Wolf, Karl - Butterflies Lyrics

The Dame's Like a Butterfly
Movin' from side to side
Shakin' that thing in front of my eyes
How about a little taste, would you mind?

Ever had someone, that caught your eye
You get all messed up
Everything is a high
I try and run
But can't get away
I made her the Sun
That shines over me

'Cause she can bring me higher
Better than most
and I wanted to be alone
but wherever I go..

She gives me butterflies
The sweetest feelin' I've ever known
I'm fallin'
So unbelievable

It's in my mind
And flows right down to my toes
I guess I'm fallin'
So unbelievable

The Dame's Like a Butterfly
Movin' from side to side
Shakin' that thing in front of my eyes
How about a little taste, would you mind?

She winds me up
Then shuts me down
They say Wussup?
"Karl, you should look around!"
You don't wanna know
The places she'd be"
It's all for show
Just wait and see


[Chorus x2]

The Dame's Like a Butterfly
Movin' from side to side
Shakin' that thing in front of my eyes
How about a little taste, would you mind? [x2]

[Pre-Chorus x2]

[Chorus x2]

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Wolf, Karl Butterflies Comments

    2020 ????

  2. Kamran Liaqat

    Good song

  3. lamia cedar

    Who will listen to this song in 2020

  4. Shahad

    it was in my psp omg the good old days 😭

    #ahmad_ K

    صح 😬

  5. Le Meems

    Omg i miss his music soooo much????

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    👏👏👏 to all in 2019

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    In 2019🤩😘😘😘

  11. Djo Bj

    Still listen 2019 ❤

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    omg this song 😱😱😱😱😱😱😔😔😔😔😔😔💔🇩🇿💟💟

  13. zeina hattar

    this song is an experience

  14. Çhà óïą

    2019carl wolf i was in midlschool wich day😭😭

  15. helo monbebe

    11.08.2019.very nice music 💗

  16. beaute Nouna

    ايام الثانويه يياااا احلى زمان ياليت ترجع😔

  17. Abhay Shirole

    Man this song makes me happy

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    2019 🤘🤘

  20. Ali Al Zuheiri

    2019 and still love it

  21. Omar Jacob

    I can't believe this song doesn't reach 1 million view 😦

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    2019 any one 😍

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    2019 ♥️

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    Yup 2019

  25. Sean Triton

    It's only a group of few songs, like this one, that you remember after a very long time.. for no reason! ❤

  26. Suzie Sousa

    greetings from ALGERIA

    Omar Jacob

    Me vive DZ

    Suzie Sousa

    @Omar Jacob yetnahaw ga3 hhh ;)

    Omar Jacob

    @Suzie Sousa 😅 silmiya silmiya

    Asma Sh

    tna7aw wela mazel..?

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    😂😂😂😂😂whose listen to this in 2019

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    2019 💕 الأيام الخوالي

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    La plus belle chanson

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    2k19 🌷

  31. Med Valentino

    Cause she can bring me higher better than most

  32. Med Valentino

    Who's still listening to this song 2019? ?

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    Any one 2019 love you karl wolf

    Mohamed Elsayed

    Listening every day

  34. silver moon

    Who's still listening to this in 2019 🎶🎶👆😃👀

  35. smileforhiba

    2019??? this is such an underrated song by an underrated artist from an underrated album!!!!

  36. hady harb

    Damn this girl dancing with him, so attractive !

  37. F Z

    2019 ??? Anyone ?

  38. Emmanuelle

    #2019 😎


    2019 and still listening

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    Listening to this while washing the dishes. 16/12/2018 so much nostalgia.

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    This song will still make me groove

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    I visualized this song very differently. and also I don't do club music so I don't like the remix feel a bit.

  47. Joey Alkaabi

    The model just looks like Nadin Labaki! 😍

  48. Joey Alkaabi


  49. Beedy KH

    Memories are flying in my mind like butterflies right now!

  50. Rym Guerfi

    19/09/2018 💗

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    14/9/2018 😍

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  53. Mereille Kadar

    19/8/2018 😍😍 omg this was my fav song

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  57. Lola Bint

    I bust out in goosebumps every time the chorus comes on 😂😂 this song is full of memories of me screaming the chorus off key af

  58. andre schossow

    Well its 2018

  59. Céline

    2018 ❤️

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    Bitch 2018

  62. Ibrahim Ilyas

    I cry every time I listen to this. Too much nostalgia. Used to listen to this on the radio

    Unknown Girl

    Ibrahim Ilyas yeah I know
    I listened this during 2012 or 2013

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    2018 here we can know the real wolf pack

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    This song deserves more views ✋🏻

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    2007, I was listening to it everyday in my final high school exams. Brings back memories and TEARS. :(

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    8/10/2017 ✌🏼

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    I have been looking for this song for so many fucking years. Finally found it. 😅

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    childhood song 😂💖

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    He looks like FouseyTube. Enough said.

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    Who still hearing this in 2017? Ayeee

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