Wiz Khalifa - Supply Lyrics

[Verse 1: Nesby Phips]
Bone Snaps and crane kicks, divine intervention I was put here to change shit.
? Draped up in the same fit,
been rockin it for days now and will until the pay stop.
See there's no dinner or winner for second place huh?
Yea that what I figure so I handle my business.
Confidentiality, all my plans to get richer.
Then I, Master my role as my plan unfold.
Right moves, make sure the left hand don't know.
Words from a wiser predecessor: Never let up.
I know how to spot a fool cuz he never shut up.
If you speak it, you don't know it. You know it, you don't speak it.
Can't feel me if you put your vertebrae on the speakers.
See it got to be, and your nine on ya.
I got higher than Chong on bongs in California.
Catch me in your in local cool spots cata corner?
Virgins to the herb frown at that aroma.
For those inquisitive, scoot closer to Phips a bit.
I invite you to get higher than what you've experienced.

Um, There's some who think they smoke, but We stay Higher.
And some think they get fly, but We get Flyer.
They lookin for the Planes, We done cruised right by ya.
Smell what I smoke, they ask me if I supply, I say Noooo. (Nooo)
It's everywhere We goooo.

[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Woke up in the mornin'
some ashes in the sink, couple drinks we was pourin' in.
My niggas sleep, bitches rollin weed while I'm Yawnin'.
It's just a routine after a night of performin'.
I turn the hotel into a Polo Party.
Makin' them eggs with cheese, let 'em smoke so much weed.
Them hoes think we in the '70s.
Big Dog, better pedigree.
She in this king size bed with me.
Give her space boy, Let her breathe.
And I mean that technically,
roll up the trees, like my weed grown medically.
Less of the seeds, Niggas still got the hatin' disease,
when actually they know.
bite or bark, fight or heart
Imma keep rollin' trees nigga, light or spark.
Taylor in my walk, karate in my Talk.
Now that's gangsta.

Um, There's some who think they smoke, but We stay Higher.
And some think they get fly, but We get Flyer.
They lookin for the Planes, We done cruised right by ya.
Smell what I smoke, they ask me if I supply, I say Noooo. (Noooo)
It's everywhere We goooo.

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Wiz Khalifa Supply Comments
  1. de'sean Roberts

    Bumping in 2019 and Beyond !

  2. Jeremy Gracia

    2019 anyone?

  3. Azam Shah

    Khalifa for all

  4. Lil Molly

    Have you guys heard 2009 yeah all you fucking idiots saying wiz left he aint never moved a muscle

  5. Ivan Lozano

    best song on the album, bumpin 2019 TGOD

  6. Joshua Bates

    4/20/19 anyone else?????

  7. Jason Colunga

    2019❤💥💣 we stay Higher 🚬🙌

  8. Daytona831

    Nesby Phips tho!

  9. Tem Production

    One of my favourite joint

  10. Junior Nelms

    He's not the same wiz in 2018

    Tem Production

    Dumb comment

  11. Nuke In Tha Coupe

    Thanks Again In 2018. Happy Anniversary TGOD

  12. DizzyStosh

    2018 people Taylor Gang Or Die

  13. Maurice Hancock

    Manee this track was/is cold as fuckkk man miss this shit..... turn the hotel to a polo party

  14. Patrick Adair

    probably my favorite verse by wiz. shit was just too hard

  15. Jesus Montano

    High school my homie

  16. Eduardo Romero

    Still here.

  17. Arne

    if you speak it you don't know it, if you know it you don't speak it

    Curt Miller®

    the realest statement

  18. Valter Andrade

    really want to find the instrumental for this

  19. Zeek

    God i fucking miss the old wiz. Tgod still tho

  20. spedo asain

    Wiz changed 😔

    Jonathan Torres

    @spedo asain stfu

    PaintOnLock 2K

    Man wiz changed 😔


    Stfu. Time and experiences change people his new Laugh now fly later had a huge Kush and Oj vibe in my opinion.

    Sir Kartier

    @DizzyStosh not currency

  21. Karina Romero

    Damn wiz what the fuck happened to you.


    +Karina Romero money and lots of good weed

    pax2bag w

    +Karina Romero Amber "Slut Money Movado" Rose

    ScumBag Mowgli

    We share the same last name cuh

  22. Daniel Moyano

    The first verse is seriously one of the best verses I've ever heard..You can tell that guy knows his shit and spits from the heart.

    Bando Calriddy

    who is that?

    Daniel Moyano

    +Bando Calriddy Nesby Phips fam..

  23. bellaspaceship

    This that funk right here....

  24. Lakenya Gay

    IT'S SOME who think smoke but we stay higher

  25. Michael James

    If you speak it you don't know it , if you know it you don't speak it. REALEST SHIT EVER SAID!!

  26. davonte johnson

    First person wasn't higher enough. Get higher

    alex hellacaster

    tf u talkin bout phips went off

  27. Brian Mignin

    How good is you"re Music?


    dumbass listen to the whole song smh

  29. Lala Lolo

    thats nesby phips

  30. Sander van der Zeeuw


  31. Munro Montell


  32. Lenny Ohone

    Theres some who think they smoke but we stay higher

  33. Fresh Linen

    I can never remember how this beat sounds so I'm always coming back to this video haha

  34. 414Marley

    Turn Da Hotel Into A Polo Party! #Smoove

  35. Julian Almanza

    You speak it you don't know it , you know it you don't speak it.

  36. Rhett Bohelet

    Taylor gang or smoke out of cans

  37. yung god

    I thought you were joking at first

  38. Ryan Crooks

    or OD on crack

  39. Trevor Brown

    Virgins to the herb frown at that Aroma.. so true!

  40. Taylor Washington

    taylor gang or smoke cigarettes

  41. No Capp

    Dude who rap 1st fuck the whole song up...

  42. rejo14

    noww dats gangstaa ^_^

  43. muzikLele

    merry 420 stoners all over the world! <3

  44. muzikLele

    I smoke like a chimney for four years now or something. And I'd seriously dare to bet my left hand that I can outrun you. It's about endurance, darling.

  45. MacRichards15

    what wrong with snooki?

  46. antp3

    Weed is the answer fool, u smoke cigs? u drink alcohol? Millions of death to this day from tobacco and alcohol, MILLIONS. Deaths related to weed since records started, ZERO. FOOL

    Paul Call

    No shit sherlock Caption Obvious. It's a pretty Corrput system here in the U.S. where the things that can become easily addictive and harmful to one self are legal and able to buy as much as you please... But if you dare smoke the devils lettuce....

  47. Indica Kid

    Haha anybody who thinks weed is to escape reality is a dumbass. Weed isn't like shrooms or acid to where you're hallucinating. It's just another way of getting by

  48. The Good Samaritan

    @youngbullish Wiz is great. Weed is not the answer, its just an excuse to escape reality. And no, I do not want to run a mile with wiz's lungs. I would fall out before I even run the first lap..

  49. theprofessional7777


  50. The InkedUp Gearhead

    @nbenja3 you mean joints

  51. rillo210

    if you speak it you don't know it// if you know it you don't speak it//...best line on the album

  52. nbenja3

    @youngbullish wouldnt be that hard, he smokes blunts which dont affect your breathing xD

  53. Austin Adams

    that intro is FYE

  54. Prophecy2fulfill

    @chakrasmash It really does. Thanx. Never would have known.

  55. PLAY4K33PZ

    @physcogroove1 haahhahah thats funny as hell

  56. The InkedUp Gearhead

    480p sounds so much better

  57. Adam Shuaib

    @youngbullish if YOU knew 1% of anything about weed you'd know it does. i've been smoking for four years now, and trust me it really does.

  58. Cpapa18

    @TrophicsProductions r u retarded? of course it does.

  59. Damian2354

    @physcogroove1 omg ur like soulmates! <3

  60. nairoeval216

    this goes hard!!

  61. Zay Tha God

    Wiz hook was tight as fuck

  62. yeeee75

    @theNikeSBCollector you wouldnt eat out snooki ? your fucken gay then

  63. Marco Rubio

    Hook, beat, lyrics..all UNREAL. I miss the old Wiz :(

    He sold out, but fuck it. Now he's getting paid and doing his thing so ive still got love haha

  64. TheNikeSBCollector

    TAYLOR GANG or eat out snooki haha

  65. eddysson86

    best hook in a long time......

  66. alberts1985

    high as hale============================

  67. Reilly Halsted

    @TAYLORdez1 HOT*

  68. Mr19901611

    is this big krit at first

  69. tank abbott

    @youngbullish hahahah fuck thats funny

  70. toobieeee

    @soneoo that has to be the worst taylor gang or of all time.....enjoy the music

  71. GG F.T.P

    @youngbullish UPHILL!!

  72. tpesneeky

    I know how to spot a fool.

  73. Jim Flow

    taylor gang or stop blazing

  74. Divine Zeal

    taylor gang or be white without an afro.

  75. Rsaint17

    @thekingchris1 id do it

  76. thekingchris1

    taylor gang or fuck meg from family guy

  77. john boehnner

    Wiz khalifa is fucking great.. weed is the answer.... Taylor gang or run a mile with Wiz Khalifas lungs!

  78. TOM iNUtah

    All of wiz's songs are hot and should have music videos! Taylor Gang or Die Bitch!

  79. mical2great

    taylor gang or jack off with sandpaper

  80. sour kevy

    @thatnigga4395 u a black and yellow fan this nikka's music is all bout good weed

  81. Julius Sarte

    i wish all rappers were like wiz who do not sing about weed money or girls

  82. Juan Aguilar

    Dope like Apples =D

  83. hood

    @Kevinperry321 ummm curren$y is sighed to dame dash part of roca fella jets is just the name of his group

  84. Daniel Houston

    @btwmikeyrocks don't compare them to him.......... noooooooo

  85. Joel Bradsher

    Beat is fire... lyrics are white hot.... Wiz is PAPER PLANE GANG BANGIN

  86. RVSIK

    this song is hard.. it goes smooth..

  87. Kyle Bone


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    hell yeah dis goes hard