Wolf, Karl - Ghetto Love Lyrics

A mister mister Karl Wolf in a Ghetto Love
A mister mister Kardinal in a Ghetto Love
A mister UGP in a Ghetto Love
In a ghetto love, in a ghetto ghetto ghetto ghetto ghetto wohoo

I am the man who will fight for your honor
I'll be the hero that you're dreamin' of
We'll live forever, knowin' together
That we did it all for this ghetto ghetto love

I take back everything I said it don't mean nothing
Just a fight we had so many though
A ghetto love
I tell you that you gotta let me visit my son
But then you tell me no
A ghetto love
But shawty I can't take my eyes away
Even though we can't get along today
I made a promise to you that faithful day
So I say

I am the man who will fight for your honor
I'll be the hero that you're dreamin' of
We'll live forever, knowin' together
That we did it all for this ghetto ghetto love

I'm lookin' at this sexy girl from a distance
She's so damn style I'm a witness
Let me tell ya woah
Move that thing ya woah
Let me tell ya
And then I take her to the parking lot
Jump into my car and straight to my spot say woah
Then she started a fight as we stepped out the club
Only cause a fan trying give me a little hug
So I say

I am the man who will fight for your honor
I'll be the hero that you're dreamin' of
We'll live forever, knowin' together
That we did it all for this ghetto ghetto love

Everybody say now
Ghetto for the ghetto for the ghetto ghetto love
Everybody say now
Ghetto for the ghetto for this ghetto love

[Kardinal Offishall:]
I can't think straigh when I'm on her ghetto love
With a ghetto girl, everyday's a fight now
We get to war, I gotta get away while the getting is good
And get top and grind, lemme think like I know I should
But a real woman needs a little bit more than wood
She expects that from me cause she know I would
Do anything, anywhere, every time for my shorty
Even though we bicker I came right back to get her
Pull her clothes 'till her body says hello
This is the Kardinal and Mister Wolf Ghetto Love

I am the man who will fight for your honor
I'll be the hero that you're dreamin' of
We'll live forever, knowin' together
That we did it all for this ghetto ghetto love

Everybody say now
Ghetto for the ghetto for the ghetto ghetto love
Everybody say now
Ghetto for the ghetto for the ghetto ghetto love

And I'll fight for you until the end of time
Everybody say now
Ghetto for the ghetto
For this ghetto love

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Wolf, Karl Ghetto Love Comments
  1. jorgez ken-ur

    Listening in 2020 ... Karl Wolf is a Musical Genius!!!

  2. Eitan

    I miss the 2000-2015 when songs were good

  3. Asaba Tadeo

    i really love this hit coz it takes me bak to my high xul momts

  4. Timrathmore

    Yup !! Best song ever! Well besides all the other great song he has done ;

  5. C L

    kardinal don't hang with Canada's boyz Swollen member's any more?

  6. Tny Clintx


  7. Jennifer Cubberley

    tight man

  8. Mugaragwa

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  9. Tease26

    Still loving this song.....omg!!!!!

  10. Anita IceCream

    Yo you know Karl wolf f****** has 100% herpes

  11. Amandu Dan

    I love that

  12. Timrathmore

    Another one of his hit songs!! This one takes the cake right after!! Habibi

  13. CH0622

    Ugh. I knew those lyrics were familiar...... Glory of Love, my song. <3


    OMG 2011?! I thought that song came out this year! 😩 I never heard it before until this morning.

  14. Sandip Vishwakarma

    2019 still 🔥

  15. Deliciouz Deli

    My 2nd favourite album after face behind the face. On replay until this day

  16. Roberta Kaskamin

    If I could say who I was like and what I believe this Lady in this Video is too him, She is the one whom holds him together and I believe I am alot like her too in real life and not always online... =)

  17. Roberta Kaskamin


  18. Roberta Kaskamin

    I am more like her in this video

  19. fantastic Dre

    2030 anyone?

  20. Christina David

    karl wolf's ghetto love and peter cetera's glory of love same chorus lol... how did cetera not sue him for this yet?

  21. Roberta Kaskamin


  22. CallMeShadey

    This used to be my favorite song about 6 years ago.

  23. Bruno Lance

    Why does this sound so similar to Despasito?

  24. REAL G

    This song is Great

  25. Manas Debbarma

    My favourate song's of Karl wolf

  26. Jane Fiu

    201999999999999999 🙌

  27. Phylicia Morgan

    karl wolf.com waterloo 5 dropped together gheetto love.com

  28. Melaia Waisale

    This took me back to university so hard 😂💙

  29. Надежда Васильева


  30. RiceGrenades

    this song is severely underrated

  31. elisa Allen

    I appreciate the fact that be doesnt use skinny as girls in his videos he uses average sized woman who look just like an everyday woman walking down the street anyone else agree with me?

  32. Jah Ni Morghan

    2019?only i tallback ajjela

  33. ਚੜਦੀ ਕਲਾ

    Anybody listening in 2019. Hit like for karl wolf

  34. shaweena somar

    2019 💕

  35. Joe Mwai


  36. Zsuzsa Barna

    Still in 2019 😍

  37. Nader CR

    Karl wolf is very underrated..

  38. Jaden Dilemma


  39. Tharuja Sandeepanie

    2019 ??

  40. Mista lord


  41. Mary Pope

    31st December today am crossing over listening to this song..... Happy New Year may the good lord bless y'all

  42. cesar antonio santibañez

    I’m still listening to this song in 2023 😱🤣

  43. Alena Beraua

    This song is so underrated 😭😍😍😍😍

  44. Aveeux

    damn i still love this song

  45. Rodney Shaw

    No such thing

  46. Earl John fabul


  47. Obed Nyakeya

    this is wonderful music

  48. Okura George

    2018 anybody???

    Georgina Stewart

    George Okura yep 😂


    I just heard the original in 2018(GLORY OF LOVE - Peter Cetera) XD:


    ohMY god

    2019 now

  49. Maria Susan

    His performance really good

  50. younk bali

    Neee kayak lagu nya peter c yng glory of love yaa bener gak!!!

  51. First Grad

    Used to listen to this too. Didn't know he was Canadian

  52. 岡本大樹


  53. Beyondbeanie Canada

    Talentosos artistas allí

  54. Marie-ÈveAccess Côté

    This song #MakesMeCry #GhettoLove #KardinalOffishall #KarlWolf #joyful #hopeful

  55. Marie-ÈveAccess Côté

    #MakesMeCry have you ever cried of joy?

  56. Ayy Vlogs

    best karl wolf song to date, even better than africa

  57. Marilyn Dcruz

    2.45 he looks like johnny sins here! ;)

  58. Margaret Yano

    Am back in 2018😍😍😍

  59. azariah15

    I don't care how old this song is - it's still great.

  60. Juanma

    2018 still rockin

  61. KingHotDawg

    whos watching in 2k18 😂😂😂

  62. Gold line Media

    Best ever ..who is still listening in 2018...

  63. Ϛօմɾąҍհ Ϛҽէհì

    3Re #DaysToCHRISTMAS. ..🎅


  64. ampeire georgeanxicius1

    the best ever

  65. Baluku Tadeo

    I really like this song 💯💪💯

  66. To411 U

    TFM brought me here.

  67. daesen corpuz

    What a wack ass playlist

  68. jenkudla

    Who is she? Drop dead gorgeous!!!

  69. shaweena somar

    I'm still listening to this song in 2017 ❤️❤️❤️

  70. 2 plus 2 is 4 minus 1 thats 3 quick mathsss

    omg this was my jam back in the days😍😍😍

  71. Humza Hasan

    Kate Middleton. kip the out to half of my. ty is dead 90

  72. Shabby.jr604

    I remember this when I was 6 years old listening this on the radio

  73. lieschen lisa

    this song makes me cry every time <3

  74. Absi

    Still jammin out to this dope ass fire

  75. Kevy Zaxoy

    This song 😍

  76. Denzel Maina

    big up to all en who still value honour of their women
    middle to finger to all those women who think valentines day was made for them only

  77. Susana Songs

    he is sooo perfect and beautiful. I have never seen such a beautiful and cool man before...I am mad with him. everything he does is the best! 💜😇😘💝


    شباب سمعت انو كارل وولف لبناني هاي المعلومة صحيحة ممكن حدا يجاوبني ؟؟؟
    ييييي طول العمر بعشقه وبتسمع على اغانيه وأول مرة أعرف انو من أصل عربي..والله المغنيين اللي من أصل لبناني متله ومتل مساري هم اللي كانوا مولعينها بهاي الفترة..الله يرحم هديك الأيام..♡


    LARA AHMED نعم كارل وولف لبناني الأصل وعايش في الخارج وليه حفلات في لبنان تكدري تشوفيها على اليوتيوب

  79. T Taylor

    all he does is sample other songs he sucks

    T Taylor

    shut the fuck off i can comment on whatever i want bitch sit the fuck down

    Asiia Phan

    T Taylor faxx, b

    T Taylor

    ur mothers a crackwhore

    channy larocque

    You didnt have to reveal.my secret out lound How did u know that?

  80. Kayla Brooks

    Sexy video..

  81. acinonyx

    What's the name of the girl?

    ohMY god

    i want to know toooooooooo

  82. christain chausse

    Lol he will fight for her love but he won't make her wear a helmet on his motorcycle???? LOL


    Cause guetto love

    christain chausse

    lol, if he can afford the motorcycle, he can afford a helmet to protect his girl that he is fighting for. theres nothing gueto about that

    Kayla Brooks

    karl wolf

    Kiri Pedersen

    Love that point!😂😂

  83. sarah kennedy

    Love this song

  84. Patson Abel

    blop blop blop

  85. thatsfabulous

    oh boy.. the way I used to adore this guy back in the day...

  86. Saidur Rahman

    Tune listening this in 2016.Summer jam

  87. Spencer Rose

    I loved this song in 2011 OMG it brings back memories!!!!!!

  88. GabSmacked

    The lebanese Jason Statham

    Asiia Phan

    The Autist Jason could kick this man's ass

  89. Craig Tosh

    I feel like I've known this song forever but I know this is the first time I've heard this...

    Vani Brown

    Truz up..

    Saidur Rahman

    It's a remake of a before song

    Sydney Moore

    It's because it's heavily sampled, over half of the song comes from Glory of Love.

  90. Bri

    I used to think he was so hot, now I see how douchey he looks... Still love the song though

    Agatha Dyck

    ahhh me too!

  91. Kimppa Kimppa

    how amazing this song and the singer are (-:Nobody cares his nationality, why is it problem to anybody? he is great....it is sad to hate him about his nationality....very unbelivable sad!!!!!! it's a normally guy like others.....

  92. Molly Sweetheart

    2016 or nah baby

    Molly Sweetheart

    ... cringe me cringe.... but 2019

  93. محمد الحنين

    فد شي

  94. Brandon Jones-Viau

    I loved 2011!!


    We all did.

  95. William Basbas

    this song is good

  96. Nicky quartz en

    love the hat though