Wiz Khalifa - Top Floor Lyrics

Started out out slow,
Cause no matter how much she gets she wants more,
Girl now we on the top floor,
Holding on tight, you aint letting go,
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Feel it?

Oh, first class have in the game like a free throw
Fill my bank up with cash my glass were clicquot
You ain't gotta tell your friends what we talk about
Or the places we go, we go
You're mine for the night, your man trying to repo,
Work nights, never sleep so you think she got no job
Go to school during the week, on the weekend we go hard,
Live so large, let you go tear down the mall like it's yo card
It's no problem, go ahead and sing it girl, this is yo song

Started out out slow,
Cause no matter how much she gets she wants more,
Girl now we on the top floor,
Holding on tight, you aint letting go,
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Feel it?

Oh nothing you could tell us, they get jealous when we show up, show up
Make you feel like a little girl again, but fuck you like a grown up
High as you can be it's like the dream you never woke from
My life's like a movie, get ready for your close up
Pour a bottle and toast up, your man in your phone trying to see what your plans is, so what
You still turn up my songs soon as they playing it
Know what the saying is, money talks and you aint saying shit
I'm a call you soon as I land
Probably roll some weed right up on the beach while you tan
Party every week and you hardly would speak
But now you got my phone taking pictures laughing smoking chilling yeah

Started out out slow, slow,
Cause no matter how much she gets she wants more
Girl now we on the top floor, top floor
Holding on tight, you and letting go
Can you feel it in?
Can you feel it in?
Feel it?

We don't hear nobody talk about it probably cause we're in the sky, sky, sky, sky
When we really take off and I tell her hold on cause she say she never been this high
We don't hear nobody talk about it probably cause we're in the sky, sky, sky, sky
When we really take off and I tell her hold on cause she say she never been this high.

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Wiz Khalifa Top Floor Comments
  1. JLA M.

    Here in 2020

  2. Tumelo Molelekeng

    2020 anyone

  3. Brazy Lifestyle ENT

    2019 going into 2020

  4. Tumelo Molelekeng

    Can’t believe this ain’t got a million views

  5. brad taylor

    first class help u in the game like a free throw

  6. The Black Knight

    Can you feeeeeeeeeel it?

  7. tegracer95

    Song is awesome tripping

  8. Kokaine Doves

    Here in 2k19 💚😇🔋


    This was my SHIT 🔥 i always got blazed to this


    This still slap to this day, this track was slept on

  11. Andrew Everett

    Takes me back to 8th grade

  12. Blake Carmello

    2019 still listening to one of my favorite albums and always will. Thank you Wiz. ❤️

  13. Michelle D.

    Can u feel it in 2019?

  14. Beny Lo

    Still here 8 years later 🔥🙏

  15. Christine Martin

    When life made sense

  16. Sequan Smith

    Who still listening in 2019

  17. Omarr Koroma

    Is it grown up?

  18. Taniya Williams

    2019 where yall at 👀

    Blake Carmello

    Taniya Williams here forever ✋🏼 Pittsburgh for life

  19. Xxhaven Gaming

    2019 anyone?

  20. Jm Esmade

    Still Listening in 2019?

  21. Omarr Koroma

    So what!

  22. Omarr Koroma

    Haven’t wrote yet

  23. Benedetto Disanto

    A simpler time

  24. Shawn Wilson

    Were my Taylor’s at

  25. El Deuce

    Been on since the summer of '11 still banging in summer of '19.

  26. Beloved Cutie

    Didn’t see this day after 2 yrs I lost my nephew this was me n his song lord Jesus help me thru this day nephew lost his life 17”-18” new yrs eve we stayed turn up rolls on 15”

  27. Harpo Marx

    time flies

  28. kha mascato

    Should've had a video for this

  29. Omarr Koroma

    Fuck you like your grown up.... I love it

  30. Omarr Koroma


  31. Omarr Koroma

    Start it off slow

  32. Justin Case

    2019 still getting high and going through these gems. The glory days 🔥😫

  33. Medisine

    Best song ever😭

  34. Drew Avalos

    2019 baby thinking back to the days my life forever changed. If only I could of made things right. I was young. 7 years fly bye so fast that you don't even realize it.. I'm 23 now have had a great ride so far. If only my lady, Baby Mama would realize what we had was more than money... Life is hard. I'm learning more about it every day I go... Vato loco por Vida. Los Avalos . Arizona viva la raza

  35. Eights sixty clips

    Still listening in 2019?

  36. Franciscoo

    God damn.. Wiz you came a long way.

  37. Mohammed Rawdog

    2k19 I miss these days

  38. yung griff griff

    2019... This a hidden gem

  39. Chieferhanz

    Heh nunnunyea nunnunyee

  40. Dopeman 111796

    Best song to just smoke too 😏

  41. Omarr Koroma

    Do you want more?

  42. Omarr Koroma


  43. Omarr Koroma

    We in the sky

  44. Blake Carmello

    Classic. Wiz and Mac the 2 greatest artist of all time.. Proud to be from Pittsburgh the best city in the world.


    Still here getting to the end of 2018 wiz is A WEED GOD 🔥

  46. Dyeizom Rocha

    2018 música tope

  47. PrettyGirl Kee

    2018/2019 STAND UP🙌🏾💯‼️ We Still Here😎💨

    Cj Mk

    Khiory Collins we lit bro😎

    Itachi Uchiha


  48. Malcolm Mckenney

    Who still on this like me in 2018

  49. bryan morales

    Song always slep on 2018-2019-2050

  50. Juss Okc

    Its 2018 still trying to reach the top floor

  51. Christmaslovely Lovelychristmas

    Hey everyone i am a singer and rapper! I would appreciate your contact, please listen to my music www.soundcloud.com/therichteststaygoodgod

  52. Omarr Koroma

    Can you feel it?

  53. Alexis Williams

    May 15th 2018 who where with it!? Loovveee Wiz!!!!! This beat stupid

  54. Nathan Agustin

    2018!!!!! LEGIT

  55. Texasboy420

    We don't hear 'em when they talk
    Prolly cause we in the sky (sky) sky (sky) sky (sky) sky (sky)
    When we leave we take off and I tell her hold on
    'Cause she said she never been this high🔥🔥🔥

  56. Nia Nia

    2018 I’m here for it 🤟🏾💦

  57. Joshua & Makayla

    Who here 2k18

  58. HBGxGRM

    2018 still slappin this 🌿💨

  59. yooo ieyye

    2018 and still my shit!!!!

  60. GMR Entertainment

    Still listening in 2018?

    Elsin Bob

    2019 from Brazil dude

  61. kill bill

    This album was my shit



  63. jery maurer


  64. Blake Carmello

    My song to my ex... 😕 miss you girl 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Dom Zarella

    Blake Carmello I FEEL U

  65. shanice white

    2017? 😍😍💞💞💎

  66. King Cole

    man this shit still go hard!!!!!!!!

  67. VanessaBanessa

    2017 and I'm still here ❤️

  68. Montrel Harper

    still burning to this..

  69. Terico Caruthers

    TOP FLOOR 💯💯💪💨💨💨👀

  70. Hippie Sex Trap

    this song takes me back to late night longboarding with no one on the road but me, my board, and this song. 🙏🙏🙏 nostalgia

    Airsoft Anthony

    Hippie Sex Trap I wish I was their riding with you bro 😁🤙🏽🔥

  71. priscilla mmoki


  72. Andre Wilson

    Still listening mfs 💯💯

  73. Xen Yung

    That Arabic loop is hypnotic!!,

    Mohammed-Bashir Adewale

    Coz Trxll doesn't sound like Arabic to me

  74. Cesar Ortiz

    still fire in 2017

  75. jayy small

    2017 bringin bacc so many memories im fina find me some tree asap haven't smoked in a while but its time to get bacc to it

  76. Ja'Quan Coleman

    Who's still here in 2017?

  77. Alexander Beneteau

    Top floor right now: Summer 2017
    Thx wiz

  78. Billy Swag

    2017 I still feel such a great vibe wen I hear dis song @wiz

  79. Nikki Nicole

    2017 still my vibe...

  80. Mark Krikelis

    2017 still here

  81. Social E

    2017 and still my shit

  82. Candy Man

    I don't even smoke, but I'm getting contact high listening to this.

  83. Riahjay 's Reality

    2017 ----- stilll bumping his music 🎶 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  84. Asia Auston

    I love this song

  85. Kevon Alexander

    just one song I actually rock when I fly solo going anywhere with no one to bother my thoughts

  86. Kenya Harvey

    Love this song

  87. glory boy

    Who here 2017

  88. jlabrone

    2017 and still here

  89. Myles Gelóneck

    Still my jam in '17

  90. Cheyenne Irvin

    2017 still the best

  91. Teeg Plays

    Wow I was In middle school when this came out an u could download everything the internet upgraded now u have to pay for it it it worth the money wiz has great an positive vibes.

  92. And all that Jas

    This is still my sh#t ! 😤😥❤

  93. Marco Gabriel

    I still fuk w this

  94. Khery Terrell

    indica song

    Too poo

    No definitely a sativa song but mkay