Wiz Khalifa - Never Been Lyrics

Empty bottles of Clicquot (CLEE-Co) and ashes on the flo'.
Towel under the do', we wasn't supposed to even smoke.
I ain't trippin, never slip or slackin on my pimpin.
Drop the nerd you with,come smoke a joint with he who's winnin.
Ain't like them guys who wine and dine to keep they women
My bitches only want two things, that's to get high and kick it
Try my pot prescription, take a couple shots with lemon.
Usually have to watch a movie to see how I'm livin.
(Yea) So what's the hold up, waiter bring the bottle get them EZ- Widers rolled up.
Self made G', did everything on my own bra'.
In my early twenties with money as wide as Oprah.

Crack another bottle get the weed rolled up (weed rolled up),
and girl you know I got it everything's on us everything's on us
I'm talkin' alot cause I'm getting bankroll (bank roll),
and they follow me anywhere that my plane go (Ohh ohh uh-ohhhh).
Say she never been (never been)
Say she never been (never been)
Say she never been (never been)
I'm getting bank roll(bank roll),
and they follow me anywhere that my plane go (Ohh ohh).
Say she never been (never been).

(Uhh) Crack a window we gon' smoke this Indo.(indoor)
Saying that you still high from last night.
You try to pass, trying to beware of the fast life.
Kick it with the planes and it'll be your last flight.
(Yea) OG hash, let you stumble to class right.
The sex great, no I don't give her no half-pipe.
Housekeepers knocking, we don't let em' in
Rollin doobies up, room with a jacuzzi tub.
In the game, I am a veteran.
After we fuck, roll the doctor prescribed medicine.
Let you hit it once, then you sleeping
A fly nigga traveling the world, takin yo girl for the weekend.
Peep it.

Crack another bottle get the weed rolled up (weed rolled up),
and girl you know I got it everything's on us everything's on us
I'm talking a lot cause I'm getting bankroll bank roll
and they follow me anywhere that my plane go (Ohh ohh uh-ohh).
Say she never been (never been)
Say she never been (never been)
Say she never been (never been)
I'm getting bank roll(bank roll),
and they follow me anywhere that my plane go (Ohh ohh).
Say she never been (never been).

Louis luggage and all,fuck with the Taylor Gang Spring Summer and Fall...and winter too.
Tahahahahh. Yeaaa bitchhh. Germ on the boards. And this brought to you by: Bad bitches and good weed.

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Wiz Khalifa Never Been Comments
  1. Ivan Garcia


  2. Ragna rok

    vim matar a saudade! ^^ salve 2020

  3. Ragna rok

    BUSS DOWN rolando de fundo adoro essa musica!

  4. J Z

    Yasunori mitsuda will be proud son.


    Chrono Trigger blesses.

  6. Backyard Music Feedback

    Wiz khalifa brought me here

  7. Backyard Music Feedback

    I dont like rap, but this is fuckin awesome.

  8. supernatural guide 999

    never been "classic"🖤🥀

  9. ete Navarrete

    Crack a window we gon smoke this indo

  10. Matthew

    Vibes from LA -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rPQUT4EZCo

  11. GameRandomly

    Hearing the remix on spotify is actually painful. This fucking slaps. That Chrono Trigger sample is fucking fire.

  12. Keryann Cargik

    love this track...back then till now...Feb 2020

  13. Saya

    I wonder if he ever play chrono trigger do anyone know?

  14. Taylor Asbury

    This always takes me back man, back to a simpler time in my life.

  15. Simply Shana

    This shit needs to be re-instated or whatever make it new again because this beat alone was waaaay before our time.🥴🤒

  16. Raphael Gomez

    One of the best music videos of my generation tbh.

  17. Gerardo Martinez

    Junior year just getting high after school and hanging out. Simpler times.

  18. Dogmon 552

    when my mom picks me up from school in her car I just go in the CDs and turn the kush and oj mixtape on and just jam to the whole thing

  19. Brett Jones

    Chrono Trigger sample haha

  20. kvcpi


  21. Melissa Marie

    2020 and I was just thinking about this song lol... brings back memories. Bad bitches and good weed 😋

  22. Erik franco

    Best wiz khalifa song of all time hands down

  23. Andy Marin

    Yea I’m out here ain’t I 😂

  24. Donovan Clark-Thrash

    Let's keep this going 2020

  25. Ay sV

    2020 wiz peru 🇵🇪

  26. Darrion Russell

    Never found out da song in da background

  27. Stephen Amedee

    Dis bish still go hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  28. John Robert

    Damn I wish I could go back to these days ! Time is going by too fast

  29. Devon Kelly

    Kush & OJ is the best mixtape ever #TaylorGang

  30. Papa Purge

    Respect for anyone who samples Chrono Trigger.... Schala's Theme <3


    You fucking right

  31. ROSS Alexis

    🤘🏻 since 2009

  32. boon vito

    10 yrs 2020 we here

  33. Gabriel Soto

    can someone fill me in i dont understand why they were "fuck this guy" when they saw him on the screen gettin a dance

    Gabriel Soto

    oooohhh thats them other niggas bitch?


    I remember just kicking it with the homiesssss getting high af bumping this shit !


    Who else here 2020!!! Dam I got mad love for this nigga!

  36. Shean Don

    Chrono trigger sample....

  37. Intro ehh

    why isnt that on spotify :(

  38. Icey Legit

    Anyone 2020.. never been?

  39. Cia Clark


  40. Like Jimmy

    I love wiz so much it hurts to watch this now times were so fuckin good back then I felt it back then it was something special but had no fucking idea life ain’t even life no more

  41. austin bean

    This right here... Mann old wiz over new

  42. 2 Loyal

    2010: Things Were Simple
    2020: Make Moves

  43. Zombl337

    God damnnnnnn! I remember listening to this when it was new and i was only 21 and in college just driving a lot, always on the move, always at good parties........i miss the days. So many people grow up to make excuses on why they can now be fat, lazy, pussy bitches.

  44. Pat Watson

    2020 still here


    beautiful song

  46. Michael Jester

    damn we in 2020 and this song STILL smacks, cant believe this brings me back as far as it does, good times with the homies just kickin back, "say she never been"

    C Note

    Stoner memories

    Maximiliano Miranda

    remember blazing some blunts with my bros and drinking some whisky feeling like lil G´S haha

    TMH 78

    Yes sir I feel you peace too everybody

    Shiva P

    Food “smacks” , and music “slaps” you’re using them wrong 🙄

    Ivan Garcia

    Shit's smoke weed


    Wonder what she look like now



  49. Colt Milam

    Slap when it dropped , still a slap almost 10 years later 🕋🤷🏿‍♂️

  50. corey Williams

    2020 still gun smoke 🔥🔥🔥

  51. Connor Jorgensen

    2020 anyone?

  52. Wrecked4 Twenty


  53. Harris Chenet

    shout out to everybody who thought about this song and came to listen to this shit again.💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  54. nythepremier

    Who is bumping this in 12,000 BC?

  55. Lutz Springborn

    whole lotta 1s

  56. Anthony Castaneda

    Khalifa 412 👑

  57. Annette Tucker

    Yassss Bitch 😂 🔥

  58. moneyemg VEVO

    The Label videos, we're you able to see

  59. Jah Weedy


  60. Jah Weedy

    Weed in my System (Never Been Remix) Out Now With Video #LilJah #JahWeedy #HigherThanMost #WeedinmySystem
    https://youtu.be/o8ANPd4vT4Q https://youtu.be/o8ANPd4vT4Q

  61. Kassa Bars

    I came here for the dancer bitch. She hood bad

  62. Eric Martinez

    This fool said he was only gonna be 2-3 minutes lmao

  63. royce wells

    Only the best smoke and that’s Taylor

  64. Darwin Blue


  65. A Péaceful Søul

    *Its 2020 eve*

  66. Jimmy Hendrikx

    I play this song back in the day, i was at my mama,s house

  67. Young Klipz

    Dammm take me back to high school 2010!!!!!

  68. KooL Keefy Baby N Y C 420


  69. KaKa Reflections

    I love all versions of Wiz. He's really versatile. Do I get nostalgic because of highschool memories? Sure, but I appreciate this man's come up more than anything 💪 #TGOD

  70. Jesse De La Cruz

    Still the Man.

  71. Jesus Rojas

    Still on this who esle

  72. Simran Kumar

    2019 gang going ingto 2020 where ya at?

  73. Bryant M

    Still slapping this banger in my Camaro 🔥👌🏻

  74. Daniel Miller

    Reminiscing on being young sneaking out of the house and getting stoned off a,bowl lol.. Ah nostalgia

  75. PaddyWagonGames

    Spotify please

  76. MrKwiz1997

    Underrated should have over 100 million easy

  77. Johnabo 214

    this was uploaded a few weeks before my 20th birthday in August

  78. Antron Baker

    This a fucking classic my nigga raw and this video HBO down ya heard me

  79. CALi213

    This how you end up with Amber Rose as yo Baby Mama🤦🏽‍♂️

  80. Jermaine Payne


  81. zovie love

    Same voice like me

  82. stew

    The way Wiz said Wat up Will and Yeahhhahhh Bitchhhhh that shit still hit me damn when Wiz was hungry he was a problem 😂🔥

  83. DBerry Dinero


  84. zack trever

    Crono: Yooo, Schala! Get it, gurl!

  85. Silverstone AP2

    Shit was a banger and still is!! 2019!!

  86. Jesse De La Cruz

    Aye WIZ you the MAN!! 🗣️

  87. Jesse De La Cruz

    Still listening

  88. pixel being

    2020 anyone?

  89. Justyn lleverino

    I heard people say wiz cant rap he got the bars for sure he just makes mellow music now but everybody gotta ride the wave ig

  90. Genyuro

    still Chrono Triggerin''