Wiz Khalifa - Good Life Lyrics

Put on a gas
I am fast
I have no contra...
Now I am taking bad... with politicians
Helicopter feds I am... to get to know...
I don't want to brag but you ain't tried to hear about
The money drugs and women that I wanna add
Smoked so much that I am going brain death
Whores are made of me cause my phone...
I tell her wow slow down baby... lady
You drive by I... it's a couple of paper plans
Broadcasting my name over internet
Airways bitches... on twitter put my music on my space
If you smoked the role and played this I'm gonna hustle...

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Wiz Khalifa Good Life Comments
  1. she belongs to the street

    just to say, khelani is a big ass freak

  2. chandra wijaya

    F & F still my fav movie...miss u Paul walker

  3. Braa Bughdad


  4. Hary 48

    habis nonton fast&ferious 8 tgl 12-1-2020 23:24

    chandra wijaya

    Tumben ya smalam iklannya ga banyak😁

  5. Icha Mudrika


  6. Weapons Of Warfare

    Ridiculous that after over 6 years, people on here are STILL using Paul's death to try getting lots of likes. What do likes do for you? What's the point? So pointless

  7. He3HaKoMbIu He3HaKoMbIu

    Вечная память Полу Уокеру!

  8. He3HaKoMbIu He3HaKoMbIu

    R.I.P Paul Walker

  9. Eda Klk

    Brian and Tej Is best for ever

  10. Naveed Shan

    🖕🖕 middle fingers for the haters!!!!

  11. Naveed Shan

    Who's still missing paul walker in 2020
    Show here

  12. Marilú Pimentel


  13. Rafa Janata

    2020 ??????♡♡♡♡

  14. Fernando Correa

    The extreme music Bass ✌️

  15. Jamya B

    2020 anyone?

  16. DrFartiwartieZ

    “Everyone... Meet Brian!”

  17. 뚝딱뚝

    good life in 2020

  18. non nuclear Nadal

    Does she have middle finger?

  19. Samarth Bisht

    3:02 great fan of those moves

  20. Robbo Taylor

    Have fun

  21. Robbo Taylor

    I want my skyline back PS Brian Mia and get it sent here

  22. Loide ndilli Amupala

    We still here 2020. This song still lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    cm punk

    Yeaaa..miss paul

  23. Jangminlun Khongsai

    Paul you are much more higher than the highest skyscrapers.... Miss you Man


    i think faf7 is best movie in all movies

  25. Gabriel Marcelo


  26. Qusaiy Haider

    had goosebumps when i heard in the theaters 2 years ago

  27. Eusebia Vega

    Hola chicos hola rapidos y furiosos 8

  28. 20,000 subscriber with some videos

    Khelani better than most of the RnB female singers but she still underrated 😫

  29. Magdalena Heckl

    I love this Song❤❤❤❤

  30. paxwallacejazz

    Wrong song

  31. Uher TV


  32. kunal mahalle


  33. Neile beikotha

    All the way from India NE this song push me much more.... Its right good lide


    I had no idea this song was so popular

  35. Chaitanya Pagare

    Yess I respect Paul Walker but can we just take a moment to congratulate the whole team who made this film possible

  36. Ezra Amaiu

    Does it feel not seeing Paul in a fast and furious movie

  37. Shamim Cartoon Animation

    Who's here listening to this song in 2019

  38. Ashley Evorall

    ? R.i.p me tho. Smart can not go rong. YouTube 🖕👏🖕

  39. erdwin ruliyanto

    Life's only getting greater

  40. ひな

    It's so cool

  41. The best Place moveise_Flogue_Fitness_Music_Trailer

    Hi kehlani
    firstly thanks for this song it's so wonderful
    secondly hhhhhhh
    i think that's all

  42. Heru Kurnianto

    Who else randomly watch old music video clip?

  43. Mohammad Manasra

    Who’s here listening this song in 2020

  44. Adam Syah

    2k20 for a good life🙏🙏

  45. Yiqit GK

    she is so cute

  46. Tae Ho Kim

    I fucking love kehlani

  47. Manpreet Kaur

    Miss Paul ✨🌸

  48. Jean Ficheur Official JeanFicheur

    Guys 2020 any one? like me .

  49. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Paul walker

  50. Ruth Maanga

    Two middle fingers for the haters

  51. the king

    From indonesia fans

  52. Fred Warren

    I love ❤️

  53. Cường Quốc

    I want it too

  54. Geromu Boo

    I have been looking for this song since 2017😨

  55. abdallah Ãłwèříś

    We Really miss you

  56. Jaideep parmar

    where from this fucking dislike come from. Lol

  57. Rizkipasuruan

    2020 happy new year, miss u paul walker

  58. Judith Tafirenyika

    Fast and furious 😜😜

  59. Tiyasha Ghosh

    Love thz song ❤️

  60. りむぐらーるRimu


  61. Ghost Chua

    In the beloved memort of Paul walker , we will always remeber you for a kind and warm hearted , may you rest in peace in heaven and let god to be on your side , amen''

  62. Billion Man

    I want to go us without buying a starbucks coffee ( save it for playboy condoms )

  63. Billion Man

    My life is good when surrounding are very quiet and unnoisy .

  64. Sourabh Dahiya

    January 2020 Good life anyone?

  65. KUBA CR

    I love this

  66. Houria cuisine /حورية كويزين

    Abonne moi stp

  67. Chidubem Ezenna

    Who wants Paul walker back 2020?


  68. gamer gaming


  69. Joao Gomes

    Someone in 2020?

  70. Alonzo Adnan

    Ludacris 🇬🇦👌😌

  71. ChainsoSongs Wave


  72. Jazzlyn Quinlan

    I listened to this song when my mom died i miss her lots she died 3 months ago. I miss her. So im fit in to let yall know respect your parents cause you gonna miss em and you'll never know how your going to be after they are gone.
    So like it up

    Jazzlyn Quinlan

    @Luis Moreno thankyou lots

    Luis Moreno

    @Jazzlyn Quinlan your welcoming ❤

    Grace Simpson

    Love how u to are having a conversation on YouTube 😂and hope ur OK 🖤

    Luis Moreno

    @Grace Simpson aye I was trying to make her feel better

    Jazzlyn Quinlan

    @Grace Simpson thankyou very mucjmh

  73. Fernando Correa

    Who to listem in 2020 put your hands UP ✌️🤘🖐️

  74. Its me TLC

    Who still viben in 2020


    1:34 likes her expression 💯😍

  76. Amna Rauf

    My friends it’s never goodbye and I don’t miss him because I have him in my❤️💪🏽

  77. David C

    Paul Walker it’s not the same without you man I hope your out there somewhere in the universe racing with the stars ❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨🏎🏎🏎🚔🚔🚔

  78. Sohail M

    Who's still listening 2020? Class song!

  79. Akpere Emmanuel

    I love😍😍 u paul walker

  80. Motawkil Mohammed

    Nothing can go without money
    Am sure everybody

  81. aff karl

    Kehlani looks like letty, am I right?

    El. C.

    aff karl No😂

  82. Rafa


  83. B4R B4R G0R3

    "The Legend Paul Walker"always the best

  84. cherry blossom

    Who is still missing Paul Walker in 2020 😭

    Nada Abu Allan


  85. Rafeeq Mohammad

    Who is listening this songs In 2020 ??👇

    JR 07

    You fuckhead really commented this on the 2nd day of January? No life at all?

  86. Dewa Artha

    2020 like

  87. Jeez

    G eazy makes this song so 🔥🔥

  88. Mr. Lucifer Hernandez. Calahi

    Because stay real no matter what happens and loyal all U i ask you are true about your self because in my people and support me are and all and true about us self

  89. Gurkirat Singh

    Who is still missing Paul😔😍😍

  90. OUZNA YT

    Missing Paul walker in 2020

  91. Natasha Murape


  92. Natasha Murape


  93. Chris Freeze

    Stilll Dope