Wiz Khalifa - Visions Lyrics

Life.... Looking out the window. Kush and Orange Juice Nigga
You Might want uh burn one to this.

[Verse 1]
You couldn't walk a mile in these 11 in a halfs even if you had a chance.
Visions of this cash followed with the thought of the bitch thats chilling at my pad.
Its all part of the plan.
To come through get high as I can, party, hit the studio jet lagged.
Packing my over night carry on, we dont check bags.
Old folks are proud to see I'm young and I Louied up to my eyes.
True story word to the wise dont let these labels gas you up to be somethin.
Get yo paper never trust em.
Watch the niggas you run with.
I done seen niggas who had all they dreams fucked over, over some dumb shit.
& make no assumptions hotel owners saying the odors to pungent blame it on the reefer consumption.
The difference between you guys is you lie & we live it.
In the sky so pay us a visit.
Bet yo bitch be trying to kick it.

[Wiz Talking]
What you aint you trying to eat nigga.
COME ON, fuck is you waiting for.
Nigga time just sitting around man. COME ON.
Everything was all good. Now shit real.

[Verse 2]
Soon as I enter the room its red carpets and bitches with pretty smelling perfume.
Smoking cigars shit was fool.
Now you roll hella doobs and anticipate that how fly tune.
Sucker shit we just cant excuse
Steady trying to duplicate but they aint us.
Got bitches dissing they lame ass niggas pot head kids rolling they dank up.
Paparazzi taking pictures we famous
Held my city down like a anchor.
Now its champagne we drink.
Non-smoking room we just ashen em in the sink.
I love her attitude she love tracing my ink.
I get up in the wind. Leave her with something to ease stress.
The best not just regular visions.
Let you get a glimpse of how I'm living, HD
Young Khalifa gettin to the money safe key.

[Wiz Talking]
Matter fact hit this.
You cold nigga I got a coat in the trunk.
Come on man leave that bullshit alone man.
Its over for that.
Put this coat on.

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Wiz Khalifa Visions Comments

    Whose here listening in 2019??? This is a forever banger. Anytime I need to remind myself to stay diligent, I play this song. #412forever #steelcitylife

  2. Ivan Jimenez


  3. Jordan E.

    Motivational song for sure💯💯.

  4. Javier Andree Alvarado Solis

    Still listening in 2019?

  5. Pablo Vargas

    wena wiz kl meo tema 😑😑😑

  6. M. L.

    I love her attitude she love tracin my ink that’s some OG type shit right there

  7. Kenny Harrell

    These videos reminds me of my journey and his. Such a nostalgic vibe 😌

  8. sebastianwinston

    2018 man

  9. bbmg fodie


  10. Joseph Miranda

    I wear 13's not 11 1/2's.

  11. Kasey Hefner

    Realest song

  12. gaming

    Look at their phones😝

  13. Cameron Ross

    god damn wiz goes so in to this one i love the fuck out of this song

  14. Vincent Abarca

    leave tht bllsht alne lol💯

  15. Free One

    Still here in 2017 bro and I’ll forever be here

  16. Young script

    know every bar


    best wiz song of all time

  18. Eric Stevens

    use to listen to the clip of this jane before the whole song dropped, one of my top 10 songs

    C J

    Eric Stevens you mean like "jawn"?

    Eric Stevens

    C J yea spell check wrecked me


    this is the real wiz

  20. HomeboyHomegrown

    4/20 blazin'

  21. Jason Cannon

    Love this and MF DOOM's One Beer, something about the beat makes me catch a vibe

  22. Hamza Abay


    Jacob Phillips

    Hamza Abay yes

  23. Nick Nicky

    If you loved this beat then I suggest you listen to Suicide boys Harvest Moon


    Junior Lara I'm here cuz of $b

    Deutscher Patriot

    like my bitches dead bullet trough the head

  24. marco bazan

    wiz likes DOOM? dope


    doom wasnt the first to use the beat

  25. nick contreras

    memories man high school

  26. nick contreras

    memories man high school 😴

  27. nick contreras

    memories man high school 😴

  28. D Kay

    his versus on here.. craazy.

  29. Ben Johnston

    Tyler had it first in 2008 when he was 17.


    mf doom had it first fucko why does it matter all the versions have their own style

  30. Slow 4.6

    Bruh does anyone know where i can get this song onto my iphone!!?

    kegstandman 420


    Jets Set 5.0

    thats why ion ever get iPhones

  31. mogul

    MF Doom


    +J Kelus My thoughts exactly

  32. hiimrawkit

    Wiz's best song in my opinion. i just watch this an get inspired. i know imma make it. Thank you Wiz

  33. lurk

    what is the song name of odd futures version of this song

    Heather Trott

    +high has a kite Odd Toddlers

  34. Jayy

    Odd Toddlers


    One Beer



  35. Dikembe Metumbo

    I miss this guy

  36. Nikee Ttg

    That stoner shit highschool days lol that old wiz bring memories tho time go by fast oms 

    47 Quay

    Matter fact hit dis u might want to burn one to dis one

    Luis Garcia

    +RoyalDank I did :)

    Jets Set 5.0

    i still listen to him and currensy like they the only rappers left. 🛫👍💪

  37. Ultra Instinct Megaman

    Smoking weed is bad for you

    47 Quay

    Oh my god bruh do ur researched people like you piss me off cause u talkin shit bout somethin u don't even kniw

    santi suarez

    @Jmoney182NY smoke my joint made of flesh


    +Jmoney182NY well someone ain't ever stimulate their mind in their life

    crucify cortez

    +RoyalDank I mean you really can't talk shit either cause its obvious you can't spell for shit

    Makeshift Virus

    Well are you a troll

  38. Ultra Instinct Megaman

    Smoking weed is bad for you


    @Jmoney182NY No it's not.

    47 Quay

    Do your research dumbass weed ain't bad unless ur a kid and your brain still developing


    +Jmoney182NY guys pretty much everyone who says this is a troll unless if they do a paragraph on "weed is bad for you"

    kiernan Mitchell

    well pussy and weed is good for you

  39. James Johnson

    my nigga #Blu  would wreck this beat....#Wiz did it justice tho, but im js......

  40. burx18

    You cold nigga I got a coat in the trunk. How nice of you wiz lol.

  41. Hector Ruiz

    Damn shame what he became

  42. DaYungGxD DBLVZX

    use to get stupid high to this song lol it was part of the weed smoking playlist when kush and oj came out lol

  43. AdrianKeepitLit

    Fuck mf doom if you like his shit so much go listem to it this is wiz khalifas version and its 10x fuckin greater mf doom version is wack and so is the way the did the sample lame as fuck


    @WestLinda530x eww wtf hang yourself


    To each his own

    santi suarez

    @WestLinda530x any thing is better than shit khalifa

    Esteban Guarnizo

    +WestLinda530x You gotta be trolling? Right?

    Vishnu Vennelakanti

    >"Adrian Keep It Lit"

    Case Closed.

  44. YEET TI TI

    luv this song but the beat shoulda been given to Curren$y instead


    "Mary" uses the same sample


    +MrDagr8rylz wrong buddy mary uses -Cortex-Chanson-D'Un-Jour-D'Hiver

  45. Vlad Dumitrache

    one of the best songs he ever made


    fuck ya so underrated tho

  46. OfficialKiddReaper 97

    If you think Wiz or Tyler had the sample first, you have to study hip-hop because MF DOOM sampled the beat first on his track One Beer

    santi suarez

    @Bryson Alexander you re wrong.. the real song is Cortex - Huit Octobre 1971. fuck you Wiz Khalifa fucking chimney.


    @Santiago Suarez Ok, but DOOM was the first to SAMPLE the song.

    santi suarez

    @Flacko Jodye yes!, you learning something today.

    Disappearing Jakob

    +Bryson Alexander Madlib sampled it and MF DOOM used his beat.Get your facts right doomfellow

    Jhon Sanchez

    +Bryson Alexander u r wrong bruh, JAYLIB in (NO GAMES), was the first to sample it

  47. Time for Some Clash

    he took this from Tyler, Tyler took it from mf doom it is true that it is a wonderful beat


    what was MF Doom's song called?


    No they sampled the same song


    @camelrug One Beer

    Laly Arellano

    Cortex -Huit Octobre 

  48. Randy Johnson

    official video my fucking ass

  49. fantasticmrghetto1

    Who else checked this out so they could se  how he sampled cortex huit octobre.


    He too, sampled Cortex Huit Ocobre


    @***** don't say that, or the fanboys will come


    @Santiago Suarez
    you ok?

    santi suarez

    @ThaSupaboi fine . maybe you not

  50. christian ruvalcaba

    wiz for life!!!!!

  51. Jesus Alvarez

    thats cuz cali is the shit!

  52. CoolGuyChris

    at 0:46 is he doing the C-walk? lol looks dope!!!