضين نفسيا ويحتاجون علاج وتصحيح الجنس اذا وجد خلل به منذ مرحله المراهقة اما مايوجد في أمريكا باسم الحريه فهذا نظام ماسوني بحت ونحن نعلم انه نظام شيطاني بحت اما الكتب السماويه والرب حرمه وينكره لانه فعل شيطاني وطريق الشيطان

  5. Jolanta Anna

    LOL why bringing a religious beliefs here . It has nothing to do with an artist talent and great voice . I have admire him for his talent and success. You should too. Peace out ...❤❤😚

  6. 夢がある人登録してね

    ues ok??

  7. daniel wish

    consider me history

  8. Susana Songs

    the lebanese beauty*-:

  9. Kendra Brooks

    To all you HATERS..grow up and keep your comments to yourself. .Karl is a true original artist..and I respect him and his talent. He has done so much for us and all the charities. .one day YOU HATERS WILL REGRET WHO HE ABOUT TO BECOME. .STAY TRUE AND STRONG MY LOVE..YOUR DOING A FANTASTIC JOB. .☝❤💋..I HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING YOU SINCE 2009..WHEN AFRICA CAME OUT..THERE'S SO MORE GOOD TO COME YOUR WAY. .XOXO

  10. Hamad Malik

    2.05 sounds too much like Wale....or maybe I'm just delusional.

  11. Molly Sweetheart


    fatima zahra

    +Molly Styles me too <3 ²

    Molly Sweetheart

    Oh look almost 2020 0-0

  12. jason lux

    peace out good song mate i hated when people told me my gf was cheating on me and i figured out she was :(

  13. microdork80

    Yo Yo Yo ...............Gay Fish Yo

  14. Azdine Azdine

    naice song this is all i cant.t see

  15. Emirhan KUL

    İbnenin Sesi Çok Güzel Ya

    Khhghv Vhkkvj


  16. Sylvain Meeboon Ducellier

    Peace out guy!!! Yep!! ;)

  17. Mister X

    i think its a good song actually, the ending was unexpected though haha

  18. Jessica Hay

    I hope the girl she's with isn't her best friend, cuz then he's screwed! lol

  19. georges admoon

    you massed up bro

  20. jessie reid

    ohh and on that I lol'ed hard when I seen the end of this XD

  21. jessie reid

    please give this comment a negative if you cannot stand listening to grammar natzi's

  22. Michael Montana

    Peace out im going sleep

  23. Golden Heart

    Nice song

  24. Ahmad yousef

    i forgot to say
    we had never hated lebanon people we love them as our brothers as our arab brothers
    and about the working thing .. huh syrians and egyptians work every where even in my country
    and working is not a crime plus they must have a condition to make them work in lebanon

  25. Ahmad yousef

    you are an idiot i know muslims and christians are different but they know that mohammad is the last prophet and he's god is the same god that "Jesus" have .. and if you don't know that >> that's mean you are a fake christian and have different Beliefs
    i know arab hate each other and it's a shame but that doesn't mean all of them

    Tiana Fuller

    Ahmad yousef how did this conversation started? What made you go all out on karl? Each musician have their own style and if you don’t like Karl then you don’t have to listen to his music. Some people do like his music while other don’t. But please stop putting religion into conversation where it not needed. Thank you.

  26. Tomatoe Kitchup

    Yeah you shouldn't

  27. Oo2hot2handleoO

    You say you don't work for anyone? how come all the workers at the grocery stores or construction people are all syrians egyptians and other arabs working for less then 300$ a month in Lebanon?I was there & I know how it is there, I don't see what Karl Wolf did so that you talk shit about him like that, I am lebanese and i respect anyone in general but you guys always seem to hate on us christians and are trying to take over us which i'm tired of, & arabs talk sht behind other arabs all the time

  28. Oo2hot2handleoO

    Learn proper English cause I can't understand shit from what you wrote... but based on what it seems you're trying to say, i'm gonna tell you, christians and muslims have different Gods we believe in Jesus and you believe in Mohammad... I see nothing similar in that... We had Iraqi neighbours and we are very different from them... so just cause we're in the middle east, it doesn't mean we're the same, we might have closer similarities compared to americans and europeans but we're still different

  29. Michael Hadj

    What's the deal with this asshole?

  30. Tomatoe Kitchup

    Go away

  31. Ahmad yousef

    huh iam a muslim not a christian asshole and for your record i respect because we have the same god
    christians and about lebanese they are more like christians even if they were muslims because they live like them in a lot of ways
    and (we don't work for anyone) we are people live our live with our Beliefs
    and this guy is a mf person and not belong to arabs for what he did

    (you people have to respect muslims and arabs and don't judge them from what you hear we are a good people )

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  33. As an

    Great song .. beat part was at the end loooooool

  34. As an

    Tomatoe kitchap calm the fuck Down

  35. Ahmad yousef

    [email protected]

  36. Ahmad yousef

    and be sure of it karl you are not the only junk we have

  37. Ahmad yousef

    we are as arab are not Proud of this guy he is just a lebanon junk believe my words

  38. MJ DT


  39. Julie Theberge

    Je te love baby forever beau coeur ses moi ange Julie xxx

  40. joseph king

    p.reign!!! killin it!

  41. Rabia Khatun

    Absolutely FAB! x

  42. mc_kpg

    amazing song

  43. MR GAZA

    good music , Good sound , Good clip , but i dont know why the fucking Views is little ...
    Karl you deserve to be worldwide man !!

  44. Ricky Rodriguez


  45. Satya3Bhati

    Why is good music so unrelated.. Why Karl Wolf so underrated.. He is super artist..
    Africa.. Getto love ... butterflies..
    Fuck all those 1 direction and all songs.. What is happening to people's taste these days..

  46. Allmighty Snail

    I honestly thought this was a parody. I mean come on you can't be serious Karl wolf...

  47. Blackout

    love the end !!!

  48. kevkallon

    sexy video

  49. Nikki Tesfaye


  50. KRx worldWIDE

    BIG!!! Finally let Reign out the cage eh Drake??? #Respect @KRXworldWIDE

  51. Banks1088

    been waiting months for this video, so glad is finally here

  52. TapakaSôtro Babaely

    putain,,, jadore cette chanson!!!!!!!!!

  53. cherrynLilac Wolfer

    yep! lol.. after all that spying and hiding. he found out shes a les.. lol

  54. cherrynLilac Wolfer

    OMG SHES A LESBIAN!!! loooooooool!!!! karl's reaction was the best reaction i've ever seen after finsing out shes a les!!! LOOOOL! hes awesome! love this video!!! :D xD xD lol

  55. Hawazn Aklou

    Wait so she's les?

  56. Jaafar

    hahhahaha this video is AWESome!!! Karl wolfs reaction at the end 3:04 hahaa

  57. KWtheBestJP

    So happy to be able to see the Peace Out Video at last!!! Love this song and Love this video!!!! :D

  58. Rashid Alkhalifa

    So amazing

  59. Ms. B

    Lmaoooo Karl's reaction at the end ...LOVE this song & great choice to make a video for it :D
    Karl work = Perfection as always <3

  60. Patrick Fadel

    I thought that he is going to kill "the guy" that his girlfriend cheated with... Finally their lesbians o.O

  61. Serena T

    this song is sooo amazing!!!!! KARL WOLF YOU ARE SO HOT!

  62. nick matuszeski

    hmm..first comment..PERFECTION! as always Mr.wolf!

  63. MusicIicious

    1st comment:)