Wolf, Karl - Africa Lyrics

It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
I bless the rains down in Africa
Gonna take some time to do the things we never had

Run the track, Them want to try and hold we back,
Me say wolf and culture are going to the top
Ride the track, The rhythm is so sweet and the dancehall is hot,
Crowd a people never want me to stop
Run the track, We run the show, me say we run the shop, we are the don's #1,
Me say we run that We are the kings in the place, me say we ride on a shock,
Push your hands in the air we are going to burn down the spot!

It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
I bless the rains down in Africa
Gonna take some time to do the things we never had

And as I'm walking through the subway
All I feel is everybody's piercing eyes (piercing eyes)
I'm following the footsteps all I can imagine is that I'm a guy
You never know maybe she's afraid
And everything around her is so damn fake
I feel like that we've met before
Hurry boy she's waiting

It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
I blessed the rains down in Africa
We're take some time to do the thing we never had

The sun is rising on east side and every former life is waking us
The feeling of sacloga makes you wanna dream away of fall in love
She drags you in not afraid
Everything is heels like bait
What wrong with you don't let her go
Hurry boy it's waiting

It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
I blessed the rains down in Africa
We're take some time to do the thing we never had

Doobara, doobara, doobra, doobara, doobara,
Doobara, doobara, doobaba, boorr, boobaba,
Dodo, dood, adooro, orooda, dooroo, dobara
Doobara doobara doobara baabaabaa

Hurry boy it's waiting there for you

It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
I blessed the rains down in Africa
I blessed the rains down in Africa
I blessed the rains down in Africa
I blessed the rains down in Africa
We're take some time to do the thing we never had


So sing with me
Now sing with me
This is Africa
This is Africa

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Wolf, Karl Africa Comments
  1. Ryan Ralph

    Anyone here in 2019? This song just came to my head.

  2. Rebecca Ungama

    This song my favorite one

  3. Nikki Engman

    Greatest remix

  4. Les Whynin

    what does this have to do with Africa?

  5. YKFRM6 Official

    first youtube video i ever watched

  6. AJ Kelly

    So this is what swagger looked like in 2007? I feel immense shame for my gender.

  7. Zev Gershon

    Thanks, I hate it

  8. 増本桃華

    一番良い^ - ^

  9. Gigi_ B

    2024 anyone?

  10. King Kirby

    Karl Wolf look like a Québécois d'souche with his vieux swag Longueuil ! 😜

  11. YoungAspect

    Legit thought you dapped up fat joe for a min

  12. James Stone

    One hit wonder, but man was that hit a wonder.

  13. Meta Music Media

    terrible video

  14. Romi's Shawarma

    2019 every day 😍✨💥🔥💃🏼

  15. Arch Ruh

    Hell nah,I break the record who ever check this song again please let me know with a like I guess I’m the last one in all this million of people who checked it damn!!

  16. Egodeus [GD]

    Recently heard this on CHFI

  17. Jordana Schrier

    We meet him I. The train he dint have money to buy water!!!

  18. savdhi rami Raja veet kaleebi arvem vonhanpreet

    Karl wolf he's a proud white Canadian from Toronto

    Aphrodite G

    Lebanese Montreali tbh

  19. sasha masha

    2019 ✌🏼

  20. Reno

    Imagine needing this much fucking auto tune and completely butchering the original song with a disgusting music video.

  21. RC97

    Whys this guy so under rated

  22. ChipidyGaming

    Not even 1Mill views? Wtf

  23. Shafiq Amash

    Wtf is this lmao

  24. lomaxa99

    Great song, wish this would be on the radio again

  25. Jen Jayne

    where is Karl Wolf now 11 years later??? seemed pretty cocky

    Handle God

    he is worth 16 million and came to help out at a food drive at my school so he is a nice guy and he is successful so yalla habibi stop talking shit and do something productive

  26. Hunna Ferdinand

    He's just big and loud

  27. r0ckt3hc4sb4h

    "Hey Culture man where you at dawg?"
    "I'm on this slow-ass boat you sent to pick me up. Where else would I be?"

  28. DEU

    This was RnB how it should be!

  29. Miko Cavaltera

    2019 Anybody?

  30. FunForSameer

    Middle school vibes

  31. Mayank Verma

    Best version of this song.

  32. lourdes sadiua

    A great remake of the original but such a stupid video!

    Terry Profitt

    But it's Africa

    Zev Gershon

    Nope I hate it

  33. Cynthia Perry

    Still loving it

  34. M B

    2019 anyone??

    Garry S


    Dustin Stott-Lander

    El Nino you should find out for academic purposes

    Caleb Efere

    M B yikes

    Taddy Del

    Meeeeee 😂

  35. Vahalo

    Oh hey it's Yo-Hey's theme

  36. Glen Doucette

    Can’t rappers write their own songs these days

  37. azalago

    So you thought their were no terrible covers of Toto's Africa. You thought wrong.

    Bella Blondon

    Wait until you listen to Ocean to Ocean by Pitbull. Then you’ll think differently


    @Bella Blondon Oh I've heard the Jason Derulo version, at least Karl Wolf is singing the right notes and not changing the melody of the fucking song.

  38. jojo nyabaro

    Can't die its forever

  39. Sara JK

    I love this version, but on 2018 this music video makes me cringe just a bit 😂

    Steven Oudie

    Man I used to be so In love with that girl lol, had her saved as my psp background when those were a thing haha

  40. Axle Wavey

    I wanna suck his cock!!

  41. Go Sapphire

    if your listening to this in 2018 comment how fucking garbage it is compared to the original.

  42. Suleiman Damji

    Great Song

  43. Gallowglass

    What the fuck is this shit

  44. Kara n Cal Gould

    Opening line-- gonna take me a lot to drag me away from you --
    But these are always lies.
    I am beautiful, nearly 40 years old, I have seen and heard everything.
    And this line, I have learned, from a male, is a lie.

  45. -that annoying girl-

    Who is watching this in 2018?no one?ok....

    Shakina Dixon

    Me too..I actually love this song..

    Edward James

    @Shakina Dixon i am

    Katetina Lavuova


  46. chriscam18

    He Should ft. Jay Sean on this , that would have been fire!

  47. J Double C

    It's not the original but hell its pretty damn good 😊

    Bowen Staines

    J Double C not the original, no shit man haha

  48. Brendan Stanczyk

    as much as im not and R$B fan i have appreciation for this

  49. Shadow Ebo Lee

    AFRICA!! This song still goes hard. My favorite track. Great work Karl Wolf and Culture. Dopest track. Still a banger 2017.

    Amy Holley

    Love it!👍👏😀

  50. renegade

    I heard this one before the original rip

    Nets Fan Since July 1st

    Same lmao

    Nets Fan Since July 1st

    Dude I was like 9 or 8 when I heard this the first time in 2009 so I didn’t know shit about old 80s music

    Sarah Mudeebe


  51. isaac soils

    fuck you karl wolf for butchering the best song ever produced, this is why you only have 14k subscribers you fuck bag!! hell all your family

  52. SpiritZer00

    Fuck you to the person who said this was superior to the original

  53. DovaSha

    It's been 2 years since the last comment.

    This song really died huh? That's sad.

    bull smooth

    well, ok, it's terrible, but so good at the same time!

    bull smooth

    yeah i def pref the original but i agree, its kept the cheese factor, which is why i love it. i meant i justt found this version

    Axel Kyster

    Ummm...try 3 decades...

    Tamika Singh

    It's been 2 years since this comment


    @Tamika Singh and one year since this one. I kinda dislike this song in my older days now

  54. Alexandra Millicker

    Now I get where the this chorus sounds familiar . It from a 80s song by toto c:

    Cynthia Perry

    Still love it

    a t

    from a 80’s song lmao it’s from the song Africa by Toto that’s why it’s called Africa

  55. David Gamez

    vine brought me here...

  56. Wild Child

    charlene duprey

  57. FuzzJr2

    Look at culture lol

  58. Moazam Merchant

    todo gonna sue?

    Axel Kyster

    Toto.  WIth a T.

  59. MrImjusttooawesome

    Best trade ever lol

  60. MrImjusttooawesome

    what for?

  61. Christopher Mobley

    So Canada keeps Karl Wolf, but gives America Justin Beiber and Drake.....not fair guys.....not fair


    Other way around: America markets what it chooses to, from Canada. We can't help it if y'all have really bad taste, and just take whatever will appeal to the lowest common denominator.

    Tia Alexandria

    I’m sorry about that from Canada I apologize for the awful Justin Bieber and drake

  62. nicole niomi

    that girl looks like Dora the explorer in the future..

    Hazel Ancheta

    nicole niomi hahahahaha

    Hazel Ancheta

    nicole niomi you have my thoughts!!!!!!


    hahahahha true!!!

  63. Timrathmore

    ur music is great!

  64. herishmerish

    the girl in the video is black she just has straighrened hair and is wearing a lot of makeup

  65. darknessplague

    Nice pretend playing a piano

  66. Haley Blackburn

    *shakes head in disappointment*

    Just a girl who loves Twenty one pilots

    Haley Blackburn same

    Bella Blondon

    Go listen to Ocean to Ocean. Then say the same

  67. JKRP

    Best part of the video is Culture Man. I'm a fan of the Original Africa by Toto

    Just a girl who loves Twenty one pilots

    greatfoodini 👍🏻

  68. DaMexican1000

    his face at 2:28 O_O

  69. SweetDoughnuts

    I just saw him yesterday preforming this at Canadas wonderland wearing the same red hat lol Is he Canadian??

    Yung Simpson

    Yes ma'am

  70. Miiaa Vlad

    @majidisdapimp Yeah....for that he don't do anything with the girls in the videos uknow ;)

  71. Jazz Bass

    @fuzzypeach333 desensitize

  72. simsalamia

    Turn the volume all the way down and watch from 4:15 on wards...

  73. Support 81

    I'll take the girl he can have Africa lol

  74. simsalamia

    @xxandrew24xx1 WTF u talking about its just one girl in the video....

  75. fuzzypeach333

    can anyone tell me what's the song that plays on karl wolf's phone in the beginning of the song please?

  76. BlondeTenshi

    Apparently 85 people missed the "Like" button.

  77. jingity_sling

    Hey yo culture.... U met me in st.johns NL... Rep Canadian beats and I am Def a fan...Thank for the autograph man Major memories from the Sheridan hotel... thanks bro

  78. cindy w



    @IamHayleethenewAvril i agree

  80. Kevin Norris

    whats that song on this phone

  81. SolitaK

    the girl in the orange bikini is really fake..

  82. Stefan Karda


    its argileh

  83. imlivingtherealworld

    Yes it was :P

  84. Kieran M/M

    nice must've been fun?

  85. GypsySlide

    What song is the background rhythm similar too? Not "Africa" by Toto, I mean the electronica sound.


    whats the song on his ringtone called

  87. imlivingtherealworld

    He came to my school to xD like 2 weeks ago :P I met him ;)

  88. moezz

    shes fake :)

  89. atomik3

    whos the girl?

  90. ‌ ‌ ‌

    KARL WOLF came to my school to day for real not lieing

  91. xXyukikun

    i love this song like hekk . (:
    Your from the 209 right? ;D
    i heard your song on Kwin! YOU ROCK . xD..

  92. MKProductions23

    Exactly!! That's totally right, everyone is like "ohh he killed the classic ooo" But no, exactly what you said.

  93. indiantan

    Charlene Duprey that girl in that golden bikini is hot lol
    love this song

  94. Genesis

    lol he is culture man!

  95. Genesis

    karl wolf... your songs are the most popular. you make music that matches exactly what i like! your music should go world wide!

  96. PR3TTYnihkee

    Its a remake of one of his favourite childhood songs. It dont think he cared whether it had to do with Africa or not. Its about a girl, and just sampled the chrous. Are people really that stupid?

  97. Wendal Garvie

    this song is the bom

  98. Adam

    it's a remix of an old song "africa"