Wiz Khalifa - Skit 2 Lyrics

Yeaaheaa, It's ya boy Mr. Easy Rider
Right here on the easy hour
With a lil Kush and Orange Juice
For you to wake and bake to
You know how we do yall
And we rocking with nothing but the best
No Stress
It's my nigga Young Wiz Khalifa yall
Now we been doing our thing for years now, you know how we get down
I need yall to call up
Roll up
Get high to the sky
Lets hear from one of our callers, caller whats ya name and where ya from?

[Caller 1:]
Aye whats happening baby
This ya man Long Longs Lee and im calling from the short side of the bridge baby

[Mr. Easy Rider:]
Digg, and what you waking and bake to?

[Caller 1:]
Man, I got a glass of that OJ and a plane of that kush waiting for me

[Mr. Easy Rider:]
Matter fact, we gone get to another caller
This shit feel so good
And I got me a curly head red bitch rolling up doobies as we speak
We don't smoke blunts yall
Caller whats ya name and where ya from?

[Caller 2:]
What up doe, This Crazy Coop from Michigan, man let me get a blunt worth of that good shit you got there

[Mr. Easy Rider:]
Oh Fuck you brah, you ain't tryna get high

[Caller 2:]
That ain't cool man

[Mr. Easy Rider:]
Ima bring yall some new shit
Off that Kush and Orange Juice
From my man, Young Wiz Khalifa
Taylor Gang I see yall

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Wiz Khalifa Skit 2 Comments
  1. Jan Hass

    sounds like Suga Free

  2. Kyron Augustin

    We Don't Smoke Blunts yall

  3. Kerzy Zero

    I sampled when he says "dig" and it is now my ringtone

  4. Kerzy Zero



    & You Obviously Aint A Taylor

  6. Jeff Lech

    you're stupid


    Wiz Has To Bring E-Z Water Back On His New Mixtape..

  8. icekilla1224

    Yeahhaaaaa lol

  9. Billy LaPlante

    @DikzakjeM it was just a short skit from his kush and orange juice mixtape

  10. DikzakjeM

    this beat is so fuckin crazy. is it just from this skit or is it from an actual song?

  11. Dallas, salad.

    this shit makes me want to play vice city

  12. Johnnie Gage Jr.

    I Like this old school Beat bro it makes it tight

  13. MalyGosx

    @3Xali3 Papers only, no blunts, thats what he means.

  14. razorboymike3

    - aww fuck you boi ' you aint tryna get high ;

  15. MrOseme

    I like this part of the mixtape

  16. Gooch Fro

    love this

  17. Threal23

    aw fuck you boy u aint tryna get high lol

  18. David Kazadi

    first dudes all chill (YEHEAA). the second dude all uptight lol

  19. Shawn Wilson

    Man Just Blew Feeling Great But NO OJ =[ Gotta Get Some

  20. Ty3rdEye

    lemme get a blunt worth of dat good shit ya got there!

  21. KINGMARK93

    what up doe this crazy gob callin from michigan let me get a buck worth of dat good shit you got there.. aww fuck you bra you aint tryna get him.. that aint kool man

  22. Shaun Stewart

    @etlowridin nope "f*ck u boy u aint tryna get high"- E-z , "that aint cool man"-Crazy Goober